(Note: I don't own Monster musume, this fanfiction is only based on the anime/manga universe, some of the characters here are made-up and have no relation to the original story/series)

Hi!, My name is Findar Gaen, I am a human teen at almost 5'10'' in height, I have black hair with green highlights and you might actually believe that I have a normal life, you're kinda wrong in a kind of a way.

It all started during the New Years…

New Year: A year after the Interspecies Law came into effect.

Since the Law is already carried out, as we speak, human and "extraspecies", or I would call "Mons" are interacting with themselves daily, it wasn't normal at first, we humans try to get use to the presence of monster "girls" roaming the streets, but that all change when I became a host family to one "specie" that both human and mons alike fear from.

When the fireworks came, I was just laying around my house, (2 floors) watching the fireworks going boom in the night sky, my New Year's resolution, "Be more awesome in the next year". There was 3 knocks on my front door, I put on my baggy pants and black hoodie and opened it, There was a sexy woman in her business clothes and black stockings, she wears sunglasses even in the night, which makes me suspicious, she gently spoke to me that time.

"Are you Findar Gaen?", she asked me. "Yeah...anything you need ma'am?" my usual response to strangers. "My name is Smith, and I am here on behalf of the Interspecies Exchange Law", her words soon circle around my head, Is she the one who gives out monsters to people? Am I in any trouble, I never harm shit!

"Please be nice to her, she volunteered on behalf of her entire species.." Smith said to me, I wonder what kind of species is the girl, "Her entire species?", "she's most likely the first to be part of the law, and no one wants to accept her, even the people with other monsters...", her words suddenly startled me, what kind of monster that would scare the shit out of other people who are already looking out for other monsters, "Actually, I was suppose to give her to someone else who is looking after 7 different girls, but all 7 rejected her because of her species' history".

"What kind of species is her?" I asked, Smith raises her hand and an armored truck came, I felt some deep fear when I saw the truck having dented areas and serious claw marks, "Findar, allow me to introduce you to Freya...", as the truck opens it's metallic door, a growl was heard from the inside, the creature came out of the armored truck, to my shock what stands in front of me is a girl, she wears a leather vest with fur collar and tight black jeans, she has black hair with red and blonde highlights, her eyes were red and reptilian-like. But that's not the thing that surprises me, she has 2 black and red dragon horns flowing at the back of her head, poking out of her black skull cap with flame designs, she had a black spike choker around her neck, her "naked" body is covered with black scales with red "flame"-like patterns on them, her huge wings sport out "metal" feathers and sprouts out at the back of her vest,her legs are smooth and beautiful like those of a hot model but her feet are like those of a dinosaurs and her long, strong dragon-like tail with an arrow-like tip at the end of it's tail, and she's at least 6-foot-6 in height!

Judging by her appearance. I thought she must be a dragonewt, when I asked Mrs. Smith, she shook her head. "Everyone thought she was a dragonewt as well, but her papers and overall appearance made us wrong..", she said. "Then...what s she?".. When I look at her eyes, they started to glow fiercely and the lining between her chest ll the way to her belly glows as well. "She's a Fire Dragon". I gulp as I realized, I'm the first human being who's going to look after a motherf***ing dragon!