Twas a peaceful morning in the Hunter's academy of Beacon in Vale. The birds were chirping, the leaves were glistening and the clouds were breaking, letting in the beautiful and majestic sunlight shine itself upon the school grounds. Our heroes were sleeping their way through the morning, one in particular with blonde hair and a pair of impressive assets were snoring louder than an Ursa's roar.

That same person also had a younger sister, and she was the first to wake from the slumber. Her eyelids were ready to close once more but kept open with the strength of a stubborn female. With a yawn, she climbed out of her bed and lazily dragged her feet to the bathroom. She took off her clothes, grabbed her thick towel and other essentials, and went into the shower.

The warm waters drizzled down her fair skin, steam evaporated into the surrounding area and fogged the glass walls that separate her from the rest of the bathroom. She took out her favourite shampoo, Strawberry Sunrise, and rubbed her hair down to its roots with pure bliss.

Morning showers were always her favourite way to start the day.

She carried into the shower her toothbrush, with all its black-red colour scheme glory and a tube of Shi-nee toothpaste. The best toothpaste in Atlas, as they say. The redhead brushed her teeth in the shower as she found it more efficient and less time consuming. Once she was done, she rinsed her mouth and washed out the shampoo from her hair, cleaning herself up quite nicely.

The young reaper walked out of the shower, her face beaming with excitement for their first day in Beacon. But most importantly, warm showers were always appreciated.

"Ah, what a refreshing way to start the day! Don't you say?" said the reaper to no one in particular. Not like she expected anyone to answer, after all. They were all asleep, having dreams that no soul would dare to ask.

Unless a ghost is there, no one would answer her.

"Indeed it is, Ms. Rose. You look quite happy yourself."

"Thank you! It's just that I love morning showers, that's all. They always fill you with energy!" she laughed.

"I can see that. I hope you enjoy your day then." Replied the ghost. "Now, if you excuse me, I need to pick up my shampoo. I seem to have left it in the shower."

"Why, of course!" Ruby stepped out of the way and exited the bathroom. She was still happy with how amazing the beginning of a day can be, especially when talking to an unknown entity that had stalked her in the bathroom.

Somehow, each step she took to her clothes became heavier. Her expression was starting to change from happy to something less happy.

Fear and a tint of embarrassment, if you will.



Now, Blake had been called many things during her time as Miss Schnee's personal butler. From praises such as the perfect example of a modern Faunus to insults like the perfect example of a Faunus slave. The White Fang does not like her and would often call her the "Schnee's Shadow" or something less creative, "a disgusting waste of Faunus space".

Never once had she been called pervert.

"I assured you that that was none of my intent." Blake said calmly. Currently, she was being tied up by a blanket, rendering her defenceless. In front of her was Miss Schnee, in her elegant PJs, currently acting as a barricade for the resident and very angry brawler plus partner, Yang Xiao Long from beating her into submission.

Now, she could have easily subdued Miss Xiao Long if she wished too, but one of her orders was to be as discrete as possible during her time in Beacon. Beating the blonde into a humiliating defeat was not a good way to start the first day.

"Oh yeah?! Now how can you explain PEEKING MY SISTER IN THE SHOWER?!" yelled the blonde in question.

"I simply did not notice her being there." That was a lie. The only people she knew of to not jump into the shower was the Schnees. Seeing how Miss Rose was not one, she felt it was acceptable and not in any way indecent.

You can tell she did not have much experience living with peers.

Speaking of the red reaper, she was back in her bed, the blankets acting as a shield that covered her entire body. She felt violated, embarrassed, humiliated and betrayed that morning, all in that order.

And everyone but Blake understood why.

"Oh sure, your Faunus hearing and eyesight can't figure out a person WAS IN THE SHOWER!"

"Yang Xiao Long, stop this right this instant! I will not let you murder my frie- I mean, your partner!" said the mistress, Weiss Schnee. Her barricade form had been holding well but her small stature had made it difficult to subdue to blonde. She was trying her best to keep her back through the use of ice Dust, but that did only to slow down the brawler as she melted through.

Blake though, she yawned. She did not expect her teammates (minus the mistress) to be so erratic. But that did nothing to surprise her. Blake's experience as a butler had brought its fair shares of trouble. This was little compared to her lifetime.

"I believe it is wise for you to get ready. Class starts in about an hour." Blake said, her signature deadpanned look can only be said as her mouth being an upside-down of the letter 'V' while her eyes were basically a horizontal line with a semicircle underneath.

She was that expressionless.

"Oh shit!" Yang cursed herself. She quickly broke out of Weiss's grasp, took a towel and ran straight to the shower. Just as she was inside, she peeked out slightly and motioned her two finger to point at both her own glaring eyes and then towards Blake, giving her the silent universal gesture.

"I'm watching you…"

Blake raised an eyebrow before letting it down again.

Once the blonde bimbo had finally left the eyesight of the Faunus and the sounds of trickling water came down, Weiss Schnee placed her palm onto her face, shaking her head slightly. Blake struggled a bit under her predicament before finally successful on escaping.

All those years of escape training really paid off.

As Blake was getting the rest of the blanket off of her, Weiss had walked straight towards the cloth burrito that is their leader and scolded her into getting ready. While doing so, only one specific thought came into mind from the heiress regarding her choice of teammates, including her loyal butler Blake.

'What have I gotten myself into…?'


Yesterday, Weiss Schnee was going through the initiation ceremony with pride. Beside her was her partner, an immature and quite young Huntress in-training and her bimbo of a sister. The heiress truly did try to be friends with them and while she has been in somewhat not-bad terms with her partner, she despised the blonde due to her attitude.

Especially due to the fact that she bragged about not having a partner. No one should be bragging about that and yet, she made it look like it was so that she was equal to those with partners. It was like she was worth two of the Hunters in-training.

But, at least she can get a peace in mind knowing that she would be crowned leader of their three-woman team. It would be awkward at first and they will have the disadvantage due to the lack of a member, but she has full confidence that Weiss Schnee, heiress of the multi-billion Lien company known as the Schnee Dust Company, would pull through.

That was until a new member joined up to become the bimbo's partner. Now, it's not that she didn't trust this person but due to the fact that said person did not appear during the initiation showed very well that he or she did not have any punctuality, which is why she could not trust this person yet.

Yep, that made sense.

Oh, how she wished Blake was here. At least she would listen to her ranting.

"Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long and finally, before I was rudely interrupted, Blake Belladona. You four are to form team RWBY, led by Ruby Rose." The crowd erupted into cheers, much like how they did with every other newly-formed team.

That name. That name sounded familiar. Why, why does that name make her feel both relieved and yet, quite shocked? Of course, it was understandable to her and not to anyone else. It was the name of her butler, after all.

So naturally, she freaked out.


Ruby turned wide eyed and instantly shifted herself towards Weiss. Yang, who was laughing a bit, suddenly stopped and looked at the heiress as well.

"Wait, you know this person?!" Ruby asked, quite loudly in fact.

Weiss turned back towards her newly-elected partner, sweating profusely. Now, she could say that Blake was her butler of the same age but in hindsight, that does not seem to be the best course of action. The SDC always had problems on their relation with Faunus. Blake being a butler, something most people usually look down upon, would make her look like she promoted slavery.

Stuttering, she answered. "W-WHAT?! Um… OF COURSE! She's my… Uhh..."

'Blake' stared towards her, her eyes bored as ever and her lips straightened. "Oh, hello Mistress. It is nice to see you."

Dammit, Blake. 'Mistress'? Really?

Weiss, with the speed that would impress the reaper, placed her hand over her butler's mouth. Though, it was a bit too late seeing how Blake already said it out loud.

Ruby was confused on why Weiss was called Mistress while Yang's face reddened as explicit thoughts came flooding her mind. She would never had expected that the Ice Queen would be into that kind of foreplay. She'd need to ask about that later.

"Why did she called you 'Mistress'?" Ruby innocently asked, the very question that everyone had. Weiss quickly put together a bunch of words that would make sense and also, keep her reputation intact. "W-well… You see… That's what she calls me! YES! Because we're FRIENDS! BOTH OF US ARE GREAT FRIENDS!"

Much like those manga that looked like they came from where Ren was from, Ruby placed her curled-up hand onto her palm, signifying that she understood with a long "Ooh…" The rest of the people in the theatre was either convinced and continued clapping their hands, or simply thought how that wasn't really convincing.

"Nice to meet you! My name is Ruby!" the young reaper said. "I'm Weiss's partner!"

At this point. Weiss's hand had been removed from Blake's mouth. From Ruby's perspective, it looked like she was examining her. From everyone else's, it looked like a dark and malevolent aura had appeared behind the newcomer.

"You are… my Mistress's partner?"

"Yep! I'm going to be the best partner she can have!"

"… I see…" Blake then turned towards Weiss. "Mistress, permission to strangle her to death with her cloak?"

"Hu-bu-wha…?!" Ruby baffled out.

"Permission denied!" Weiss quickly answered.

"How about performing oophorectomy towards her?"


"What about some mentally-scarring hypnotism? Her physical body would still be in adequate form."

"Where did you even learn these skills?! And NO!"

Now, Yang was ecstatic about getting a partner. She'd feel lonely otherwise as everyone else received theirs. But, if there's one line that should not be crossed, that would be her sister. She snapped out of her dreams and stepped into the conversation, without consent of the two.

"Woah, woah! NOBODY is going to hurt my sister!" She spun towards Blake and placed a tight grip on the Faunus's shoulder. "Especially you, kitty cat."

Blake, with all her knowledge of self-defence and social experience of an awkward introverted teenager, did what she thought was the best course of action. She grabbed Yang by the arm that was connected to her shoulder, spun around and threw the blonde over her back and onto the stage floor. She pulled out a small knife from her back pocket and placed it threateningly above Yang's face.

"BLAKE/YANG!" Weiss and Ruby called out respectively. This was not how partners were supposed to act, especially not in front of a crowd.

Dazed, Yang's eyes turned crimson. "Ugh… Hey! What gi-" she stopped midway, seeing the knife so close to her.

Before anything could be done, a cough through the microphone interrupted their scuffle. All four girls turned their heads toward the headmaster, sipping his cup of coffee to soothe his throat.

"I see that you all have been acquainted with. Now, if you'd excuse yourself from the stage and take this argument elsewhere, that would be much appreciated. I still need to wrap up the ceremony, after all."

"Plus, I believe you've made a first-year impression towards the student." Ozpin added, taking another sip from his mug.

Team RWBY looked off the stage, seeing the widened eyes of their peers and a blonde boy that may have peed in his pants a bit. Blake quickly got off the gorgeous blonde, fixing her form and clothing a bit. She let out a hand for Yang, which the blonde replied with a scoff and slapped her hand away, getting up on her own.

"Oh my Dust, Yang! Are you OK?!" Ruby asked worriedly. Yang rubbed her little sister's head like a pet and assured her, "Yeah, I'm fine. Something like that wouldn't hurt me at all."

"Oh, and… Blake, right?" Yang asked, her eyes back to her usual lilac.


"Can I see that knife of yours?"

Blake hesitantly showed Yang the knife she had use to threaten her. Yang examined it for a bit before grabbing it by the blade and crushing it, shattering the weapon into pieces and putting it back into Blake's hand. The two glared at each other, their Auras clashing invisibly and small trickles of lightning forming between the two's pairs of eyes.

"Don't. Ever. Threaten. Me. Again." Yang with crimson eyes emphasized each word with a venomous tone before leaving the stage, Ruby running worriedly behind her. Blake simply scoffed at the threat, not afraid of the bimbo's words.

Weiss though, was hyperventilating on stage.

'I may need some more coffee…' mused the headmaster of Beacon.


Now, after that kind of thought, the team was currently running towards their first class. Not only were they late, they were very late. They had spent most of their morning cleaning up their room and luggage, fixing the beds into bunkbeds (Yang had chosen the lower bunk, sceptical that Blake might stab her in her sleep), and making sure the two didn't try to kill each other.

It was fine and all until they realized they were very late and was rushing towards their class. Blake was running at an equal pace with Weiss, not wanting to leave her behind. Ruby did the same but stayed on the other side and away from the Faunus. Yang was at the back to make sure her 'partner' didn't do anything.

When they finally reached the class, Ruby opened up the door with all the glamour. "WE'RE HERE!" she screamed.

Weiss facepalmed due to her partner announcing their presence while Yang smirked at her little sister's actions, glancing time to time towards Blake who was expressionless. The students looked at them, remembering of yesterday's scuffle on stage. When Blake looked back, they simply turned their heads away, hoping that she didn't notice.

"Ah, I see that you've come. A bit late, I suppose. Please do refrain from repeating." The large man with a bushy moustache, known as Professor Port, said while pointing at his wrist watch. "I was about to start the lesson for today. Please find your assigned seats and we'll begin."

The girls apologized to the professor and walked politely towards their seats. Partners are assigned to seat next to each other during classes. For each pair of partners, they are to attend similar classes as a way to further strengthen their bonds. For Ruby and Weiss, it's understandable but for Yang and her new partner, Blake… well, it's a rocky start.

Ruby and Weiss was assigned next to the blonde knight, Jaune, and his Spartan partner plus 'pants of this relationship', Pyrrha.

"Oh hey, Jaune! You're up early!" Ruby leaned to the side a bit. "Oh hey, Pyrrha."


"Hey, Ruby." Jaune greeted with his partner. "Yeah, just felt like starting the day early. That's all."

"Jaune's afraid of your new teammate." Mused Ren, who was sitting behind them with Nora.


"Don't worry, Jauney! A lot of people are afraid of her!" added Nora in her sincere attempt of saving her leader's pride. Yesterday's incident did not bode well for his small self-esteem.

Ruby's innocent and gleeful look was instantly replaced with a more tired expression and a fake smile. If one were to focus, they can see a bit of lines under the eyes and some strands of hair sticking out. The same could be said with Weiss but at least she looked more elegant in it compared to her partner.

This was almost left unnoticed by Jaune who tired himself due to two reasons. One was team RWBY's recent addition. The other was Nora, keeping him up all night. How did Ren managed to sleep soundly with her bouncing everywhere?

A shove to his stomach by his goddess of a partner prompted him to ask, "You OK, Ruby?"

Ruby sighed, "No, not really… Yang and Blake argued all night on who gets the lower bunk."

"She doesn't trust new people that easily." Added Weiss as she listened to both the lecture about how the professor defeated a Boarbatusk with a toothpick, and her young partner's conversation about her friend. "She's usually very polite to others do. I guess your sister acted quite rude to her yesterday."

"YANG DID NOTHING WRONG!" Ruby argued out loud, shouting at her equally tired partner. This led to the rest of the class changing their attention from their enthusiastic professor to the screaming little girl.

Even Professor Port stopped his story.

"Is there something wrong, Miss Rose?" Professor Port asked.

"Eh…" The reaper tried to think of an excuse but nothing came into mind. This is why you should have enough sleep.

"I was just about to ask for a volunteer to show the class what a true Hunter is like. Would you do the honours, Miss Rose?"

"But I…" Ruby said dejectedly as she noticed the entirety of the class was staring at her. She looked back at her partner and noticed that Weiss had a scowl on her face and her eyebrows were uncomfortably close to a 'V' shape. One thing she can say, was that Weiss was basically silently ordering her to not make a fool of herself, lest that would affect her reputation.

Ruby, still tired but more horrified on failing her partner, simply nodded before leaving class to get her equipment. Despite so, Weiss was unhappy with her partner- no, her leader, being so young and immature. Sure, she has her own faults but that outburst clearly showed that Ruby was not capable of handling her own feelings like an adult. This would affect their team dynamic extremely as leaders must always keep a level head in stressful situations, no matter their condition.

Weiss doesn't blame Ruby for both of their tiredness. Oh no, that goes towards the annoying and egotistical bimbo that is her leader's sister. Sure, Blake may have started it accidentally but Yang Xiao Long was the one who stretched it out for as long as it could. Blake was no liar and if Yang had accepted that everything was under control and Blake's words were truthful including her own, none of this would have happened.

Speaking of Blake and Yang, we now return to our scheduled sitcom featuring Beauty and the Beast. Which is which, is completely up to you.

The two strained partners were sitting at the far back, each avoided from looking at the other lest they wanted another argument. For now, both simply wanted to go through their day uninterrupted and away from their respective partners, which was each other.

Truth be told, Yang felt a little bit guilty for their bad start. Maybe she had been somewhat stepping over the line and whatnot, but that did not justify the Faunus to throw her onto the podium. Yang has many things that she hated and getting thrown down like that by surprise was pretty high on that list.

She'll start over for sure but kitty cat has to apologize first.

Sadly for her, Blake was not the apologizing type. If she was, her past wouldn't have been filled with learning manners from Sebastian and kicking people in the groin for flirting with Weiss. Though, the former one was a bit harder. Like, why does she need to extend her pinkie when drinking tea?! That sounded stupid. Plus, Yang was the one that started it.

Never startle a cat with claws.

As it was now, the two are at a stalemate, each not wanting to lower themselves for their own mistakes. Hell, they don't even want to look at each other despite sitting together. Blake was quietly writing in a notebook with her face extremely close to the paper while Yang was observing the room, her arms crossed on her glorious chest.

This silence cannot go further any longer.

"Hey, um…" Yang started. She rubbed the back of her head and clicked her tongue. "Look, I'm… sorry. For yesterday at the ceremony."

Blake, while not shifting her attention from her writing, was actually listening. This was noticeable by her ears twitching in focus with each click of Yang's tongue as she ended her sentences.

"We went off with a bad start and I wanted to make it up to you." The blonde smiled. "What if we get some ice-cream later after class? That should be a good start."

Blake straightened herself, took a deep breath, released and closed her book with both hands. She put back her pen in her pencil case before turning her head at Yang with a small but genuine smile.

"That sounds lovely."

Yang grinned widely.

"Unfortunately, I have to take Mistress's clothing to the laundry. She prefers her clothes to be hand-washed and her combat skirt is dry-clean only."

And the grin was lost.

'Gotta think of something quick or else this will become awkward!' The blonde screamed in her mind.

"Say Blake, do you enjoy foreplay?"

Fuck. Yesterday's thoughts must've lingered longer than she expected. It didn't help that Blake was the one that called Weiss 'Mistress'. In fact, it started this whole mess and it was both awkward and very eroti- I mean, awkward and very interesting little detail.

"Yes, I do enjoy some sexual behaviour from time to time."

Holy fuck.

Yang instantly went into a coughing fit, unable to supress her surprise on that matter. Even as her coughing wasn't stopping, Blake did nothing but continue scribbling on her notebook. It wasn't as if Yang was dying, after all. There was no need to help her in any way.

Yang raised her finger to retaliate but before she could say anything further, Ruby walked into the class, combat gear and all. Yang was confused by this as she wasn't paying attention to what happened earlier. If there were actual lessons in it, she probably would've missed an important point. One that could be beneficial to her in the future.

Pay attention to class, kids.

"Uuu…" Ruby groaned as she fumbled around with her scythe. Usually after a field mission or a random Beowolf-extermination outing, Ruby would check up on her scythe to avoid any of the mechanisms getting jammed or damaged. Unfortunately, due to her sister and her new teammate's… Um, falling… she had to keep the peace to avoid any problems.

Weiss wasn't there to help nor did she want to. She disagreed with the fact that Ruby was made leader. A part of her was a bit sorry for their current situation but another wanted to simply let Ruby handle it out of envy.

She's the leader, after all. It's her responsibility.

Ruby's tiredness due to the uneasy feeling of her teammates' current relationship plus with the unmaintained scythe made it hard for her to do a maintenance check. One must always check on their weapons before a battle.

'Mechanisms seem to work fine. I'm sure nothing bad would happen.' Ruby thought.

Cue in Murphy's Law.

"Ah, Miss Rose! It seems that you're ready." Professor Port laughed a bit before coughing and excusing himself. "Anyway, would you like to begin?"

"To be honest, I'm really tired and would want to sleep again."

"Then, BEGIN!" The bushy-moustached man cheered. With his beautiful blunderbuss of an axe, he smashed the lock off the cage and let the monster loose. Out came the mighty Boarbatusk, a boar-like Grimm with strong white tusks and armour plating on its body. It did not attack straightforward like most Grimm. Instead, it walked out calmly as the rays of the Sun basked upon it in all its glory. If one were to listen carefully, he or she could hear the singing of Latin choirs in the distance.

It was as if God itself embodied the pig.

"Huh, that's peculiar. I don't remember this school having a glee club." Port mused to himself out loud. He shook out that thought and watched carefully on how Ruby would fight.

The reaper twirled her scythe skilfully around, albeit a bit slower than usual. From this alone, Port deduced that her combat skills were above par than most of her peers, considering her condition and quirky remark. Though, her childish outburst showed that her personality would be unfit for the harsh life of a Huntress. She may be allowed to act like so as a person but a Huntress must always keep a cool head in the field of battle, especially if one is chosen as a leader. And yet, she fumbled around with her weapon earlier, obviously not ready for such challenge.

Ruby finished her show of skill with her weapon planted firmly in the ground. She was calm and ready, despite the tiredness in her eyes. A huntress should always be vigilant in life, after all. She can be tired any other time but right now, she has a mission much like a real Hunter would. Albeit, it was in a classroom and it was more of a demonstration than a mission. She was also sure she wouldn't get any extra marks for doing this.

Just as the blade entered the ground, the pieces that held the edge of the blade with the rest of the scythe shot out some screws, then bent in a way it shouldn't.

Ruby's eyes widened in surprise by this and small tears formed at the edge of her eyes. The inner mechanisms must have been damaged from the initiation against the Grimm and she obviously didn't look closely enough. Her tiredness had finally caught up with her and now, her sweetheart is broken weapon.

Poor damaged Crescent Rose.

"FUCK!" Ruby screamed angrily with tears.


Author's Notes:

I live. I am not dead or anything. Really.

Now, if some of you may notice, my other story is gone from my account. Truth is, there are two reasons. One; I've lost interest and two; there was no plan on writing it. It was my first story, the grammar was horrible and I literally had no idea what to do with it. The chapters I wrote for it got scrapped over and over again that I just gave up on it. This chapter was surprisingly finished months ago but I never decided to post it. I had my two A-Levels exams and I had stress problems, depression, etc.

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I am now much more into my course and I won't slack off from it. I'm under scholarship and so, I really need this. But I've missed the joy of writing. Both the frustrations and the the feeling of the words just coming into your mind as if you're reading a book. It's ecstasy and basically my kind of drug. To let out imagination onto a piece of paper or in this case, a bunch of ones and zeroes.

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