The Multiverse, an infinite number of universes co-existing in the infinite void of time & space.

Not many people can travel between universes with exception of those who may have done it by accident yet no one knows how to create such a phenomenon.

However, there are exception to a few universes coming in contact through special means such as teleportation or gateways, yet requires a great deal of power.

But that is not why you are here my fellow readers. You are here to follow the tale of four teenage monster hunters-in-training, make that monster huntresses.

Here in Universe 344-90W, Planet Remnant, Kingdom of Vale, Beacon Academy; Team RWBY will be on a grand adventure across many universes and each one grows more interesting than the last.

Yet here is a question for you: What is the purpose of transporting three teenage humans and a teenage catgirl, training to be monster slayers traveling across different universes?

Well my fellow readers, you have to follow the story to find out, so I bid you welcome to a grand story of adventure, action, and realms of many possibilities.