Previously on Primeval

The team headed out to the Forest of Dean for what they thought was a usual anomaly related creature occurrence only to find it was much more complicated than that - Connor began to have fading memories of his past as history was rewriting itself and a familiar creature roamed the forest, in search for its next target, a school kid who was beginning to have a bad day. Connor with the help of Jess and Abby discovered the pattern in the creature attack, it had all happened before! - That first day, when the original team first met and formed the what would be A.R.C.

But it was all happening again. Among chasing a Gorgonopsid and then running from it, the team managed to shoot the creature, that had made it to the school, down and cart it back to the anomaly based with the forest, only to meet an unexpected but not necessarily unwanted person(s) appear from within the locked anomaly.