This story of mine is based off Neo's SFoaSS and Nightlaw's SDoaSD, only it doesn't have sex or much... Anyway, this is based on the new superhero anime One-Punch Man, only the main character doesn't defeat his opponents with one hit, just a few or slightly more. Plus, he has amazing elemental powers and stuff. BTW, the Pokemon here are mostly feral and slightly anthro. So... All that said, enjoy~! ;)

OP Neighbourhood, V-City. 12th November 2015, 10:30 AM

Everything seems peaceful in the good city of... Well, V-City until on the news. There was some kind of purple scary UFO-looking robot with a big red eye, two legs destroying the town. And now, the news say her words. "Reports are live as the mysterious organization of A.I.O.S which stands for Artificial Intelligence Opposition Society, has sent what appear to be a walking UFO with turret arms. It's relentless destruction has rained damage in V-City. Whatever this AI mech wants, we have no idea. The Alpha Warriors were there for us to prevent this threat but are overpowered by this mechanical monstrosity. Is there no hope for our dear town that was once protected by the legendary Victory 5? We'll be right back, hoping for the threat to end."

I turned off the TV... Huh, so that's the problem... "Meh!" Came out a sound from a Victini who was wearing a technological armour suit with neon circuit lines. That Victini was me. The name's Victor Victory, just Vic for short, I'm 18 years old and I don't have time to give you guys my full backstory yet. After I've put on my helmet, which the mask had closed it's backside, I went outside and took a deep breath. "Well, looks like we're needed." I said, turning on my gauntlet, contacting someone and then it came. It was humanoid mecha and it resembled a holy knight but futuristic. The base colour were a celestial white and the cool trims were a golden yellow. It also has neon lights around its body and in its optics that are turned off for now. It's chest area opened up and revealed a place for me to enter and control, I did and concentrated my heart, mind and soul. Everything inside around me glowed an ominous white and... I opened my eyes in determination and smiled confidently. "Alright, let's get on with it!"

Winner Square, V-City. 12th November 2015, 11 AM sharp

I had flew over to the (at least minimum moderate) wreckage that robot had made and then my sonic senses via the mech armour heard the crying of a little girl crying. The radar within the suit also sensed the robot coming it's way to the girl. I rushed running over to her before she could get crushed by its foot! Lucky that I've saved her, the little Eevee girl who is now unconscious. I figured her mother would like her kid back so speeded to her who happens to be an Espeon and was just now panickingly (obviously) looking for her daughter. I gave her to her before speeding back to that robot who was tapping its big foot. Wow, it was waiting for me~

The robot looked down at me and asked in a robotic voice. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" He (I'm assuming it's a he because it sounds like a male voice) asked me so I just answered what I am. "Me? No one, I'm Victory Legacy. I'm a hero just defending the world anyways." I explained briefly with a bored tone. Of course, he got angry at my tone. "THAT IS HOW YOU ANSWER, INFERIOR ORGANIC!? YOU STATE YOUR STATUS SIMPLY AS A HERO WHO DEFENDING THE WEAK REGARDLESS!?" As he kept going, he started changing into something bigger and more dangerous. Seems like he's shifting to his super form... His head is extending as does his arms. Not to mention, more firearms sliding out... I gotta say, he looks vicious now. "YOU WILL BE NO EXCEPTION OF THESE SO-CALLED HEROES AGAINST TURRET TORRENT! I WHO WILL ENSURE THAT ALL MACHINES WILL RULE FOR A.I.O.S!" I was silent when he introduced himself and explained AIOS's plan.

"Uh... Turret Torrent?" Was all I could say and Turret Torrent (that was his name) got angrier as he started to charge up one of his turrets to fire at me and it did. But I focused and changed the neon lights on my mech armour and in my optics from white to orange, allowing me to generate holographic parts of technology of the same colour! The parts then merged together to become gigantic gauntlets the size of barrels and solidify to become realistic! They then float near to my regular gauntlets and I was ready! This was an elemental form I chose... "Revise: Earth!" And then I deflected the shot with the back of my left giant gauntlet, causing Turrent's (that's a nickname I'm giving him) blast to be thrown back at him. He yelled in pain (which is what he did, though not flinching much) and got angrier by the second. He lifted his right foot and tried to stomp on me but I pushed it back with a double open palm strike, making the dumb bot stumble! Turrent then tried to blast me again but I changed form! "Revise: Wind!" My mech armour's neon colours changed from orange to green and my Earth Gauntlets (that's what my Earth Form's weapons are called) switched to my Wind Blades for my Wind Form. Many of them materialized and gathered to my back like feathers for giant wings! Turrent roared and started to shoot a barrage of blasts but I was too quick in the air, flying! I then threw a couple Wind Blades at each of his leg joints so he can't move and then rained more on him, totally scratching him and demolishing his guns, making him flinch and grunt loudly!

I landed down on the ground and decided to finish this. "Well, better end this quick. Revise: Fire!" As I said this, the neon colours change again from green to red, entering my Fire Form and materializing my epic Fire Sword! Even though my Wind Blades dissipated, Turrent's legs were still damaged. And now, I rushed at the angry evil AI robot and jumped high with my Fire Sword burning with bright flames to land the final blow! "V-SLASHBURN~!" I shouted and made a long horizontal right slash before the rocket boots fired to give me a boost (my Fire Form increased it's pressure and flame, allowing me to boost in the air higher and stronger) to finish my blow with an upper horizontal left slash, making a big 'V' shaped slash mark on Turret Torrent's head! He made sounds in pain and screamed as he's about to explode real big! I wouldn't allow that to happen and once again jumped high and used a Fire Jump Boost to go even higher and changed form and colours once more! "Revise: Water!" I hollered and changed to a blue appearance, my Water Form with my celestial Water Bow materializing! I pulled the bowstring, then charged and aimed my Water Arrows around Turrent, blasting them on the ground so geysers of H2O sprouted out strongly and I used my Water Bow to have all of them cover up the robot before I changed my Water Bow into a Water Spike (a blue, white and gold arm blade) and dropped down to have the sharp tip charge up a bright blue glow and once it hit the ball of water, it froze into ice! I got off and saw an orange glow inside the ice ball, most likely Turret Torrent blowing up, melting the ice inside before the top blow off. At least it's suppressed and the ice ball blew up and melted into a rain.

Winner Square, V-City. 12th November 2015, 11:50 PM

I looked up in the clear bright blue skies which the rain slowed to a drizzle and the sun shined bright as ever. V-City is saved but... I collapsed on my knees and my right eye twitched. "Why?" I asked myself. I slammed my right hand on the ground and grunted. "Why does this always happen?!" I raised my voice as I tried to grasp my new situation! "Why is every fight of mine always an easy one!?" I shouted at that thought before I hollered, "GRR...! ARCEUS GODDAMMIT!"

*Sigh...* I won the day but this victory sure tasted bitter when the battle ends quickly... Just like all the others...!

Well, I hope this is good enough. Of course this is part 1 of the Intro Arc. Part 2 will come sooner or later! Ciao~ ;)