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Chapter XXXI.

Last Time.

Later, after finishing eating and leaving Hachi tired, Camie cleans up with everyone satisfied. Over some tea, Camie then points out the crew needs to get to Sabaody Archipelago. Normally, the water pressure would crush submarines. Pappag explains that there are two routes to get to the New World; One route allows Marine Ships through Marie Jois without trouble but will deny pirates passage. Another passage is the ocean floor passage that goes through Fishman Island.

Chopper seems to have second thoughts, but as the Thousand Sunny is not equipped to go underwater, Camie hopes to get the equipment for the ship. As at the bottom of the Red Line is a big hole that will lead to Fishman Island about 10,000 meters underwater. Camie also points out the ship needs a coating to go underwater.


Just then, the Thousand Sunny arrives at the Sabaody Archipelago with bubbles floating about. Luffy becomes excited to see the bubbles. Camie points out the bubbles float out of the ground. Hachi then explains the mangrove trees as they stick to the water and home to the Hustle Muscle Mangroves. There is also a set of towns on the archipelago and numbers mark the trees and bridges that connect the islands.

The ship arrives at Grove 41 and Luffy gets off first. A bubble comes up and Luffy jumps onto them. Robin sees how the ground is sticky. Luffy then sees an amusement park called Sabaody Park with a Ferris wheel that Camie is obsessed with but Pappag denies her. Suddenly, the bubbles pop and drop Luffy to the ground hard but he then gets his head out.

Hachi then explains they need to find a coating specialist so they can coat the Thousand Sunny. He also trusts an expert ship coater and hopes to find him, but also warns of the World Nobles. And that under no circumstances are they to engage the World Nobles even if they kill someone.

"Just look the other way, pretend nothing happens."


Sabaody Archipelago.

While, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, and Franky stayed back at the Sunny to protect the loot they've gained Hachi explains that the World Nobles are also known as the Celestial Dragons and wear bubble helmets so they don't breathe the same air as common people. He also explains that the Sabaody Archipelago is also a place where everyone gathers before heading to the New World.

And that there are also infamous pirates stationed there, with no law against pirate trafficking. He finishes explaining that Navy Headquarters is dangerously close, so they need to be on the lookout. Luffy also spots the bandage on Hatchi's forehead before he explained that he and Camie who has a dress on need to disguise themselves as humans to protect themselves.

Luffy then puts his head and arms into a bubble and goes inside before it popped. A shopkeeper saw them then showed a curved bike that can go into the bubble. Luffy then operates the bike in the bubble without it breaking. Naruto then pulled out his wallet and rented enough bikes for everyone before the group rides around with Hachi explaining that the bubbles won't stay once leaving Sabaody's atmosphere.

Then, Luffy and Chopper visit a grand bun shop with buns that read Grand Line First Half. As they made it to Grove 35, Hachi points out that they are the quarters of the Marines awaiting permission to get to the New World. The purchased goods are placed in a bubble pack. Hachi says that they need to get to Grove 13. At the shopping mall, Nami begins to feel something is foreboding with Camie while the others minus Naruto, Gina, and Robin started to race.

"I'll keep an eye on them," Naruto said before jumping up and jumped off the trees.

He then found the others kneeling as a group of people walked holding one tall man with a collar and chain in rags.

The first is a woman who is dressed in a thick white suit with medal-like knobs and a bubble helmet. The collar of her suit has a flower-like pattern with lace at the top. The flower pattern on her suit repeats at the sides of her skirt. Her hair inside the bubble is styled upwards, forming a curl above her head. She's wearing a veil over the lower half of her face and light orange-tinted shades over her eyes. She also wears heart-shaped earrings.

This is Saint Shalria a World Noble.

Beside her is an older man with a hairstyle that curls upward. He has a curly black mustache and a fluffy gray beard, and black shades. He's also wearing a thick white suit with medal-like knobs and a bubble over his head. His suit included a thick white cape. He also wields a walking cane.

This is Saint Rosward, a World Noble and Shalria's father.

Naruto then created a clone before speaking. "Go tell the others I'll be going around making sure things don't get out of hand… For as long as a can anyways."

The clone nodded before jumping away. Naruto then saw a clothes shop before jumping over and walked inside. A few minutes go by before he walked out in robes.

The robes are primarily blue with a white interior and consisted of a white undershirt and a white hood, that was connected to the robes themselves which Naruto pulled over his head. It also has leather padding on the shoulders, back, arms, and metal bracers. They also have blue lining along the torso and a brown shoulder belt, which has two pistol holsters at the front one on top of the other.

It has a wide red sash fastened by a loose hanging belt, which also has two pistol holsters in a reverse grip. The lower portion of his robes is white trousers and black boots. (1.)

Naruto then walked down the street before stopping at a weapons shop and picked up four flintlock pistols that have six-chamber swing-our cylinders and rapid-fire triggers. (2.)

He then put each pistol in each holster before walking through the crowd and disappeared.

The others sat on a root as Pappag warns if one takes action against a Celestial Dragon, all of Marine Headquarters will hunt the target down with an Admiral coming to their aide. He then explains that the Celestial Dragons are descended from the founders of the World Government.

Just then, a group of bounty hunters spots Luffy before clones of Naruto in the robes dropped down on them, knocking them out. He then jumped down, scaring the group before pulling his hood off.

"Naruto, why are you in those?" Chopper asked as Naruto looked down.

"I saw what happened a few moments ago, I figured with my high bounty I should hide better. I can blend in the crowd with these without using chakra." Naruto explained before they rode through the groves.

And came through a run-down area in Grove 13, most likely a favorite for those wanting to stay out of the eye of the Marines before coming to a bar on top f a root. Once getting up, Pappag looked at the name in shock. "Shakky's Rip-Off Bar?!"

"Rayleigh, Shakky!" Hachi shouted as they walked in to see a woman beating a man.

She is a relatively slim and tall woman with short black hair, with two tufts pointing upwards, and is smoking a cigarette. She's wearing a pink, v-neck t-shirt that exposes her stomach with a black spider on it beneath a black jacket with pink lines running down the sleeves that has a collar with wing-like cuffs.

She also has a yellow beaded necklace, pants that have a giraffe-like pattern, and a belt with a white cardigan tied around it. She also has white shoes and has painted fingernails.

This is Shakuyaku or Shakky, the owner of the bar and a former pirate.

"What can I get for you?" She asked before seeing who was at the door. "Is that really you Hachi? I haven't seen you in ages."

She then threw the men out after getting the money they owed her. Once catching up, Shakky explains she was a pirate that Garp tried to capture and asked them questions ion their adventures that made the paper and that Rayleigh who was also a former wasn't there and would be back soon.

"He should be back soon, he's been gone for half a year. But you can look for him if you want. He usually frequents Groves 1-29. Or the amusement park. He likes it there as well."She explained having the others cheer wanting to go there first. "Now be careful you've got some infamous company here. With your arrival, there are now 12 people with bounties of over 100 million on the groves. With you, Naruto Uzumaki, and Roronoa Zoro to the list, you got 12 so there are nine others."

She took a drag before continuing. "You had a choice to make when you cross the Grand Line. 7 sea routes lead you here. And after you picked one, you followed your Log Pose the rest of the way. Naturally, these other pirates chose one of the 6 other routes you chose not to use… And trust me, they went through just as much trouble as you did to get here. No matter the route, you always end up here at the Red Line."

"And everyone winds up on this archipelago with the hopes of getting past that giant line. It's a bit crazy that the world's best rookies made it here at the same time though. And a notorious lot at that." Taking a drag and blowing out smoke, she continued. "At the top is Naruto, Luffy, Kid, Hawkins, Drake, and Law. You all are the ones with the highest bounties. Naruto's the highest with 378 million, and Luffy's in third place."

"THERE'S SOMEONE WITH A HIGHER BOUNTY THAN LUFFY?!" Chopper asked banging on the bar.


Grove 24, Restaurant.

"Bring me more food! I'm starving!"

In a restaurant, a young woman was quickly eating and drinking with plates piling up on her table. She is a slim woman with long pink hair and purple eyes. Her outfit consists of a white low-cut tank top that exposes both her midriff and cleavage of her large bust, along with a pair of orange-and-black striped buckled shorts with long, thin suspenders.

She's also wearing black high-heeled boots which reach up to her calves, with large laces coming from the openings, and a pair of hot pink and dark red stockings with a yellow sun-like motif on them. She has a hat that is a green Furażerka with a light-green lining. She has an anti-eye-brow below her right eye, and bright red lipstick on her lips.

This is 'The Glutton' Jewelry Bonney with a bounty of 140 million berry bounty.

At another table with men in suits stood guard, another man sighed as he stared at Jewelry. "What a vulgar woman."

He is a short man with a stocky build whose appearance is somewhat like that of a Mafia boss. He sports an oiled-up and slicked-back hairstyle. His facial features have a very stern look to them further accentuated by his rather sharp but hooking beak-like nose. He also has a five o clock stubble on his upper lip.

He's wearing a black-and-white pinstriped attire, complete with a green scarf around his neck, with the excess tucked inside the suit. He has very expensive golden rings with precious stones mounted on them on each of his fingers, and thumbs. He has a pirate captain's coat with red and gold trimming and a western-style cowboy hat on a chair by him.

This is Capone 'Gang' Bege with a 138 million berry bounty.

"Just the sight of her is making me lose my appetite." Bege then wiped his mouth before looking at one of his men. "Go wire her jaw shut."

"That's not a good idea, father." Another man said leaning down at Bege's left side. "We're right by Navy headquarters. We can't afford to make a scene."

Bege just grabbed his fork then struck the man in the throat.

A waiter turned to get Jewelry more food and bumped into a man spilling food on his pants. The man raised his sword from his back before being stopped by another.

But captain, he spilled food on my pants!"

"Such was the fate of those pants." The man replied looking at a tarot card.

He is a tall man, with black triangle symbols on his eyebrows, red eyes, and golden hair that reaches down to his hips. He also has a black cross tattooed at the base of his throat at the front of his neck. His attire includes a pure white coat with a ruffled neckline and sleeves. He also has purple trousers tucked inside black boots with white laces on them and a dark ornament made of fur circling the lower part of his torso, with a lighter shade in the middle of it.

He also has a pink sash tied around his waist, with a piece of jewelry hanging from it. He also has dark gloves, and armor-like armlets can be seen on his left arm around his left biceps, which also extends to cover his left shoulder. On his right hip, he carries a sword with an elaborate pommel that resembles a voodoo doll.

This is 'The Mage' Basel Hawkins with a 249 million berry bounty.

"I apologize for my man threatening you. Taking a life today will only bring our crew bad fortune.

Down in the bar, a man who finished his drink suddenly glared at another.

He's a pale, tall, muscular man with bright red hair, resembling flames. His nose has a particular shape, being quite pointed and having little protrusions on both sides. He has dark-colored fingernails, brown eyes, and no eyebrows. He's dressed in extravagant attire consisting of black and yellow lizard-print pants with a red fringe, motorcycle boots, and a blue sash under a green belt fastened by a large circular buckle with a four-leaf clover-like pattern in the middle.

He also has slim bandoliers, also with minuscule bolts that go diagonally over his right shoulder then tie to his waist, where he keeps a dagger with a Japanese-style hilt and what appears to be a flintlock gun. He also has gold bangles around both of his wrists.

He's wearing a pair of studded, square-shaped goggles on his forehead, and a large fur captain's coat over his bare muscular torso. The dark brown coat is adorned with spikes on its shoulders lined in maroon. The collar of the coat is extremely flared and wide. He's wearing this coat with his right arm in its sleeve and his left arm under the coat itself.

This is Eustass 'Captain' Kid with a 315 million berry bounty.

"Who's the baka (Idiot) with the stupid face?" Kid asked as the man smiled at him.

One of his distinguishing traits is his incredibly long arms. He also has a rather broad chest cavity, and his lower jaw is also somewhat wider than the upper half of his face. Besides these, his most distinguishing attributes are his unique physical characteristics and the objects adorned on him, all of which are music-themed or related.

His teeth have a unique look to them as they resemble piano keys. He's wearing a set of orange headphones with Apoo on either side over his ears, where the hair on his scalp has been pulled tightly so that his roots resemble lightning patterns. He's wearing a red Chinese garb with the kanji for sound at the center of a large flower-like print splayed across the chest area, as well as on his back.

He also has a yellow scarf around his waist. He also has what seems to be the design of a green rose sewed on front of his left shoulder.

This is 'Roaring Tide' Scratchmen Apoo with a 198 million berry bounty.

Kid then hit Apoo out of the building having him flip and land as people ran "Can you really not wait for the other side of the Red Line to fight me? Just curious, but do you know who I am?"

Kid walked out of the wall smiling as he pulled his knife out of the sheath. "All I know is you wouldn't stop staring at me. You are one creepy-looking teme (Bastard). Why don't you let me put you out of your misery?"

A few blocks away, two men are fighting just outside the town.

The first is abundant in both height and width. His face somewhat resembles a smiling totem mask. Apart from his smile, he also has what appears to be a stitched-up scar vertically descending over, and falling short just above his left eye.

On his chin, he has a prominent, jet-black, and scruffy beard that extends upwards to the sides of his jaw and then converges with his equally dark side-burns. He seems to sport the short and clean-cut sort of hairstyle. He also has black tattoos going down his shoulders that somewhat resemble fire. He dresses in similar robes to underneath the khaki robes he wears, which includes the white full-bodied garment with severed sleeves, that exposes tattoos patterned like flames on both biceps.

He's wearing a pair of gold earrings, black gloves, and a rather large red bead necklace. He also has a pair of large wings growing out from the middle of his back using a large pillar as a weapon.

This is 'Mad Monk' Urouge with a 108 million berry bounty.

The other man is both lean and lanky. He has long wild blonde hair that falls to his thighs. He's wearing a plain, white, and light-blue full-head helmet with many holes in it, and what looks like modern headphones on both sides. He's wearing a black shirt with white polka-dots and an open collar that shows his chest, with pants that resemble those worn by Native Americans.

He also has a red sash around his waist. He's carrying a pair of handguards that have very long scythes connected to them.

This is 'The Soldier of Slaughter' Killer with a 162 million bounty.

The two attacked before another man appeared and blacked the attacks with a four-bladed ax and sword.

He is a lean and muscular man who's wearing what appears to be a combination of a white-plumed crooked hat with a Jolly Roger on the sides and a mask over his eyes. Underneath this headgear, his hair is reddish-brown, with brush-like sideburns. On his broad chin he has an 'X' and on his chest and upper body he also has another large 'X'.

He's wearing armor on his relatively thin legs and arms consisting of knee-high boots and gloves that go up past his elbows, respectively. The openings to both the gloves and the boots are also secured by the armor, which is rounded for the gloves and a sharp maple leaf pattern for the boots at the front of his knees.

On the rest of his body, he wears leather pants and a leather shirt. A belt with a large ornately designed circular belt buckle secures his pants as well as his sword and ax to his waist. He also has a black cape, which, from the inside, is crimson-colored, with a white fur lining around the neck.

This is 'Red Flag' X-Drake with a 222 million berry bounty.

"Save it for the New World!"

"I can wait," Urouge said as Killer flipped back. "Aren't you the fallen Navy officer Drake?"

"You should get down on your knees and thank him for saving your life," Killer said as Drake walked away and was stopped by another man sitting on a stump, arms resting on his legs, and fingers laced.

"Damn, it was just starting to get good."

He is a slim man of a relatively tall height. He has faint shadows right under his grey eyes, and he's smiling. He has black hair, a majority of which is obscured, save for his sideburns and small black goatee by the fur hat that he's wearing, which is white and has spots on the bottom and along the rim. He is wearing a black-sleeved and hooded yellow hoodie with a Jolly Roger of a wheel with a smiley face in black on the front of his chest and the sleeves rolled up.

He's also wearing a pair of jeans with odd markings on both the knee and ankle areas, similar to the ones on his hat, but darker in color, and a pair of dark, pointed shoes. He has a pair of small earrings on each ear. He has many tribal-style tattoos on his arms; on both of his hands, are letters that spell DEATH tattooed in black on the back of his fingers.

He's also surrounded by a group of people in pale-lilac boiler suits.

This is 'Surgeon of Death' Trafalgar Law with a 200 million berry bounty.

"Drake, I'm curious…" Law smiled as he glanced up. "Just how many people have you killed?"

Shakky's Rip-Off Bar.

"As you know, countless pirate crews have entered the Grand Line, but only a handful have made it this far. The Grand Line is basically an enormous contest of survival. Regardless of which path you take to get here. The ones that made it are the cream of the crop." Shakky explained after blowing smoke out. I might even go as far to say one of them might go on to be the leader of the next generation of pirates."

"So a fair warning… With this many rookies passing the Red Line at the same time… Things are bound to get quite ugly out there. Also, in case you're wondering why Kid's bounty is higher than Luffy's, it's because…" She trailed off tapping the ask in an ashtray. "He has no qualms attacking innocent people… I prefer you, boys. You can count on my support, I'll be cheering for you all the way."

"Arigato (Thanks)" Luffy said with a grin. "But I'm just trying to have fun. But you got me worried bout that old mechanic pirate guy. This own sounds rough."

"Oh, you got nothing to worry about. Trust me, Rayleigh's all right. He's 100 times stronger than you." Shakky said grinning herself.

Later, Luffy's group minus Naruto begins to look for Rayleigh and "searches" the local amusement park. There they spend most of the day enjoying themselves, even fulfilling Camie's dream of riding the Ferris wheel. However, unbeknownst to them, a bounty hunter named is tailing them.

Up with Naruto, he was on the edge of a roof looking down as a man was being treated outside with his wife by his side. He then saw another Nobel stop by them and wanted the woman for himself as he had two in harem outfits.

He has black hair in a pulled-up style, a wide, obese face, and what appears to be stubble around his thick-lipped mouth. He has snot hanging from one of his nostrils. He's wearing the typical full-body, thick white suit of an obese frame that resembles a spacesuit with medals or buttons on it, with a green collar, and a resin bubble.

Naruto narrowed his eyes before going through hand signs that blanketed the area in Genjutsu (Illusion Technique) That there was a storm hitting before dropping down, hood on, and carried the woman and Doctor inside a building before reaching down with his right hand, healing the man vi his mark. He then walked back out and broke the collars on the women and took them inside before casting another illusion that all three got hit with lightning before the Nobel let.

Naruto walked out and took off his hood before seeing Zoro walking, bottle in hand before Naruto turned to see Jewelry standing in front of him. "What the hell were you thinking?! You could've brought an Admiral here!"

Naruto took his hood off having her gasp seeing someone with an almost 400 million bounty. "You really think I give a shit? I already fought one a few weeks ago and beat him."

"That still doesn't give you the right to mess it up for all of us! And what's with a pirate helping out strangers!"

"A pirate who only attacks other pirates."

While the two argued, Bege was watching before Zoro stopped beside Naruto.

"That's 'Elemental Sage' Uzumaki Naruto and 'Pirate Hunter' Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates." One man behind him explained.

"I heard the Straw Hats were wild, but messin' with a Celestial Dragon's bonkers."

At another building, Hawkins watched from a doorway. "I knew he would be alright, the shadow of death wasn't calling him."

"How the hell did he get past them?" Apoo asked from the street. "One moment those people were outside, the next they're gone with the Nobel not noticing. That guy's strong."


Naruto answered his Den-Den Mushi and had Chopper speak and explain that Camie was taken to be sold at a slave house before Naruto turned to Jewelry. "Slave house, where is it?"

"There are multiple ones there why?"

"Because I'm going to burn it all to the ground," Naruto replied before jumping up in the air.

And had Zoro run to the left. "I said it's that way!"

"Make up your mind!"

Up ahead with Naruto, he landed in front of the auction house before seeing a man walk out of a side door. Pulling his hood up, Naruto walked up to the man, pulled part of his staff out, and had the blade pop out. He then stabbed the man in the lug as he put his hand over the man's mouth. Naruto then pushed the man into bushes before walking in the door and locked it.

He then stopped as he got memories of clones that destroyed various other slave houses after freeing the ones inside before getting one on Luffy and Hachi looking around as well. Naruto then opened his eyes, flicked his wrists, and had two kunais fall into his hands before he walked around killing anyone that did not have a collar or in a cell.

Up in another hall, a man sat in a cell before he heard screaming and looked up.

He is an elderly man of relatively tall height with a very strong, defined build and tan skin. Two of his most distinguishing traits are his round glasses and facial hair, which is arranged embattled across his lower jaw. He also has a scar over his right eye. He's wearing a plain t-shirt, shorts, and sandals, and a large silver hooded cloak.

He looked up to see a hooded figure tackle a worker before stabbing him in the neck. The figure stood up and brought his hands together to create several more of himself and broke the cells before the old man stood. "I can take care of the collars."

Naruto turned to show his eyes were red before turning back to blue before he nodded and walked to an office where a Den Den Mushi rang before answering. "Sorry, this place is going to be burned down now. Go be a scumbag somewhere else."

"Oh, you must be the one who's attacking the slave houses there." A man's voice spoke up. "I own that building but go ahead and destroy it… I'm in the SMILEs business now."

"You just made my shit list bub," Naruto said having the man laugh.

"I'm shaking in my boots, well. I gotta go, the other Shichibukai's (Warlord's), and I gotta go and prepare for an upcoming fight!"

Naruto then hung up before walking to the stage where he saw a man with Camie who had a collar on her neck and was in a large fishbowl. He then picked up a kunai and had chakra coat it. 'Like your chakra is rubbing up against each other and sharpening each side' He thought before throwing the kunai and went through the man's head and into the wall.

And scaring the audience before Naruto walked out to see the Crew at the top and Luffy punching the Nobel he saw before coming here. He then dropped down and saw Rosward pint his cane up before punching him into the wall and through it before picking up a revolver on his chest and pointed it at Shalria. "I don't like killing women, so leave."



She ran out as Naruto looked up to see Kid, and Law at the top of the seats before taking his hood off. "Unless you guys planned on getting crewmates, I'm gonna have to kill you right here."

Naruto then saw an anthropomorphic polar bear in an orange jumpsuit by Law before another crew member spoke. "You can't talk to him…" He stopped as Law stood.

"I don't know about Kid, but that was my plan. You guys don't want to mess with him, that's 'Elemental Sage' Uzumaki Naruto with a 378 million berry bounty."

Just then, Usopp fell in through a hole as Robin dropped down via hand wings on her back. "Guys, let's leave. I'm burning this place to the ground." Naruto said before the old man walked up to Camie and quickly pulled her collar off before Naruto saw Luffy, Kid, and Law walkout.

"Go with them," Gina said as Naruto sighed.

"OK." He then threw a kunai with a tag at a pillar before looking to the others. "You've got 5 minutes before this place blows up.

The pirates saw that the tag as well as more around the room slowly started to burn before they ran out of the side hole as Naruto caught up with the pirate captains who were arguing. "OK while you three bitch, I'm going to kill these Marines."

The four then walked out before hearing the Marines.

"Monkey D. Luffy, 300 million. Eustass 'Captain' Kid, 315 million. Trafalgar Law 200 Million, and Uzumaki Naruto, 378 million!"

They fired cannonballs at them before Luffy expanded and threw it back at them. Naruto created clones that each attacked with his bladed staff. Law created a clear dome around a group and had body parts change around as Kid had balls stop by him and shot it back.


The building blew taking out the Marines on the sides as a group barely missed it carrying the Nobel's into the woods. "You weren't kidding," Law said before every metal weapon formed around Kid. "You really blew it up."

"I keep my promises," Naruto said as Kid created a giant arm with Luffy following with Gia Sādo. (Gear Third)

Naruto then created a very large Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) and they each took out the Marines sparing none.

"See you later, Straw-Hat, Sage." Naruto and Luffy glanced at Kid as he stared forward. "It was a pleasure to meet you two... But I won't show any mercy the next time we meet!"

Luffy just chuckled before speaking. "But I'll be the one to find One Piece!" Kid suddenly widened his eyes and stared at Luffy just as a Marine attacked.

Killer blocked the strike and sliced the Marine down. "Hey, Kid! What are you doing just standing around?!" He asked as Kid looked back at him.

"Killer… Remember the route we took to come here? And the people who laughed at us when I said I'll find One Piece... I know I killed them. And now we're going to an ocean where anyone who doesn't have the guts to say that will die. Let's meet again… In the New World!" Kid finished before he, and his crew attacked with the others following his example.

Later, Shakky's Rip-Off Bar.

Chopper was working on Hachi at a table as Rayleigh explained to the others that he was the Vice-Captain to Gold Roger. He went on to explain that four years before he was executed, Roger caught an incurable sickness, and gained a Doctor by the name of Crocus. At a place called Reverse Mountain for his 'last' journey who held the illness off until they conquered the Grand Line.

He explained that Roger surrendered to the Navy instead of being captured. "His last words to me were 'I'm not going to die, partner.' I'm sure the World Government and the Navy were surprised… They intended the execution to be a warning to all the pirates… But instead, Roger's last words raised the curtain for the Great Pirate Era!"

He went on to explain that Shanks and Buggy were cabin boys on their crew, and how meeting Shanks ten years ago and he heard about Luffy. "I'll get started on your Ship…" He stopped as Robin stood up, and clenched her fists.

"Rayleigh-san... Exactly what is the 'Will of D'?" She asked as he crossed his arms. "On the Poneglyph I saw on Sky Island... Roger's name was engraved with the ancient language. How did he know those letters? Do you people know what happened during the 'Void Century' nine hundred years ago?"

Rayleigh smiled as he looked down. "Yeah, we know. We learned the entire history. However Miss… Don't be hasty. Please push with your ship one step at a time… Perhaps we, as well as Ohara, were too impatient. If I were to tell you the entire history here, and now… It's not like you can do anything about it the way you are now. After you've taken your time to sail the world."

"You may come to a different conclusion than we did. If you still want to hear it, then I'll tell you everything about the world now." He finished as Robin looked down for a moment in thought before smiling.

"No don't tell me… I'll continue on the journey." She sat back down beside Naruto as Rayleigh continued.

"You'll see it eventually. It's too bad what happened with your Homeland, Ohara. But Roger couldn't read those letters. We were Pirates… We couldn't compare to the genius of Clover or the other Oharans' intelligence. He... Could hear the 'Voice of all Things." He finished as Usopp stood up.

"Are you sure Robin? This is a great chance." He looked over to Rayleigh and started asking about One Piece.


Luffy yelled startling everyone. "I don't want to hear where it's at, or if it's real, or not… I'd give up being King of the Pirates before going on a boring adventure." Rayleigh smiled before looking at Luffy.

"Can you do it? The Grand Line far exceeds anything than you can imagine, and the enemies will be strong too. Can you conquer such a terrifying sea?"

Luffy stared at him for a moment before smiling. "I don't want to conquer anything... It's the person with the most freedom that'll be King." Rayleigh's eyes widened as he saw Roger for a second before going to the door. "I'll head to your ship and get started, what do you plan on doing anyway? An Admiral can be here at any moment."

"We go shopping!" Nami exclaimed standing up with Gina mirroring her."

"Are you crazy? An Admiral will be here soon!" Usopp yelled as Gina pointed at Naruto.

"And Naruto beat one before."

"And to be fair, I was only stalling him to give you all time to get far away. I wasn't in that form I used at Enies Lobby."

They left out before Naruto turned to Rayleigh. "Our ship is at 41, not 1 like Zoro said, a bubble or something must have blocked the 4."

On The Other Side Of The Island.

Three cannonballs came down as a bright yellow light blinded the townspeople. "Kizaru here..." A man said lazily. The townspeople looked up to see Kizaru talking on a black Den-Den Mushi on his wrist. "I need some directions."

Kizaru is an incredibly tall man and is middle-aged with a moderate amount of wrinkles on his face, black hair, and a very thin beard. His outfit consists of a yellow striped suit with a Marine coat draped over his shoulders like a cape, his arms not in its sleeves. He also has pure white shoes, gold-amber tinted sunglasses, and a dark green shirt with a mauve tie under his yellow suit, and has a relaxed grin.

He never noticed the two bullets hit him in the head, and fly out without leaving a mark. He looked back to see two men, one holding a rifle running down an ally way. He suddenly appeared in front of them and smiled. "Excuse me.. Do you know a Sentomaru? He's a subordinate of mine." The men screamed before running away. "That's not nice.." Kizaru said bringing his left leg up as it was covered in bright yellow light.

He kicked forward as a beam shot past the men, hit one of the trees, and caused a huge explosion.


"Ohhh... Seems like I overdid it a little."

Straw Hat Crew.

The Crew was walking in the forest with Luffy and Chopper trying to get everyone to the amusement park right before Kuma dropped down. Suddenly, Kuma dropped down in front of them having the others scream before Naruto jumped forward. "Rasengan! (Spiraling Sphere!)"

He hit Kuma in the stomach and went through him revealing mechanical parts. "What the hell?" Naruto asked looking back before being thrown back as the robot blew up.


Another 'Kuma' dropped down and started to attack the others who got ready to attack. "Gia Sekendo (Gear Second.)" Luffy started to steam up before Kuma fired a beam from his hand having Luffy dodge.

Usopp, Franky, and Brook dodged a beam shot at them forcing them to hide. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji charge at Kuma and they combine their attacks, knocking down the robot. Naruto got up from beside a tree and then ran up before jumping off and hit it with another Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere.) having the robot blow up as well.

"Look what you've done!"

They looked up to see someone in the tree before they jumped down with another Kuma robot.

He is a large man with light skin and a stocky build similar to that of a sumo wrestler. He has a large scar extending from his left eye to the left corner of his mouth. His outfit consists of a shirt that resembles a giant brown bib or apron with an emblem meaning "heaven" on the front, and a large red and white rope. He also has bandages wrapped around his right fist and elbows, along with the Kanji Sen tattooed on his left shoulder. He has a huge, two-edged ax, as tall as himself, and just as large on his back.

This is Sentomaru, the bodyguard of Vegapunk and commander of the Marines' Science Unit as its Captain.

"What a pitiful state you're in PX-5. Just building one of you Pacifista cost us just as much as one Warship." He said staring at the downed robot. "How the hell am I going to explain this to that damn Vegapunk?!" He asked as Robin raised an eyebrow.

"Did he say Pacifista?"

Nami looked over to her for a second. "Isn't that what they call people who don't fight, and create peace? Is that the name of what we just beat?" She asked as Franky pointed at Sentomaru.

"Who are you Broadaxe?!" He asked as the man looked at him.

"I'm the world's most tight-lipped man Sentomaru!" Sentomaru introduced himself before blinking. "I just felt like telling you that!" He said hiding his mistake.

"Everyone run! Split up!" Luffy yelled as everyone split up into groups.

He, Chopper, and Robin ran off as Franky, Nami, and Sanji ran off with Zoro Brook, and Usopp running together. "Met up in a few days!" Naruto yelled as he and Gina ran off.

As they ran, they suddenly heard an explosion.


They stopped to look back to see. Kizaru. Naruto's eyes widened before he was covered in golden chakra and disappeared. He then reappeared and blocked Kizaru who gained a slightly shocked expression.

"Ohhh… I had heard you had something similar to me… I didn't think you could move as fast as me… And you have something similar to Haki too."

Naruto just stared up with bar for eyes and quickly dashed around hitting the Admiral. Robin created hands on the ground to roll Zoro out of the way. "Everyone run!" Naruto yelled as Rayleigh appeared and started to help Naruto who kept dashing around. "If you get to the Sunny, grab m three-bladed kunai so I can get you later!"

As they ran, Naruto suddenly heard a roar. He looked back to see Chopper in his monster form attacking everything in sight when seeing Kuma over by Zoro who removed his glove and swiped at Zoro who suddenly disappeared.

"ZORO!" Naruto yelled out before looking to see a shocked Luffy, and Robin about to be crushed by Chopper's fist. He dashed over and grabbed the fist as a crater formed under him. "Chopper! Remember who we are!" He yelled as Sentomaru explained that Kuma has the power to send anyone flying for three days, and nights to another island.

Soon, Kuma attacked PX-1, Brook, Usopp, and Sanji having them disappeared. "Damn it!" Naruto yelled trying to pry Choppers hand off him. Kuma appeared behind Gina and hit her away. "GINA!" Naruto yelled out losing his footing and fell on his back losing his gold cloak just as Chopper suddenly vanished.

A moment later, Kuma appeared in front of Franky, and Nami as Luffy entered Gia Sekando. (Gear Second.) and attacked. "Luffy! Wait!" Robin yelled as Luffy's attack was deflected.

He pushed Luffy away into Naruto who touched his arm and attacked Franky before looking at Nami. "Nami!" Naruto dashed over to her, and just as he was about to grab her she vanished. He glared at the spot she was before looking back to see Robin running away from Kuma. "Robin!" He dashed over to her but she looked at him tearfully before disappearing. "DAMN YOU KUMA!"

The others felt dread as Naruto had a red cloak cover him before Kuma hit Luffy away just as Naruto turned to him to attack. Only to be deflected by Kizaru and hit into a tree. Naruto got up and went into his gold cloak and had black balls form behind him before throwing one at the Admiral who dodged. He saw the ball hit a boulder and had it disintegrate.

"Sentomaru, Kuma, you better get out of here. He's just as fast as me, and he has another power that can render things to dust."

Sentomaru, who saw the boulder as well, nodded before running off as Kuma jumped away before Rayleigh got beside Naruto, sword in hand before looking at the Admiral. "If what you say is true.. Can you fight both of us? And not get hit by one of those black balls?"

Kizaru just looked before he glowed. "I guess not… Besides, I gotta get ready for the battle to come."

He then disappeared before Rayleigh looked at Naruto. "That's some fruit you got there, kid."

"Technically not a fruit. I'm from a different dimension where everyone had powers. And OK yeah, I just found out it was because of a woman who ate a fruit that gave us all powers." Naruto said dissipating the cloak.

"Really?" Rayleigh stated, rubbing his beard. "What are you going to do now?"

"Wait for Luffy to stop moving I guess," Naruto replied with a shrug. "I can teleport to anything that has a formula I can put on it and he was the only one I could put it on. The others don't have it but I have kunais that have it on them and they usually used those but none of them had any of them."

"I guess we can go back to the bar and have a drink. I moved your ship so you should be alright now."

Naruto shrugged before following after the elderly pirate.

To Be Continued.

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