From the Desk of Sharper

'Hip-Hop Picnic'

This short story tells about Kim and Ron taking on a teen fad known as Hip-Hop Picnicing, which is what it says on the tin: going on a picnic date in hip-hop clothing. However, one certain 18-yr old brunette and two supergenius twin brothers may spoil their fun. Meanwhile, due to budget cuts, Drakken and Shego try to hatch an evil scheme that's not taking-over-the-world related.

What shenanigans would result? Well, let's find out!

First of all, the usual stuff:

This story is NOT connected with the Redheaded Cheerleader series. It takes place in their Senior year, just three months prior to the Graduation finale in the KP canon.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, are created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle and (c) by Disney. I do not profit a single penny off of this story.

The fanfic is rated K+ for some mild innuendo and a skimpy outfit.

Chapter 1

(February 2007)

Kim was on her bed on a chilly February weekend when she received a call.

"Hey, what's the sitch?" she asked her famous phrase.

"Girl, you have got to check out this new dating trend that's goin' on!" the fashionista shouted through her phone.

"Oh hey, Monique! Um, what trend are you talking about?" Kim asked, interested in what her best fashion friend had to say.

"The trend's called a Hip-Hop Picnic." Monique said while painting her toenails, "Teen couples usually go out on a picnic with each other while wearing hip-hop clothes!"

"Well...that's self-explanatory." Kim replied.

"Uh huh! First of all, you go onto this website thing and answer a quick survey."

She told them the name of the site to Kim. Once Kim understood it, she went onto her computer to access it.

"How many questions are on it?" Kim wondered once she pulled up the survey.

"About ten." came the response from Monique.

Kim skimmed through the questions "Okay...let's see...C,B,A,B,C,True,B,A,False...and C! Done!"

"Once you click on submit..." Monique continued "'ll tell you the results plus the clothing selections you and your date will wear."

And so, she did.

"Alright, it should post the results right!"

Kim looked at the screen at the results.

"Mmm...not bad! I think I can pull the outfit quite well! Ron, on the other hand..."