Chapter 33: The Vampire and the Entertainer

"So Kat tell me again why am I exactly here in Red City again?" Yuya asked the red headed ritual duelist. Katrina just sighed as she looked at Yuya "I told you Yuya my parents wanted to meet you in person and Vale wouldn't shut up about wanting to see you again so I decided to bring you here so you can meet them be grateful too my dad took a day off just to see you" Katrina said to the hero of the dimensional war. Yuya just rubbed the back of his head and gave Katrina a sleepish smile "ok I understand what you mean um is Yufu going to hang out with us too?" Yuya asked about his ritual dimension counterpart.

Katrina merely just shook her head "sadly no Yufu has to do some business with his dad today so he not going to be with us today but I'll make sure to tell him you said hi though" Katrina said to the entertainment duelist. "Sure I would like that let's get going I would love to see what your parents and sister are like" Yuya said "eh I don't believe were that interesting as a family but I'm sure that my mother would especially like you" Katrina said with a smile. After that moment it wasn't long until Yuya and Katrina had reached Katrina's house and once they did it was safe to say that Yuya was in shocked when he saw Katrina's house.

"Kat this is where you live?" Yuya asked the red haired teen Katrina just looked at Yuya with a confused look on her face. "Yeah of course it is what Yuya you haven't seen a house before" Katrina said in a joking like tone. "It's huge!" Yuya yelled looking at the house Katrina just looked at her and looked back at Yuya and just simply shrugged her shoulders "well my dad does own his own company and he makes a lot of money he makes just as much as Kaiba does" Katrina said. "But then that means you're pretty much rich Kat your pretty much set for life" Yuya said to the young ritual duelist. "Yeah but I don't really care to much about my status it's not like I use it to get what I want I just want to be a normal girl who just wants to live her life without getting anything handed to her" Katrina said she then smiled at Yuya.

"In a way I guess that's also one of things Yufu and I have in common with" Katrina said Yuya nodded he gotten to know Yufu after the war and Yuya know that his counterpart couldn't care less about his status in being the mayor son he just want to live his life and in his eyes wanted to be treated with the same respect as everyone else. "You really do love Yufu don't you Kat?" Yuya asked the vampire girl "of course he my entire world without him I would feel empty inside my love for him is probably greater than the love I have for my family and that's same especially with how close I am to my mother" Katrina replied.

Yuya nodded he can somehow relate to Katrina because he kind of feel that way about Yuzu without her being there for Yuya since they were kids Yuya wouldn't be the person and duelist that he is today. "Well enough about me come on my family is waiting" Katrina said as she walked towards the front door with Yuya following behind Katrina. Once they got to the front door Katrina then unlocked the door and opened it and her and Yuya got inside the house "hey I'm home" Katrina yelled to no one in general it wasn't long until Vamperia had come to greet her daughter and Yuya "welcome dear" Vamperia said "hey mom" Katrina said as she went up and hugged her mother it was times like this that Katrina was glad that her mother was alive and well again now she can get up and hug her mother like this all the time.

Once the two separated from the hug Vamperia turned and looked at Yuya who just stood there watching Katrina and Vamperia have a mother and daughter moment. "Ah and you must be Yuya your pretty much the reason I'm alive right now thank you as you know I'm Vamperia I'm Katrina's and Vale's mother" Vamperia said as she held her hand out to Yuya. "You're welcome and it's nice to meet you " Yuya said as she shook hands with the older Vamperia. "Just Vamperia is fine sweetie calling me miss makes me feel so old" Vamperia said as she chuckled.

"Right I'll remember that" Yuya said as he laughed "hey mom where is dad and Vale?" Katrina asked wondering where her sister and father at. "Oh your father and sister are out but they should be back just in time for dinner" Vamperia said. "But I thought you guys don't eat any food" Yuya said "we don't but I would be a terrible wife if I didn't cook for my husband and speaking of dinner will you be joining us today Yuya?" Vamperia asked the entertainment duelist. "Yeah I will besides I still have yet to meet your husband and see Vale again" Yuya said as he gave Vamperia a smile. "Excellent then make yourself at home sweetie I'll leave you and Kat on whatever you guys are going to do I'll go and make some dinner for you and Raiden" Vamperia said as he left and headed straight towards the kitchen.

Yuya then looked at Katrina "well that went well" Yuya said as he sighed a bit "yeah it seems like my mom likes you which is a good sign so far" Katrina said "so do you want to watch a movie or something at least until dinner is ready and when ever Vale and my dad get back?" she asked Yuya. "Oh sure I don't have a problem with that lead the way Kat" Yuya said to the red haired duelist "alright then come on the living room is this way" Katrina said as she lead Yuya into the living room. As they got into the room had noticed some odd CD's disk lying on a self and Yuya picked them up and looked at them.

"Hey Kat what is this?" Yuya asked the red haired girl Katrina looked and saw what Yuya was holding and blush a bit "oh that well that is some CD's of Yufu and I dueling each other back in the day?" Katrina said. "Really that's awesome can we watch them that sounds better than some movie!" Yuya said. Katrina wanted to say no but she knows that Yuya won't stop bothering her until they see the video plus it was kind of hard to say no. "Curse you Yuya for having the same face as my boyfriend" Katrina thought "alright fine we'll watch the video just don't tell the others about this" Katrina said "awesome you're the best Kat!" Yuya said.

After that Katrina had put the CD in the game console and after that Yuya and Katrina sat on the couch and began to watch a movie of Yufu's and Katrina duels. Katrina had to admit it was nice watching her and Yufu duel back then it was a lot simpler and peaceful and she would have loved if Yufu and her duel forever until he broke her heart and then the war started but during the final parts in the war the two made up and are now going out Katrina just wish she didn't have to kill him. After about a couple of hours the movie was over and Katrina and Yuya looked at each other "that was awesome Kat you and Yufu were just as awesome in dueling as you were back then but I noticed how come he didn't use Anti Matter in any of his duels?" Yuya asked.

"He was holding back I don't why I guess he didn't want to hurt me but then again we were dueling just for fun so winning and losing didn't really matter to us" Katrina said. "I understand what you mean that what dueling is all about" Yuya said as he said that he smelled some food "wow whatever your mom is cooking smells good" Yuya said causing Katrina to chuckle "it does I guess she almost done cooking" Katrina said it wasn't long after that Yuya and Katrina heard the front door open. "That must be my dad and Vale" Katrina said. It was indeed Vale and Raiden that got inside the house and it didn't take too long until the two saw Katrina and Yuya. "Yuya hi!" Vale said as she went up to Yuya and give her a bone crushing hug and picked him up in the "it's great to see you again do you remember me do you, do you" Vale said however Yuya couldn't say anything because he was being crushed to death by Vale's hug.

Raiden sighed "Vale can let go of Yuya before you crush him death" Raiden told his youngest daughter. "Oh sorry daddy" Vale said as she let go of Yuya "sorry about that Yuya I guess I don't know my own strength" Vale said as she laugh a bit. Yuya coughed "its fine Vale I'm alright for the most part" Yuya said he then went up to Raiden and held his hand out for him to shake "how do you do sir" Yuya. Raiden then took Yuya hand and shook it "I'm doing well Yuya it was honor to meet you Kat and Pegasus had told me all about you and also thank you if it wasn't for you my daughter and wife wouldn't be here with me and Vale right now" Raiden said with a soft smile.

"It's no problem at all Raiden I was just doing the right thing I'm sure you would have done the same thing if you were in my shoes" Yuya said. Raiden closed his eyes and smile "perhaps but to be honest I'm as positive and don't influence people as much as you do despite what I do for a living" Raiden said. "I see" Yuya said Yuya could tell Raiden was a serious person and held a aura of a calm, cool and collected businessman despite that he only wearing his regular clothes which consisted of a black leather jacket with a black t shirt underneath and black jean like pants and black shoes.

In a way Raiden kind of reminds Yuya of Yufu and he could see why Katrina loves him so much."Raiden, Yuya dinner is ready!" Vamperia called out to the two boys "alright we will be there in a second dear" Raiden said "come on Yuya why don't we talk more in the dining room I would love to hear about your amazing duels even thought I'm not that much of a duelist compare to my wife and daughters" Raiden said. "Sure I would like that hey maybe the four of us can teach you how to duel what do you says guys!" Yuya said as he turned to face Katrina and Vale.

"Well we did try to teach dad before whenever he off I'm sure we can continue where we left off" Katrina said as she looked at her father and smiled. "Sure I don't mind" Vale said as she shrugged "then it's settle come on guys" Raiden said as he and the kids went into the dining room. Once they got into the dining room Vamperia already sitting at the table and already had two plates of food for Yuya and Raiden and the four of them began to sit down with Vamperia and everyone began to talk about all kinds of things and the kids even thought Raiden how the duel while the two of them ate.

After Raiden and Yuya ate Yuya looked at the time and noticed that it was getting late "well it's getting late I better try to get back home" Yuya said. "Hold on Yuya why don't you try to spend the night with us" Vale suggested to the entertainment duelist. "Really I don't to be a bother to you all" Yuya said "it's fine dear it's no problem at all you been good company for us it's not often that we get visters" Vamperia said. "I agree plus I always wanted to see if I can be good in a duel against you plus it will be a great distraction from me having to go to work tomorrow" Raiden said in a joking matter. "Might as well say yes Yuya plus there something we haven't done yet" Katrina said.

"Well I could call my parents and tell them I will be spending the night here then" Yuya said "yay!" Vale said as she got up and grabbed Yuya "come on Yuya let's go play video games" Vale said as she dragged Yuya away from the dining room and headed straight towards the living room. "Katrina, Raiden and Vamperia stood up "well I guess we better go before Valle tires out poor Yuya" Vamperia said as she chuckled "I agree with you on that hopefully she doesn't scare Yuya off" Raiden said. "Nah I'm sure Yuya can't take it he been in worse situations then this" Katrina said. After she said that the three of them had went inside the living room along with Vale and Yuya.

Yuya was having a great time with Katrina's family they did all sorts of things together and Yuya actually felt comfortable around them despite that three of them are vampires and Raiden was actually way nicer then Yuya thought he would be so all in all Yuya considers this day to be successful. After a while it was time for bed and Raiden had took Yuya into their guest room and after he did that Raiden went back into his room so that he can get some sleep and get ready for work tomorrow. Once Yuya got inside the guest room he wasted little time and took off his clothes leaving him in only his boxers. Normally Yuya doesn't really sleep almost naked but he wanted to get comfortable so he can have a good night sleep plus it was way better then sleeping in his pants.

Yuya then got on the bed and went under the covers once he did that Yuya then closed his eyes and difted off to sleep hoping to get a good night rest but unfortunately for Yuya he won't get a good night sleep at all. After about twenty minutes of sleeping Yuya felt something on top on top of him he then opened his eyes and when he did he was treated into a very interesting sight. Katrina was sitting on top of him revealing herself in all of her naked glory Yuya widen his eyes and blushed. "Katrina what are you doing!" Yuya asked the red haired ritual duelist. Katrina put her index finger on her lip "quiet we can't have you waking up my parents and Vale now do we" Katrina said to the dimensional war hero.

"Ok what are you doing here and why are you naked?" Yuya asked a bit more quietly "I'm horny and hungry" Katrina said blunty "usually this around the time I leave and sneak into Yufu's house and have fun with him but he not here so you will have to replace him for tonight plus I want to see what Yuzu sees in you" Katrina said with a smirk she has an idea what Yuzu sees in Yuya but she was taking about his other talents besides his personality and dueling. "Wait Kat" Yuya started to say but Katrina wasted little and time and pulled the covers off of him seeing Yuya in his boxers. Katrina smirked "well Yuya it looks like you was waiting for this to happen" Katrina said in a teasing like tone.

Yuya blushed "that's not true I just wanted to sleep-"Yuya started to say but Katrina interrupted him "don't care now shut up and just relax since you're the guest I suppose I can tend to your needs first" Katrina said as she wasted little time and pulled Yuya's boxers off much to the dismay of the user of all the summoning methods. Katrina then saw Yuya's dick and noticed that it was semi hard and Katrina knew she would have to fix that. Katrina then started to grab Yuya's dick and wasted little time and started to rapidly stroke it causing it to be fully erect. Yuya just moaned a bit as he was enjoying Katrina giving him a handjob. After a few strokes Katrina then stopped for a bit much to the dismay of the hero of the dimension war.

Katrina then went up and started to wrap her mouth around the tip of Yuya's dick after she did that she started to take Yuya's dick inch by inch until Katrina felt the tip reach her throat. Once that happen Katrina wasted little time and started to rapidly bobble her head up and down on Yuya's dick. "Shit" Yuya said as he clinches his teeth he could feel Katrina's throat muscles wrap around his dick and it was taking all of his will power to not cum instantly. "Kat that feels good keep going just like that" Yuya quietly said. Katrina didn't need to be told twice as she kept sucking Yuya off at the same Katrina had reach down and started to rub her pussy and pinching her clit every now and then causing her to moan a bit.

Katrina continue like this for about twenty minutes until Yuya sat "Kat I'm going to cum" Yuya said. Katrina just kept rapidly bobbling her head up and down on Yuya dick and after about a few minutes Yuya grunted a bit and he shot a huge load into Katrina's mouth. Katrina had came as well after she was rubbing her pussy with her fingers after she came she separated herself from Yuya's dick and swallow his load in one big gulp and she lick and sucked her fingers tasting her juices as well.

"Well then Yuya that was fantastic now then are you ready to return the favor?" Katrina asked the master of pendulum summon. Yuya just gave Katrina a small smile "of course how can I not after what you just did" Yuya said to the red haired teen. "Great now you just lie back down and hopefully you are as good with your tongue as you are dueling" Katrina said. Katrina then stood up from the bed and stood on top of Yuya's face she then squatted down so that her pussy was really close to Yuya's face. "Now start licking Yuya" Katrina said as she let out a needy growl. Yuya didn't waste any time as he started to push his tongue deeper into Katrina's pussy and started to lick her folds and get a better taste of her juices.

Katrina had bitten her lips so she wouldn't let out a loud moan Yuya eating her out felt so good he just as good as the rest of his counterparts but Katrina still thinks Yufu is the best. She doesn't really care if she was biased she loves her boyfriend and she believes he was the best and that was that. Every now and then Yuya would go and bite and suck on Katrina clit causing Katrina to almost scream in pleasure but she bit her tongue to she wouldn't wake up her parents and sister. Katrina would also would twist her nipples to add to the pleasure of Yuya eaten her out. Yuya would continue to eat Katrina out like this for thirty minutes until Katrina said "I'm about to cum Yuya" Katrina said quietly. Yuya just continue to lick Katrina's pussy and it wasn't long until Katrina had came all over Yuya's mouth and face.

"Oh god" Katrina said as she covered her mouth to keep herself from making any noise. After that Katrina had got off from Yuya's face and Yuya happily drunk all of her juices. "Wow that was amazing Kat" Yuya said. "I know it was amazing for me too" Katrina then squatted down on Yuya's dick "sorry Yuya I probably would have let you choose but this position is the only where we make the least amount of noise I hope your alright with that" Katrina said. "I'm fine with that it really doesn't matter to me" Yuya replied understanding the situation they were in. "Alright here goes" Katrina said she then begin to sit down on Yuya's dick taking it inch by inch inside her pussy Katrina let out a quite moan because she could feel Yuya dick filling her up.

After she gotten use to the size of Yuya's dick Katrina wasted little time and started to bounce up and down on Yuya's dick. "Oh god so good" Katrina said Yuya just groaned in pleasure trying to keep himself from making a lot of noises which was very hard to do especially with a hot girl riding you and her pussy muscles clinching around his dick. Yuya had grabbed Katrina breast and started to message them while Katrina continues to rapidly bounce up and down his dick. The two continued like this for over thirty minutes until Yuya said "Kat I'm about to cum". Katrina just quietly moan as she picked up the pace a bit faster and after about five minutes it didn't take long for Yuya to cum. He grunted as he shot a huge load into Katrina's pussy and Katrina moaned as she felt Yuya's cum entering her womb and she soon came around Yuya's dick.

After that moment Katrina looked at Yuya and smiled at him "thanks Yuya I really needed that" Katrina said. Yuya smiled back "anytime Kat but before I go I need to get my lunch oh and Yuya watch out for Vale she sort of sleeps bite so she might wants some blood from you as well" Katrina said. "Wait wh-" Yuya started to say but Katrina just leaned her head forward and started biting down Yuya neck getting some nice blood after some great sex. Meanwhile in Vale's room the black haired girl was rolling around in her bed asleep she then started to sniff Yuya's blood "mmm food" Vale said with a smile. It wasn't until Yuya realized he wasn't getting a good night sleep at all.