I had this idea for a while and, because of the Forever Crossover Ficathon, finally got it all down.

Okay, so for Person of Interest, there are some major spoilers from season 4. If you don't want to read those spoilers, you should probably wait until you have gotten at least halfway through the season.

On the part of Forever, the story is set at the end of the season. Translation: Yes, Jo knows about Henry, which is why she is helping him with the complicated stuff.

Chapter One Anomalies

The first time it happened on a subway car.

The Machine was watching—inaccurate, the Machine records, the Machine extrapolates. She takes the data from billions of eyes and creates a list of threats to human life. Definition of verb "to watch": to observe attentively, perhaps over an extended period of time. Previous statement was correct: the Machine was watching.

And the anomaly first appeared on a subway car that crashed. Before the cameras cut out, there were sixteen people in the first subway car including the driver. But the cameras on the platform revealed that only fifteen bodies were recovered. Scanning her data banks, the Machine discovered the sixteenth body surfaced in the river moments after the crash, very much alive.

Anomalous entity identified: Dr. Henry Morgan, Chief Medical Examiner, New York City. Status: Observation.

Anomaly Log, entry #2.

Lower East Side, late evening.

There were no cameras in the shop known as Abe's Antiques, not in the area that the anomaly entered before he appeared again in the East River.

Noting the repeated state of undress, the Machine accessed his police file, cross-referencing counts of public indecency with accident reports throughout the city.

She filed the correlation under "Continue Observation".

Anomaly Log, entry #3.

Grand Central Station, a period of time that people refer to as "rush hour".

The Machine had plenty of eyes at the station, inside and out. She saw the confrontation on the roof and the resulting fall. The anomaly had been shot, and had then landed on a vehicle in front of the station. Training the cameras on the scene, she recorded the precise moment that the deceased body of the anomaly disappeared.

Another portion of her senses drew her attention again to the East River, where the anomaly was swimming to shore.

Status Updated: Potential Asset. Continue observation pending Admin notification.

Henry could not shake the feeling that he was being watched. He thought it might have been Adam. But he was safely tucked away in the hospital, paralyzed and unable to speak, and still the feeling perpetuated.

He doubted that it was Jo, especially now that she knew. He remembered her reaction when he had finished relating his very long and complicated story.

"As crazing as all that sounds, it actually explains a few things. So the reason you were so upset about Abigail..."

"Yes. She was my wife, and I loved her dearly." Henry sighed. "Abraham was the one who got me through her disappearance and forced me to move on."

"And Abe is your son." Jo ran her fingers through her hair. "I'm going to need a little time and a lot of alcohol to wrap my head around this, but I think I understand most of it."

Henry was still surprised that she had believed him. Nora hadn't, and had him sent to Bedlam when he tried to prove it. Abigail-and that twinge of sadness and regret that always came with her memory stung him once more-she had seen the effects of his curse first before he could explain it.

But Jo, she trusted him without asking for proof. As she said, it did explain a few things, but explanation and proof are two very distant things. To believe him as she did...it was a kind of blind faith that he had encountered only once in his two and a half centuries of living.

Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him—and quite closely. The only ones he knew of that could get that close to him were Abe and Jo. Henry suddenly felt the need to visit the hospital and ensure that Adam was still there.

He took his copy of Paradise Lost, the epic in which the Devil could be a hero and where God was an insurmountable obstacle. The older immortal probably loved it.

Her attention could never be diverted. She could be focused, but her eyes were watching. The Machine was always watching.

But she had lost one of them—one of the assets—the woman called Shaw. The Analog Interface had protested. She and the main asset had gone in search of Shaw. But not even the Machine, with all her eyes and all her resources, not even she could find Shaw. Neither she, nor the assets and the Admin, could fight Samaritan on his own ground.

Asset #1, John Reece, was shutting out the detective—Lionel Fusco, Asset #3—because of the loss of Asset #2 Sameen Shaw. Every short conversation with Analog Interface Root devolved into a negotiation for clues to Asset #2's whereabouts. But she didn't have them. She couldn't get them and send the team without losing the Admin, which to her circuits was tantamount to catastrophic failure.

Asset Update Available: Henry Morgan, PhD. Medical Examiner, New York City Morgue. Anomalous Characteristic: Ability to survive fatal events, 100% recorded, 99.9999999% probability of continued phenomena.

Origin of Anomaly: Unknown.

Threat to Potential Asset: Adam, Real Name Unknown, Similar Anomaly, Potential Threat to Admin. Current Status: Temporary Neutralization through Paralysis, hospitalized.

Usefulness of Anomaly: Incalculable. Anomaly cannot be killed.

Precautions taken to protect Potential Asset #4: Records Falsified, Active Shielding of Records and Relocation to East River following Subject Death.

If only it were possible to make Admin like the Anomaly—to make the Assets like the Anomaly. Perhaps Admin could figure it out…

Admin was Creator. Father.

And Father could do almost anything.

Notifying Admin: New Number Dr. Henry Morgan.

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