Winter 10th:

Annie's P.O.V

"So, did Rachel say what our surprise was in her letter?" Cam asked me for the 1000th time today.

I sighed. "No, she didn't. And even if she told me, I still wouldn't tell you."

"Leave the poor woman alone Cam. You've asked her that all morning. Now come help me with these cookies."

"Thank you, Reina." I watched Cam as he walked into the kitchen to help his bride to be. They're really cute together. Funny thing they already knew each other before they moved here. Who knew? "Seriously you're worse then the children." I giggled.

"Hey mom. I think aunt Rio's here." I heard my son called as he walked downstairs. Seems someone was window watching again this year. "And I think Cam's surprise is here too." The boy added towards Cam with a smirk.

"R-really?" Cam looked liked he was about to jump out of his skin.

"Sit. Be a good little boy and sit." I teased the florist. "I'll get to door. Cody go get your sister."

"She's already outside." The boy joined me at the door, coat already on.

When I opened the door, I grinned. Not only Rachel and Rod were here but Lillian and Ash was here as well. "What a lovely surprise." I gave Lillian a hug before Hugging Rachel. The three of us were best friends at in high school before moving on with our lives. Lillian and her brother Philip moved to Bluebell and Konohana, Rachel went to a place called Echo Village, and I moved here. Oak Tree Town. "Assuming Chels couldn't make it this year?" I teased. I knew Chelsea wouldn't be able to make it here due to personal reasons. Chelsea was also our friend before moving to the sunshine islands.

"Nope. So I brought Lillian instead."

"And I brought Ash with me to surprise Cam." Lillian added, pointing to her husband.

"Where is Cam?" Ash spoke up. "He wasn't at the inn."

"Inside. He and Reina are in the kitchen. Come on in." I led everyone inside.

"Hey mom." I faced Cody again. "Can we go into town?" He gestured towards Laura and the other two teenagers.

"Alright, but be back for dinner. If you see Fritz, tell him he's welcome to join us for dinner again. And if you go to the restaurant, tell your father that everyone's here. Although he'll probably get the hint seeing Ashley and Isaac with you." I smiled at the other two teenagers.