I CAN'T HELP IT, I WANT TO WRITE THIS PART, YOU GUYS ARE RIGHT, THERE ARE SOMETHINGS THAT NEEDS TO BE CLEARED PUT, So for the fun and for the love, here's an epilouge part of my fanfic story, Monster Musume: The Most Beastly of All, hope you guys love it...

Part 26. A Surprise for the 2 (BONUS EPILOGUE)

"This feels great beloved…" Freya said, smiling as she is laying on a white bed, Findar, as he massages her scaly, tough, yet smooth scales, laughs as he looks t Freya's half-nude body, "Well, now that you are living with me for a long while, I might as well do something new for a change…" the man's extreme massaging makes Freya whine and whimper with excitement, clearly she is enjoying his massaging skills on her own back. "Beloved…what makes today so special?" Freya asks with a noblewoman tone, Findar got surprised, "What do you mean babe?" he asks his dragon-lady, "Well, we were dating for 3 years, you were so happy and energetic this day, you were making breakfast, you were making my bath, and right now, you are massaging me, what's the occasion?" she asks him in wonder, he smiles as they finish the massage, he puts on his green-shirt, black pants and his usual hoodie jacket and looks at Freya, "You'll see when we get there…"he said proudly.

Ever since Freya came back to Japan, Findar asks Freya on a date, as suggested by Kimihito, it is time that Findar show his love for the dragon, he has taken her to a lot of places from the beach to the hotel famous for holding a mix-bathing spring. Today, Findar is bringing Freya to a very special restaurant, it has a wide open space, an all-you-can-eat buffet, a perfect view of the beautiful half-moon in the sky, and of course, open to all mix species. Freya is amazed at such large space and amazing structure, "This is amazing beloved, is this where the two of us are having dinner for the night?" Freya asks, Findar chuckles and holds her hand, "We are going to have dinner here alright, but it's not the two of us alone…" he announced, at that very moment, the surprise cheer from Roarke spook Freya in surprise, Freya notices the old man and soon starts to laugh, "Age really has a thing for you Roarke…", "I know right, look at me, Im old but I still look macho…" well, true to his words, he may be old and have grey hair now, but he's still the buff man you people know and laugh at. Smith also came, wearing casual cloting, accompanying her is Mishiba, the Skalavanguar lady, "Hello Freya, hello FIndar…" Smith greeted, Mishiba waves her hand with a big smile, "Mishiba has come back from big trip ya?" Mishiba said happily as she hugs Freya, who smiles and pats her head, "It's so good to see you Freya, you look beautiful as always…." Freya chuckles, her attention changes to the newly arrived Kimihito and Centorea, Centorea notices Freya, they do a fistbump and greeted each other, "It has been a long time, isn't it Cerea?" Freya said with a well tone, "Yeah, things really do change, but you look the same…", they both laugh as Kimihito and Fidar shook hands, "How's the girls Kimhito?" Findar asks him, he simply laughs weakly, "2 more just arrived, now I have to have my home remodelled, you?" , "Me? I have Freya, I remodelled the entire house so that Freya and I can live in one room together…", "Sweet move dude…" Roarke congratulate Findar as he puts his right arm around his shoulder, the 3 men laugh it out. But their surprise didn't stop there, a equally big girl jumps at Freya and purrs, it's Takeri. "You hooo, Freya-sister yeah!" Takeri smiles as she purrs in a sexual funny kind of way, "Takeri hey, it's been a long time…" Freya and Takeri enjoy their moment, Mai arrived too, she pats on Findar's head and hugs him, "Heya Findar!", Findar simply laughs at her usual childish attitude, "Hi Mai…", "Well, I guess it's time…" Findar happily announced.

After an hour staying in that restaurant, everyone has a full stomach, the night was wild, the men equally eat as much as the mons do, they dance, laugh, vomit (specifically, only Roarke), and when the time struck at 9, Findar rises up from the table, taking the sights out of his friends who visits him, "Friends, Mons, comrade and families, thank you for coming to this gettogether party it took me so long to plan…." Findar announce, "Although it took me the time to make out the money for it first…" Everyone laughs at his joke, Fryea smiles, but is still wondering, what is the special occasion today, Roarke suddenly shouts, eagerly and happily as he can, "Do it man!", Mishiba and Takeri also said the same thing, soon everyone chants, "Do it, Do it, Do it, DO it", "Alright, just give me a second here, I need to speak properly,.." with that he holds Freya's hands, to which surprises her, she stands up to him, both are almost the same height, since Findar grown to be as tall as 6'4'', "Freya, you and I have been together for almost 4 years, for that it has been the greatest time of my life…" Freya suddenly has thoughts in her minds, Are we going to be separated again? Who's coming after you? No more meat?, suddenly Findar reaches a gold ring out ofhis pocket and kneels before Freya, making her more excited from finally pointing out what's the special occasion really is, "Freya, my babe, my dragon, my fire in my heart, will you be my mate?" Freya starts to cry happily, she hugs Findar and whirls him around, "Yes! Yes I do my beloved I do!", everyone cheers for the engagement, it was successful, Findar has planned this for a year, it was successful, and from that day and the next to the end of their time, FIndar has made a unbelieveable moment, and he and Freya are very happy to go with it.

Note: Based on over 75 different books of dragons, it is stated that when a dragon has no rival that challenges him over for a female, he must plan out a way to make her have a good mood in a day, making it exciting and thrilling for both of them, showing how dedicated the male is over for the female, Findar did such a thing so that it would not only please Freya, but also make her very, very happy from that day, they're lives are going to be and will be better

Thank you guys for reading Monster Musume: The Most Beastly of Them All, it was a fun ride making this story, it has been an honor writing and dedicating my time on this story for me and for you, based on the hit anime/manga series Monster Musue (Daily Life with Monster Girsls), and hopefully, a sequel for this might come out, until then, thank you all so much, please comment, post reviews and PM me if I should make a sequel of this series, thank you guys very much, *rawr*