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Chapter LVIII.

Last Time.

"You mean, a guide to the last island Laugh Tale?!" Robin asked shocking them.

"That's right!"


"However…" Duke stopped as the crew yelled out.

"Laugh Tale?!"

"That's the goal! To become King of the Pirates!

"Finally, we can get there! The last island Laugh Tale!"

"That's the island the flower pops mentioned! Does it say where Laugh Tale is?!" Luffy asked as Duke raised a hand.

"Wait, wait, don't jump to conclusions! Hear me out. You see… There are four of those red stones the Road Poneglyphs in the world!

"What?! Does it mean there are four Laugh Tales?!"

"No Luffy it means you gotta put the information on all four down to find it. They're like a map that's been cut up into pieces." Naruto explained looking at the stone

"That stone must indicate the location of some unknown spot but it's not Laugh Tale. The other three Road Poneglyphs all indicate different locations in the same manner. When you learn where those locations are and connect those four points on a map, those lines will cross at the center! That's where the last island is. Only the King of the Pirates and his crew have reached it in all these centuries! And that's Laugh Tale!" Duke explained as Luffy smiled.

"The last island, Laugh Tale!"


Whale Tree.

"Laugh Tale… Finally! I wonder if it's there! Or not! The One Piece!"

Luffy said with a grin before Chopper spoke up. "So we can get a hold of the One Piece!"

"It's finally in sight! Conquering the Grand Line!"

"I'm getting fired up! Super!"

Brook and Franky yelled out as Robin looked up at the red stone.

"Okay! Let's go search!"

Naruto blinked as Luffy tried to run only for Usopp to stop him. Nekomamushi explains that Luffy's plan will lead him to them because two of the Road Poneglyphs are in the possession of the Yonko's Big Mom and Kaido's. The Straw Hats are appalled to hear this, though Luffy takes it in stride, as he planned on beating the Yonkos anyway.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi reveal that the Poneglyphs' messages can be copied with ink on a special paper, and Usopp proposes that they sneak into Big Mom and Kaido's territories, copy the text, run away, and reach Laugh Tale without anyone realizing it. However, Luffy rejects his idea due to it being cowardly, and Usopp is frightened by the amount of power they are going against.

Meanwhile, Nekomamushi voices his concern for Robin, as she is the only one who can read the text on the Poneglyphs, making her a target for others who want to find out the true history of the Void Century. However, Robin is confident that her crewmates will protect her as she remembers them rescuing her in Enies Lobby, and the other Straw Hats pledge their continued resolve to protect her.

Robin asks the minks and the samurai how they know so much about the Poneglyphs. The minks and samurai look to Momonosuke for approval, and their master states that they do not have to hide anything from the Straw Hats. Luffy gets mad at Momonosuke for acting like he is in charge, even though he is.

Nekomamushi then reveals that 800 years ago, the members of the Kozuki Family invented the Poneglyphs, which shocks the Straw Hats. The knowledge of how to construct them was not passed down, only how to read and write the inscriptions. However, that was not passed down to Momonosuke from his father Oden, and the samurai struggle to reveal the reason why, though many of the Straw Hats figure it out.

As he and his fellow retainers struggle to hold back tears, Kin'emon reveals that Oden was executed by Kaido and the shogun of Wano Country. The Beasts Pirates now occupy Wano Country, and when the Straw Hats inquire as to why they killed Oden and have continuously pursued Momonosuke and the samurai, Kin'emon reveals that Oden once traveled with Gol D. Roger, reaching Laugh Tale and learning the secret of the world.

"Was your father one of the Pirate King's crew?!"

Luffy asked as Momonosuke cried. "He witnessed the secret of the world? Probably, with Rayleigh-San too." Robin said as she remembered Rayleigh's words in the bar.

"I see! To get the secret of the world out of your retainers, Doflamingo and Caesar who were tied to Kaido… We're trying to catch you guys." Zoro mused as the samurais cried.

"That's right!"

"So do you guys know the secret of the world?!" Gina asked as they shook their heads.

"Well... We don't know it! Oden-sama didn't want to burden us with the secret. We don't know anything!" Kin'emon explained.

"Yes, but even if we knew it, we wouldn't tell anybody. Whether we know or not, we'll keep being hunted! If so, the only option we have is to fight!" Kanjuro finished as they looked up.

"That's right! Although we are defeated soldiers, we accept our disgrace and survive to this day for one reason! Just because of Oden- sama 's words that are etched in our minds!"

"Those words are the reason we live!" Raizo finished as Duke nodded.

"The same here."

"Wh-What are those words?" Usopp asked them.

"The words he left behind were just one phrase! 'Open up the Land of Wano!'

"What do they mean by "open up"?"

"Think Water 7 with the numbered gates," Naruto explained crossing his arms. "Except that's for the entire country, from what I've gathered sneaking in bases, Wano isn't allied with the Government and is shut off from the world."

"Now, we have a favor to ask, Luffy- dono!" Kin'emon yelled at Luffy. "And you too, Law-dono! I know it's presumptuous of me to ask you a favor after you saved my life but I've been impressed by how strong you guys are! Since we are fated to share the same purpose, will you help us fight to kill the Shogun of the Land of Wano and Yonko Kaido?!"

"I refuse!"

"Wh-What?!" Kin'emon looked up at that. "Wh-What did you just say?!"

"I refuse!"

"Why?! We've been traveling together! Luffy- dono!"

"I refuse!" Luffy said again.

"I think Luffy has a point there," Nami said getting their attention. "I'm gonna go… Negotiate!"

"Are you just a figurehead, Momo?!" Luffy spoke up at Momo.

"Cut it out! He's only a child!"

"You say it! I thought you were an important person! You're a leader of these great men, aren't you?! Are you gonna just cry?!" He asked before Momo looked at him.

"Luffy! I… I want to bring down Kaido! He was an enemy to my parents! He killed my mother too! I wish to grow up and become strong quickly and avenge my father and mother! I want to protect all my retainers too! But because my body's still small, I can't do that! That's why I want you to fight with me! I'm begging you! Please..."

Luffy crouched and looked down. "I got it! Let's join hands! We're allies! Let me have Kaido's head though!"

Outside, the Minks are looking up at the sky as Pedro speaks. "Today is a miraculous day! Those two even split the day in half because they didn't want to see each other but now they're reconciled They say Duke Dogstorm and Master Cat Viper were once closest friends. However, when they came back from a long journey barely alive, they were already deep in a feud. Every time they came face-to-face, they'd try to kill each other."

"I wonder what happened… That was before I was born, right?" Carrot asked Wanda who nodded.

"Yes. Even Pedro and I were small at that time. Since Straw Hat and the others came, things are starting to go well in this country."

"Let's have a banquet to celebrate the reconciliation of our kings today!"

"We can wake up and go to bed anytime we like!"

Back inside, Luffy expresses his excitement for the upcoming battle with Kaido, and the members of the newly formed Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance once again celebrate their formation. However, Luffy then brings forth a condition to their alliance, as he requests that he go rescue Sanji from Big Mom before the final war.

Nekomamushi remembers Sanji, but Inuarashi does not due to having been in a coma at the time, and Nekomamushi explains to him who Sanji was and how he left Zou. Luffy is warned about the danger of the mission, but he is confident since he does not plan to fight Big Mom and will be accompanied by Pekoms, whom he calls "Pekomamushi", which causes Nekomamushi to laugh and Inuarashi to be confused.

They then head back outside, and Inuarashi mentions how he and Nekomamushi once sailed with the Roger Pirates. Luffy is awed to hear this, and Inuarashi clarifies, saying they accompanied Oden as his attendants and previously sailed with the Whitebeard Pirates as well. The Straw Hats are amazed to hear about the rulers' histories, and Usopp hurriedly writes their accounts in his notebook.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi gleefully remember the times of adventure they had, to the point of dancing together, which Usopp notes is quite the contrast to when they were trying to kill each other a very short time ago. However, Nekomamushi reveals that he and Inuarashi did not go to Laugh Tale, and Kin'emon states that he, Kanjuro, and Raizo did not accompany Oden due to it being a crime to go beyond Wano Country's borders.

Momonosuke states that he was too young to remember much about his father's journey, but the Straw Hats immediately called him out due to Roger's voyage being over two decades ago. Franky then asks Inuarashi and Nekomamushi if they remember Tom, and the two rulers do and are happy to hear of him.

As Brook is about to ask the rulers if they remember Crocus, Nami interjects and asks about the Log Pose, recalling how Crocus told them it would lead to their final destination on the Grand Line and wondering how it reconciles with their discovery about how the Road Poneglyphs are needed to reach Laugh Tale.

However, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi reply that Crocus' statement is indeed accurate, as the Straw Hats will need to bring all the information they have gathered on Laugh Tale and the True History to the final island, which will cause the final island to have an integral role in allowing them to go beyond it and find Laugh Tale.

Nekomamushi fondly recalls Crocus and how he was going to look for a pirate crew from long ago; Brook then reveals that he is from that crew and that the rest of his crewmates died, which shocks Nekomamushi. The alliance then reaches the bottom of the Whale Tree, and Naruto stops. "Pirates are here."

He then disappeared and reappeared at the Sunny before seeing three ships and cracking his neck. Going in his gold chakra form, Naruto pulled his staff up, careful not to touch the coated ends before jumping over. He looked to see a tall man with a helmet on and a metallic jaw with blonde braided hair.

Naruto grinned before he dashed around and destroyed all but one ship as the tall man fell into the ocean and sank to the bottom.

After flying back to see the crew swim to the ship, he yelled out. "This place is under my protection!"

Going out of his cloak, he reappeared with the others to See Luffy holding his ears as the elephant yelled out. "Everything OK?"

"Loud thank you!"

Naruto shrugged as he walked over and learned that Nami, Chopper, and Brook decided to sail with Luffy to get Sanji back. "(Sigh) I'll go too… Facing one of the most dangerous pirates, you'll need me."

Duke and Cat Viper agree to split up into four teams. Cat Viper will lead a team and find Marco to see if any of the White Beard Crew will help. The second group led by Duke will stay on Zou for a while before meeting up with everyone in Wado. The third group will go and get Sanji led by Luffy. The rest will go to Wado to scout and come up with a plan to take out Kaido and the shogun.

"We're the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance!" Kin'emon yelled out after forming the teams, Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook, Naruto, and Pedro going to get Sanji while Law and the other Straw Hats will go to Wado while Cat Viper will take Minks with him to get Marco.

They'll use a Den-Den Mushi to communicate, Franky making one for Zou due to them not having one. While the others talked, Naruto noticed Nami holding a new weapon. It is a short, orange staff with white striped parallel lines and an orange round knob on each side.

Naruto remembered the navigator asking Usopp to upgrade her staff after reuniting and Usopp asking Franky to help out.

As Usopp was explaining what it did, she squeezed it and had it extend to a very long length.

'Wait, the staff gets bigger when it's squeezed? There's an innuendo there somewhere.' Naruto thought as he saw the weapon shrink as Usopp explained what to do when she had it shrink and extend to various lengths as she practiced with the staff. Naruto gained a nosebleed as she held the staff vertically between her chest as it extended several feet.

'I feel like I'm in a world made by a pervert sometimes.'

Later, after getting the supplies, the groups stood at the back where they docked with Pekoms and Pedro. As the others bid them goodbye, Luffy wrapped his arms around his team and jumped back to fall to the Sunny.

They landed on the grassy deck Luffy quickly got the Sunny off of Zunisha's leg and started sailing. Luffy wonders why everyone else on the ship is not doing their jobs promptly as the other members of the Sanji retrieval team are still recovering from their jump off of Zou. Nami is sick to her stomach and can barely keep them on their intended path.

"We've swerved off course… Port..." Nami said lying on the grass.

"Okay! Leave it to me!"

The others blinked as Carrot jumped out of the bottom door.

She is now wearing a short orange dress with the word "RABBIT" at the front with a single white stripe, a black cap, and loafers. She also has a backpack and a canteen.

The crew then gasped in shock at seeing her, and Carrot excitedly looked out at the vast expanses of the ocean as everyone else wondered why she was there.


"Carrot? Why are you here?"

"I came along with you!" Carrot said cheerfully as her ears twitched. "Garchu!" She yelled before biting everyone on the ear.

And then bit Brook's cheek as she jumped up to him. "Too hard!"

"I'm sorry, but can we go back?" Pedro asked getting Carrot's eyes to water as she jumped on his back.

"Nani? (What?) Don't do that! Wanda will be mad at me!"

"Are you trying to cause trouble to those who saved us, Carrot?"

She fell off Pedro's back and dropped to her knees. "I just wanted to go on an adventure with Luffy and the others even if only once!"

"We can't go back, there's no telling how long we'll get there now, and we'll need to get to Sanji before the wedding," Naruto said, arms crossed.


He then silently screamed as Carrot bit into his ear in thanks.


Luffy bit into a carrot that fell out of Carrot's backpack that she brought for lunch having the rabbit mink lunge and bit his chest hard.


"Pat her head Luffy!" Nami said getting Luffy to do that, calming Carrot down.

"OK, I guess you can have that one."

Naruto rolled his eyes before pulling a carrot out of his coat. And had Carrot glop him, pressing her bust against his chest.

"I'm hungry, somebody makes something!"

Nami took a step only for Naruto to stop her. "I'll do it, no one here has money to pay you."

As Naruto was preparing something simple, Brook gave Carrot a tour of the ship before hearing Pedro yelling out as he got the paper from atop the crow's nest.

Tuning the burners off, Naruto ran outside and saw Luffy looking at a picture of his father, Monkey D. Dragon, and Sabo. The article is about the Revolutionary Army's base being found and destroyed by the Blackbeard Pirates.

"But why would Blackbeard attack the Revolutionary Army?"

"He's getting all the devil fruits he can get his hand on. Burgess tried to get not only the Flame-Flame Fruit recently but Luffy's as well. I guess he's trying to bolster his crew." Naruto said walking back into the kitchen.

Meanwhile, a clone was showing Carrot the ship, missing her sneaking glances with a slight blush once in a while.


"Hurry Father!"

"What's the hurry, Vivi?" Cobra asked from a wheelchair.

He now has a mustache, his beard has turned completely gray, and only half of his hair is still dark. His sideburns are gray but the upper half of the back and top are black. He's wearing a lighter-colored robe and coat and no longer has his necklace.

Vivi is wearing a long-sleeved pink dress, with gold accessories at the waist and arms, a cape, red on the outside and dark blue on the inside, and white high-heel pumps.

"It's been a long time since I went out to sea." She said coming to the ship with Chaka and Karoo.

Fishman Island.

Meanwhile, on Fish-Man Island, Shirahoshi curls up into a ball in apprehension at going up to Mary Geoise, saying that Luffy promised he would be the one to take her farther into the outside world. Her brothers and attendants try convincing her otherwise, saying that their journey is simple and straight up and that Luffy will take her farther than that; also, they now have enough signatures on Otohime's petition for human and fish-man coexistence to present at Levely.

However, Shirahoshi still resists, and her brothers wonder if they should leave her behind, but Neptune states that it would not make them look trusting should they withhold her. Shirahoshi then remembers her time with Luffy, and how she had resolved to stop crying as much the next time she saw him.


Rebecca was looking through her clothes on what to wear for the Levely as Viola smiled as she watched.

A Few Days Later, Sunny.

"We fucking need supplies already!?"

Naruto yelled out as he saw that close to half the food was gone. "What the hell?" He sighed before Pedro in the crow's nest spoke up saying he saw an island with a Marine base on it.

Later, they hit a rock formation as the sun set while all but Pedro and Pekoms got in the Shark Submerge "Please look out for the Sunny!"

"Yeah, leave it to us!" Pedro nodded as Pedro looked at Nami.

"Are you going?"

"Don't worry! We'll steal their food and be back soon!"

"Even though you're with Straw Hat and Sage, don't lower your guard! They have notorious hotheads from various Navy units on that island. That's an annoying front-line base where they observe the Whole Cake Island. If you underestimate them, you'll get hurt."

"Okay, guys! Let's execute our plan right away!" Nami yelled as Naruto sailed to the island spotlights shined in the air.


On the island, a man wearing a Marine jacket as a cap looked down from the cliff looking at the gate with grey hair, mustache goatee combo, and wearing a grey suit.

"Vice Admiral Prodi. The reserves will arrive soon."

The man nodded as he opened for a ship before there was an explosion. "What's going on?!"

On the ship, a teenage boy was beating up the crew. He's Luffy's height with short black hair on the sides of his head and a large red mohawk in the center. He has dark red eyes and a prominent scar on the bottom left side of his face. He's wearing a black vest over a wrinkly white shirt, red pants, beige boots that go up to his knees, and a tattered Marine cape. He also has metal braces around his left arm.


"That's enough, new boy!"

"You're Vice Admiral Prodi." The boy asked looking up. "Just who I was looking for. Send these dumb-asses back to their old units."

"You twit!" Prodi yelled at him.

On the other side, the Crew was in disguised Marine uniforms with Luffy depressed. "I'm so excited to sneak into the base disguised as a Navy soldier!" Carrot smiled as she fixed her ascot.

"I don't wanna wear this."

"Wear it if you wanna get food!"

Nami, Naruto, and Chopper in his human form were surveying the area before Naruto glanced back and then looked at Nami. "Nami, hold up a sec.

"Ah. Naruto, we don't have…" She turned and trailed off seeing both Luffy and Carrot were gone. "Luffy?"

"Yeah, that's why I said hold up."


"Don't yell at me. I looked away for literally, literally one second." Naruto bit back at his girl.

"Where the hell is he?"

"I don't know!" He said before seeing the two walk into the building. "Oh, of all places, they're going into the headquarters!

"We gotta catch them first! Let's go!"

Inside, the two were eating in the kitchen as Grount was eating above a floor with two men.

The first is a dark-skinned and thickset man. His hair is arranged in dreadlocks that flow wildly in the back, and he has a short beard that has some peaks on the top. He has an open yellow shirt with four-leaf clovers on it, as well as dark gray pants and black shoes. He also has the standard Marine cape.


The second is a very thin man with long and wavy purplish white hair. He's wearing a violet coat over a turquoise plaid shirt with brown leather gloves, as well as violet pants and brown boots with pink furry socks. He has a standard Marine jacket but with the sleeves tied in front of his neck.


"Look, Luffy! A seagull-shaped carrot! How cute! Can I have yours?" Carrot asked as Naruto and the others sat down to eat so as not to draw any attention

"Yes, you can."

"Thanks! Oh, there's Naruto, Nami, and Chopper! Naruto! Nami! Chopper! We're here!"

Naruto shushed Carrot before seeing Zappa was the only one paying attention. Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out one of Usopp's old balls and flicked it to hit the man in the eyes and had hot sauce in it before they escaped without Luffy and Naruto who pulled the large soup pot before an alarm went off revealing they're in the base.

"Son of a bitch!"

"That's the man with a 2.3 billion berry bounty."

"I'll take him down!"

Naruto turned and punched Grount into a wall and knocked him out as he went into his chakra mode and attacked everyone in the room and in the blink of an eye, they all fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, Nami and Chopper make it outside, and though they see the Marines mobilizing to confront Luffy, Nami is confident that Luffy can take care of them. She and Chopper then prepare to raid the food storage facility to get food for their journey. Brook's detached soul then appears, and upon Luffy's asking he reveals that Nami and Chopper are headed for the food storage facility.

Luffy and Carrot then run with Brook's soul down the hall, and Grount and Bonham follow them along with Zappa, who has only been made more amorous by Carrot's blow. Several Marines rush in to stop the intruders, but Carrot knocks them all out with her agility.

Later, the trio are in the storage as Nami and Chopper run in before Naruto seals a box of each food type in a scroll before looking to see Grount standing at the gate. "What are you?" Grount asked seeing the disappearing boxes.

"Well… I'm a pirate now." Naruto replied with a shrug.

"You're the worst pirate I've heard of."

Naruto smiled at that. "but you have heard of me. Now, you all will always remember this as the day you almost caught the great Naruto Uzumaki!" He then created clones that took the others to the ship. "Bye!" He flipped them off with both hands as he disappeared in a flash.

They then sailed after getting the sub back as the sun started to rise.

To Be Continued.

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