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Chapter XXXVIII.

Last Time.

Almost all the pirates and Marines are surprised, while an amused Teach catches notice the Red-Haired Pirates had arrived. While Law's submarine sails away, his crew members race to save Luffy and Jinbe who are rapidly losing blood. Shanks sees Naruto before tossing the hat to him. "Watch out for Luffy."

Naruto nodded at that before Shanks remembered saving Luffy when he was a kid, losing his arm in the process, and then gave him his straw hat on the promise it'll be returned when Luffy was a great pirate. "Heh, I wonder what he would say? I'll keep my word. And that means I can't see you yet, right Luffy?"

Naruto then looked at Ace before speaking. "I'll make sure Luffy's OK, you go with your crew to think up how to fight that teme (Bastard.)"

Ace, still glaring at Blackbeard sighed before nodding and turning. "Don't let him die."

Naruto nodded before disappearing.

Heart Pirates.

The Submarine surfaced before Bepo ran out, fur wet from sweat before seeing Salome. Naruto walked out before Hancock's breasts obscured his vision. "Naruto-Kun~!"

Naruto looked up to see a Marine ship was beside them with Ivankov and his group before Jinbe walked out covered in bandages. "Hey, Han-Chan." Boa swooned at that before asking for a Den-Den Mushi to call for her ship to hide Luffy at Amazon Lily. "OK, let's go," Naruto said walking in with her.


Amazon Lily, Gulf.

Naruto Laid against a boulder, remembering Nyon telling Hancock that men were not allowed but since Luffy needed modern medicine and equipment, allowed them to stay at the bay with a wall dividing them. He raised his head as a group of women walked over with baskets of fruit, pots of soup, as well as meats.

Later in the day, Luffy woke up wanting to get back to Sabaody before Jinbe, Law, and he convinced Luffy to wait for his wounds to heal before going before hearing a splash. Looking to the cliff they're on, they saw a shirtless Rayleigh on the edge, dripping wet. He explains Kuma, who was revealed to be a part of the Revolutionary Army ad told him where Luffy went. Just then, a pair of breasts hit the back of Naruto's head. "Naruto-Kun~"

Naruto smiled as Boa, Nyon and her sisters brought food with some apes in star hats. The sisters recognize Rayleigh who was one of the ones who rescued them from being slaves as Luffy started eating while Law and his crew left. Luffy then explains to Rayleigh that he needs to head to Sabaody Archipelago to meet his friends, but Rayleigh tells him to remember what happened there. He says to Luffy that he would suggest before he reunites with his crew.

Later, Marineford.

Naruto, Jinbe, Luffy who has 3D2Y on his right arm with the 3D crossed, and Rayleigh out sailed around the HQ. In a Marine ship, they hijacked. After completing one circle around Marineford, the four disembark onto the island, with Naruto, Jinbe, and Rayleigh distracting the Marines while Luffy runs to the silver Ox Bell.

While news reporters and other bystanders watch him, Luffy rings the bell sixteen times. He then dropped a bouquet into the largest crack in the ground for those that died, put his straw hat to his chest, and closed his eyes. The reporters excitedly photographed the incident, before Luffy, Naruto, Rayleigh, and Jinbe leave the island.

Naruto then suddenly turned his head before speaking, my kunai on the Sunny just activated, I'll be right back after checking it out."

Sabaody Archipelago.

Naruto appeared on the Sunny before seeing Duval and his men, as well as Hachi and Camie before seeing another group f men that tried to steal the ship. "You're all dumb temes (Bastards) for trying to steal this ship."

Naruto then created clones that quickly took out the group before a shadow came over him. Looking back, Naruto saw Kuma standing over him holding his Bible.

A Few Days Later, Alabasta.

"You're not in trouble?"

Naruto asked looking at Vivi who had her hair free and wearing a light blue dress that showed her cleavage.

"No, I want to know about this?" She asked showing Naruto the article of Luffy going back to Marineford that was on a desk beside his tri-pronged kunai that was stabbed in the desk.

"A message for the others. We got separated by Kuma on Sabaody. Luffy wants everyone to train for two years before meeting back up to continue. He went there as we knew there would be a lot of reporters still there as well as pay respect to those who lost their lives."

Amazon Lily.

Naruto sat at a table with Boa and Marguerite sitting beside him. Boa's explaining that Rayleigh's going to have Luffy train on an island near them called Ruskaina for the next two years. "OK, then, guess I'll need to start training then," Naruto said standing up and stretched.

A Year Later, Ocean.

Various Marine ships and a World Government Warship attacked several small boats as two people watched from a large Island-themed ship.

(A/N: For a better picture, look at 3D2Y.)

The Jolly Roger is a pirates' skull with a white helmet, horns, and a yellow mustache shaped like a 'W'. The symbol has a dim purple circle around it, and 'X' crossbones going through.

"Byojack... How long has it been since we started attacking?" Asked a large man to a sickly one with an I.V. sitting on his left shoulder.

He has large arms and thin legs. He has a green beard and a W-shaped mustache that is a lighter shade of green and also wearing a horned helmet that has the left horn broken off. He also wearing a black and purple open sleeveless coat, green pants, a brown belt, and brown shoes.

Byrnndi World, Bounty: 500,000,000

Byojack is very skinny and has a white beard and a green coat on. He's wearing a horned helmet that has the right horn broken off.

"Eight minutes." He replied coughing making the large man scoff.

"So slow! It shouldn't take that long to sink three Warships, and a Liner!" Byrnndi yelled as he rolled walnuts in his right hand.

"But it took a lot of trouble for us to recruit those crew members while you were gone," Byojack replied making the large man clench his hand.

"Making up the number is not good enough!" Byrnndi yelled before looking back at two people, and a Wotan. "Nightin, Galram, Sebastian."

Nightin is a short, elderly woman with light purple hair tied up in a complex bun with two red tassels on each side. On her face, she's wearing glasses with a swirly design, and pink eyeliner. She has a lab coat over a pink dress with green border designs, and pink high heels.

Galram is a man of middle age with a drop-shaped, rotund body with thin arms and legs. His hair is shaped into two cube-shaped ponytails with an orange band tying them. He has a thick mustache and eyebrows and is wearing a pair of goggles with blue rims and green lenses. He's wearing a blue shirt with white stripes with the sleeves rolled up to his shoulders, brow gloves, and matching boots, complete with a red scarf around his neck.

Held by two suspenders, he's wearing what looks like a large frying pan with two large golden buttons and holes to pass his legs through. He is also carrying a hammer composed of two metallic cubes connected at the top of the pole on his back.

Sebastian is a Wotan. He's very large and muscular, about the size of a small giant. He has black hair and blue skin with green spots on his forehead and shoulders, as well as fin-like ears, fins on his shoulders, and a dorsal fin on the top of his head. He also has a prominent belly button.

He's wearing a violet vest with a white collar and red bow tie, as well as two white cuffs on his wrists with black buttons. He has a pair of dark blues pants with black shoes and a belt that has a golden buckle that resembles a fish. He's also wearing large sunglasses covering vertical scars over his eyes.

"Show them how you do it." Byrnndi finished having Sebastian jump in the water, having Galram, and Nightin jump on him, and went to the ships.

A moment later, the large Warship exploded before the large man smirked. "I'll take care of the rest... In fifty seconds." He jumped up in the air and started using Geppo. (Moon Walk.) to jump over to a ship.

"You're... Byrnndi World!" A Marine said as Byrnndi smiled before attacking.

Amazon Lily.

In a forest, a yellow flash went around the trees before landing revealing a shirtless Naruto who's wearing black pants and boots with very short spiky hair.

Naruto then reached back and placed his cowboy hat on before hearing a voice.


Turning, he saw Marguerite running to him. Naruto smiled as he kept his eyes on her bouncing chest before catching her. "Hey, Marguerite-Chan."

"Hebi-Hime (Snake Princess.) is having us go visit Luffy to give him and Rayleigh some food."

"Oh, OK," Naruto said before walking with her to the boat.

World Pirates.


"I can't believe you really built it Gairam!" Byrnndi said looking at the extremely large cannon on his ship before glancing at what used to be an Island as smoke came off the water.

"Well, it was nothing!" Galram exclaimed as the Crew looked on in shock. "I'd been trusting that you'd return for thirty years!"

"So did we!" Nightin said as her glasses' showed from the light. "Sebastian and I put all of our efforts into getting materials to build the ship! So don't try to take all the credit." She finished as Sebastian nodded.

"She's right." They continued to bicker until Byrnndi jumped down.

"Stop bickering. I'm thankful for you all. "The ship we've dreamed of for thirty years is finally here. We finally got it! This cannon's barrel is already big but with my Moa Moa no Mi. (More More Fruit.) I can make it 100 times bigger. With this, we can even blow up Mariejois, the capital of the World Government in an instant! Let's go!" He finished before Byojack spoke up.

"World, I don't think we can carry out the plan so easily." He went on to explain that the Government brought the Shichibukai. (Seven Warlords.) to fight them.

"Who's the closest Shichibukai. (Seven Warlord.) to our position?" Byrnndi asked smiling before walking up.


Later, Naruto was in the boat before hearing noises before going out to see Luffy was in a boulder while Marguerite was beaten on the ground. While waiting for Luffy to wake, Boa, and Nyon came to the island before she explained Byrnndi took her sisters before Luffy woke up. Naruto sighed as he put on a black vest and looked at Boa.

"I'm going with you, that son of a bitch signed his death warrant."

The group then left on the Kuja ship. While they sailed, Nyon reveals that 30 years ago the World Pirates were indeed one of the more feared crews around. However, the World Government hatched a plot by gathering their enemies and slipping in spies within the World Pirates crew.

They eventually sprung their trap and managed to capture World. She finishes explaining that World was sent to Level Six of Impel Down and frozen but during the breakout caused by Naruto and Luffy, he managed to escape in the chaos.

Suddenly, the World Pirates ship came out of the water in front of them. Byrnndi atop a crow's nest laughed before he spoke. "Thank you for coming Pirate Empress Boa Hancock! Your sisters are here!" He pointed below him, and they saw Sandersonia, and Marigold in a Sea-stone cage.

The World Pirates fired at them and Naruto in his red cloak broke them via Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) as clones followed suit.

Byrnndi then threw bullets at them that grew to the cannonball size, and grazes Naruto's arm as he jumped in the air before healing. Naruto jumped onto the ship, before standing as helped Hancock by taking out any Pirates near him before speaking to Boa. "Ready?"

They ran to a door that leads inside before being hit by a stream of water sending them out to the Ocean. Naruto grabbed Hancock with his left arm and threw a grappling rope grabbing the railing. They suddenly rocketed forward back to the Ship and saw Sebastian holding spiked maces in his hands. "You want to see our Captain? Let me lead you... To hell!"

Naruto looked up at him before sighing. "look up dumb shit."

Looking up, Sebastian was hit with a Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) and sent into the bottom of the ship before they ran into the door, missing Perona floating by as well as Buggy's ship just out of range watching them via binoculars. Suddenly, they feel through a tarp door before running down another hall. Suddenly, a wall came down separating Naruto and Hancock before he looked up to see Byrnndi standing on a higher floor.

"I am going to kill Boa but I think I'll have fun with you-!" He stopped as a gold Naruto appeared and punched him to the floor.

He got up to see twenty of Naruto who then ran around at the speed of light punching him before the real Naruto dropped on his face with both feet breaking the entire floor and sending both of them down to the bottom of the ship.

Outside, Naruto dropped Byrnndi at the feet of his brother before walking back to Hancock who's dress was cut and melted showing more cleavage. "Hopefully that knocked the sense into him. You better hurry up I think the Marines are on their way if Mihawk is here." Naruto said before seeing a small ship where Mihawk was standing.

"I got your swordsman on my island," Mihawk said as Naruto closed his eyes.

"Then tell him Luffy wants him to train for two years before meeting back up if you didn't get the paper."

Ruskaina A Year Later.

Snow fell onto Luffy's straw hat as he and Naruto walked over. Luffy is now wearing an open, long-sleeved red cardigan with four buttons left open, and a yellow sash around his waist.

Naruto is wearing a black vest, black jeans, boots, and a dark red shirt showing he has seals covering both of his arms. Naruto picked up a new blade from its longer pouch on his right thigh.

It's a longer version of the Konoha Blade that has a dragon scale handle with a diamond pommel with a red rope on the end. The hilt is a circle and the bade has three diamonds cut into it with yellow highlights. (1.)

Naruto then put the blade back into the holster before looking over at Luffy. "Well, Luffy... Two years are finally up." Luffy nodded as he picked his hat up, and walked away.

Naruto followed him and saw Marguerite wearing a white coat like a cape aiming an arrow at a large alligator, gorilla, and lion. "Easy guys," Luffy said getting the animals to stop. "She's our friend." The animals smiled as Naruto, and Luffy walked over as the Kuja Pirates looked on at the edge of the woods.

"Shame I became friends with them... Now I can't eat them... They look tasty." Luffy said getting the animals to gain a scared look before they left for the ship, Naruto putting his arm around Marguerite's waist before he reached down to grope her ass.

To Be Continued.

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