Rachel's P.O.V

It was 5am when Lillian and I had left the inn and made our way to Annie's. We'd thought we'd give Annie a day off on her farm work. The woman works way to hard. It's time that she takes a break. Lillian and I work on a farm so we know what to do. When we had reached Annie's house, we spotted Annie watering her crops. "Oh, hey girls," she greeted us. "What's up?"

"You're up." I took the watering can away from Annie.


"Annie, go back to bed, we got this." Lillian told the woman, dragged Annie towards her house.

"I don't understand, why are you-"

"Annie." I started, "We know you work so hard out here every day. We even work very hard on our own farms. We know how busy running a large farm by yourself can get stressful. We just want to help you, now go back to bed, or at least go spend time with your family."

"At 5am?" She giggled. "Can I at least help? It'll go faster if we work together.

Lillian and I looked at each other. Well, that wasn't the plan but she had a point. With a sigh, we nodded.

Annie's P.O.V

I had to admit, Rachel and Lillian helping me this morning was a good idea. Normally, it'd taken me hours to get everything done, but with their help we got done in no time. Now I'm in the trade depot, selling items. Laura and Cody are bugging Jonas as usual. I giggled. Don't think those two will never leave the poor man alone.

"Hey Annie." I heard Lillian's voice behind me.

"Yeah?" I turned around to see my friends with boxes of Christmas cookies. So that's why Rachel and Lillian wanted to use my kitchen this morning.

"Do you think we could use your shop to hand these out?" Rachel asked me with a grin. "Everything will be free of course."

"Yeah, go for it. I'll be over in a sec." Seriously I hardly open my shop. It seems there's not enough time in a day to do so. "Uh...where are the men?" I asked, couldn't see Ash and Rod anywhere.

"With Raeger at the restaurant."

"Ah," Should've known. I giggled. They're probably bugging him by now. I walked over to my friends, helping with the giveaway.

"Selling cookies mom?" Laura asked me while giggling. "Don't let Cody see you."

"I heard that." Cody walked next to his sister.

"You know how you are with sweets."

"I'm a guy. We like food in general. Just ask dad. Besides, you're no better, sis."

"Alright you two, that's enough." I couldn't stop laughing. These two remind me of me and my brother when we were their age. 16, turning 17 in two months. They're growing up so fast.

"Hey Laura, Cody, here." Lillian gave the two their own box of cookies. "We're not selling them, we're giving them away." She explained to the two.

"Ah." Laura looked around. "Is Isaac around miss Lillian?"

"Why? Going to share these with your crush sis?" Cody smirked.

"Shut up." Laura punched Cody in the arm. "I don't like him like that. I just..." she paused. "What about your crush on Ashley?"

"I...uh...okay, I get it." Cody sighed.

We laughed. "Isaac's at the inn with Ashley, dear," Lillian told the teenage girl, who was blushing slightly.

"Can we-"

I giggled. "Yeah, go on. You know you can just go."

After the two teenagers had left, we giggled.

"By the way, Isaac likes Laura." Lillian said, putting a cookie in her mouth.

"And Ashley totally likes Cody." Rachel added.

"Well," I smirked. "This should be interesting. Reminds me of the three of us when we were in high school, before we moved on with our lives huh girls?" A devilish smile crossed my lips. "What if we help them a little? Valentine's Day is coming up. What if we get Ashley and Laura in the kitchen while our husbands keep Isaac and Cody busy?"

"We like it." Lillian grinned.

"Although, I don't think we don't need the men for this. Isaac and Cody are teenagers, trust me, they'll find something to do." Rachel pointed out.

Lillian and I looked at each other. We knew she was right.