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Forged in Hellfire: Lost Soul Reborn

Chapter Two: Netherrealm's Shinobi

"I…I am a different being altogether…I was not aware that I would find myself in this position after a large percentage of my soul was recycled into yours…"

"Um…Explain…" Naruto said with a stare.

"Yes I shall," The man said as he stood up and looked at the sky. "My name is Hasashi Hanzo…And during my time alive and undead, I went by another name…My name was Scorpion and I, Uzumaki Naruto, am the remains of your old soul."

Naruto had heard a lot of things in his life….But this was a new one.

This man before him stated that he was his old soul but that shouldn't be possible.

"How can that be possible? Naruto asked, distrusting of the man before him. "I was always told that every man has a soul unique to him."

Hanzo nodded in agreement then said "And that is true Naruto but what you don't know is that there is a balance. For every life that ends, another begins and whenever a new life is born, a new soul is created along with it while the life that ends has two destinations…the Heavens or to the Netherrealm or hell as you know it."

Hanzo crossed his arms and began to explain. "Normally, these two paths do not overlap, because as you said, a soul is unique to the new life but there is a small window that appears between the death of a being and the birth of a new being…And if it happens between that nano-second window, the soul of the recently deceased becomes reconstructed into a blank slate. At least…That was what should have happened…"

Naruto quirked an eyebrow, clearly wanting the man before him to continue.

"When I passed on, my soul was reconstructed into your own but somehow, I remained dormant deep within the recesses of the soul…Until now," Hanzo told the youth, a troubled look on his face.

"And…Well…That is something but you looked troubled about it," Naruto noted. "Shouldn't you be happy that you are back? I know I would be."

"I am troubled because this spells death for us both and not just physically," Hanzo replied sharply, his eyes narrowing down at the blond in front of him. "This meeting was never to happen. I'm sure I was to remain dormant until your passing where things would have progressed naturally but because I returned, it's causing our soul to fracture."

"That's bad…But how bad?" Naruto asked with a fearful tone in his voice.

"When a soul fractures for any reason, it only has ten minutes to heal that fracture before it becomes unstable until it shatters like glass. When that happens, the very existence of that being is wiped from the memory of every living person that being has ever met…But what happens to the shattered soul remains a mystery…" Hanzo replied with a stoic tone.

Naruto's eyes widened in horror at the words that were just spoken from his past life. Not only was this causing his body to die quicker but if that did happen, they would be erased completely?!

"That can't be! You said that a soul goes to heaven or hell. Not erased!" Naruto shouted, panic written across his face.

"Yes I did. "A" soul. Meaning one. When I was awoken, our soul split in half to accommodate my consciousness and a body cannot operate with a fractured soul," Hanzo replied instantly.

"But what about the Kyūbi?! It's a living, breathing demon inside of me! It has a soul! Can't it heal us enough for this to not happen?!" Naruto exclaimed.

"The Kyūbi…Although she has limitless amounts of chakra that can perform many miracles, her chakra cannot heal a fractured soul nor can her soul fill in the fracture," Hanzo answered, his eyes gazed upon the sky above.

"It seems the shattering is starting…" Hanzo noted cryptically. Seeing Hanzo staring up caused Naruto to look up at the sky and the first thing he noticed was that the orange sun that was in the sky previously had become a pitch black and within it was white spider web cracks within it.

And those cracks were spreading.

"So there is nothing w-we can do then?" Naruto asked, overwhelming sadness filling his heart as he watched the cracks slowly making their way from the sun and onto the sky around it. "We're stuck watching ourselves being sent to oblivion?"

Hanzo remained silent for a few moments before he said "Not quite…There is one thing we can do that can fix this…"

Naruto's hopeful eyes latched onto the man, his voice almost quivering when he asked "H-How? How can we stop this?"

Hanzo remained silent for what seemed like several lifetimes before he turned his head to look at the blond. "The only way we can fix this is to become one once more…"

"T-That's it? That sounds very simple! Do I have to fight you or something?" Naruto exclaimed, his voice now becoming stronger than it was previously but Hanzo shook his head slowly, dashing Naruto's hopes.

"What I mean by "To become one once more" It doesn't mean us fighting for control. In fact, fighting would only hasten the fracture, hence why I did not fight you immediately upon awakening. If that wasn't the case, you would be dead right now," Hanzo said with a wry smirk on his face before he became serious once more.

"Now that my consciousness has returned, it bought forth everything I was. My abilities, my skills, my personality and my memories…" Hanzo explained before he looked away from the blond.

"I introduced myself to you as "The remains of your old soul" but that is no longer true. I am now half of this new soul and you have become the same. If we combine, we will no longer be "Hasashi Hanzo" and "Uzumaki Naruto". We would become a new being altogether…" Hanzo finished, his head lowered to the ground.

Naruto merely shrugged and stated with an airy tone "That shouldn't be too bad then. I mean, you seem like a somewhat normal guy. How bad could your past really be?"

The moment those words left Naruto's mouth, Naruto felt something in the air change.

It was as if the heat was turned up in the entire area.

"You don't know the words that you speak…" Hanzo gravely whispered, his back turned to Naruto, who was confused by the older man's words. The heat around the area spiked up tremendously after Naruto spoke and for a moment, Naruto was confused.

Where was this heat coming from?

Just then, small amounts of fire particles began to rise into the air around Naruto and Hanzo, making the former look in alarm. Naruto didn't know what was going on but from the way it looked, it was like they were rising from hell itself.

Naruto turned to Hanzo, who was eerily quiet this entire time and was about to open his mouth when a large burst of flame erupted from out of Hanzo's body, causing Naruto to fly back onto the ground.

"What the hell is going on?!" Naruto shouted as the echoed roar of Hanzo was heard from the large tower of fire that had warped around the man.

Without warning, the fire quickly dispersed from around the man but when the figure turned around, Naruto received a shock

The figure was wearing two black and gold grieves which had a gold scorpion design along with baggy black pants that held a large silver belt with a skull in the middle of it.

Coming from beneath the belt was a gold colored sash with a gold colored metal trim that hung down to the figure's thighs.

The figure's chest had two thick wide gold armored straps that were across his bare chest and went down behind the belt (Which was presumably attached to the sash) but on both straps of armor were two lines of three golden spikes with a single spike underneath the two lines.

Also on the figure's chest were large chains that were attached to the shackles around the neck of the figure and the sides of the belt.

The figure also had his right arm, from his knuckles to bicep, covered in thin chains while the left arm bore a black metal gauntlet that bore a gold scorpion on it but when Naruto finally gazed upon the head, his stomach dropped.

Instead of the stern, masculine bearded Japanese face of Hanzo was the head of a complete skull and to make matters worse, the skull was on fire.

"What the hell are you?!" Naruto screamed, terrified of the image before him.

The figure began to walk towards him, the hellish fire around him licking and scorching the green grass beneath his feet as he screeched "I am revenge taken form. I am the result of destroying and rebuilding ones soul from the flames of the Netherrealm itself. I am the ultimate force in death and destruction….I am Scorpion! The undead wraith of Hasashi Hanzo!"

Scorpion grabbed the terrified Naruto by his jacket and got his face close to Naruto's own and shouted "You think, in your tiny human mind that what I've gone through was just "Rough"?! You do not know the words that you speak! I have battled mortals, demons, demi-gods and even gods themselves! I have died, been undead and returned to life! I have seen things that will make your soul weep for eons! I know pain that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemies…And you dare try to lessen the impact of my misery?!"

Naruto was so scared speechless that he couldn't even process the words coming from the undead Spectre's mouth.

All he could do was stare into the eyeless, flaming sockets of the skull before him.

"You are speechless before the image you see before you…Imagine being forced into this form! Imagine all that you know being stripped away from you through waves of agony, rage and despair by means of bathing in fires of hell! Imagine drowning underneath your own revenge as the screams of your wife and son as they are being murdered inside of your head repeatedly while you are unable to save them!"

"I-I can't!" Naruto screamed out, tears streaming from his face from both fear of the warrior before him as well as the pain coming from the echoing voice attached to said warrior.

The skull laughed darkly and replied "You will…" And with those words, the world around Naruto was enveloped by the hellish storm of flames but instead of being burned, Naruto found himself falling through the memories of Hanzo/Scorpion.

Naruto could see it all.

Naruto was forced to watch all of the happiness Hanzo had from the moment he was a small child to his time as a grown man and the leader of his clan, The Shirai Ryu with his beautiful wife Kana and his infant son by his side.

It was then Naruto watched as a bunch of warriors in blue stormed through the clan and kill everyone there. He watched Hanzo fought valiantly, but he was killed by the Lin Kuei assassin Sub-Zero, his head and spine ripped from his body. The last image Hanzo saw was the frozen corpses of his wife and child.

Naruto then watched as Hanzo was tortured and tormented for ages until the necromancer Quan Chi twisted and shaped the broken soul of Hasashi Hanzo in the flames of the Netherrealm to give birth to Scorpion, all while promising the spirit with helping him gain his honor and avenge his fallen clan and family.

With wide eyes, Naruto watched as the Thunder God Raiden urged Scorpion to defeat but not kill Sub-Zero, promising him that he would make a request to the Elder Gods to bring the Shirai Ryu and the hell spawn's family back to life but only if Sub-Zero remained alive.

Scorpion contemplated Raiden's offer of bringing his clan back to the world of the living, and eventually looked towards Raiden and silently nodded his consent.

Scorpion was finally confronted by his rival, Sub-Zero, who showed great disrespect to Scorpion and his clan's memory which enraged Scorpion, who immediately took both of them to the Netherrealm, where they engaged in combat.

In the end, Naruto saw that Scorpion emerged victorious and decided to spare Sub-Zero's life, only to have Quan Chi appear, ordering Scorpion to kill Sub-Zero. Remembering his bargain with Raiden, Scorpion refused, stating that Sub-Zero had been defeated.

But the necromancer decided that it was now the time to replay what happened to Scorpion and that proved to be effective because in gruesome detail, Naruto watched as Scorpion gained his vengeance on Sub-Zero, even as the cryomancer screamed his innocence.

And because of this, the deal between him and the thunder god was done. Scorpion was hardly satisfied and chose to continue fighting for Quan Chi.

Naruto spiraled through the years of horror that Scorpion had caused in the name of the necromancer who had molded him and all that Naruto felt while he watched Hanzo's life up until his final death was nothing short but violence, loneliness, self-loathing and it was hitting a huge target in Naruto's heart.

Despite the bright spots in Hanzo's life, such as Takahashi Kenshi talking him out of suicide and training his son, Takahashi Takeda, Hanzo always remained alone until his dying day…And that was a fate that Naruto wouldn't wish on anyone.

Suddenly, the flames around him faded away, to reveal Hanzo in front of him instead of Scorpion but the man seemed to have a look of concern on his face.

"I'm sorry. I lost my cool," Hanzo said calmly but the worry in his eyes were evident.

"N-No, don't be," Naruto said softly, trying to shake the ach in his heart. "It's funny…I was forced to watch everything about your past and yet…Despite the gore…The horrible images of hell and…other things, there was one thing consistent."

Naruto then lowered his head and whisper "You were always lonely…When you weren't being a dick with Quan Chi in the Netherrealm as Scorpion or training Takeda or having tea with Kenshi as Hanzo, You always sat there…All alone…mourning your wife and your son and loss of both iterations of the Shirai Ryu….You died that way…"

Naruto's voice seemed to waver in sadness as he added "The minute you died, I was born and I was alone…both my parents died during Kyūbi's attack before it was sealed inside of me…I don't have any family or clan. I really don't have friends that would stick with me through thick and thin…Up until recently, all I had were dreams of having a family with me…I guess what I'm trying to say is that…I'm sorry that I insulted you by making light of what you've gone through…And that you aren't alone…"

But as soon as Naruto said those words, he truly began to think that maybe he didn't want to go through with this after all.

Would it honestly be so bad for everyone to forget about him?

No one really cared if he was around in his village and no one really wanted to be his friend…He was truly alone in this world and seeing Hanzo's memories only amplified that loneliness.

If he were to die and his soul shattered, his village would forget all about him and just think that the Kyūbi had died instead of being sealed away inside of him.

And not to mention, instead of his birthday being a day of mourning and a day of chasing him down and trying to hurt him, Konoha would throw parades to celebrate.

And who knows what would happen to the Kyūbi if he died. He didn't know if the Kyūbi would die as well or just be sent back to hell but it…Well she from what Hanzo said about her, would still be gone from this realm.

It just felt as if everything good would happen if Naruto had just died.

Seemingly unaware of Naruto's bitter thoughts, Hanzo lowered Naruto to the ground and chuckled softly. "Thank you Uzumaki Naruto…I just wish that taking you down my memories didn't cause the degradation of our soul to speed up seven minutes…" Hanzo said as he motioned to the sky above them.

The entire sky was now right and small pieces of the sky were falling down to the ground sporadically. "How?!" Naruto yelled harshly.

"That is my fault. Letting Scorpion take control burns my soul's energy. It always has. Because of our situation, it burned our time as well. We only have 3 minutes left," Hanzo replied through his aggravated sigh.

"Ok...So tell me something…You said that we will merge completely, right? Will it hurt?" Naruto asked as he faced the clan head of the Shirai Ryu.

"I won't lie to you, it will hurt. Despite being human during the end of that war against Shinnok, The hellfire of the Netherrealm still coursed through my veins. When we combine, it will rebuild you from the ground up but it will feel like your very soul is burning in a lake of lava," Hanzo answered.

"Well that's great…" Naruto muttered sarcastically with a troubled look on his face. Naruto was already on the fence due to his own dark and sad thoughts on the matter but hearing that made Naruto lean more into dying for good.

He had seen the agony Hanzo was in during his change into Scorpion and Naruto didn't have the strong desire to go through that pain.

He'd been in enough pain already.

Yeah, he had been in enough pain. From being alone every day of his life to being chased and hurt by the village he was born and raised in, Naruto was tired of it all…He was going to turn this down and fade away into oblivion…There was nothing left for him anyways…

Naruto began to open his mouth, going to refuse the offer, feeling as if this was the best option for everyone but then he heard it.

"P-Please Naruto-kun! Don't die! I need you! Please…"

"Haku-chan…" Naruto whispered as he looked to the sky above, unaware that Hanzo's eyes widened from shock.

"I can't let you die for my mistakes! I can't…Please Naruto-kun!" Haku sobbed out, her voice coming as an echo from the falling sky above.

"She…She sounds like her…Kana…" Naruto heard Hanzo say in disbelief, his own voice choking up at the sounds of her cries.

Haku…The reason Naruto was going through all of this in the first place.

Naruto knew that from their night together and from her struggle during their battle to obey her master but not wanting to hurt him...And he remembered how heartbroken she had looked when he took his sensei's attack. She looked as if her entire world ended when he faded away.

He had a chance to go back and make her happy and he was going to lose that chance because of his feelings. He couldn't do this to her!

Even if no one else cared for him, she did and that was all that mattered.

Naruto couldn't make the same mistake Scorpion had made when Raiden offered to bring back his family and clan. He made a promise to not only her but to the village of Wave as well to save them, and to be the light of hope they needed in his time of darkness and

He can't let them down…And he couldn't let her down either.

Steeling his resolve, Naruto gave a small smirk and stated "…I don't think that will be any problem, Hanzo. I actually expected that could happen considering us merging everything but I do have to say, being reborn by the flames of hell…Talk about something you never expected to say in my lifetime. Well, any other side effect that could occur?"

Hanzo seemed extremely distracted, possibly due to Haku's sobs which were still being heard above them but Naruto watched as he shook himself from his stupor and answered with "I don't know."

"You don't know?" Naruto asked, stunned by this admission from Hanzo.

Hanzo sighed at this and said "Despite learning all of this from Ermac after Kenshi converted him to our side, I never got into the specifics. I never thought this could happen at all…but I do know this. When we merge, every last detail about us will come together. Now I do not know if my personality will overpower yours or vice versa. All I know is that if we don't do this now, we will never get another shot," Hanzo stated before he held out his right hand.

"I don't think shaking hands will solve anything," Naruto said with a blank expression.

At that moment, Naruto felt the return of the intense heat returned along with the fire particles beginning to float up from around them, making Naruto a little wary, considering the last time this happened, he was looking at a flaming skull.

"I'm not holding out my hand for a handshake," Hanzo said with a serious look on his face. Naruto then saw a lick of fire shoot around Hanzo before an aura of fire formed around him.

"I'm preparing myself for the merging of our fractured soul…I don't know what will happen from here on out but we will see this through…Unless you'd rather back out now" Hanzo said with serious look on his face.

"Truth be told, I don't like the idea of coming out of this as someone new but it beats being erased from all existence and other unknown factors… whatever happens, I get to see Haku-chan again and I get to keep my promise to her and the people of Wave and that is all that truly matters!" Naruto shouted and clasped his hand with Hanzo's outreached hand.

The moment their hands connected, the fire roared to life around the two of them before making a full circle around them but before the fire fully engulfed the two of them, the last thought running through Naruto's pure mind was 'Don't worry Haku-chan…I'm coming back to you…I promise…'

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