Danny had pried open his locker, having no memory of where he would have put the key, or even if he still had it. He pulled out a fresh pair of trousers and a shirt, slipping it over his head. Time away from civilization and staying in dangerous places had allowed his senses to heighten, making him more aware of his surroundings. The hairs on his back tingled and stood on end. Slowly he shut the locker door, the light reflecting off it showed a shadow behind him. Turning his head he looked at the person behind him. The locker room was dark, but even in the shadows this man was easily recognisable.

"What are you doing here?" questioned Danny as he turned around to fully face the figure. Before he could even blink a metallic object rose and a trigger was pulled.


The End - Episode 4 coming soon. Reviews are really appreciated, would love to hear what you thought of it. Any ideas on who it will be? This episode and all the others can also be found on my YouTube Channel (Chloe Sunter) if you would prefer a video format :D

Wrote by:

- Chloe Sunter

- Louie Benn

- Shane Altoft

- Jack Wilson

- Reiss Hozak

- Ellen Monaghan