Lawndale 2021

Updated on 09/15/2015: The Sealab Daria Crossover Universe-0001-AAAA uses the International Fixed Calendar, established (within the series universe) on January 1st, 2017. If I'm going to make any attempts at continuity at all for the few episodes which will be connected, I might as well make it as easy as possible to avoid a headache. Please note that for any Daria stories which I may set in the future, I will probably use the International Fixed Calendar to save time and make things easier for myself while writing.


Deep below the surface of the ocean, there is an advanced scientific research facility known as Sealab. Its sworn purpose is to study and maintain a viable habitat under the ocean for humanity, as the planet's natural resources are being depleted. As such, only the most trustworthy and brilliant men and women of science are supposed to be in charge of Sealab.

However… the people in charge of processing applicants were extremely lazy and scientifically illiterate. Because of this, the brilliant minds in Sealab are forced to live alongside self-destructive sociopaths and morons so stupid that they cannot be trusted with a burnt-out match.

The people assigned to live in Sealab are numerous and vary in terms of intelligence, ranging from slightly smarter than a sack of ham to slightly less fact-filled than an up-to-date encyclopedia. Here is a list of the most prominent members of the Sealab crew, in no particular order:

Captain Hazel "Hank" Murphy: First in command of Sealab, most prominently in Pods 01-18, Murphy is a Navy veteran. He has a very strong sweet tooth, and can be easily distracted. His sanity after being underwater for an extended period of time, coupled with his past, has become questionable in recent years.

Commander Anthony DeMartino: Second in Command of Sealab, DeMartino is a no-nonsense military veteran as well. Originally a member of the United States Marine Corps, he was transferred to Sealab and had his rank changed to reflect this. Before being transferred to Sealab, he was a teacher at Lawndale High School. He occasionally serves as a History teacher at the Sealab Pod 17-District high school, which was nicknamed New Lawndale High by the crew, much to DeMartino's chagrin.

Commander Angela Li: The head of Sealab Security, Angela Li is ruthless, scheming, and possibly mentally unstable. She often focuses much of her attention on the school area and serves as a co-principal, hoping to imprint on the minds of the students and make them loyal to her in the future.

Daria Morgendorffer: A young replacement for a recently deceased member of the bridge crew, Daria is one of the few people working in the control area who actually knows how to use their brain. She has a cynical outlook on life, and she is very honest to a fault. She is also very sarcastic. She has the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Jane Lane: Not technically an official control member, Jane was accepted onto the bridge crew after Daria convinced Captain Murphy that Jane could use her artistic skills to quickly fix equipment problems. Jane also is sarcastic, and shares a similar cynical view on life, but she has a slight sense of optimism, although she rarely shows it.

Commander Jodene Sparks: Head of Communications, and very sarcastic. He is a convicted felon serving time working for Sealab as part of his sentence. Sparks and Daria get along well and have similar personalities, but they are both on opposite ends of the morality spectrum. He is one of the saner crew members, although he is almost morally bankrupt, with his conscience only showing itself in the most absolutely dire of situations. For this reason, while Daria may get along with him, she is also extremely cautious and wary around him as well. He also convinces orphans and other small children to pee on Captain Murphy's bed at random intervals to drive the man insane.

Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn: The head Science Officer on Sealab, Quinn is on good terms with most of the more intelligent people in the station. He has an IQ of 260, and Daria looks up to him as a mentor, although their outlooks on life are very different. He has multiple Ph.D's and is often the voice of reason among Sealab's senior staff, especially since he has a far greater sense of morality than Sparks. Rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Quinn Morgendorffer: Younger sister to Daria, Quinn is very much a typical teenager, and she goes to the Sealab school, specifically at New Lawndale High School. She is very intelligent, but hides this from others by indulging in her obsessions with fashion and dating. She is sometimes referred to as "White Quinn," or "Female Quinn."

Kevin Thompson: A teenager on the New Lawndale High football team, Kevin may or may not have hit his head a few times too many. He is mentored by Derek "Stormy" Waters, with whom he is tied in the intelligence department. He is quite possibly one of the dumbest individual organisms, of any species, living in the station.

Derek "Stormy" Waters: An air-headed pretty boy. He and Kevin Thompson get along very well. It is unknown exactly what Stormy's job is, but since he is strong enough to do basic manual labor, no one complains. He is matched by Kevin Thompson in terms of intelligence, both in book smarts and in street smarts. He once released a grizzly bear into Sealab, thinking it was an abnormally large ferret. Rank of Lieutenant.

Brittany Taylor: A seemingly air-headed blonde, Brittany is the head cheerleader for the school. She has an on/off relationship with Kevin Thompson. She also has an excellent understanding of military tactics and basic mechanical engineering. She is a yellow belt in Karate and has a mild grasp of Kung-Fu, although she occasionally confuses the two styles. She is also builds flamethrowers for fun.

Michael James "Mack" McKenzie: Captain of the high school football team, and a friend of Daria and Jane, Mack is also one of the saner people in Sealab. He sometimes gets roped into helping the maintenance team and Dr. Quinn on occasion, much to his annoyance. He is the only true "Average Joe" in Sealab because of this.

Jodie Landon: Daughter of Andrew Landon, the inventor of the Landon Folding Coffee Cup, Jodie Landon used to be very conscious of her behavior and image, as she used to be one of only a handful of black students at her old school, which used to be in Lawndale. With Dr. Quinn being as well respected and prominent as he is, Jodie no longer feels the need to be a role model or a token. However, much to her annoyance, people still ask her if she can give them free folding coffee cups when they discover who her father is.

Amy Barksdale: Daria and Quinn's aunt and guardian while living in Sealab, after their parents, Helen and Jake, got their transfer forms mixed up and were sent to a ground-side research station. She has an appearance and personality similar to Daria, and is often mistaken for her mother, while no one questions that Quinn is her niece. She gets along well with most of Sealab's crew, especially Sparks. Has a rank of Lieutenant, after passing a course for becoming an official part of the Sealab crew, like her niece.

Stacey Rowe: A close friend of Quinn. Stacey lives in a residential housing unit directly across from Daria, Quinn, and Amy because her parents were eaten alive by a pack of ravenous mutant koala bears that Kevin Thompson thought were large plush toys when he released them from their holding cage.

Debbie "White Debbie" Dupree: A blonde marine biologist, Debbie has an on/off relationship with Dr. Quinn. She often uses Stormy or Kevin as meat-shields when someone goes crazy or a dangerous animal is on the loose, even though she has knowledge of Kung-Fu. Rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Lt. Commander Marco Rodrigo Marquez: Chief Engineer of Sealab. He is very strong and muscular, but sometimes overestimates his strength and chances. He once won a fight with a grizzly bear that some idiot *coughStormycough* had smuggled into Sealab's forest dome in Pod 09 before Angela Li was assigned to the station's security team.

Timothy O'Neill: Another teacher for the Sealab school area. He is very in touch with his emotions, but is not very good at controlling them.

Janet Barch: Another teacher, she is also in charge of maintenance for Pods 01-04. She is a very bitter woman, having been divorced by her husband after 22 years when she discovered he was cheating on her. Rank is Lieutenant Commander.

Samantha* Morris: Another teacher at New Lawndale High. She serves as a gym teacher and the occasional health teacher.

Diane Bennett: Serves as both an economics teacher at the school, and as a budget manager for Sealab itself. She hates pennies and loves the sound of chalk on a chalkboard. Rank is Lieutenant.

Claire Defoe: A teacher for the Sealab school area, located in Pod 17, she is usually calm and collected, and often serves as a voice of reason, using logic, compassion, and reason when voicing her opinions on how to navigate various crises. As a result, no one ever listens to her.

Captain Bellerophon "Tornado" Shanks: A former football coach in charge of Pods 19-36, Tornado Shanks is only slightly more self-aware than Murphy. Unfortunately, he has no experience in being a commanding officer of an operation such as Sealab whatsoever. Luckily, most of the people in Pods 19-36 are much more rational than the people in Pods 01-18, meaning that he is able to keep things mostly under control in that area with their help. He is the only person who is truly aware that he's a fictional character.

Jake and Helen Morgendorffer: Daria and Quinn's parents. Accidentally sent to live and work at a ground-side research station, they keep in touch with their daughters through Sealab's communications systems and monthly mail systems. Helen is mostly level-headed, while Jake is somewhat eccentric and prone to outbursts wherein he angrily shouts at his deceased father, who traumatized him as a child through horrible parenting.

Trent Lane: Jane Lane's older brother. Part of the station's maintenance crew, he and several other maintenance personnel are part of a band called, "Mystic Spiral." He has the ability to sleep through most of the station's emergency alarms, with only the Imminent Destruction and Reactor Meltdown alarms having the proper frequency and pitch to wake him. He and Jane live in a housing unit only one housing block away from Daria, Quinn, and Amy.

Vincent and Amanda Lane: Jane and Trent's often absent parents, who are constantly traveling the world. They are gone so much, that when Trent and Jane were sent to live in Sealab, Vincent and Amanda didn't even notice that they weren't living in Lawndale anymore until the fourth time they returned home. After discovering their youngest children's whereabouts, they make occasional attempts to contact them via mail, usually sending them money along with occasional pictures from their latest travels.

Tom Sloane: Tom Sloane is a resident of the Sealab Pod 21-District High School, nicknamed New Fielding by its residents, all of whom came from Lawndale before they moved into Sealab. Tom is friends with Daria and Jane, and he has the book smarts and wit to match Daria. His father, Angier Sloane, of Sloane and Page, donated money to the construction and renovation of Sealab's newest Pods. He is the only member of his family who is somewhat normal and he does not care for his family's wealth or status.

Kay Sloane: Mother of Tom Sloane, Kay resides in Pod 21 with her son and daughter. Not much is known about her, although she is somewhat fond of Daria and Jane, if only because they aren't gold diggers using her son for his name and money. She is a closet telepath and uses this ability to speak with dolphins.

Elsie Sloane: Sister of Tom Sloane. Elsie is a mysterious entity who hides in the shadows of Sealab, keeping to herself and only interacting with other students at New Fielding. Very few people outside of her immediate and extended family have ever heard her voice, and most non-family members have been driven insane by hearing it without proper ear-protection. To avoid this, she uses a voice modulator with an attached breathing apparatus when outside of her family's housing unit.

Angier Sloane: Tom and Elsie's father. He is rarely seen, and he speaks even less. He loves money, and will put only his family before it, although even then it can be a gamble depending on his mood and the time of day. When he gets drunk, he pulls his shirt over his head and calls himself Cornholio the Second, as a youth in Highland once inspired him with a speech about scoring chicks and money to the point that he shed tears.

Debbie "Black Debbie" Allison Love: A teacher in the Sealab school area, mostly for the elementary age students and the orphans. She is one of only two people who are mildly tolerant of Dolphin Boy, although she still does not care to be in his presence when she can avoid it.

Dolphin Boy: Persona Non Grata of Sealab. Everyone, even Claire Defoe, hates Dolphin Boy. He speaks with dolphin noises, eats lunches marked with other people's names, hides the remote controls to people's TV's, neglects to flush the toilet after using it, and wears a bright ugly yellow uniform. Sparks often uses him in experiments for determining which BBQ and/or steak sauce will attract carnivorous animals the fastest.

David Van Driessen: A former teacher of Daria's from Highland, Texas. Van Driessen joined the Sealab Project in order to regain his sanity and escape from depression and anxiety caused by years of teaching in the cesspool known as Highland. He serves as a teacher at New Lawndale High. He resides in a housing unit diagonally across from Amy Barksdale. He is the only other person who doesn't hate Dolphin Boy, although on some occasions, Dolphin Boy's chirps will remind him of two particular youths from Highland, and he will have flashbacks similar to a veteran suffering from PTSD.

Sharko: Half shark, half human. A hideous bastard love child formed when Marco had sexual relations with a female shark. He is treated with only slightly more dignity than Dolphin Boy, given that being part shark means that he has teeth capable of ripping people's limbs from their bodies. He has average grades in math and science, excelling in arts and crafts. Well, the crafts part, anyway. He is able to detect electric currents surrounding objects and living things.

Dr. Ilad Virjay: The station's Chief Medical Officer. He practices Manduism, and he is the station's in-house surgeon. He also speaks with a deadpan tone, regardless of the topic, and has a relatively normal personality, at least when compared with his colleagues. He has three Ph.D's. He occasionally mentors White Quinn, as he calls her, on her rare outwardly visible learning binges, which happen once a month.

Tommy Sherman: A former football player turned security guard. Tommy Sherman often speaks in third person due to brain injuries suffered from his days as a football player at Lawndale High School. He joined the Sealab project because he thought it would help him pick up chicks or get him access to discounted booze. Working under Angela Li, former principal of his old school, Tommy has become very cynical, mellow, and depressed. He only smiles when tap-dancing while wearing a kilt and a fedora, a secret passion of his. Rank of Lieutenant.

Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III: A self-proclaimed ladies' man and all around pervert, Upchuck is a source of annoyance for most females age 15 and above living in Sealab. He does not, however, go after anyone who is below Sealab's age of consent, which is 15 years old, according to an unfixed typo in the official charter. Upchuck also helps White Debbie with recording the sounds of various marine organisms, as he has an ear for acoustics, and he serves as a DJ and professional recording man for Mystic Spiral. Usually works around the reactor room and in engineering. Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Andrea LaGotha: A goth girl of very few words, Andrea can be found wandering the halls of Sealab during after-school hours. She occasionally helps Dr. Quinn and Dr. Virjay whenever they try to experiment with hemp and marijuana plants for scientific experiments or medical usage, respectively.

Hesh Hepplewhite: A member of Engineering. Hesh works around the station's reactor, and he often speaks about himself in third person. He is nasal-voiced, smart-mouthed, and whiny. Very few people, if any, like him. Many people prefer to spend time with Upchuck over Hesh.

Tiffany Blum-Deckler: A classmate of Quinn. She is also in the fashion club. She has a tendency to change her speech patterns from day to day, depending on her mood.

Jamie White: A classmate of Quinn's. He is one of the Three J's. When alone, everyone can remember his name, but when together with Jeffy and Joey, no one can remember his name properly.

Jeffy: One of the Three J's.

Joey: One of the Three J's.

Linda Griffin: Works for Sealab's in-house news reporting team. Mother of Sandi Griffin. All-around unlikable person.

Sandi Griffin: Classmate of Quinn Morgendorffer. Stuck up, head of the Fashion Club. Very competitive.

Lieutenant Sasha Winters: A member of Sealab's security crew. She is more level-headed and rational than Commander Li or Tommy Sherman. As a result, when one or both of them are incapacitated, she ends up taking charge of Sealab's security forces. She is an original character (OC).

Commander Oats: Serves as the other part time principal for New Lawndale High School. He also oversees the handling of Sealab's supplies and inventory. He is also an original character (OC).

The calendar system used in this series is the International Fixed Calendar, because if there's going to be some way of making the few connected episodes have any proper sense of continuity, this makes it easy.

*Ms. Morris has no given first name in the canon Daria series, so I made one up for her.

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