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Warning:? hmm One Shot is my warning

Preview One Shot: Naruto(Rufus Story )

"I Don't Understand Why They Are Like This" a child with blonde hair said to himself while hiding from a mob under a fallen tree in the park.

"Where'd That Little Monster go" a lady with Pink hair said to another as they walked to were the child's hiding place which made him hold his... but stopped when he heard a growl and a screech which made him look through a small hole in the fallen tree. and then what he saw made his eye's widen when he saw the mob running away from a large growling dog (would dark nation be a Great Dane? ) and once they where gone the child still holding his breath looked at the dog again and eye's widen again when he caught him self unknowingly saying a name" Dark Nation" and by the reaction of the dog that suddenly appeared next to him making him realize It was The Dog's Name who licked his face like it had not seen him in a long time.

"Naruto!" a Man Wearing White and red called the boy as he walked to where he was but stopped when he spotted the Boy now named Naruto with a Large dog "Hi Jiji" Said naruto as he looked up from Dark Nation Who was now sitting next to him starring at the man who was looking at them " Naruto what is That?" The Man asked Naruto who looked at Him With Calculating Eye's " a Dog.. Name's Dark Nation" Naruto said to the Hokage Who Looked at him " Naruto..If You Haven't realize This Dog Has a tentacle on It's Back " the Man Said to Naruto who looked at Dark Nation and Back to the Man " It's a Bloodline?"Naruto said making the man stare at him Blankly."The Council will Defiantly Fall For that." The Man Said


i Read some FF7/Naruto fics but none with Naruto as Rufus or remembering the past as rufus thus here ya go yo!

( Sasuke and Sakura Are New Soul's and a bit of Bash on their Part)

Jenova:? (Making Her a Mother Hen Fear Her!)

TBC (Next Is Reno Yo! who shall he be hmmm?