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Amy's P.O.V

I still remember that day like it was yesterday. The day they took me away to have a better life. I honestly never thought of going to a foster home and hopefully get adopted by a wonderful family. But I guess it was going to happen at some point in my life. I still haven't forgotten about my very good friend Sonic. I always think about him. Every single day. I wonder how he is now. I miss him a lot. It's been two years now since I last saw him. That also means that I'm no longer a naïve 15 year old. I am 17 now. I feel like I've matured a lot. I'm still the same old Amy but I'm not as fun and funny as I used to be 2 years ago. I'm a different person now and all I want right now is to get adopted and get out of this foster home mansion that I've been living in for 2 years. I don't hate it or anything but once you get older, people treat you different…don't you find it funny how people expect you to be like an adult but you're treated like a kid? They treat me like that every day and honestly, I don't like it. I wonder why I haven't been adopted two years ago. Who would ever want a teenager? I only have one more year left before I have to leave the mansion and start my own life alone. Anyway…I forgot to mention, Cream and Blaze! They got adopted a year ago and every month, I get letters from them saying how nice their families are and that they are already in school. I'm jealous honestly but I can't do anything about it. I have new roommates that are a year younger than me but we don't have that close relationship that I had with Cream and Blaze.

Sometimes, I wonder why this foster service can't let us have contact with the other foster home at the other end of the city. Sonic and I could have been even closer than we were before. I wonder what it would be like if I was his girlfriend…I never liked him like that 2 years ago. I saw him like a best friend and an older brother. But as the months went by without seeing him, I started missing him. I also developed feelings for him. But that's all gone now because I keep telling myself that I will never see him again since that's what it feels like. Right now, all I'm doing is looking out the window wondering where Sonic could be…

With Sonic (P.O.V)

Life is great. I forgot how amazing life could be when you finally have an awesome family. That's right, I got adopted from a middle class family. They are amazing parents. I got adopted 2 years ago when I got taken to a foster home. I don't really remember much of 2 years ago because it's all a blur now. So far, I'm going to start my senior year in high school in a few days and I got my 3 best pals with me. Tails, Shadow and Silver. Silver got adopted as well a few days after I got adopted. You want to know what's really cool? Silver only lives 2 blocks away from me. Shadow got adopted as well but he lives like 5 blocks away from me. We all hang out sometimes during the weekend and boy the night's we share together. Tails has always been my good friend and he already has his birth parents and he still works at the diner. Everything in my life is going great. Did I mention that I also have a girlfriend? Her name is Sally. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Sometimes, when I'm with Sally, I feel like it's not right. I haven't told her about my feelings lately because it would cause problems and that's the last thing I'd want with her. Want to know what's also weird? I can't help but feel that I made an important promise a long time ago but I don't know with who. All I remember is that the figure was pink. After that, it's all a blur.

With Amy

Amy looked out the window watching the cars drive through the city. She saw citizens walking on the sidewalks with great rush. Today was Monday and of course today would be busy.

"Another day and yet I still haven't been adopted. How much time can I handle this…?" Amy mumbled, shifting her eyes back and forth. She left her window spot and left her bedroom to see what she could do. She didn't hate her home a lot. One of the best things about the foster home is watching the children slowly grow up. She remembered befriending a 4 year old when she was 16 and now the 4 year old is a beautiful, adorable 6 year old. Her name is Hannah. She's a pink hedgehog just like Amy but with longer quills and blue eyes. She turned out to be a sporty 6 year old because all she does is play different types of sports in the backyard. While Amy was making through the halls, she saw a maid walking towards her.

"Ms. Rose?" The maid politely asked.

"Yes?" Amy replied.

"Mr. Vanzy would like to see you in his office. He has very good news for you. I suggest you hurry though." The maid remarked, walking away to attend the younger kids in the kitchen. Amy looked back to where the maid had walked off and couldn't help but feel a bit nervous.

"What could the good news be? What if she lied?" Amy asked herself, making her way towards Mr. Vanzy's office. She knocked on his door and when she heard his voice telling her to come in, she opened the doors and stepped forward.

"M-Mr. Vanzy…? You wanted to see me?" Amy asked, her voice shaking in fear.

"Hello Ms. Rose. No need to be nervous. I have very good news for you. Do you remember when we took pictures of everyone living in this foster home?" Mr. Vanzy asked. Amy nodded in reply.

"Well, nobody really knows why I asked photographers to take photos of you guys but I did it for a very good reason. I noticed lately not many kids and teenagers have been adopted for the past few months and I realized that adults or families can't adopt you guys without a picture and a bio on our website. Now that was like 2 weeks ago and because of my brilliant thinking, already I have 20 parents who want to adopt a child and out of those 20, 2 parents liked your photo and bio and they want to adopt you.

Amy stayed quiet, too shocked to say something. She looked at him straight towards his eyes to make sure he wasn't joking and by the looks of his sincere smile and soft eyes, he wasn't joking. Amy couldn't help but squeal, making Mr. Vanzy cover his ears in pain of her very high pitch squeal.

"Now Ms. Rose…I scheduled a meeting with your soon to be parents tomorrow afternoon and they need to sign papers and answer some of my questions in order for you to go home with them. I met them only once personally a while ago because they wanted to adopt but it was the day where adoption couldn't take place and they seemed to be lovely parents. Both of them seemed pretty fun and very loving. You are very lucky. I suggest you put on your best outfit to impress them. You are now excused." Mr. Vanzy finished, sorting a stack of papers in various files.

Amy walked out his office and closed the door. She was too shocked to say anything and slowly walked towards her bedroom. She couldn't believe she was going to be adopted by 2 amazing parents in Mr. Vanzy's opinion.

"Is this actually happening…?" Amy whispered. "Will I finally have a family?" This all seemed to be a dream for Amy but she refused to believe it as a dream. Once she made it to her bedroom, she noticed her roommates weren't here which she really didn't care. She walked towards her closet and saw various outfits already neatly hung. Over the past 2 years, she would earn money by helping around the foster home and earned a fair amount of money and saved it all up in 2 years. That's where she went shopping for 5 hours and came back with various clothes. She was definitely going to take them all home.

"Okay Amy…which one are you going to pick…?" She asked herself, scanning her closet. All of her outfits made it difficult for Amy to choose but in the corner of her eye, one outfit caught her attention.

"This one…" Amy whispered.

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