Luke looked over the view the bridge as he started to regain consciousness. His vision a blur, he placed his hands on his head as he felt a splitting headache. Feeling a cold sensation, he tried to focus on his hand and though his vision was far from clear he could see holes in his synthetic skin revealing the mechanical components underneath. His nose revealed to him that something was burning, and as his eyes started to focus he could see smoke along the deck's ceiling. He could hear an alarm going off somewhere in the distance.

"General Skywalker, are you able to move?" Someone from outside his field of vision asked.

"Yeah, let me just…" Luke said, stopping as he felt a sharp pain in his back. "Nope."

"Medic, we have another for the doc." Captain Dorn ordered. Luke closed his eyes, the smoke starting to sting them. He felt the heat of the bridge lower quickly, the fire obviously being put out. It didn't take long before he felt himself being lifted by two medics onto a stretcher. Opening his eyes again he could see the large window at the front of the CR90 corvette's bridge was cracked, half the transparent metal missing and letting in plenty of sunlight. Beyond he could see a desert which reminded him of Tatooine.

The next few hours where a blur to him. He spent time waiting to be treated, entering in and out of consciousness as the ship's doctor and his droid assistance took care of the injured crew. At some point he was dunked in bacta before being removed, likely due to the need of other crewmen. After that point he went into a long sleep.

When he finally awoke, he found himself in one of the cabins, with the two beds in the wall opposed to his being housed, with the one above him likely being so as well. The light was on and there was no window, so he couldn't tell what time it was. He felt much better, his mind clear and, taking a look at his hand, the synthetic skin replaced.

"Comfortable General?" A voice stated, catching his attention. Looking up, he saw a silver protocol droid standing near the door.

"Yes, how long was I out?"

"Two days, sir." The droid replied.

"I see. What's the ship's status?"

"Twenty crew have been lost, another forty where seriously injured. The group in this room where some of the worst off." The droid explained.

"I see. How did this happen? Where are we?" As Luke asked, he moved himself into a seated position.

"We are still trying to determine where it is we are, however the navigation officer suspects we were caught in a wormhole and re-entered real space within the atmosphere of a planet, causing us to crash land. Communication systems are still online, however we have failed to establish contact with the Alliance." As the droid spoke, Luke walked up to one of the closets and started changing.

"I see. I assume Captain Dorn wants to speak to me?"

"Yes sir, he wants to brief you on the situation we have found ourselves in. He is currently in the cargo bay."

"I'll speak to him right away. Thank you, uh…"

"G4-LF."The droid stated.

"Thank you G4." Luke finished putting on a new set of cloths. "Sorry Han, looks like that rescue mission will have to wait."

The halls didn't seem as clean as they should have been. There was a small layer of dust forming on the floor, with a bit of sand in the mix. The damage to the ship must have been worst then he'd feared. He walked by two crewmen fixing a panel, not bothering to salute him as he walked by. He was happy to see them too preoccupied with their work to do so; it had always bothered him when people did that in the halls. He didn't need to make it all the way to the cargo bay to understand why the Captain was there. Even at the end of the hall leading to it he could see broken crates being taken out from the cargo bay by crewmen.

When he entered, the scene was worst then he'd feared. The cargo bay had been filled with provisions for the ship of all nature, from food to replacement parts to medical supplies like bacta. The cargo bay was supposed to have enough supplies to last the crew a full year, but from what he could see it seemed at most one tenth of the crates where still in one piece, most of the bay empty, the crew likely having already removed the damaged or destroyed cargo.

"General, I didn't realize you were and about." Captain Dorn stated, spotting him as two crewmen took another broken crate out of the bay.

"I just got up. My goodness, this place looks terrible."

"It's not as bad as it looks. We have two months of food left, and the water resequencers should last eight months, so we should be able to starve to death first." The Captain stated with a chuckle.

"You don't seem to be too worried about things." Luke said, scratching his right hand subconsciously.

"Can't really let this problem phase me. Panic is the last thing we need, and I have to set an example for the crew." Dorn informed him. Luke did understand, and he could feel the man was emitting a calm aura around him. He knew Dorn wasn't particularly force sensitive, but the mild power he was feeling from him was likely enough to calm otherwise fearful crewmen around them.

Luke had learned quickly he could feel such things, often from those in positions of leadership within the Alliance, ever since he had returned from Dagobah. "I feel as though there's something you aren't telling me."

"Our communication systems are still online, but we haven't been able to establish communication with the Alliance yet."

"I'm aware of that Captain."

"Yes General, we suspect we're somewhere in the Unknown Region given our inability to find our position through observing the stars."

"Then how is our communication equipment functioning important?"

"Well General, on a CR90 communication systems are intertwined with sensors, and we managed to detect some advanced equipment about six hundred kilometers east of here. There could be a settlement on this planet, and if that's the case it could mean our ticket out of here." Captain Dorn explained.

"And you want me to go check it out." Luke stated.

"Well, you are the only person here who isn't a crewmember, and we're tied up here as it is trying to get things stabilized. I'd like you to take a speeder out to establish contact. If we can't get help we're going to be here for a while. I know I'm in no place to give you an order…"

"No no, I think you're right about this. How long should it take to fix the ship up?"

"With what we have on hand, about three, maybe four months? If we stretch out our rations we should be able to get the ship running with the supplies we have, but even then we need food from somewhere and I doubt hunting will grant us much."

"Three or four months, that's not very good to hear." Luke said with a frown. "I'll pack myself some supplies and leave right away. Six hundred kilometers will take a good day to reach on a speeder."

Pyramid of Ra

That night

Luke looked over the location he'd been directed to by the crew. The place was a massive stone pyramid standing out in the middle of the desert without any other hint of civilization. He knew it would have been strange to some, but given his years with the Alliance he'd learned that old, abandoned structures where used for hiding bases.

"Skywalker to Yan Manori, I've reached some sort of ancient pyramid. No locals spotted. Will update as the situation develops." Luke stated over his communication device.

"Understood, sir."

Luke walked towards what seemed like the entrance to the pyramid, turning on a flashlight as he entered the dark halls of the tomb. In his human hand he held a small sensor, trying to find the location of the object the ship had detected. Walking through the corridors of the ancient structure, he wondered what the scripts on the walls stated, but was more interested in who was watching him. He could feel them, their eyes watching. What their intentions where was unknown, but he knew they were watching with fear. Fear was a strong emotion; it was easy to feel it in those around him.

As he walked deeper into the pyramid, his sensor started to beep as a signal pinged off the object he was looking for. The pinging became quicker as he approached whatever it was he was looking for. Entering a large room, he could sense the presence of others hiding behind walls, columns and other objects. He walked forward, not seeing any signs of a trap, the beeping became rapid as he approached a large round object in the centre of the room. Coming into contact with it, his sensor stopped beeping quickly and did so in a solid burst. Turning his sensor off, he looked at the object with his light. It had a large round red part as its centre with dozens of squares around it which each held a symbol he did not recognize.

"Skywalker to Yan Manori, I found the object. I couldn't even begin to describe what this thing is. Still have not made contact with the locals, though I have a feeling that's about to change."


"They've been keeping an eye on me for a while now. They don't seem hostile but I can't make a call one way or the other." Luke looked around the room, using his light to see. As he passed over things, he spotted a man standing next to a pillar. "Hi."

"Hi." The man stated slowly, partially closing his eyes from the light. Luke lowered the light out of his face. "I'm Doctor Daniel Jackson, who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I'm General Luke Skywalker. My ship crashed and we detected something here. I have no hostile intentions."

"Good, then that makes two of us." Daniel took a few steps towards the man. "You said you have a ship, where are you from?"

"We're from the Alliance to Restore the Republic."

"Never heard of you." Daniel stated. "Though I'm not particularly familiar with the politics of the galaxy at large."

"I see." Luke looked back at the device before turning his attention back to Daniel. "What planet am I on?"

"Abydos." Daniel answered.

"Never heard of it. How far are we from Imperial Centre?"

"I have no idea."


"Never heard of that place either."




"Sorry. Only place I know is how far we are from Earth, which is a few lightyears."

"Well, given I have no idea what 'Earth' is that doesn't help." Luke looked back at the device. "What is this thing anyway? It's what brought me here, but it doesn't seem like your people are capable of building such a thing. No offense."

"None taken. I can't really answer who built it, but what it does is control a device that is buried under this room." Daniel stated.

"I see." Luke looked back at Daniel. "Your people wouldn't happen to have a food surplus, would you?"

"Of course, why are your people out?"

"Not at the moment, but we will run out before we can leave, and we will need supplies when we leave. If your people are open to trade we are willing to exchange objects we have like medicines for food."

"I'll have to speak with my village's leader about that, but I think we can come to an understanding."

One month later

"You never did tell me how someone as young as you became a general." Danial stated, pulling Luke from his thoughts. The two were inside a catacomb under the Pyramid of Ra, Daniel taking down the different scripts for translation while Luke helped keep the place lighted.

"It's a long and not particularly pleasant story." Luke replied.

"I see. That reminds me of someone I knew. Lot older then you are though." Daniel wrote down a few more of the hieroglyphics before walking down to the next set.

"Daniel, Daniel! Something came through the gate!" Skaara yelled, running into the chamber.

"What is it? What came through?" Daniel asked in panic.

"This did!" Skaara handed Daniel what seemed to be a box with a white object tissue coming out of it.

"What does it mean?" Luke asked.

"It means a friend of ours is coming." Daniel replied.

A few hours later Luke was observing the unearthing of the gate, dozens of Abydosians taking out ropes to pull it up and into the pyramid.

"So this is the gate you told me about?" Luke asked Daniel, using his hands to shade his eyes from the sun.

"Yeah, it's a lot less impressive then it sounds." Daniel could see a determined look in Luke's eyes. "You're going to try using that 'Force' thing aren't you?"

"Of course, it would be a waste to make everyone else do this work. It could take days to pull that thing back to its place." Luke extended his robotic hand, closing his eyes as he started to concentrate. At first nothing happened, but after a few moments the gate started to shake slightly. Slowly it rose from the ground, the Abydosians backing away quickly as it levitated over a meter in the air and started to move towards the pyramid. He'd make it most of the way to the gate chamber before he could no longer muster the strength to hold the gate up. "Sorry I couldn't do more."

"I honestly have no idea how to respond to that." Daniel stated, trying to understand what he had seen, and more importantly the implications.

"You didn't believe me until now, did you?" Luke asked, opening his canteen to take a drink.

"To be honest, not really. But can you blame me?"

"No, I was the same as you were once. But seeing it happen is the easiest way to believe." Luke paused to take out his communicator. "Skywalker to Yan Manori. We have guests coming to this planet. We may be able to leave sooner then we'd hoped."

"Understood General, should we sent backup?"

"Negative, keep the crew concentrating on fixing the ship or shipping the medicine for food. I can handle things."


Two days later

"Jack!" Skaara exclaimed in delight as he saw the soldiers of Earth enter the gate chamber.

"Skaara, hey buddy, keeping out of trouble?"

"Yes yes. Oh, your lighter, you left it here, I kept it safe."

Jack couldn't help but smile at that. "Skaara, I gave you that lighter, it's yours."

"Jack, Daniel said to bring you to him right away when you arrive. He is close; he has a man with him who would like to speak with you." Skaara stated.

"A man who'd like to meet with you?" Samantha asked, looking between Jack and Skaara. "Who's he talking about?"

"No idea to be honest." Jack stated.

"It's alright Skaara, I'm already here." Luke stated, walking into the chamber. "I'm General Luke Skywalker of the Alliance to Restore the Republic."

"Colonel Jack O'neill, United States Air Force. Pleased to meet you." Jack said, extending his hand.

"The pleasure is all mine." Luke said, shaking the offered hand. "I have a feeling we will be able to help each other with our current predicaments."