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Chapter XXIX.

Last Time.

Unknown Location.

"I thought those Amigo Pirates claimed they were special at trapping," Shiki said sitting at a desk smoking a cigar as several glowing eyes looked in from the window.

"Maybe they are…" The man in the front said to Shiki. "But we've lost contact with them."

Shiki then turned to look behind him and saw Indigo holding a vial of glowing liquid. "Oh, well, at least we have the reassurance the monsters we created are up to snuff," Shiki said as lightning cracked outside showing the eyes belonged to very large animals and insects. "We can live without one giant beetle. It won't affect my plans."

He stood up as a Scarlet walked behind him. "After all, I have plenty more bloodthirsty beasts to do my bidding. We'll declare war…. On the whole damn world! No one can stop me! The Golden Lion will reign supreme! Jihahahaha!" He yelled before laughing.



"I hope the others are alright," Naruto said fixing his straw hat on his head as he looked at the multiple floating islands around him after landing on the island.

He's now wearing a black shirt, faded blue jeans, and brown boots. He has his staff holstered on his thigh and blade on his lower back.

"I'm sure they're fine," Gina said wearing a tight red shirt and black jeans. "They are strong after all."

Suddenly, the trees by them moved before a large snake appeared and struck at them. Naruto grabbed Gina and jumped back as the snake hit the ground. Naruto then created three clones that each created a Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) and hit the snake on the head killing it.


In a snowy part of an island, Nami walked to the edge of a pool inside a large greenhouse. She's wearing a black and white vertical striped string bikini.

She then dived in and swam under the water to the other side before noticing large filter vents on the floor before getting to the edge and flipped to push off with her feet and swam up to float back to the other side. She then got out and walked to a red and white striped hammock with a large towel to dry herself off before jumping as she heard music before looking to a staircase leading to a door.

She saw a white sheet up at the top with three men dancing behind it before it dropped showing Scarlet, Shiki, and Indigo who danced for a moment then danced down the stairs. They danced for several minutes before stopping in a pose as Nami deadpanned.

"Jihahahaha! You're starting to look pretty comfortable… Does that mean you changed your mind, baby doll?

"No, let me go!"

"Jihahahahaha! A strong mind and a hard head. No doubt about it. A woman after my dusty old heart." Shiki said before Indigo smiled and walked forward. And had his shoes make farting sounds annoying his captain. "Are those the only pair of shoes you have?!" He yelled at the clown scientist who stopped walking before quickly stomping his feet and waved his arms in pantomiming. "What the hell are you trying to tell me?!"

"I just remembered I want to show you something-!" He said in a high pitched voice before being stopped by Shiki

"You can talk?!" Shiki asked having Scarlet laugh and clap his hands having Shiki look over. "Is that my mother?" He asked having Indigo slap him.

"Oh come on, he's obviously a gorilla!" He yelled before all three posed at Nami.

"Don't look at me."

"You're so cool you make ice insecure bay drool. Jihahaha!"

Nami then walked to the window to stare out. 'How did everything go so wrong?'


A Week Earlier, The Thousand Sunny.

"What's it say about the East Blue?" Luffy asked as all of the crew are on the deck by the mast with Nami wearing a white sleeveless shirt, light blue striped short shorts, and her high heels reading from a paper.

Naruto's wearing a light blue shirt with black jeans and brown shoes.

Gina was wearing a yellow tube top and white short shorts.

Luffy is shirtless with a yellow scarf and blue bathing suit.

Usopp is wearing a red and white hat with a black and white vertical striped coat with an orange hood and a whistle with red trunks.

Zoro's wearing a red button shirt that's open with a pink and purple stripe running vertically down the left side and his haramaki and pants.

Brook has a purple sweatband with a yellow flower pattern, smoking a cigarette. He's also wearing a yellow shirt, red pants, and wristbands.

Chopper is wearing a pink bear robe.

Sanji is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with a loose purple white striped tie and yellow pants.

Robin is wearing an orange dress with brown knee-high boots.

And Franky's wearing a banana hat, a gold chain around his neck, and a green shirt with dark green sleeves.

"Well, the headline just says 'Danger! A Deadly Mystery Of Disintegrating Towns.'" She then handed Luffy the paper before continuing. "Evidently, a bunch of places has been wiped out overnight. Our towns haven't been affected for the time being but...Who knows? It may not stay that way for long."

"About half of our crew are originally from East Blue." Chopper said to Brook. "Luffy, Usopp, Nami and Zoro." He then turned to Sanji who took a drag from his cigarette. "Aren't you from there as well?"

"I was born in the North Blue but raised in the East Blue."

Suddenly a shadow came over them having the group look up to see a large rock floating above them with a gold lion head, oars, and sails.

"What the hell?" Naruto asked before unsealing his rifle and took the scope off to look up as it passed them while the others went to the wheel. "It's a pirate ship! There's a Jolly Roger at the top!"

"There's a cyclone coming!" Nami yelled at Luffy who jumped on the figurehead to yell out a warning.

Suddenly, a Tone-Dial dropped having Luffy catch it. He threw it to Nami who gave the warning before throwing the Tone-Dial up. They turned the Sunny as a cyclone suddenly hit having Naruto create clones to roll the sail up.

Later, when the storm passed, Shiki floated down onto the seat around the mast. "I'm captain Shiki the Golden, a fellow pirate! Now, who recorded the message on that Tone-Dial?"

Naruto glanced to Nami who raised her hand. "Uh… That was me."

"So you're the one baby doll, well I thank you."

"… Sure."

"Hey flying guy, how'd you get that island to float?" Luffy asked Shiki having him look at his ship.

"Ah, you mean my ship. Well that's thanks to the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi (Float Float Fruit.) I can manipulate the gravity of any object I touch. No matter how large or small."

Shiki then went to a dumbbell and touched it shaving it float by moving his hand and then had it fall with Zoro catching it. He explained he can only make himself float but that's the limit of living beings before inviting them to his ship. Luffy declined as he wanted to go back to the East Blue to the surprise of the others.

Shiki looked down before laughing and offered to help by floating their ship back to the East Blue. Once getting up in the air, the others changed clothes. Naruto's wearing his straw hat, black shirt, faded blue jeans, and brown boots.

Gina said wearing a tight red shirt and black jeans.

Robin has her hair pulled in a ponytail and is wearing glasses with a backpack, a long-sleeved green and white horizontal striped shirt that came down past her waist, and green knee-high boots.

Brook has sunglasses in his afro, and is wearing an orange long-sleeved shirt under a black vest with flowers and pants with the right leg has orange and black vertical stripes and the left is white.

Sanji has a black cowboy hat on with a pink button shirt under a red jacket, brown shorts, and black boots.

Franky has a leather jacket and gold stars on his speedo.

Zoro is wearing a red bandanna with sunflowers on it.

Chopper is wearing a yellow hat with a Jolly Roger on it, a green shirt with a pink flower on the front, and dark green shorts.

Luffy is wearing goggles under his hat, a green shirt with an over-the-shoulder bag, and pink shorts.

Usopp is wearing ad orange helmet with goggles, and orange coveralls with the top part wrapped around his waist showing a purple sleeveless shirt, yellow ascot, white gloves.

They floated up with Shiki's ship showing multiple islands floating around them. Shiki explained anything he makes float will stay floating until he decides otherwise. He explained he calls it Merveille. He then grabbed Nami and had the Sunny fall while he left for his ship.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Naruto yelled holding Gina before Shiki turned the ship having the sail hit them away to different islands.

(Flashback End.)

Nami was brought out of her thoughts as Indigo brought a cage with a bird in it.

It's a giant yellow bird that looks like a cross between a duck and a peacock. He has the head and beak of a duck, but the rest of his body is that of a peacock with giant wings. He also has a runny nose.

The bird flew out and landed on Shiki before shocking them with electricity having Shiki hit him over to Nami. "Oi! (Hey!) Lee him alone!" Nami yelled running to the bird.

"He's evolved to disperse personal electricity," Indigo said from the ground.

"Evolved?" Nami asked looking at the bird as she got between them. "What do you mean?"

"What's that? You want to know?"

Shiki asked her before he started to explain that a plant here, called IQ, can cause animals to evolve very rapidly, making them very strong. Indigo reveals he enhanced the drug, dubbing it SQ, which Shiki has used on the island's animals causing them to mutate to large proportions as well as increase their intellect and aggression. Nami protects the bird, and the bird is left with her as Shiki and his men leave.


On another island Sanji and Usopp fight off various animals while Sanji searches for Robin and Nami, eventually falling from one island fragment to another before ending up in a lake just next to a village. In the winter island, Zoro and Chopper rescue a young girl, who has short red hair that appears to be very unkempt, large round brown eyes, and her upper lip appears to peak downward in an almost beak-like pattern. She is very short and somewhat thin. She has feathers on her elbows and is wearing a white and purple short-sleeved shirt

She introduces herself as Xiao and she takes them to her village. Along the way, they learn the large poisonous plants, called Daft Green, around the village emit a stink so powerful that the animals stay away. However, long-term exposure to the plants is poisonous to humans, and Xiao's grandmother has become ill from it.

Xiao explains she was outside looking for the cure, which is the IQ plant, and managed to find one, but finds Shiki has taken all the IQ plants for his experiments. They meet up with Sanji and Usopp, also at the same village, where everyone appears to have small wings on their arms, learn that Shiki also takes all the men and young women to his royal palace, leaving the village with only the very young and old with strict monitoring around the clock via a large self-moving Den-Den Mushi.


Nami finished packing a backpack, put it on, and got in the pool with the bird before swimming to the corner and dived to the vent and pulled it off before swimming in with the bird following. They then came into a lake before swimming out into the air showing the water was on the edge. They fell into another large where several large sea animals tried attacking until the bird shocked the water.

He flew up in triumph while landing on one of the floating bodies before looking back to see Nami floating face down in the water and screamed. HE frantically flew over and pulled her out onto the land. He paced before slightly nudging her with his beak. She stirred before he quickly started hitting her hard with his beak having Nami get up and punched him away.


The bird picked her up and flew to the edge of the mountain the lake was on having her look around when being dropped off. She then saw the Going Sunny at the bottom of the mountain by a forest.


Jumping, Nami looked to the forest and saw a large cloud of dust before Luffy ran in front of the Sunny. "It's the Sunny!"


Luffy turned to see Nami before running to her. "Nami!"

And was joined by three very large scorpions and a lion. "Stay away from me!"

The bird flew down and shocked the animals having the two pirates stop and look back. Later, Luffy was cooking the scorpions as Nami changed into a red, yellow, and green crop top and very short shorts showing part of her butt cheeks.

"Where are the others?" She asked fixing her shorts.

"I don't know," Luffy replied eating some meat. "I haven't seen anyone since you got taken away. Who'd thought you'd be the first one I'd run into? Just relax for now and eat up… This scorpion's great, right Billy?" Luffy asked the bird who was also eating before squawking.

"No thank you," Nami said walking to a clothesline under a tree and hung her bikini top. "And who's Billy?"

"This guy because his bill's electric," Luffy replied pulling on Billy's cheek having electricity cover him. Luffy let go and patted the bird. "See?"

"Oh yeah, electricity doesn't work on a guy made from rubber," Nami said before walking over. "So, should we just stay put now that we've found the Sunny? It might be easier if we wait for everyone to come to us."

"No way, that's boring!"

Franky, Brook, And Robin.

The trio is in a desert location riding on a large crawdad motorcycle before coming up to Naruto and Gina wearing red long-sleeved trench coats. "OI! (HEY!)" Naruto yelled before they stopped. "Have you run into the others?"

"No," Robin answered as the two got on. "We've been searching for them. You two are the first we ran into."

They then continued riding to a mountain that looked like a village was on top of it. Suddenly, the crawdad stopped having them fall off. Naruto looked to see what looked like pollen by several trees before hearing Kurama. "That stuff smells like shit! It must be why that fish stopped Naruto."

"Kurama says there's a very foul oder here, it must have stopped the crayfish," Naruto said before they got off and walked into the town.

And up to the large building where many pirates are gathering, similarly protected by poison plants. They learn there that Shiki is planning to let loose the animals on the island into East Blue in a gambit to force the surrender of the World Government. They also learn that to prove the power of the animals he is planning a demonstration using a village on the floating island.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Nami join the others in the village by flying on Billy while stuffing his nose so the oder wouldn't affect him. They too learn of the plan from the village residents, who, not knowing where the Straw Hats originate, are relieved to be rid of the monsters. While conversing a Den-Den Mushi camera watched them from the street.

Later, as the sun sets, Nami ran out to see Shiki standing on a stone arch as the others stared with Chopper in his human form. (1.)


"Stay back, Nami!"

"Reunited at last, baby doll.

"Shiki!" Nami exclaimed looking up.

"That was cold of you to ditch us, baby doll. You left without saying goodbye. You sure know how to hurt a man's feelings."

"Shut up, you shitty bastard," Sanji yelled up. "It's time you paid for tricking us and abducting Nami like that."

"Jihahaha! Can't blame me for being an opportunist, you bakas (Idiots) have no appreciation for her talents. Trey protecting her if you don't want to lose her! I think she knows a sinking ship when she sees one and knows the smart thing to do is to stick with me! I'm in your head, aren't I, baby doll?"

"I've heard enough!" Sanji yelled before the group ran to attack.

Luffy stretched his arm out to grab the rock and pull himself up for a punch. "Gomu Gomu no… Pisutoru! (Gum-Gum Pistol!)"

Shiki jumped up while Usopp shot him with Kabuto. "Hi no Tori Boshi! (FireBird Star!)" His fire shot at Shiki who ducked under it as Zoro circularly swung his swords.

"Nanajūni Pondo Hō! (72 Caliber Phoenix!)" Shiki deflected the waves as Chopper jumped up and had his arms become muscular.

"Āmu Pointo! (Arm Point!)" He then punches Shiki's back leaving prints that looked like a cluster of sakura petals. "Kokutei Rozeo Michiēri! (Cloven Roseo Metal!)"

Sanji then jumped up and kicked Shiki in the chest. "Powatorīnu Shūto! (Poitrine Shoot!)" Sanji frowned as he saw Shiki holding his foot with steam coming off it.

"You're not such a bad team after all," Shiki said with a grin. "For the record, it's not every day that someone forces me to use my hands… But once I use my appendages, it means you're in fr a world of hurt." Shiki then raised his other hand before being tackled by Luffy.

"Rocketto! (Rocket!)" Shiki shot forward as Luffy and Sanji fell to the ground. "Oi (Hey) You weren't still talking to that guy were you?"

"Not really," Sanji replied as they landed and the others walked over to them.

"You seem to be under the false assumption that you're my equals," Shiki said to them as he floated above. You're beaten… I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up now." He raised his hand having the ground around them lift and gain lion heads. "Shishi Odoshi: Chimaki! (Lion's Threat: Earth Bind!)"

Luffy starts throwing out punches before hitting one head with a double palm hit destroying it. "Gomu Gomu no Kyanon! (Gum Gum Cannon!)"

Zoro and Sanji ran up and jumped in the air. Zoro lands on Sanji's foot having him kick Zoro towards Shiki as Usopp shot at him with his slingshot. Shiki dodged Usopp's attack as Zoro flew at him and thrusts his sword at Shiki's chest. Only for Shiki to deflect it and hit him to the ground.

The walls fell on them and entwined them in a spiral. "LUFFY!" Nami ran over as she saw the others sticking out of the spiral knocked out.

Shiki floats down and coerced Nami into rejoining him by agreeing to leave them, and her hometown be. Usopp, the only remaining crew member conscious tries to stop her, but Shiki knocks him out. Nami records a message, using the Tone Dial. After leaving it, Shiki's men remove the poisonous plants around the village and cause the animals to destroy the village. Xiao and the other villagers took shelter in an underground bunker.

Up in Shiki's ship, Nami watches this from Shiki's palace, apparently uncaring wearing a black dress and stockings.

Later, Naruto, Gina, Robin, Franky, and Brook came to the village and revived the others before listening to Nami's message. "Please forgive me for being unable to say farewell to you all directly. I've decided to join Shiki's crew as their navigator. Shiki is a legendary pirate whom Luffy and you guys can't oppose. You will only be wasting your life if you come after me. That's why I'll say this-!"

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" Luffy yelled out turning away as the others listened to the message again and finished it as Luffy punched a rock.

Later, at Shiki's place, Nami is found out to have been attempting to blow up the plants protecting his palace but was overcome by the poison having green patches cover her skin in several places. Shiki traps her near the plants and heads off to meet the pirate captains gathering while the islands came together to form one large one.

While preparing a sakazuki ceremony for the unification of the fleet and a toast for the commencement of the operation, the Straw Hat Crew came in via the Sunny crashing outside.

All the men are wearing black suits holding large guns. Naruto with his hat and both he and Luffy having a jacket over their shoulder like a cape while Robin and Gina are wearing black dresses.

Naruto took a few steps forward, head looking down as his hat was covering his eyes as a man ran to him. "Who do you think…" He trailed off as Naruto slowly tilted his head up and slowly revealed glowing red slitted eyes and thicker whisker marks.

Naruto grabbed the man's head with both hands and twists it hard breaking his neck and had his head face the other way. The man fell dead as Luffy stepped beside Naruto as the walls fell showing more men holding swords. Naruto shucked his coat off showing a lever-action rifle on his left with the strap over his right shoulder and a lever-action shotgun with the strap on his right shoulder.

Naruto reached with his left hand to pull the shotgun off before quickly cocking it and took a shot as the Crew followed with their guns. Naruto ran up to men and took shots before spinning around to shoot another that tried to shoot him in the back. "Getting used to these weapons Naruto?"

"I have too, not that many weapon stores sell kunai and shurikens. So unless I make them myself I need to learn these," Naruto replied before hitting one man with the handle of his shotgun before taking the rifle off and put the strap of the shotgun over his left shoulder.

He then started shooting men on the other side of the room quickly cocking the lever on each shot. After the others ran out of bullets, they each took off with Naruto taking off the top of his suit to run with Chopper and Usopp to find Nami as Zoro fought with Indigo who had a katana and Sanji fought Scarlet.

Naruto looked down to see two revolvers in reverse grip on a belt before picking them up as they ran and took shots at anyone on the upper floors before they got outside. They jumped on the feudal Japanese-themed rooftop and saw a sick Nami at the trees with Billy by her with his peacock tail up and lightning covering him as he lit fuses connected to sticks of dynamites at each tree.

Naruto quickly dashed over to see she was pinned by rods before pulling her out and ran back with Billy flying beside him.


The dynamite exploded leaving a large hole in the trees having large animals run inside and slam into the building. They broke through and started fighting the men and the crew. Gina ran around with a saw and cut through several insects with Brook as Robin hit a butterfly having it hit her with dust when it went down. Scarlet then grabbed her as she fainted before running out.

Naruto and the others looked down at Nami as Billy flew over and talked to Chopper on Shiki having the antidote in his lab. Suddenly, the deck they were on collapsed as Shiki flew up above them before created gusts of wind in the shape of lion's heads. He sent them to attack before Luffy in Gia Sekendo (Gear Second) disrupted the attack. "Shiki's mine. Help Nami."

"OK, but I'm coming back for the final blow on that teme's (Bastard's) head," Naruto said before they ran ahead as Luffy jumped up and hit Shiki in the stomach.

"Jetto Pistoru! (Jet Pistol!)" Luffy landed on Billy as he used the bird to fly to keep up with Shiki.

Up ahead, the others ran into a greenhouse before going up to a lab and met with Indigo. "Give us the antidote," Naruto said as Indigo held a glass bottle of purple liquid.

"Now why would I do that?"

"Because it'll save you a lot of trouble."

They looked back to see Zoro walking in holding all three swords before a Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) Kunai was thrown at Indigo's hand having Naruto appear. He took the vial and his kunai before jumping back, flipping Indigo off with both hands as Zoro dashed up and hit Indigo outside on a bridge. Indigo then created green and purple balls of chemicals that he shot at Zoro who sliced through them before one blew up.

Once the smoke cleared it revealed Zoro in his Kyūtōryū (Nine Sword Style) before dashing forward hitting more balls out of the way and sliced into Indigo with a spin. "Ashura: Ugui! (Asura: Piercing Drill!)" Indigo flew into the back building having it explode.

Back inside, Brook, Gina, and Sanji panted as they finished the last of the animals before hearing Scarlet hooting. Sanji ran out and saw him on a tower holding an unconscious Robin. Sanji then ran over via a rope tied to it and quickly ran up and crashed through the roof. He then spun having his leg heat up before jumping up and kicked Scarlet with multiple spinning kicks.

"Vunezon Shūto! (Venaison Shoot!)"

He kicked Scarlet through the roof before seeing Robin was falling. Sanji dived before a clone of Naruto in his gold chakra flew over and caught her before landing on the ground.

Up with Luffy's fight, they traded blows with each other before two Naruto clones grabbed Shiki and held him up before the real Naruto in his gold chakra dropped down with a very large gold Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere.) "This is for taking Nami you son of a bitch! Gōrudo Rasengan! (Gold Rasengan!)"

Naruto hit Shiki sending him into the ground creating a large crater before the move died down after a minute leaving Shiki down into the ground just as his buildings blew up.


The island started falling before the people of the village flew off with their feathers being bigger.

The Thousand Sunny, A Few Days Later.

Nami wearing one of Naruto's button shirts walked out on the deck and was greeted by the others minus Luffy who was sitting on the railing holding the Tone Dial. "Oi (Hey!) Nami!" They turned to Luffy who walked over and stopped by Robin and Naruto holding the Tone Dial up. "You wanna explain what this was about?"

"Oh, that's nothing!" She yelled running down having her shirt fly up slightly.

"'I don't match up to Shiki' 'We're all gonna die' That's some really mean stuff."

"You didn't finish the message Luffy, there was more but you stormed off," Naruto said as he wrapped an arm around Robin.

Luffy played the message again having Nami chase him and Usopp around trying to throw the Dial in the ocean before grabbing it and throwing it over just as the last part of the message played. "If you don't believe me… Then prove me wrong… And save me."

To Be Continued.

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