Here's the third and final part of the Intro Arc and a couple debuts of Victor's friends~ Enjoy~! ;D

Victory Mansion, OP Neighbourhood, V-City. 12th November 2015, 9:30 PM sharp

Well, here I am... Back at my humble abode, Victory Mansion. It has every state of the art luxuries the best money could buy. I'm just in time for bed. "*Yawn~...! Sigh.* I just wish I know... What's missing in my life..." I solemnly muttered before my eyelids closed shut, knocking me out into sleep... Zzz...

Victory Mansion, OP Neighbourhood, V-City. 13th November 2015, 6 AM sharp

I'm just sleeping in my bed, not ready to get up from bed. I was just getting comfortable until... BAM! "*Gasp* What's that noise!?" CRASH! The roof just started falling on me! And then a three-clawed robot arm grabbed me and threw me outside! I can see there were some kinds of construction steampunk robots with red eyes! "Greetings, mortal. We are Steamterranian. We are a race of forgotten mechs of the Earth. We were buried in the very face of the planet itself so it may be at peace. We have scanned your vitals and you seem to be capable a potential threat! Therefore, you must be extermina-" Before he could finish, my V-Suit came in front of me and used a magnetic force to back off the big bot! This gave me the opportunity to suit up and V-create (with the suit increasing the power) up it's rusty metallic rear, destroying it! "What!? Who is this mortal!?" Those were the comments of those... Steampunk-bots! I then cracked my knuckles and bend my neck, getting ready for a fight. "You know..." I said, "That crash you did on me actually hurt~..." I then put up my fighting face! "I wonder who's gonna get wrecked first~?" I then started my (for the first time in years) fierce fight with these robots! I tell you all reading this, this is a hell of a brawl! I've never have a tough fight like this in years~! But then some of them Steamjerks got the drop on me and crashed me in the road rubble!

I was in a ton of debris and those Steampunks were scanning the area around to see that I'm dead. "For a mortal being, he seems to have great strength, tactics and intelligence... His armour appears to amplify them as well but at least he has been termina-What!?" Then came Shouri who revised in his Earth form and dug me out of the rubble, which I wasn't wounded much~! "You idiots really ticked me off... But you know, you actually put up a good fight." I then got in Shouri. "I'm a hero who's doing this gig anyways! AND I AM GONNA PROTECT THIS WORLD FROM YOU!" I then started rushing in on the robots and they did the same! I then made some serious consecutive strikes with my Earth Gauntlets! ... 'Hey... What is this feeling?' I thought, "It's like I'm having the fight of my life~...' I then realized something! 'Wait... Yeah, of course!' What I was missing in my life...! It's... EXCITEMENT IN THE FIGHT! 'All I wanted is... A great fight~!' I then took care of the rest of the Steamterranians (Wow, I actually said their names right) and was taking a breather.

That's just it... All I wanted in my life... Is a rival~ A fighter who can keep up with me to battle against me~! Then the ground starts shaking and out comes a really huge Steamterranian with giant swords and bazookas! "I see you have taken care of my children... I am their king and I shall lay waste on thee and thy world!" This guy looks real strong~! "Heh, whatever Steamhead!" We then rushed at each other, ready to strike! Though suddenly, everything just went white...

Victory Mansion, OP Neighbourhood, V-City. 13th November 2015, 8 AM sharp

I woke up and... It was... All a dream... I looked down in disappointment and sighed. "I should've known it was to good-" I was interrupted by the a familiar sound and voice! "ATTENTION! We are the Steamterranians and I am their king! We are here to rule the world but first, we would like to see the owner of this mansion! And from the looks of it, the owner of this manor may be one of the richest in V-City!" It was those bots~! Oh wow~, this is gonna be a hard fight like in my dream, I'm gonna have to bring along Espy and Umbron~! "Hey~! Umbron! Espy!" I called, getting the attention of my Umbreon butler and Espeon maid. "Huh? What's the trouble, Vic?" "Yeah, you sound kinda... Happy for our home being under attack..." Umbron and Espy said respectively. Yeah, I know they sound... Typical for servants but that's what made them sound like good friends/caretakers to me. "Look, I'll explain later. Right now, I'm gonna need your help in this heroic situation, come on~!" I said, leading them to follow me.

I went to equip my V-Suit and Shouri while Umbron and Espy got in their own suits and mech armours. You may not know this but...

Umbron was a hero rival of my dad called 'Darkstar': His black-coloured and yellow-light traced mech armour (which resembled some type of Metal Hero space sheriff but more detailed for an Umbreon) utilize dark and shadow powers called 'SolarLunar' in whatever place is dark such as the shadows, shades and especially at night and he even has 'Shadow Buddy' which he can materialize a black solid holographic copy being from other people's shadows.
Darkstar's weaponry includes a black katana and a crossbow both the blade (from the katana) and the arrows (from the crossbow) forged from a rare meteor metal that is both ultra-lite and supersonic-fast. He and I can imbue them with whichever one or two of our elements.

Espy was a heroine rival of my mom called 'Psyana': Her lavender-coloured armour with ruby-red orbs (which were ancient psychic energy stones) mech armour (which resembled a cyber ranger armour) utilizes psychic powers from a space-drama movie called 'PsyForce' and her fingertips can even produce arc-lightning called 'Psylectric'.
Psyana's weaponry includes short lightsaber arms (both have two obvious settings: Stun and Slash) and a couple of triskelion-styled boomerangs imbued with 'PsyForce' or 'Psylectric'. I can help imbue those with my elements too.

Once we were equipped, we rushed to the rooftop on the mansion to get the jump on them. The Steam King is starting to get impatient by the passing second. "Rich... Person! Our patience is decreasing by each one single percent each passing second! Please, answer the door we have been knocking for several minutes or have your big house destroyed! On the count of three!" As he said all this scrap and started counting, the three of us got together and made sure we'll get the drop on him. I then explained, "Okay, I'll handle their leader, you handle the small fry~ Revise: Fire!" I then rushed in with my Fire Sword in hand~! "Hey VL, wait!" Psyana tried to stop me but it was too late. "Two and-AAAUUUGGGHHH!" He yelped in deathly pain as I cut him in half~! The Steam King's followers were shocked at the sudden death of their leader as I got my battle stance ready! "ALRIGHT, COME AT ME~!" After that being said, the Steamterranians had just left with a white flag saying, 'Wii R Sorr-E!'... "Uh..." Was all I could say as I scratched my head with my index finger. "Maybe I've gotten too strong..."

"You think? This is what you thought you could use our help for, audience?" Darkstar sighed. "Oh well, it was worth having some kind of vision..." Psyana reassured me as I had just jumped back up on the roof. We were about to leave solemnly when we heard a slow clapping. We turned around to see a female Dialga wearing light silver cyber armour (it kinda looked skimpy since it covered her top and bottom areas), which included a helmet with a reflective visor, a chest-plate and bottom-plate, gauntlets with laser blade mounted gauntlets and lady-like boots. She smiled at probably my victory against the Steam King. "Wow, I've seen many heroes taking on villainous robots like that Steamboss but you just took him out in a couple seconds and made his army retreat~" We were confused about her. "Uh... Thanks?" I said and her smile just got a little wider. "Nah, I'm just here to congratulate you, that's all." She was about to take her leave until she winked at me. "Catch you later, VL~!" She then took off without even a trace.

I was just confused about one thing... "Hey, guys... Why was that Dialga going commando in her armour?" Darkstar and Psyana both sweatdropped and groaned. "Ugh, VL... She was wearing a blue leotard...!" Psyana just said to me.

Elsewhere, far away from V-City. 13th November 2015, 8:15 AM

I sensed a faraway power-level just now... What or who could it be? My name is Musique Notess or Muse for short. I'm a heroine known as MusiCalibur, wearing a skintight cybersuit and equipping a mech armour (resembling Villkiss) that can transform into a hi-tech aircraft. It also included a royal-looking sabre and a stun submachine stun gun, which can attach to the front of my armour's Flight Mode. I'll explain my origin in the next chapter.

Anyway, my guardian Cytech (a cyborg Genesect with the ability to equip cybernetic parts for whatever situation and whose origin will be explained in the next chapter as well) and I were investigating a bunch of dead plants. Thankfully, there weren't any Grass-type Pokemon here or the situation would've been a lot worse! Cytech then started beeping after he had finished scanning the area and holographically recreating the crime scene. "I have determined the enemy's new location, Muse." He said so I asked, "Where are they?" He said to my shock...! "V-City."

And that's it for the Intro Arc~! :D Now, comes a new arc afterwards, the Naturobots Arc~! Ciao~ ;)