Annie's P.O.V

After the children had left, I went back inside to see everyone chatting with each other. I smiled. It's just like old times. I walked towards the kitchen to get some water.

"Hey Annie can I go see your dogs?" Rod asked with a grin.

"Just can't stay away could you?" Rachel giggled.

I laughed along. "It's fine go on. Go have fun." I told him happily.

Rachel an I watched Rod as he wen to the backyard. He's like a child. I can see why Rachel likes him. He's really sweet towards her. When he was out of view, we laughed.

"So," Lillian walked towards us, Reina behind her. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," I smiled. How are you Lillian? How's Phillip? It's a shame that he couldn't come."

"I'm fine, Phillip's fine, he wanted to, but someone has to work on the farms."

"Still can't believe you made him do that." Ash walked over.

"Do what?" I asked.

Lillian giggled. "When Rio here called me that she's was going to go see you guys, she said that Philip and I could come with her and we could bring Ash and Nori and our kids. Well, we knew that both of us couldn't go so we made a bet."

"What kind of bet?"

"Whoever won the cooking festival gets to go with Rio."

"Ah," I smirked. Never been to a cooking festival in the two towns but it sounds fun. Raeger might enjoy it as well.

"Help! Help!" We all turned as Rod Came rushing in, my puppy following him.

"I got it." Ash walked towards Rod, telling Cam to help.

"I see the problem." Cam put his hand into Rod's pocket.

"Hey what are you-" Rod sighed as Cam pulled out a hand full of dog treats.

"I believe these are yours?" Cam and Ash smirked while we girls giggled.

"I told you to empty your pockets before we left." Rachel gave Rod a kiss on the cheek, which made him blush.

Later that night, Raeger and the kids came back with Fritz, and we all had dinner together. It was great to see everyone again.