Beacon Academy/4:03 pm/2 days later...

Ruby wearing her uniform was running through the halls while saying "Oh great, I forgot my scroll at the library! Some team leader I am!" While running down the hall she bumped into someone and fell down saying "Ow!" The person she bumped into gives her a hand and said "Are you okay?" Ruby grabs the boy's hand and said "Yeah, thanks." as the boy helps her up. She then said to the boy "Sorry, but I haven't seen you before. Are you here for the tournament?" The boy said "Yes I am. Oh and I'm a little lost, do you know where the library is? My team decided to go to Vale while I'm busy exploring Beacon." Ruby smiled and said "I'm actually on my way there because I forgot my scroll." The boy looked down and said "Uh, can you let go of my hand." Ruby felt embarrassed and said "Oh, sorry." and lets go of his hand. The two walk down the hall with the boy saying "Yeah my team just went off without me because they think it is the team leader's job to do most of the work." Ruby looked at the boy and said "I'm team leader too, but I'm also 15 years-old." The boy smiled and said "Hey, same here, what a coincidence." Ruby said "Really, wow." She then slapped her forehead and said "Oh, how rude of me. My name is Ruby Rose, what's your name?" "Dutch. Dutch Lycorice, my dear. Team leader of Team DARK."

After getting to know each other at the library and Ruby retrieves her scroll, the PA said "Would Team RWBY, please report to Ozpin's office. Team RWBY, please report to Ozpin's office." Ruby jumped up and said "Whoop, got to go." Dutch grabs her hand and said "I hope to see you again, Ms. Rose." and kissed her hand. Ruby started to blush and acted nervous and said "I...uh...got to go! Bye!" and ran out the door by using her semblance. Dutch just gave off an innocent smile and said "Ruby Rose. I really like the name."

Ruby ran to the elevator with the rest of her team there. Ruby asked "What is going on?" Weiss was looking better said "I don't know, maybe to talk about our adventures." Blake looking confused said "Didn't we do a report on it yesterday?" Yang said being optimistic "Maybe we're getting a reward or something." The elevator has reached Ozpin's office. They all entered out and see Team CFVY, Team JNPR, Professor Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch, Data, Amber, Penny, Dr. Oobleck, and General Ironwood were there with some looking serious and some looking anxious. The four huntresses look around all confused with Ruby saying with one eyebrow raised "What is going on?" Ozpin gets off of his chair and said "Team Ruby, we have much to discuss." while the elevator door closes.

Epilogue: Off the Record

(As in the Multiversal Writer, the character, is not writing this part)

Mountain Glenn/The 7th Day/4:46 pm

Dunkle Schokolade was in a room with a roaring fireplace with Mountain Glenn going through a huge renovation while he stares at an old portrait of the original Merlot Industries headquarters and a grandfather clock ticking. Someone knocks on the door and Dunkle said in a serious tone "Come in." The door opened to reveal Aiden Price and Adam Taurus entering the room with Aiden saying "Excuse me sir, Adam Taurus is here." Dunkle then said "Close the door and lock it." which he did. Adam then asked "Why am I here sir?" Dunkle explained while still starring at the painting "Despite the mysterious energy signature not being found, you did manage to find that there is a minor flaw in our satellite system. You have found locations that didn't appear. For that, the ruling council members decided that you have earned a seat in our inner circle." Adam was confused and said "Inner circle? Just what is going on?" Dunkle then walked over towards the banner that is green with a golden flaming phoenix being wrapped by a silver Asian dragon under a bronze sun. He then turned his attention towards Adam and said "You care about our people, correct?"

Adam: "Y-yes."

Dunkle: "Do you care about our world?"

Adam: "Yyyyes."

Dunkle: "Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of all?"

Adam: "Yeah."

Dunkle smiled and said "Then, it is about time for you to see our true leader." Dunkle pushes a secret button and reveals a secret passage behind the banner and said "Let's go." All three of them walked down a dimly light, winding set of stairs with Adam asking "So, just who IS our true leader?" The councilman said "You'll see." Then they enter a large room with something metallic at the center in the form of a circle with white glowing circles around it and evenly spaced. Dunkle then said sharply "We want you to keep kneeling in one of the circles and keep your head down unless spoken to do so. Understand?" Adam then said "Y-yeah, I got it." All three of them then kneel on the circles and keeping their head downs. Then from the main circle, a large shadowy hologram that appears to be wearing some heavy robes appeared with Dunkle saying "Greetings my empress, we have found a new member of the Inner Circle to join us." The hologram then spoke in a big, booming, feminine voice "Who is this man? Is he the one you spoke off?" Dunkle then said "Yes my empress."

The giant hologram looked at Adam and said "Let me see your face." Adam then looked up at the hologram and started to gulp and sweat at the sight of the figure. Adam began to shiver at the sight of the hologram and turned his head back down in fear. Dunkle then said "What is your wish, my lady?"

?: "HE is at Beacon, correct?"

Dunkle: "That is correct."

?: "Good, just so you know that he is not only my son, he is also the herald of the empire. The one who judges worlds and reports to me. He will be the judge of Remnant and help us decide how we decide the planet's fate. Whether your world will be part of the empire, or be burned in the fires of judgement."

Adam wanted to say something, but he was too scared and just kneel there and is forced to listen to the conversation as if an invisible force compels him to keep silent. Then the hologram showed glowing white eyes while wearing some elaborate headdress and said "But for now, I have a special assignment for you."

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