Chapter 2: Taste Contest

"So is there a reason why you guys wanted to see me?" Yuya asked Yuya was currently at Yuzu house hanging out with Yuzu Selena Ruri Rin Annabell and yes even Katrina is here and usually Katrina is not all that sociable to the group here so when she here something must me up.

Ruri All the girls looked at each other as if deciding to see who would speak first. Then Ruri turned her head to look at Yuya "Well Yuya the others and i have decided to play a game, well more a competition at best and we need your help.

Yuya raised his eyebrow "A competition between you guys?" That doesn't sound good to him especially with all of them being extremely scary when it comes to certain things.

Rin nodded "That's right and it's pretty easy all of you got to do is judge us on one certain aspect I'm sure you're going to enjoy" (I'm sure i will) Rin secretly thought).

Yuya smile at the thought this can't be that bad right? It's probably just about them asking some questions about themselves and who better than who, as long as it's not too crazy he should be fine. "Ok that sounds like fun so what do I have to do?" he asked.

Selena smirked at Yuya "Its simple Yuya all we having is a tasting competition and you're the taster"

"What do you I have to taste your cooking skills?"

Annabelle had to giggle had Yuya question sometimes Yuya was too dense and adorable in a good way of course. "No silly it's us you have to taste if you know what I mean" she said.

When Annabelle said that Yuya knew he screwed he had to eat every girl out and judge who tasted the best and if he picked one he was sure the other four will come after has to get out of this somehow "Um maybe I'm not-

Katrina gave Yuya a smirk "You're not getting out of this one Yuya even if you did well you know what Annabelle and i are cable of" As if to back up Katrina statement Annabelle and showed her hand to Yuya which was covered in pink like energy.

"Shit" Yuya thought, he sighed "Fine I'll do it when do we do start?" he asked.

Yuzu smiled at him "right now of course oh just to let you know Ruri is going first and the rest of us will leave and wait until our turn comes so have fun you two" and with that everybody else left the room except Ruri and Yuya.

"Don't worry Yuya who knows this could turn out to be more fun than you thought" Ruri said giving Yuya a reassuring smile. Yuya turned to face Ruri and gave her a smile "Yea thanks Ruri so you ready to get started?" Ruri sat down on Yuya bed and spread her legs a little so Yuya can gain a little aces "You betcha" she said Ruri "Don't worry Yuya who knows this could turn out to be more fun than you thought" Ruri said giving Yuya a reassuring smile.

Yuya turned to face Ruri and gave her a smile "Yea thanks Ruri so you ready to get started?"

Ruri sat down on Yuya bed and spread her legs a little so Yuya can gain a little aces "You betcha" she said

Yuya took a good look at Ruri normally she would be wearing the clothes she wore during the invasion but this time she was wearing a long yellow dress that matches her bird like earrings he silently chuckle " she really is shun sister" he thought. Yuya then got down on his knees and went under Ruri dress and what he saw was Ruri panties and saw it was like the color of her bracelet yellow. "Well better get started" Yuya thought.

Yuya began by softly rubbing Ruri pussy through her panties trying to make her get wet for him. He was pretty sure he heard Ruri gasp and moan a little bit that was a good sign so he started to pick up the tempo by rubbing Ruri a little faster and started licking her pussy through her panties.

Ruri As for Ruri she was just moaning and panting and her cheeks was blushing when Yuya started to lick her it was one of the best feelings ever she could feel herself getting wet from Yuya techniques and her loins were burning with a desire to have Yuya tongue inside her "Damn it Yuya just rip my fucking panties and licked the fuck out of me!" she wanted to tell him that but instead she said "Yuya i think i'm ready now so let's go to the good stuff already" Ruri said.

Yuya stopped his actions and smirked a bit "Time for the fun to begin" he thought "Alright Ruri get ready because "licking" into action" he said jokingly which caused Ruri to giggle and roll her eyes at the joke.

Yuya slowly took off Ruri panties and carefully put at the back side of his pocket so Ruri won't lose them. He took a glance at for a bit to admire it Ruri is truly beautiful in every way. Ruri "Yuya stop staring it's embarrassing" Ruri said In response Yuya started to plant kisses on Ruri womanhood making her coo and moan "Sorry Ruri just admiring the beauty" he said he continued to do that for a few more minutes until he pushed apart her folds and started to eat.

Her out my moving his tongue up and down and then in a circular motion, Ruri clit wasn't left out as well because Yuya moved his right hand and started playing with her clit.

Ruri started to pant and moan loudly "Oh fuck *moan* faster Yuya your going great, mmmm that's the spot *moan* you sure know how to treat a girl" Ruri said. Yuya did what Ruri said and went faster besides she tasted so good he wanted to go faster to make her come ya continue to go at a fast pace for ten more minutes until he heard Ruri say- "Ruri YUYA I'M CUMMING OH SHIT AHHHHHH"! With that Ruri came. Ruri started squirting. "Oh shit she a squirter" Yuya thought as he tasted Ruri juices and drunk all of it.

"Huh Ruri taste almost like grapes" Wow Ruri you taste pretty good Yuya said as he got from under Ruri skirt and stood back up. Ruri smiled at him "Thanks Yuya when we're done with this I'm definitely going to return the favor" she said with a wink. "Oh and don't worry about my panties keep them until we do this again next time she said.

Yuya nodded and smiled at her "will do" he said. Ruri stood back up and began to walk out the room but not before she gave Yuya a big kiss."Bye Yuya good luck with the others she said after she said that Ruri left.

Yuya; "Yea because I'm going to need it" he said to himself. It only took a few minutes but Yuya was already ready for the next girl and when he saw who was up next he instantly smiled out of all the girls Rin was the most understanding one of the group and Yuya shouldn't have a problem with her but she can develop a mean streak but that rarely happens.

"Hey Rin you ready?" he asked her in a friendly manner Rin smiled at Yuya "As ready as I ever be Yuya I'm looking forward to this" she said. "Yeah so can you lie down on the bed so that way it will be easier to get your shorts off" he asked. Rin nodded and said "Ok" within a couple of a seconds he unbuckle her belt that held her shorts together and then unbutton and unzipped her pants as well so that way Yuya can have a easy time taking her shorts off. After that Rin did what Yuya told her to do and laid down on Yuzu's bed "Alright Yuya I'm ready when you are" Rin said "Give me your best shot"

Yuya smirked a bit at what Rin said and went down on his knees and spread her legs "Don't worry Rin i going to give you my fullest effort" he said as he started to pull her shorts down once he did he put the shorts down by him and saw Rin panties which was the same color as her hair and bracelet green. "Why do I have a feeling this is going to become a trend" Yuya thought.

Yuya without any hesitation started to lick Rin pussy through her panties which caused her to moan he did this for a little until he started to go further down with his licking and started to rub her snatch at the top, also he her clit a teasing pinch which caused her to her to gasp and moan even louder.

"Oh Yuya feels so good" Rin said obviously enjoying his talented tongue licking her pussy through her underwear. The feeling is good and all but she wanted to feel more without her panties in the way "Why are you so good at this"? she asked.

Yuya stopped for a second and looked at Rin for a second and smirked "i don't know maybe i'm just natural at this sort of stuff" he said. Rin laugh at what Yuya said "I guess you are now then can we get to the main event already i want to see more than what you can do she said. Yuya smiled at her "As you wish" he said he started to pull Rin's panties off of him and once he did that he put them in the left side of his pocket.

He started to rub her folds a little and stuck a finger in there and started thrusting it in and out of her pussy. Rin grunted and moan "Damnit Yuya stop teasing me and use your tongue already" Rin said with a little anger at her voice. Yuya smiled at her "As you wish" he said and with that Yuya started to happily eat run out and started to use the same techniques he used for Ruri not too long ago.

"Oh god Yuya that feels so good I'm so close" said Rin as she grabbed Yuya head and started to pull him more towards him so she can feel more of his tongue inside of her. Yuya continued at this pace for ten more minutes until he felt Rin pussy twitch. Yuya I'm cumming! Ahhhhh! Rin came all over Yuya face.

Yuya happily drank all of Rin juices "This time Rin taste like green apples a bit sour but sweet at the same time he said as he pulled away from Rin. Rin got up from the bed and started to put on her shorts and belt again "Thanks Yuya i had great time she said to Yuya as she kissed him after Rin pulled away she said " Oh and you keep my panties use as jerk off material as you think about me" she said with a cute smile.

Yuya was a bit surprised at Rin's choice of words but he guess the others are rubbing off on her "Ok i will run and see you later"

"Bye Yuya" she said after that she went out the door and left. Five minutes have passed since left and Yuya gotten some time to rest and when he saw the door open he saw none other than Selena and Yuya have a pretty good relationship during and even after the war so this one should be easy as well.

"Unless Selena gets a bit too dominatrix then it could be a real problem" Yuya thought

Selena "Hey Yuya are you ready to judge me yet?" Selena asked with a smirk on her face

"Of course i am that's why I'm here am i" he said light heartedly "and not to mention i was forced to do this" he thought Ok then thanks for the answer and here a little bit of the part.

Selena "Good then there won't be any problems then and hopefully after all of this over you and i can have some fun" she said with a smirk.

It took almost all of Yuya willpower to not get in a hard on right then and there in fact he was surprised he not hard right now after he ate out two girls not too long ago. "We'll see but for now just sit on the bed and make yourself feel comfortable" Yuya said gesturing for Selena to sit down on the bed.

Selena "Fine but just remember if you somehow screw this up i will punish you got that" she said in the threatening tone while she sat down on Yuzu bed

and spread her legs out for him.

That threat sends a chill down spine "Why are all the girls i hang out crazy in a sense?" he thought. "Ill keep that in mind Selena" he said as he began to go down on his knees to Selena's skirt and started lifting it up.

When Yuya lifted up her skirt he saw that Selena was wearing some dark blue panties and he was pretty munch not surprised at all. Selena isn't really much for patience unlike the other counterparts so he going to have to skip a step unlike what he did to Ruri and Rin. So what Yuya did was he took off Selena panties and put them in the right side of his pocket and then after that he started to rub her out in a up and down motion which caused her to moan loudly and then he started to put two fingers inside her pussy and started to thrust in and out of her like it was a dick.

Selena "Oh fuck that's it Yuya keep using your fingers just like that" Selena said *Moan* if it wasn't for this competition I would have- "OH GOD FASTER! Jumped you right now and we would have had so much fun." Selena said.

Yuya had to chuckle with what Selena" I wouldn't doubt you Selena but i guess you will have to settle with this now do you? He asked rhetorically. Selena "Smart- OH FUCK" Selena couldn't finish her statement when she felt Yuya was eating her out while thrusting his fingers at the same time. In response Selena grabbed Yuya head forcefully and started to thrust her hips towards him. FUCK YUYA I'M SO CLOSE!

Yuya was a bit use to Selena being rough so that stop him from reaching his goal and that was getting some nice sweet pussy juice.

"FUCK YUYA I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE *grunt* IM CUMMING AHHH!" Selena screamed as she came all over Yuya mouth.

Yuya happily drunk all of Selena juices "Huh she almost taste like blueberry he thought" He felt himself getting pulled up by Selena and she gave him a big sloppy French kiss and he returned the favor the kiss lasted for a minute before they pulled apart from each other.

"That was a fucking rush god I needed that thanks Yuya" Selena said with a smile.

Yuya smiled back at her "It was my pleasure Selena I had a pretty good time too". Selena smiled "Good to hear as much as i want you to fuck me into oblivion i have to back down stairs now so see you later Yuya Selena said as she started to leave. "See you later Selena" Yuya said with a smile.

Yuya was sitting on Yuzu bed waiting on the girl to come he has three girls that he needs to taste Annabelle, Yuzu and Katrina out of all of those girls he wish Yuzu was next but that's probably not going to happen. But whatever he was ready to face whoever comes through that's when he heard the door open and that's when she saw none other than Annabelle the second girl that Yuya has ever kissed.

Yuya took a long looked at Annabelle unlike the rest of the counterparts she looks the most identical to Yuzu they could be twins but at the same time they are completely different. Annabelle's hair is in the same style as her younger twin sister Zoe the only difference is that Annabelle's hair covers her left eye and her stagnant came down her right shoulder, she is wearing a white long sleeved top that is low enough that it is showing the pink bra that she is wearing with a bright pink fin body warmer that is unzipped like Rin she wears pink shorts and like Katrina she has her belt is being tied around her waist and her belt buckle being a cross the exact symbol her partner and ace card: Halo-Eyes Divine Dragon has on its chest and also has black stocking stockings coming up to the top of her shorts, but still low enough to show some of the skin on her legs. Yuya had to admit Annabelle is beautiful like all of her counterparts.

"Hey Anna you ready to get started?" Yuya asked in a friendly matter

Annabelle giggled when Yuya called her by her nickname normally Annabelle hates it when anybody except for Yuko called her that but lately she's been letting slide ever since everybody became close to one sides everybody in the group including her sisters rarely calls her. I guess you can say Annabelle has lightened up quite bit lately. "Of course Yuya I'm ready whenever you are Annabelle said in playful tone".

"Great now if you can do me a favor and just lay down on the bed i would appreciate that" Yuya said with a smile on his face. Annabelle smirked at Yuya "Actually Yuya i have something better in mind" she said as she walked closer to Yuya where she closes to him. Yuya became a bit nervous by how Annabelle was so close to him "Really what do you- UGH Yuya didn't finish his question because with a flick of her finger Annabelle threw him towards Yuzu's bed.

Annabelle then walked over to the bed and covered her left hand with pink dark like energy put her hand over Yuya chest and restricted his movements. "Shit I can't move! Annabelle what are you doing!?" Yuya said in a scared tone.

Annabelle smirked at Yuya again "Sorry Yuya baby but I'm taking over for now." She then giggle and said to him in a playful tone "So be a good boy and try not to struggle ok if you can do that I'm going to give you something a little extra".

Yuya sighed he was afraid this would happen now he can't move and only god knows what Annabel leis going to do to him so the next thing he had to do was to go along with Annabelle's game for now. "Fine i play along in whatever you're going to do to me" Yuya said in a given up tone.

"Great! Now let's get started" Annabelle said with a click of her fingers her shorts and belt were gone and was placed on the side of Yuzu's bed. Now Annabelle was half naked at the bottom. She then started to rub herself which caused her to moan. "Ah fuck i can't wait to get eaten out by you Yuya" she said.

She did that for about a minute until she got on top of Yuzu's bed walked on it until she was right by Yuya face she then sat on Yuya face while was on her knees. But she wasn't done yet she undid Yuya zipper and gotten his cock out from his pants, she then covered her hands with the same dark piink energy and started to message Yuya dick "Start licking Yuya" Annabelle ordered to him.

Yuya moaned a little from Annabelle playing with his dick, but after that he started giving Annabelle's pussy a first few slow licks to get in the flow of the things. But after doing that he started eating her out like there was no tomorrow by moving his tongue up and down, in a circle and sometimes giving her clit a lick or two to tease Annabelle.

"Oh fuck Yuya that feels amazing" Annabelle said as she continued to message Yuya dick. *Moan* "Fuck!"It looks like your picking up the pace guess I should go faster as well" Annabelle said as she started to stroke Yuya's dick in a up and down motion at a fast pace while still using her powers.

Yuya once again moan while still licking Annabelle's pussy which made her giggle a bit "Yuya that tickles" Annabelle said

"Keep jacking me off like that and I can tickle you a lot more" Yuya thought as he kept using his fast pace tongue licking on Annabelle, It's a shame that he couldn't use his fingers he would have made Annabelle see stars but his tongue is going to have to do now. They both continued the fast pace for about ten to fifth teen minutes until Yuya herd Annabelle say "SHIT "-"YUYA IM ABOUT TO CUM! AND IM THINK YOUR CLOSE TOO." "Shit she's right I'm close too" Yuya thought.

"OH FUCK FASTER YUYA" "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! AHHHH!" Annabelle screamed unleashing a massive orgasm. "Shit!" Yuya came at the same time all over Annabelle's hand. Yuya gulped down her juices and loved the taste of it "she tastes like watermelon" Yuya thought.

Annabelle then got off of Yuya and started to taste Yuya's cum that was on her hand "Not bad, we are defiantly doing this again soon next time and more" Annabelle thought. With just a snap of her fingers her shorts and belt was back on (except for her underwear) and she let go of her hold on Yuya.

Yuya then stood back up on the bed and zipped up his pants "Thanks Yuya I had a great time with you" Annabelle smiled at him then walked up to him and gave him a kiss. Yuya kissed her back and when they pulled apart he said "Yea to be honest I kind of enjoyed that as well" he smiled at her. "I'm glad you enjoyed my little gift to you would you say it's better than the rank up magic card I made for you" Annabelle asked with a smirk on her face.

Yuya gave her a grin "Oh yea definitely better "Annabelle then started to walk towards the door, well I better get going ill see you later Yuya" Yuya s smiled towards Annabelle "I'll see you later Annabelle" and with that Annabelle left.

Yuya had waited a bit longer than usual about almost ten minutes but that was fine with him that gave him extra time to recover from the "special gift" that Annabelle gave him when it was her turn. While Yuya was in his thoughts he suddenly turned to the door as it was opened. "Please let it be Katrina" Yuya thought as he looked up, when he looked up he saw none other than Yuzu "Shit its Yuzu that means Katrina last that's ok Yuya just smile and pretend to be happy of the situation."Hey Yuzu are you ready to get started?" Yuya asked with a smile.

Yuzu smiled back at Yuya "Of course Yuya I'm ready to be honest this is very fun and exciting although I wish I had gone last" Yuzu said with a frown. Yuya wasn't really all that surprised that Yuzu wanted to go last, he kind of knew the answer but his curiosity gotten the better of him and he asked the question anyway. "So why didn't you go last?"he asked. Yuzu sighed "Katrina she insisted that she wanted to go last and you know how scary she can be its ether her way or the high or for Katrina do as I say or you're going to be in a hospital for months.

Yuya laughed " Hey at least she finally opening up to us a bit and controlling herself a bit, a year ago its ether her way or your dead" she laughed with him "That's true she has gotten better ever since all of us started to hang out with each she, Yuri and Yufu won't admit it but they think of all of us as family to them." Yuzu said as she praised three of the serious counterparts.

Yuya nodded and smile agreeing with Yuzu statement "Yeah they won't show it but we know that they care about us, so you ready to do this" Yuya said. Yuzu smirked at Yuya and walked over to him" Oh yea I'm ready Yuya" Without any warning Yuzu swept her leg out to Yuya's feet which caused Yuya to trip and fall on the floor." Ow! Hey Yuzu what's the big idea?" Yuya said in pain "Shit I'm surprised i didn't get a concussion" he thought. Yuzu smirked at him "sorry Yuya but I wanted to be a little naughty today so just stay down until were done ok" she said "Sure not like I haven't done this before at least Annabelle put me on the bed" Yuya said a bit annoyed that Yuzu threw him on the floor.

Yuzu then turned around bend over and lifted up her skirt showing Yuzu her big round ass to him as to make him feel a little better for pushing him down to the floor since Yuya always loved her ass. After that she took off her pink panties and put them on the bed. Then she started to walk towards Yuya and got into a squatting position near his face, "Ok Yuya work your magic" Yuzu said.

Yuya didn't need to tell her that the first thing he did was plant a few kisses on Yuzu on pussy which caused her to make coo like sound and made her skin crawl Yuya always had that effect on her when he begins to eat her out. After doing that Yuya started to lick to slowly lick her pussy in a up and down and other times he gives her clit a teasing nibble or two before going back to eating her out.

Yuzu was moaning and gasping from Yuya techniques the way Yuya is eating her out is amazing just from the light kisses alone her are starting to make her knees buckle but she remained in position not wanting to ruin this magical moment. "*Moan* Oh Yuya that feels amazing why do *Fuck so good* why do you always have this effect on me when we do something sexual" she asked.

Yuya stopped eating her which caused Yuzu to growl in displeasure as he answered her question " I don't know Yuzu maybe I just want to entertain you and make you smile with more than just my dueling" he said with a bit of a smirk before going back to what he was doing.

"Well your doing a pretty damn *oh god faster* good job with that now go faster Yuya" Yuzu ordered him. Yuya did what Yuzu told him and went faster in an up and down motion that caused her to moan even louder and to really get her off faster Yuya started to suck and lick her clit. "OH FUCK!" Yuzu said
KEEP GOING YUYA I'M SO CLOSE! She yelled. After playing with her clit Yuya went back to the up and down technique but at a much faster paste this continued to for aboutb15 minutes until Yuzu screamed "YUYA I'M CUMMING UGH AHHHHH! Yuzu said as she released her juices all over Yuya mouth and also over his face. "Yuzu taste like raspberry" Yuya thought.

After that Yuzu got a bit weakly due to Yuya amazing oral skills and the fact she was sitting in that position for over twenty minutes or so. She then helped Yuya off the floor and gave him a passionate kiss which Yuya returned they pulled apart Yuzu told him "That was amazing as always Yuya I wished we could continue more but Katrina still has to have her turn" Yuya smiled at her " don't worry Yuzu we are going to spend some more time together soon" he said.

"I'll hold you up to that but for now I have to go good luck with Katrina oh and you can keep my panties for now that will gives you something to remind you of me when you're not with me. As she turned around she felt Yuya smacked her on the ass "Yelp geez Yuya I swear your turning to be just like Yugo everyday" she smirked at him while she was walking to the door. Yuya smirked at her "Not my fault you have a big ass Yuzu anyway I'll see you later" he told his childhood friend. Yuzu giggled at Yuya remark. "Sure Yuya whatever you say I'll see you later" and with that Yuzu left.

Yuya sat patiently waiting for Katrina to arrive, Katrina is the last girl that Yuya has to judge and honestly he scared as hell. There no telling what that girl going to do she ether going to be rough with him or she going to be gentle with him from the bottom of his heart. Yuya doesn't know when it comes to the bed room Katrina is a wildcard, So Yuya just got to be prepared for anything she throws at him just take the same approach and mentally he did with the first five girls.

Yuya had to wait for Katrina the longest for about twenty minutes or so, which was fine with him because Yuya had a feeling that he going to need all of his strength for her. Yuya heard the door open up and when he looked up he saw Katrina herself, She had red hair but had bangs and fin straps similar to the rest of her counterparts but its black she wears a reverse cross chain on her neck and a black leather jacket that fully zipped up she also wearing a black belt at a angle and a short black girl. Lastly she is wearing stockings that go up to her knees causing her to show some skin with her legs.

Katrina gave Yuya one of signatures smirks "It's my show now Yuya I hope you still have your A game after what you did to the others" she said as she walked over to Yuya picked him up and threw him on the bed a bit hardly. "Ow" Yuya said it did hurt a bit from how Katrina threw him on the bed but she can do much worse so this being nice. "Ah quit complaining I didn't throw you that hard, Or maybe I just don't know my own strength she said jokingly and with a giggle. "Did Katrina just giggle?" Yuya thought surprised that Katrina giggled she rarely ever laughs or giggles but when she does its kind of a weird and cute sight to see. "Maybe this won't be so bad after all" Yuya

Katrina then jumped on the bed and walked towards Yuya until she was standing on her was then that Yuya noticed that Katrina wasn't wearing any panties what's so ever, "Well Katrina hardly ever wears panties so I shouldn't be surprised at all" he thought. "Alright Yuya you better give me one of the best orgasms ever or well...let's just say you might become a girl tomorrow" Katrina said as she sat on Yuya face putting all her weight in the force. "Ow ok maybe I was wrong" Yuya thought. "I don't hear any licking" Katrina said as she grabbed Yuya balls through his pants and started lightly crush them. "Like I'm actually going to crush them then that would mean Yuya would be useless to me in the bedroom I'm just trying show my dominance" Katrina thought and giggle to herself.

Yuya feeling pain in his lower area wasted no time and started to lick licking Katrina at a medium pace in an up and down motion. "Fuck yes" Katrina said as she gasp and moan " I really needed this" she said. Yuya on the other hand kept up the pace he was at but like what he did with Yuzu not too long ago he started to lick and suck on her clit while going back down to eat her out only he did it much faster. "OH FUCK! KEEP GOING YUYA! YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM SOON!" Katrina yelled. Yuya continue to switch from her pussy to her clit weather licking in a up and down and side to motion to sucking both of them one after another. This lasted for about twenty-five minutes until Katrina said " FUCK YUYA I'M GOING TO CUM! UGH YOU BETTER NOT WASTE IT! AHHHH!" Katrina said as she came all over Yuya mouth.

Yuya happily drank all of Katrina's juices. "Wow she taste like strawberries; I thought she was going to taste like chili peppers" Yuya thought. After that Katrina moved up from Yuya's face jumped off the bed pulled him towards her and gave him a kiss. "Hmm I'll admit that was fucking amazing Yuya I; guess you have other skills besides dueling but I already knew that" Katrina said as she smiled at Yuya. "Holy crap she actually smiled at me I must have put her in a good mood after I ate her out" Yuya thought. "Anyway we better go downstairs so you can choose the winner so you ready to go?" Katrina said to him.

" Yeah I'm ready" Yuya told her it didn't take long for them to go down stairs and in no time Yuya was already sitting down with the rest of the girls in Yuzu's living room. "Well Yuya have you decided who won?" Yuzu asked him. "Hmm to be honest I liked all of you guys you guys tasted like fruit Ruri you tasted like grapes, Rin you tasted like green apples, Annabelle you tasted like watermelon, Yuzu you tasted like raspberries, Serena tasted like blueberries and Katrina you tasted like strawberries so your all a winner in my book" Yuya said with a smile.

All the looks at each other and smiled at each other then they looked at each other. "Thanks Yuya that means a lot to us but-" Yuzu started "You didn't really give us a answer so-" Ruri "You might have to judge us in another competition" Rin said "That's right you probably might have to fuck all of us in a few minutes" Annabelle said in a giggle, when Annabelle said that part Yuya ran out the door in a second running almost as fast as a Duel Runner "These girls are crazy!" Yuya thought as he ran as fast as he could.

"Oh he ran away should we get him" Ruri asked "Nah let him run weather he likes it or not he going to have to do that someday Katrina said with a smirk.