These are one shots for my OTP, which is AlLena with a twist of genderswapping. So it's technically ElLiang.

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*Edit: 2016-12-08, 4:47pm* Yeah, I edited the grammar mistakes in this but I left the way I wrote this mostly because it's cute. And for reflecting on how much I've improved. Also, I realise that Lenalee is pretty tame and not dumb so her(/him) destroying an entire store because they disrespected her crush is extreme for her. I'll leave it in anyways. For reflection purposes, again.

*Edit: 2017-02-27, 1:35pm* Also, Allen isn't a push-over either. His fights with Kanda prove that. I just wanted to portray (fem!)Allen as a realist rather than being unreasonable, which I believe him to be truly. I would think Allen won't tolerate disrespect from Kanda as much as he would from others because they're supposed to be comrades and he believes people should respect theirs no matter what. As a matter of fact, their behaviours and morals clash a lot so that's why they get into fights a lot. Kanda just gets on his nerves a lot because of his attitude. Then again, Marie has stated that it's because they're so similar that they're always fighting as well. Although he would want to do something too about the disrespect from others, common sense tells him otherwise. He also feels he would feel the repercussions more. I also wanted to poke at his insecure side. Allen won't tolerate disrespect, but I believe he'll understand why people would do that unfortunately since he can see his faults too and for a long time people said that he looked like a monster.

Day One: Holding Hands:

Ellen Walker walked as fast as her legs could take her away from Liang Lee in hopes of escaping the awkward tension she had made between themselves. She blushed brightly as she kept recalling the events that had occurred only just a few moments ago...

Liang, being absolutely infuriated at the storekeeper for disrespecting her because of the way she looked and almost fighting him when he tried to physically kick the both of them out was quite flattering she must admit. That further showed that he did in fact care about her as much he told her he did. Although, she had wished she never decided to come along with him in the first place. That petty situation would've never happened and Liang would've had the groceries he was supposed to get for Jeryy by now.

Her face was heated from how angry she was at the situation, but mostly from the admiration she felt for her companion. Not many people stood up for her when she was discriminated against for looking like a "punk".

They walked as far as they could from the store after Liang almost destroyed most of it each time the storekeeper spoke ill of her—which was excessively—and soon found themselves at the town's perimeter. They hadn't realized that they walked so far since their minds were on other things, they didn't even notice the undisturbed silence between themselves as they walked.

Ellen cooled down after awhile, but Liang was still upset.

Ellen was the one insulted. If anything, she should be the one still angry. Probably because she was used to it...and she somewhat understood why he would dislike her for her appearance—despite her dressing so modestly and lady-like.

Liang crossed his arms as his body tensed when he faced the forest they would enter if they ever were to leave the town. He breathed heavily through his nose before closing his eyes, not so desperately trying to calm himself down.

The short, white haired girl was concerned for her companion when she saw just how he stiffly stood in front of her, unsettled. She didn't want him to stress so much about the situation, and her. She patted his shoulder for his attention while calling his name, "Liang,"

He rolled his shoulder, taking off her hand from it, "what?"

He didn't look at her, he sounded annoyed as well. She would've backed off since she knew how he was when he was upset, but she needed to address her concern. "Liang, that situation's over with. That kind of stuff happens sometimes and I'm used to it already. There's nothing more we can do about that unfortunately, no matter how angry we get." She didn't try to sound timid or pessimistic, more so clear-sighted.

He looked over his shoulder and saw that Ellen was looking down to the ground, sighing out of annoyance. He turned around and huffed at her reasoning. "You should never, ever get used to being disrespected like that, Ellen."

Her sliver-grey eyes met his violet ones without her lifting her head. "Why shouldn't I? I know that it's going to happen too much times for me to count so, I might as well get used to that kind of attitude. Well, I should at least expect it. I'm not going to tolerate of course, but I can't just act out like that." She recited what her master had said to her the first time he witnessed her being discriminated against and her telling him how frequently it had occurred. She had to remain strong when small things like that happened, it helped best when she recited advice from her master. Things could be much worse and at times, they were.

"Ellen," he lifted her head up by her chin, "please don't get used to that. I understand why you wouldn't react like me. But, please, please don't get used to that." He stated that with genuine care and intense surety.

Her heart skipped a beat after he had said those words. That was the second time in forever she had heard the simplest yet sweetest words she had the privilege of being spoken to her. The first time in forever was when the Order welcomed her home, accepting her apart of their huge family. It touched her heart, she even cried. The very first time was from her adopted father, Mana Walker.

They stared at each other—both of their eyes glimmering with content—before Ellen broke their eye contact and moved herself away from him, feeling a bit uncomfortable. She wished that she thought like that of herself more often. It was hard for her to see beauty in herself after all.

"Ellen, do you actually believe what people say about you?" Liang asked acutely.

Ellen raised her brows. She wasn't sure. Like really, what's beautiful about a white haired young girl with a nasty red scar going down the left side of her face? She looked like a delinquent. It would be even worse if she left her disfigured red, scaly and rough arm uncovered.

She would probably be chased out of town!

Liang clenched his teeth and ran his fingers through his long greenish-blackish hair while muttering, "damn." That alarmed Ellen since he never cursed, at least in front of her. She obviously must've frustrated him.

He grabbed her face and squeezed it. "How is it that you don't see the beauty in you that I see," he seriously questioned with furrowed brows. "I-I...really, really care about you Ellen-chan." And he really did, despite only knowing each other for a month or so.

Ellen was speechless, he looked so serious and genuine. She saw it in his violet eyes as they shared eye contact again. This time, Ellen didn't look away. This time, Ellen wanted to kiss him. Right then and there. Maybe she'd feel more of the electricity that she felt whenever he touched her. Maybe there would be an absolutely awful amount of butterflies in her gut that she might just want to throw up.

She fought against her impulses though with of course the help of her strong will. She fought hard, especially when she noticed that Liang's face was getting closer to hers. Ellen pushed away from her companion, snapping Liang out of his trance.

The masked little exorcist flashed a plastic little smile at him.

He was so sweet to her, if only she had an easier time believing what he had said to her. That wouldn't have stopped her from kissing him—besides them being exorcist/co-workers.

Although bothered by her sudden falseness, he smiled back but as always, genuinely.

"We should go back into town to look for another food store to shop at." Ellen said, looking up to the sky.

"Yeah, that imbecile doesn't deserve us as customers, especially you." He searched his body for something and soon after finding it, he revealed to Ellen a shiny red apple that he quickly put to his mouth.

Ellen's eyes widened as she realized where he got the fruit from. Before he could bite into it, Ellen rushed over to him in hope to knock the food from out of his hand but Liang, being taller and quicker than her, kept her at bay.

He bit into the apple as he held onto her tightly so she couldn't take his apple away from him. "Mmmm." He hummed, smiling as he looked down to her to see that she was frowning.

She gave up. She submitted to his hold and rested her head onto his chest while moaning, annoyed. "Why'd you steal that apple, Liang?"

"Because that was the last time I was shopping there and he deserved it, the nerve of him." He bit into his apple again. "You're welcome." He sassily added.

Ellen was going to protest at Liang's attitude, but all she did was smile. She couldn't help but smile, and cutely giggle. He was truly an amazing "friend", wasn't he? She broke free of his hold—Liang not really minding as he enjoyed his delicious unpaid for "dessert"—she wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him on his cheek out of gratitude.

Liang dropped his apple out of shock, his mouth widened as his eyes did too. He looked to her and saw that she was smiling with content...and the slightest bit of adoration in her eyes. Both of their cheeks heated in union.

She pulled away from him and placed her hands behind her back and played with her feet somewhat, never losing their delicate eye contact; and Ellen never losing her smile.

She didn't instantaneously regret that kiss. It was a friendly, grateful kiss, and on the cheek. Although it was out of her character, she felt as though she needed to show that she appreciated what he did. Explaining with words was just unnecessary.

"Come on, let's go find a new shop to shop at." Ellen said as she began walking back to town.

Liang cleared his throat after not swallowing his snack properly.

As they walked further and further in to town, Ellen's confidence drained away from her body. It travelled from her head to her feet and out and about the ground which flowed away into the gutters. The tension was awkward with them being silent with her feeling his eyes on her back, and that was when she regretted that kiss.

That led to Ellen Walker and Liang Lee in their current position. Her avoiding him by speedily walking away from him, and Liang watching her intently as he effortlessly caught up to her.

He finally stopped her from walking any further away from him by pulling her wrist thus pulling her body to him. She spun around and he smiled. "Stop walking so fast. We're not in a rush." He said, somewhat annoyed yet laughing. He noticed her obvious behaviour and came to the conclusion that she didn't want to talk about what had happened. So, he wasn't going to bring it up.

Ellen once again looked away from him, her face more aggressively flushed. She nodded and spun herself around to his side. She forcefully choked out a, "let's go."

Liang moved to her left side and grabbed a hold of her innocence hand. He grinned, "let's."

Liang wanted to react—like Ellen moderately did—to the fact that they were in fact holding each other's hand, but he wanted it to be known that it didn't mean anything but the fact that they were only friends. It couldn't mean anything but, sadly. He just had to ignore his feelings. His gut feelings. The heat that he felt. The heat and electricity that he felt everywhere.

Ellen had to as well, which was why as soon she started reacting, she stopped as soon as she started. They were only friends.

That didn't mean friends couldn't make their friends feel beautiful though. And Liang really wanted to do just that.

He held onto her beautiful hand the whole time they shopped. He couldn't let go, especially of something, someone so beautiful.

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