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After an hour of torture from Taylor, he decided she had had enough for the night and that he was going to go home. He warned her not to do anything funny. He was going to return tomorrow. He kissed her on her cheek and walked away. A door closing with the sound of a lock.

Amy continued crying. She had cried so much that she was running out of tears. She just couldn't cry anymore. But she still did anyway. He had slapped her multiple times. She was sure she already had bruises on her face. But she was thankful he didn't try anything that included touching her.

She never expected Taylor to go that far. She knew he was capable of doing such things but would never do it. Amy tried breaking herself from the ropes but they were tight and she could barely move her fingers. Her feet were also tied.

"Gosh damn it. I can't do anything!" She angrily yelled.

After minutes of moving around, she grew tired. She didn't want to sleep but she was tired of crying. Getting hit. Everything. She had hoped all of this was just a nightmare and that she would wake up tomorrow in her bed safe at home. She crossed her fingers hoping it was true.

Her eyes slowly closed.

Sonic was ahead of everyone who was on their way to the last sighting of Amy. He stopped where the map led and looked around. Nothing. An empty road was all there was. He looked at the map again and growled.

"She could be anywhere at this point." He sighed, tapping his foot.

"I mean, she could be here. We're just not looking hard enough." A female cop spoke.

"Where could she be? I only see dirt and the road and could lead who knows where. I doubt she'll be here." Sonic replied.

From below, Amy slowly woke to the faint sound of voices. She stayed silent and indeed she heard voices. She grew relieved and excited. She cleared her throat and began yelling.

"HELP ME! I'M DOWN HERE!" Amy yelled.

After minutes of yelling, her voice began to grow raspy. She coughed and tried yelling but her throat was in pain. She growled angrily. Suddenly she heard the voices disappear and the sound of engines starting.

"No no no no!" Amy cried.

Nobody was going to hear her. He was right. He made sure the place was soundproof. He screamed and struggled to free herself. She looked around her surroundings to see if she could find anything useful to her but the place was very dark.

"How can I escape these ropes…there must be some sort of trick." She mumbled.

After various attempts, she finally felt the ropes loosening up. But as she was about to free her hands, she heard the sound of a lock unlocking. She gasped and quickly stayed still, trying not to make the ropes any looser than it already was.

Amy was expecting Taylor but instead it was the guy that had kidnapped her. She glared at him.

"Taylor wanted me to bring you this since he couldn't. Something came up so he won't be seeing you until tomorrow. Enjoy." He smirked, leaving her alone.

She looked down at the food that was dropped off. Fries and a burger. Amy rolled her eyes. She didn't trust the food. She kicked it and chuckled. As soon as she was for sure he was gone, she was playing with the ropes. Her left hand managed to escape but her right was still stuck.

"Well, at least I got one hand out. But if I do escape, where do I go? I have no idea where I am. I could be miles away from my home." She sighed.

After multiple tries of releasing her right hand, she finally figured out how to untie the knot. She worked on her feet next and fortunately, they were easier to undo. Amy finally stood up and stretched her body. She walked around cautiously making sure not to run into any walls.

Amy came across a door handle. She started shaking a bit. She was scared that Taylor or the guy that kidnapped her was still outside. She tried opening the door but it was locked. With her quick thinking, she snapped her fingers and her hammer appeared.

"It's been a while." She smiled.

With all her strength, she swung at door. In only one hit she was able to break the door. She put her hammer away and slowly waited for the dust to go away. Her assumptions were right. She was underground. A staircase was ahead which mean it was the only way out. She didn't hesitate to escape. She ran. She hoped someone was out there to save her. Her injuries.

"I probably look like a grape with all my purple bruises." She chuckled.

A faint light up ahead made Amy squeal with joy. A few more steps and she was going to be safe. When she reached the light, her smile turned upside down.

"You didn't think it was going to be that easy right?" The voice growled.

Before Amy knew it, everything turned black.

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