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Chapter 4

"My Lord, I am requesting more time."

"…why would I want to hold off?"

"The target isn't ready. I still need more time to get to him."

"You mean that you haven't made any progress."

"No sir, it's just that…"

"Silence! I don't have time for your excuses. Our operations are attracting attention…the last type of attention we want right now. The Tythos has been meddling in our operations far more than we have foreseen. Already Sargon has been lost."

"I see sir, then I'll keep an eye out for them."

"Your mission objective has changed. Keep the target there and await evacuation. He'll known what to do with him."

Imperial Academy, Anaxes
13 BBY, 1900 Hours

For the first time in his life, Taranto felt like the universe was on his side. He had made a friend, someone who didn't seem to judge him because he was shy. Even more so, he had made friends with a girl. Sure he was shy, but it didn't mean he couldn't have a crush on a girl. Why not? Ra'chelle was an awesome girl to be around. She was bright, friendly, and super outgoing. They practically were opposites, but that didn't seem to stop her from spending time with him.

"Taranto?" a soft hand patted him on the shoulder.

Putting on his best grin, he turned around. "Hey Ra'chelle…" He tried, he really did, but he still stuttered with his words at times. "Wh…what's up?"

She grinned, "Well, I need some help with my homework and I figured you might be willing to help me, if you're willing."

"Sure, I'd be happy to. Which homework do you need help with?" Taranto asked as the girl sat down next to him.

"I'm confused on Galactic History."

Taranto nodded. "No problem, it's a tough subject. Show me what doesn't make senses."

Ra'chelle gestured towards her data pad. "It says here that the Republic was betrayed from within by the Jedi Order. After an attempt on Emperor Palpatine's life, the Jedi Order was revealed to have betrayed the Republic and had planned a coup. It was thanks to an idealist named Vader that Palpatine was able to control and stop the Jedi from causing chaos in the galaxy and restore order. So why did he create an Empire then? Why not keep it a democracy? Why…"

Taranto quickly clamped his hand on the girl's mouth. "Shh!"

The girl's eyes widened before quickly scrunching down in anger. Taranto noticed and quickly added. "We don't talk about those sort of things. That's treasonous thinking and can get you arrested. You never know who is listening."

The girl slowly nodded, taking in the information. She put her hand on the boy's, gesturing for him to remove it. Taranto nodded, slowly removing his hand. Maintaining eye contact with the boy, she concluded. "I get it. Ok…I won't bring it up again. Sorry about that."

Taranto chuckled nervously. "No problem. You didn't know. Be grateful you asked me and not a teacher or something. You could have gotten in serious trouble if you were reported."

Ra'chelle sighed. "Anyways can you help me with other information? I still don't get other parts of history."

Taranto laughed as he glanced over the datapad. He was surprised on the topic. He knew she was taking a different history class than he was. Then again, he took an advanced history class. But she was taking an introductory history class. Very few students had to take it as it was mostly composed of elementary knowledge. "Where did you come from? Under a rock? This is basic stuff."

The girl sweat dropped. "Well you see, where I come from, we didn't focus much on history as much as other subjects. I never really studied much history past 3500 BBY."

Taranto raised an eyebrow. "3500 BBY? That's an odd number. Come to think of it, I don't think we cover much about that period of history. Most galactic history start around 1000 BBY with the Ruusan Reformation." (A/N Ruusan Reformation was the reorganization of the Republic, Jedi Order and Sith Order. Republic disbanded a formal army and rebalanced power among planets, Jedi Lords renounced their military ranks and became the Jedi Order, and the Sith adopted the 'Master and Apprentice' theme, aka the Rule of Two.)

Ra'chelle shrugged. "Well, nothing really significant has happened to my home world since 3500 BBY. So we just analyze history before then."

This peaked the boy's interest. "Really, what happened before then?"

The girl thought for a while, before summarizing briefly. "Our planet only recently has opened up relations with the Republic and now Empire. Before then, my home world closed itself off from the rest of the galaxy due to a war thousands of years ago: the Great Galactic War."

"The Great Galactic War? Never heard of it. You mean the Hyperspace wars?"

Ra'chelle shook her head. "Nope, different war. It was a war that spanned over 60 years and ended with the general collapse of the galaxy, beginning the Dark Age of the Republic. The Republic, Sith Empire, and the Eternal Empire. Our planet decided to cut off any relations with the galaxy in fear of being ravaged again like in the war."

Taranto didn't know what to say. "Woah, that's neat. I wish I knew more. Could you tell me?"

Ra'chelle laughed nervously. "Well, maybe sometime else. I really need help with this chapter."

"Attention students, please assemble in the Parade Grounds immediately." The loudspeaker blared.

Taranto glanced towards Ra'chelle noticing her face pale slightly. "Something wrong? You look a little pale right there."

Ra'chelle jerk up suddenly. "Oh it's nothing. I was just surprised. Let's go!"

The two rushed out, joining the large gathering of students in the large walled parade ground. To their surprise, several Imperial Banners had been set up all around the grounds and several squads of white armored Stormtroopers stood in perfect formation before them. A stage and podium had been set up in the front. Two more squads of Stormtroopers along with several green clad officers stood before the stage. Standing on the top of stage was several men.

The Academy Headmaster and his staff, all clad in similar green clad uniforms, stood in the front. Two other men stood there too. The first was a tall man wearing a turquoise plastoid chestplate over his grey uniform. At first, Taranto thought he was the only one, but then he noticed a darker clad figure hiding in the back. He couldn't make out much, only that the man had grey skin and wore a grey bodysuit with black armor and boots.

He could tell there was an air of curiosity and awe from the students. This was what many dreamed of becoming: Imperial Officers, Commanders, and Stormtroopers. Honestly, he could care less. His parents made him go to this school so that he could have a formal education at a military discount. But he had to admit, those Stormtroopers looked cool.

The headmaster took the microphone. "Attention class, we have a special guest joining us today on this special occasion. This is rare occasion for such an esteemed member of the Imperial Security Bureau to visit this prestigious academy."

The grey clad man seemed to be bored with the headmaster's ramblings as he shoved the poor man off the platform. "That will be enough. I am Imperial Agent Deshard of the ISB. Behind me is Inquisitor Talon, one of Lord Vader's handpicked. We are not here to give you some sort of inspiring speech but rather to investigate a rumor."

The crowd of students began whispering among themselves. Taranto could have sworn he heard someone wondering if the rumor was about Ra'chelle and his relationship. He glanced towards Ra'chelle to see if she had heard that. In fact she had. Her face was turning a bright red in embarrassment. Then again, his cheeks seemed to heat up a little as well.

Agent Deshard clearly didn't like people speaking when he spoke. "Silence!" he screamed into the microphone.

Once the chattering had died down, he continued. "We've been alerted to a security breach in this academy. You see, we have been informed that this academy has been infiltrated by a Rebel spy."

The crowd gasped in shock as did Taranto. A Rebel spy in this school? That was preposterous. Who would want to spy on a middle school? They didn't have any secret battle plans or something (that he knew of). Why would a Rebel spy be hiding here?

"We will be conducting a search through this school. All student and staff will be interrogated until we find the spy. If you have any problems, zip it. If you all comply, we can get this over with easily and you can go about your day. Searches will begin shortly. You are dismissed."

Taranto scoffed slightly. "Are they serious? They really think that there's a spy in our midst? Isn't that absurd Ra'chelle?"

He turned to the girl. To his surprise, the girl had turned deathly pale. "You ok Ra'chelle, you've been acting sorta strange."

The girl quickly composed herself. "Oh it's nothing. I think I might be feeling a little ill, but it's nothing serious. Thanks for asking."

"Maybe you should check in with the nurse."

Ra'chelle thought for a moment. "Maybe I will. Thanks Taranto, you're a great friend." She smiled.

Taranto retuned the smile. There was something about the girl that made him smile. The boy joined the girl as they exited the grounds. Why was the girl acting so strange? Ah well, it was probably nothing.

"What's your status?"

"You were right. An inquisitor and an ISB agent just arrived. They're starting to conduct searches."

"You know the drill. Don't do anything rash and they'll skip right over you. Stay down and let it pass over. That way you'll stay safe."

"Right, anything else?"

"Any progress on the target?"


"Come on, we need intel here. There are members of Council who are getting restless. I know it's your first mission but we need something solid here to give the Council. I'm getting worried about you."

"Relax, I'll resume digging when it's safe."

"Right…may the Force—"


"What was that?"

"…probably nothing. I already checked this section. It's secure."

"I don't know…I'm giving you a week at most left. If you can't find the target, then we'll have to assume the Revanites were just trying to throw us off their tail."

"What? I can't do that that quickly! I need more time."

"That's all you're getting. You'd best get moving."

Ra'chelle sighed as she shut off the comlink. She just couldn't figure out who the Revanites were targeting. But several parts didn't add up. There were several veteran Imperial Officers, but none of them were particularly special. But at the same time, there was a strong presence of the Force here. She tried investigating it, but it was so dispersed that she couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. She quickly glanced both ways before slipping out of the storage shed, unaware of an additional presence watching her leave.

Woah, I just did it. I revealed the Tythos agent…although it probably was pretty clear from the start. Ra'chelle Shinto is our Tythos agent.

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