A/N: Hello. Since the holidays is coming around the corner, I was inspired to write this story. Enjoy!

(I know in SoS they're named Kamil and Licorice, but I'm going to use Cam and Reina. Also I married Rod in ANB and named our daughter Ashley, that's why Rachel and Rod's daughter is named Ashley. :) And please note that the children in this story all will be teenagers even though we know some of them don't actually grow up in the games.)

Dear Annie.

I thought you'd like to know that Rod, Ashley and I will be joining you, Raeger and the kids for Christmas again this year. It'll be great to see you again and catch up like the old days. Oops I gotta go, Rod is calling me. See you soon!


P.S: Oh. I forgot, tell Cam and Reina that we have a surprise for them.

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