Hello gladiators! After last night's poor attempt at a holiday episode. I am pretending that there was no breakup or abortion. The happy couple is getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and the holiday season. These characters unfortunately are the property of Momma Shonda and ABC. I think we can all do better than she did.

The leaves had all fallen from the trees around Washington. All you could see was bare brown wood as it waited to be covered with around the town were starting to have that holiday feeling as piped in music played . It seemed every year that the holiday season was coming earlier and earlier. Capitol Hill continued as normal so the members of Congress could travel back to their states so they could join their families. New members came in packs following their elections. They became eager to do the job they had been elected for.

The only noise that could be heard was the familiar gobble of a pack of turkeys. Cameras clicked and flashes went off as tiny Teddy Grant ran after the large birds. When they began to squawk, the young boy ran back into the arms of his father. Teddy couldn't help but cry since the bird scared him.

"Pick one Teddy." Fitz said as he pointed out the pack of birds. He was his usual dapped self with a gray London Fog dress coat over the blue pin striped Brooks Brothers. This was the tradition of mid November . The President always pardoned a turkey and saved his life. This year he decided to have his son do the deed. It would be some time he could spend with him when it was his turn. Thank God Mellie and him could settle the kids custody when the divorce went through. For it being a chilly day, the sun shone through the clouds allowing Fitz's eyes to be shielded by a pair of Ray Ban aviators.

Olivia knew she had a million other things that she had to take care of, but this was part of her new priorities. Eveer since the divorce, she took time out to spend time with Fitz's kids. In her own mind, she was also preparing to take care of First Lady duties. At first , it seemed like a chore to someone of her intellect. As time progressed, she considered it a privilege to help Fitz and his staff. She had to laugh because it was actually fun. It was way too windy for a hat, so her silken locks were covered by a Hermes scarf over her tan Burberry coat. The Louboutin pumps sank with every step in the soft ground. She was actually wearing a dark blue Lauren dress along with the coat. Reporters were eager to record what the acting First Lady was wearing for each event. Her manicured fingers were curved around Fitz's upper arm as they walked along to inspect each turkey. Teddy pointed at a large, fat bird with colored feathers. This would be the one.

"By proclaimation of the President of the United States and the First Family, I hearby pardon Tom Turkey." Fitz announced. "That means you are safe my friend." He said to the turkey . The audience clapped with approval as the others were returned to the pen.

"Why do we eat turkey , Daddy?" Teddy asked with curiousity.

He loved moments like this. Teddy wasn't a toddler any more. He was growing into the inquisitive little man. He wanted to learn and craved knowledge. Fitz couldn't wait to tell him the story of Thanksgiving.

"Well Teddy, a long time ago our ancestors came over from England. They wanted to worship God freely, but the King wouldn't have it . Instead they decided to sail to America . When they got here, they were met by some friendly Indians. They were originally headed for Virginia, but they landed all the way up in Massachusetts. They decided to name the settlement Plymouth after a city in England. The Indians taught the Pilgrims to plant crops and hunt for game. In celebration of the harvest, they decided to have dinner with their new friends. One of the dishes that they served was wild turkey. So when we eat Thanksgiving dinner, we honor that first harvest by eating turkey." he continued.

Teddy squealed . "I like turkey. Do you like it , Libby?" he hung on her words.

"Yes, it is very good. I like turkey too." Olivia said.

The small phone began to ring. Olivia took it from her large Prada purse and proceeded to answer it. "Olivia Pope." She answered. The nodding confirmed that she was being briefed about a potential client. She could only look over at father and son talking. It was a warm sight. Fitz was crouched down on his ankles to get down to his son's level. Seeing the massive man bending over to talk to the little boy brought a smile to her face.

"I will be right over. Tell the client that we will do everything we can to clear their name. And keep them occupied until I get there. " Olivia knew that she was going to have to leave the happy gathering. Fitz also knew that he would be losing his girlfriend. She put the phone back in her purse and then turned to him.

"Honey, I am going to have to go. Quinn said that we have a new client who had a few discretions concerning election funds. He is waiting at OPA for me to come in. I hope you understand." Olivia said sympathetically.

"I understand ." Fitz smiled and leaned over to kiss her cheek. "Daniel, would you order the car around so Miss Pope can go back to work. Teddy and I will be heading back to the Residence."

Before she knew it, Olivia watched as the Presidential limo pulled around and she was helped into it. Within a few minutes, the large car headed toward the OPA headquarters . With steady urgency, Olivia climbed into the ancient elevator with her detail as they headed toward OPA.

The confident smile came across her face as she held out her hand to greet the new client. "Senator, I 'm Olivia Pope. Let's see what we can do for you." She still was the best fixer around.