Chapter 31: Halloween Party

"Hmm I think this is a good costume I look pretty good if I do say so myself" Yufu said as he stared at the mirror and he was dressed as a samurai. Tonight was Halloween night and Yufu and the others were going to a Halloween party hosting by Reiji himself and Yufu and the others promised to meet each other at his house so that they could all go to the party together. Satisfied with his appearance Yufu turned to his bathroom door "Katrina are you almost finish in there?" Yufu called out to his girlfriend. "Yeah just about I'm just putting on the finishing touches on my costume" Katrina replied through the bathroom. "Alright I'll be downstairs waiting on and keeping on the lookout for the others" Yufu said as he started to exit his room and headed downstairs so he can wait for Katrina and see if the others had arrived yet.

Once Yufu gotten downstairs he sat down on his couch in the living room and started reading a book on a series he was currently reading. After about ten minutes Yufu heard Katrina coming downstairs so that must have meant she was finished putting on her costume. "Well what do you think Yufu do I look good or what?" Katrina asked her boyfriend. Yufu put his book down and took a good look at the outfit Katrina was wearing. Katrina was wearing a French maid outfit a very sexy French maid outfit that showed off her curves and the rest of her body in all of the right places. Yufu had to admit she looked pretty hot and made a mental note to tell Katrina to wear that outfit more often in private because he would love to have her serve him every day.

"I think you look great honey I think you might wn best costume at the party" Yufu said with a smile. "Awww thanks Yufu you're the sweetest" Katrina said with a smile. "Now I wonder what's taking the others so long the party going to start soon" Katrina wondered. Katrina and Yufu then heard a knock on the front door "that must be one of them right now I'll get it" Katrina said as she went to the front door and opened it. The first ones to arrive were Yuto and Ruri and Katrina liked Yuto and Ruri's outfit especially Ruri's Yuto was dressed as a knight and Ruri was dressed as Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon she got the wings and everything. "Wow Ruri I like yours and Ruri's outfits" Katrina said to the xyz duelists.

"Thanks I spend all night working on the costume I wanted to show Dark Rebellion how much I love him and he is my favorite card in Yuto's deck" Ruri said with a smile. Yuto nodded in thanks to Katrina and in aggrement with Ruri "it's true you should have seen the look on Dark Rebellion's face he was so shocked at first and turned away and blushed thinking that Ruri looked good in her costume. "Hey don't tell her that!" Dark Rebellion shouted earning a small chuckle from his owner. "Well anyway come on in guys you're the first's ones here" Katrina said as she Yuto and Ruri went inside the house. Once they got inside the house they went inside the living room and saw Yufu sitting on the couch.

"Wow Yufu I like the samurai outfit" Ruri said "I do too it looks pretty cool but I thought you would dress as a Zombie?" Yuto said to his ritual counterpart. "I'll be a zombie next year I thought being a samurai was a good choice for me this year also like the costume Ruri I'm sure Dark Rebellion must have been happy to decided to dress up as him" Yufu said. Ruri giggled as her and Yuto sat down on the couch next to Yufu "he did he didn't want to admit it but he did liked it" Ruri replied. "Well that's one pair down and four to go" Katrina said. After about almost five minutes they heard another knock on the door "I'll get it this time you guys can just relax for the time being" Yufu said as he stood up from the couch and went to the door.

Once Yufu opened the door he saw that it was Yuri and Serena who arrived next Serena was dressed as her ace monster Luna light Cat Dancer. Yuri he was dressed as a man eating type plant "hey guys" Yufu said to Yuri and Serena. "Yufu I love the samurai outfit" Yuri said "I agree you look pretty good" Serena said. "Thanks I love you guys outfit as well I knew you would dress up as a man eating plant Yuri" Yufu said to his fusion dimension counterpart with a chuckle. "You know me Yufu I love plants so much that I would dress up as one" Yuri said as he chuckled a bit. "Are we the first ones to arrive?" Serena asked Yufu. Yufu shook his head "no Yuto and Ruri just got here not too long ago come on in you two" Yufu said as he ivinted Yuri and Serena into his home.

After he did that the three of them went inside the living room and saw Katrina, Yuto and Ruri. "Wow Ruri I like your outfit I bet Dark Rebellion and Yuto loved your costume" Serena said. "Thanks Serena and I love your costume you look great as Cat Dancer" Ruri said to her friend. "You look great Ruri and Katrina you look fantastic" Yuri said with a smirk. "Don't get any ideas Yuri" Katrina said in a joking matter. "By the way does anybody know what the others are wearing?" Ruri asked. "I don't know everybody wanted to keep their outfits a secret" Serena said. "Well knowing Yuya he probably would dress something that has to do with entertainment" Yuri said "yeah and who knows what Yugo is going to wear" Katrina said.

"He might have the worst costume out of everyone in the party" Serena said earining a few laughs and chuckles from the group. About a minute or two later the group then heard a knock on the door "Somebody else must have arrived I'll see who it is" Yufu said as he left the living room and headed straight for the door. Once he did that Yufu open the door and the next duo to arrive was Yugo and Rin. Yugo was wearing a robot costume which looked pretty good with the helmet and everything and Rin was dressed as Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. "Wow I guess great minds think alike" Yufu thought referring to Ruri dressing up as one of their boys ace monster. "What's up Yufu nice samurai outfit" Yugo said to his ritual dimension counterpart.

"Thanks I like yours and Rin's outfit as well by the way Rin you and Ruri had the same idea" Yufu said. "What do you mean?" Rin asked. "Oh you'll see come on in the others are waiting inside right now" Yufu said as he, Rin and Yugo went inside and headed straight towards the living room. Once they were inside the living room the others greeted Yugo and Rin "wow Rin I guess great minds think alike" Ruri said to her friend. "I know I decided to do this because Clear Wing was one of my favorite cards overall and my favorite card in Yugo's deck I just had to wear a costume in honor of him" Rin said. "Clear Wing swelled up with pride when he saw Rin's costume" Yugo said. "Damn right I did that costume is awesome and looks good on her!" Clear Wing said mentally to Yugo.

Yugo then turned to Yuri "it figures that you would be a plant" Yugo said to his rival "and I'm surprise your wearing a decent costume I thought you would be a ghost and having a sheet over your head" Yuri responded with a smirk. "Why you!" Yugo said "guys be nice to each other" Rin said "by the way I love your outfits Serena and Katrina Rin said to her counterparts. "I'll say" Yugo said as he checked the girls out "I'll tell you what I told Yuri a few minutes ago Yugo don't be getting any ideas" Katrina said with a bit of a smirk. "Hmph fine your such a spoil sport Kat" Yugo said as he puffed his cheeks. "So all there's left is now Yuko, Annabelle, Yuya and Yuzu" Katrina said.

"I'm sure they will be here soon since the party is going to start less than an hour from now" Yuto said. "That's true" after about a few minutes of the group talking with each other they then heard a knock on the door. "I'll get it this time" Katrina said as he got up from her seat and went and answered the front door. When she answered the door she saw that it was Annabelle, Yuzu, Yuya and Yoko at the front door. "Hey Katrina sorry if were late we had some stuff to do before we headed out" Yuya said to the ritual duelist. "No it's fine the others are already inside" Katrina said as she took a good at their costumes. Yuya dressed as a clown no surprise there giving how much he an entertainment duelist though Katrina was a bit creep out that Yuya was dressed as a clown of all people.

Annabelle was dressed as a Angle which sort of fits due to her being half angle but it's also laughable and ironic since Annabelle is definitely no angle. Yuko was dressed in a suit and he had glasses on if Katrina had to guess Yuko was dressed as a spy or agent like in the movies. Katrina as to admit Yuko does look pretty hot dressed like that and last but not least Yuzu and her outfit annoyed Katrina the most. She was dressed as a vampire with the fake fangs and tight black dress which looks good on her and bat like earing. Katrina narrowed her eyes "really Yuzu" Katrina said to her standard counterpart.

Yuzu smirked "yes really am I annoying you Katrina" Yuzu said "yes you are" Katrina replied which caused Yuzu to grin wider. "Good that means its working" Yuzu said causing Katrina to growl. Yuya decided to speak before things got out of control. "I like your maid outfit Katrina it looks good on you" Yuya said with a smile. "Thanks Yuya but do you have to dress like a clown, clowns are creepy and so not sexy" Katrina said. "That's what I told him he going to scare little kids off in that clown costume" Yuko said. "Hey clowns are awesome and they are one of the biggest forms of entertainment ever" Yuya said. "Keep telling yourself that Yuya" Yuko said to his friend and counterpart.

"Has everyone arrived yet?" Annabelle asked "yeah we were just waiting on you four did you guys ran into each other?" Katrina said. Annabelle nodded "yeah Yuko and I was on our way over here and then we ran into Yuya and Yuzu and we decided to head over here together" Annabelle explained. "I see well come on then the others are waiting" Katrina said. After that Yuzu Annabelle, Yuko and Yuya then went inside the house and headed straight towards the living room. Once they were there the others greeted them "wow Yuya you're a clown?" Ruri asked the young duelist. "Yeah you might freak somebody out with that outfit" Yugo said.

"Aww come on not you guys too!" Yuya whined. "Now then since everybody is here are we ready to head out to the party?" Yufu asked the others. "Yeah I think we're ready Yufu we might as well go now since the party is going to start soon" Yuto said voicing what the others were thinking as well earning nods as well. "Alright then lets head out then" Yufu said after that the others got out of their seats and started to make their way out of Yufu's house and started to head to the Halloween party. Since the Halloween party was at LDS it took the gang some time to get there since LDS headquarters is at downtown Miami City. After about thirty minutes the group had finally arrived at the party which was located in a ball room inside LDS.

"Wow a lot of people showed up" Yuya said "your right" Serena said as she scanned the room "oh there Judai and Jesse I'm going to go say hi to them later guys" Serena said as she went to see one of her best friends and his friend. "It looks like Shun and the others arrived Yuto lets go see them" Ruri said Yuto nodded "alright Ruri we'll catch you guys later" Yuto said as he and Ruri went over to greet their friends from Heartland. "I see Yusei and the others are here as well and wow it looks like Yusei dressed up as Stardust Warrior sweet" Yugo said. He then turned to Rin "come on Rin!" Yugo said as he dragged the green hair girl so that they can greet their old friends. "Woah slow down Yugo! later guys" Rin said.

Yuya, Yuzu, Yuko, Annabelle, Katrina and Yufu looked at each other "I guess it's just us now" Yuko said. "Yeah your right I hope this party is good" Annabelle said. "Don't worry I'm sure the party is going to be great even though Reiji is hosting it" Yuzu said. "Yeah but it Reiji do you really see him as the partying type" Katrina said with a smirk earning some laughs from the group. "You have a point there Katrina" Annabelle said. After that the group continued to talk to each other for about twenty minutes until everyone saw the host himself Reiji Akaba who was dressed as a pirate having a microphone on him.

"Everyone I would like to thank you for coming to this event I really appreciate it this means a lot to not only for myself but to LDS in general now with that out of the way let the party began" Reiji said with a slight smile as loud music began to hit in the ball room. The party turned out to be pretty fun and lively the food was great and everybody was dancing to whatever music was playing at the time even Reiji was having fun at the party. A few hours later the party was over and everybody started to head home "so I guess everyone is going home then?" Serena asked. "Yeah it is getting late" Yuko said.

Katrina looked at Yuzu she wanted to get her back by her dressing up as a vampire but what can she do to mess with her and get her back. That's when Katrina had an idea in her head and smirked evily "Yuzu do you want to spend the night with me and Yufu at his place?" Yufu raised an eyebrow at that why would Katrina asked Yuzu to spend the night at his place with him and her. "She up to something" Yufu thought looking at his girlfriend "ummm sure I guess so let me just call my dad tell him I'm staying at Yufu's that is if you don't mind Yufu" Yuzu asked the ritual duelist. Yufu simply just shrugged "its no problem at all Yuzu your welcome to spending the night with us.

Serena then whispered something to Yuri's ear and he widen his eyes "wow you are one kinky bitch" he quietly said to his fellow fusion duelist which earned himself a jab from Serena. "Yuya do you mind spending the night with Yuri and I at my place?" Serena asked the entertainment duelist. "Sure I don't mind I'll just talk to my folks and let them know I won't be home till tomorrow" Yuya said having no idea he was in for a long night with Serena and Yuri. "Well I guess we better head home see you later guys" Ruri said. The rest said good bye to each other and once they did that everyone went their separate ways. With Yuzu, Katrina and Yufu heading back towards his place. During the way back Yuzu called her dad and told him she was spending the night at Yufu's.

Shuzo didn't have a problem with that and just told Yuzu to be careful. After about thirty minutes Yuzu, Yufu and Katrina finally made it to Yufu's house. "You know I kind of wish I had something to sleep in" Yuzu said Katrina smirked "oh don't worry by the end of the night clothes won't be a issue for you?" Katrina said. "Huh what do you mean by that?" Yuzu aked her counterpart. "You'll see just follow me to Yufu's room oh and your coming as well Yufu now come on already" Katrina said as she went upstairs towards Yufu room. Yuzu and Yufu just looked at each other and shrugged "we might as well do as she says for now" Yufu simply said while Yuzu agreed with that statement. After that Yuzu and Yufu went upstairs after Katrina towards Yufu's room to see what the young vampire girl was planning.

Once Yufu and Yuzu went inside the room they were both caught off guard by what Katrina did. Katrina quickly went up to Yuzu and gave her a deep kiss. Yufu was a bit shocked at the kiss but at the same time he was a bit turn on by the sight he could feel himself getting hard and hope that his samurai outfit can hide what's going on inside his pants. After about five minutes Katrina separated herself from the kiss and smirked at Yuzu and turned to look at her boyfriend and gave him a wink. "W-what why did you just kiss me?" Yuzu asked the ritual duelist.

"Oh I wanted to get you back because you choose to dress as a vampire this year for Halloween but I thought why not have some fun while I'm at it" Katrina said with a smirk. She then looked at Yufu "feel free to join in anytime sweetie but if you're just going to watch for now then enjoy the show". After Katrina said that she went back and kissed Yuzu again however this time Yuzu actually kissed Katrina back. It's not like she been with a girl before she been Serena at school and Rin at the beach so she figure she might as well somewhat enjoy what Katrina was going to do to her and plus she was going to have her first threesome so the thought of that got her pretty wet.

Katrina wasted little time and started to force her tongue inside of Yuzu's mouth which Yuzu easily accepted. So it wasn't long until the two began fighting for control of the kiss. The kiss lasted for over ten minutes until the two girls separated themselves to catch their breath but before that happened Katrina bit Yuzu's tongue almost drawing a little bit of blood from her. "Ow that hurt a little bit" Yuzu said as she felt her tongue bleeding as little bit. "I told you I was getting you back Yuzu now strip and after you do that lie down on the bed" Katrina ordered the pink haired girl. Yuzu sighed but none the less she did what Katrina told her to do has she unzipped her black dress and it easily fell down and Yuzu was left in a pink lace bra and panties.

She then saw that Katrina was also taking off her French maid outfit and Yufu who was mostly silent through Yuzu and Katrina make out session started to take off his samurai outfit. Once Katrina took off her maid outfit she looked at Yuzu and safe to say she liked what she saw from her counterpart she may not have boobs and her ass was pretty big though not to the level of her's, Rin's, Ruri and Serena. Katrina considered Yuzu to be very attractive and Yuya (if he decides to man up someday in asking Yuzu out) will be pretty lucky to have her. Yuzu then started to unhook her bra and once she did that she took the bra off and then she easily took her panties off letting Yufu and Katrina see her in all of her naked glory.

Yuzu looked at Katrina and saw that she was only wearing red panties so that means she wasn't wearing a bra. She then took off her panties and saw Katrina naked and she can't help but feel a little jealous. I mean sure the guys have told her she perfect the way she was and she shouldn't be ashamed of her body. But Katrina already has a great body that could rival a goddess and she didn't even transform yet that alone made Yuzu a little jealous at her counterpart. She then looked at Yufu who was naked as well and my god was he hot he has the same muscular built as Yuri and Yuto and his dick which was fully hard was huge just as big as the rest of his counterparts. It just occurred to Yuzu that she never been with Yufu yet and tonight was going to be her first time with him and after that she would have officaly had slept with all of the Yu-boys.

"Well Yuzu are you going to get on the bed or not?" Katrina said as she raised an eyed brow."Right sorry" Yuzu said as she went on Yufu's bed and lied on it. Katrina looked at her boyfriend "so sweetie you ready to have some fun?" she asked the red and black haired boy. Yufu slightly smirked at her "do you even had to ask?" he replied. "Fair point" Katrina said as she smiled after that Yufu and Katrina then went on the bed and Katrina stood over Yuzu and bended down until her cunt was inches apart from Yuzu's face. "Now start licking whore" Katrina ordered her counterpart.

Yuzu wasted little time and started to lick Katrina's cunt with her tongue up and down causing Katrina to moan in pleasure. "Oh fuck your pretty good at this Yuzu keep going" Katrina said as she started to play to rub and massage her breasts while Yuzu was eating her out. Yufu meanwhile then went to Yuzu's breasts and started to lick and suck on her left breast while at the same time his hand went down towards Yuzu's pussy. Yufu started to rub his index and middle finger on Yuzu's pussy causing the pink hair girl to moan while eating Katrina out. Yufu continued doing that for about five minutes until he wasted little time and started thrust his fingers in and out of Yuzu moist womanhood. "Oh god so good!" Yuzu thought as she licked Katrina faster trying to get her counterpart to cum faster.

"Fuck you're so good at this Yuzu keep going!" Katrina said she massaged and pinched her nipples. The three of them continued to do what they were doing for almost twenty minutes until "oh god I'm about to cum!" Katrina said. Yuzu felt she was about to cum too after about five minutes Katrina said "Oh fuck!" Katrina said as she came all over Yuzu face. Yuzu moaned loudly as she came as well around Yufu's fingers. Katrina then sat on the bed and waited for Yuzu to sit up and once she did Katrina kissed Yuzu which she kissed back with an equally amount of passion. After about a minute Katrina separated from the kiss "mmm I taste pretty good wouldn't you agree Yuzu" Katrina asked her friend.

Yuzu nodded and smile "yeah you do" Katrina then went to Yufu and kissed him as well "wow and you taste amazing as well Yuzu" Katrina said. "I agree now then would you ladies help me out as well I don't want to die from having blue balls" Yufu said jokingly. Both of the girls laugh at the joke since Yufu hardly makes any jokes compare to Yugo, Yuya and sometimes Yuri. "Well Yuzu what do you say would you like to share my boyfriends cock with me?" Katrina asked her standard dimension counterpart. Yuzu smirked "of course I would be honored to share with you Kat" Yuzu said. After that was said Yufu then sat on the edge of the bed with his legd spread wide while both Katrina and Yuzu were on their knees side by side each other.

Katrina and Yuzu looked at each other "I guess you get one side while I get the other one" Yuzu suggested. Katrina just nodded and soon Katrina and Yuzu stood on each side of Yufu's dick. They then started to lick the sides of his shaft causing Yufu to groan a bit. Yuzu figured that Yufu wouldn't say much during sex another thing that that the two close friends and counterparts shares with one another. But still that's not going to stop her from getting his cum. Not long after both Yuzu and Katrina both found their lips on Yufu's tip and they began to lick as well and soon they found their lips touching each other and they soon began to make out on it. Yufu grunted in pleasure having two hot girls working on his dick was the best feeling in the world.

The kiss lasted for about five minutes until they separated themselves from the kiss while Yuzu went lower to where Yufu's balls were while Katrina kept her lips around the tip and started to take a couple of more inches on the shaft and once the tip almost reached her throat she started to bobble her head up and down at a rapid pace. As for Yuzu she started suck on one of Yufu's balls while messaging the other one with her hand. "Oh god this feels so good" Yufu thought this is definitely one of the best feelings he ever had. Every now and then Yuzu would alternate between sucking on one of Yufu's balls and messaging one. The two girls continued their assault on Yufu's dick for almost twenty minutes until Yufu said "ladies I'm about to cum". Both Katrina and Yuzu stopped what they were doing and got back to their pervious spots.

Yufu then started to rapidly stroke his dick and after about a minute or two he released a huge load on Katrina and Yuzu's faces. "Wow sweetie you sure came a lot" Katrina said to her boyfriend "I'll I think you got some cum on my hair" Yuzu said wiping Yufu's cum off her pink hair "sorry about that Yuzu I guess I was more pent up then I thought" Yufu said but Yuzu just waved him off "don't worry about it besides I loved the facial you gave me" Yuzu said. "I agree now come here Yuzu" Katrina said as she started to lick the cum off of Yuzu's face while Yuzu did the same once Katrina was finished on her face. After it wasn't long until the two girls shared cum fill kiss with both of them tasting Yufu's cum. "Wow this is pretty hot" Yufu said while watching his girlfriend and friend make out with each other.

Yufu pretty much got hard again at the display, after about five minutes Katrina and Yuzu separated themselves from the kiss and began to sallow his seed. "Mmm that was pretty good" Katrina said "I agree I'll never get tired of the boys cum" Yuzu said dreamily. "So then Yuzu are you ready for Yufu to rock your world?" Katrina asked the fusion duelist. "Of course and Yufu you can do whatever you want with me I'll be ok with what you do" Yuzu told the ritual duelist. "In that case can you lay down on the edge of the bed" Yufu said to Yuzu. Yuzu nodded and did exactly what Yufu told her to do.

Yufu then got up from the bed and stood up in front of Yuzu he then placed his hands on her ass and lifted up her lower body up. He then placed Yuzu's legs on her shoulder and then the position his cock towards her cunt. "Ready for this this Yuzu?" Yufu asked the pink haired teen. "Of course she ready now hurry up and fuck her already!" Katrina said as she grabbed a chair sat on it and spread her legs and started to rub her pussy with her fingers. "I think you gotten your answer" Yuzu said with a giggle while Yufu sighed "so impatient" he mumbled "what was that?" Katrina said. "I said I love you honey" Yufu said.

After that Yufu wasted a little time and easily slid his entire cock inside of Yuzu's wet womanhood. "Fuck Yufu you're so big" Yuzu said as she moaned. Yufu only grunted as he felt Yuzu inner walls clamp around his dick which pretty much shows how tight she is. After a minute of adjusting Yufu then relentlessly started to hammer in and out of Yuzu's pussy. "Oh fuck!" Yuzu yelled as she felt that Yufu was hitting in all of the right places in her cunt. Yufu was enjoying himself away he love the feeling of Yuzu's pussy messaging his dick as a way for him to release his load. Plus seeing her tits jiggle while he was thrusting inside her cunt while looking at the pleasured look on her pretty face was a nice bonus as well.

"That's it baby fuck her good teach her not to dress up as a vampire anymore" Katrina said as she quietly pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy. Yufu and Yuzu kept at it in this position for almost thirty minutes. Yufu then felt Yuzu's pussy clamping on his dick harder almost pushing him over the edge. "Yuzu I'm about to cum" Yufu grunted. "Inside please oh fuck so good!" Yuzu said as she was getting lost in the pleasure. With one last thrust Yufu had shot a huge load inside of Yuzu's pussy and at the same time Yuzu came all over Yufu's dick.

Katrina pulled her fingers out of pussy as she came as well licking her juices off her fingers. She then stood up from her seat and saw Yufu pulling out with his dick still hard and Katrina got on her knees and took Yufu's dick into her mouth sucking and cleaning it off while tasting a mix of his and Yuzu's cum which tasted pretty good. After about five minutes Katrina stood back up "thanks for that Kat" Yufu said to his girlfriend. "No problem sweetie now it's my turn to have some fun so Yuzu lay back down on the bed and spread your legs and Yufu you will figure out what I want to do when you see it" Katrina said to her boyfriend.

Yuzu did what Katrina said and laid back down on the bed with her legs spread and Katrina then got on all fours and started to lower herself on Yuzu's pussy and started to lick her cunt up and down with her tongue trying to get the cum that was inside of Yuzu's pussy. Meanwhile Yufu who realized what Katrina wanted went on the bed on his knees and rub Katrina's ass a little to add to the pleasure. He then started to position his dick towards Katrina cunt and without wasting any time he thrusted his entire dick inside of Katrina's pussy and started to fuck her hard like a jack hammer. Katrina moan while eating out Yuzu due to the fact Yufu was fucking her roughly and without wasting any time.

Yuzu felt the vibrations of Katrina moan through her cunt and moaned as well since it felt so good while at the same time Katrina was eating her out. Also at the same time Yufu had started to finger Katrina's asshole while hammering away at her cunt. The three of them kept at it like this for over thirty minutes until Yufu said "Katrina I'm going to cum here take it all!" Yufu said as he grunted with one last thrust. He shot his load inside of Katrina's pussy. Katrina moaned as she felt the warm sensation of Yufu cum entering her cunt and at the same time she came on his dick as well.

"Fuck cumming!" Yuzu said as she came all over Katrina's mouth and the red haired girl easily drunk all of her juices. After that Yufu pulled himself out of Katrina and started to lay down next to Katrina and Yuzu on the right side of the bed. While Katrina laid down on the middle and Yuzu on the left "best Halloween night ever" Katrina said. "I agree that was fantastic who knew threesomes were so awesome" Yuzu said. "I know how you feel Yuzu that was awesome and amazing" Yufu said. "So what do you think Yuya, Serena and Yuri are doing?" Yuzu asked Katrina and Yufu. "Knowing Serena she most likely talked Yuri into having a threesome with Yuya so Yuya and maybe Yuri are going to have a long night due to how much of a freak she is" Katrina said. "That's true" Yufu simply said.

"I see" Yuzu said "don't relax yet Yuzu you're in for a long night as well I still haven't forgotten about you dressing up as a vampire and since I'm hungry right now your blood will be a perfect snack for me" Katrina said as she turned to Yuzu and sunk her fangs down her neck and started to suck the blood right out of her. Yuzu groaned "this is going to be a long night I'm going to be super sore in the morning" Yuzu thought as she felt Katrina taking a lot of her blood.

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