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Some people live without fear.
Some people live with fear.
Some people live with both.

Now four certain girls? They live with both.

They live with the fear of what they had done in the past and fear that they may come to do it again; they pray that it won't happen again. But yet, they also believe that they won't let themselves get carried away in the wrong path.

Who are these girls?


Inside The Airplane

Sunset Shimmer looked out the window of the plane, Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze were sitting in front of her while Adagio Dazzle was sitting to her left. Sunset was thinking about everything that happened in the past.

Sure, she did bad things, but Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie helped her see what she did wrong and helped her change. They were her only friends and still are, but while they enjoyed having Sunset around, everyone else was still wary of Sunset.

While Sunset couldn't blame them for feeling that way, she was hurt that they didn't trust her.

When the Dazzlings approached Sunset about why she changed, she helped them see the error of their ways. The Mane Six welcomed them with open arms, or hooves since Twilight was back in her world, but could message them through the book.

But everyone was wary of the Dazzlings as well, even when they proved themselves.

So, the four of them agreed and after a going away party that was thrown by Pinkie Pie and promising to call and write them, Sunset, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata left for Jasper, Nevada high school for a fresh new start, were they hoped that they could live there without fear or wariness from anyone knowing their past.

But what the four girls didn't know, was that something was gonna happen. They felt it, their feelings telling them that something was gonna happen.

Adagio was watching Sonata and Aria argue about something, a bored look on her face as she rested her head on the palm of her hand. Glancing at Sunset at the corner of her eye, Adagio looked confused and a little worried when she saw the expression on her face.


Sunset turned her head to look at Adagio as Aria and Sonata stopped arguing to look at Sunset.

"You okay," Adagio asked.

"Yeah. I'm okay. I just have this feeling and I feel something is going to happen," Sunset tells them.

The former Sirens looked at her in shock before they spoke at the same time.

"Me too!"

All four shared a shocked look.

"OK, something is going to happen if we all have the same feeling," Sunset said.

"Well, there's no point it doing something now. Might as well wait till it happens," Adagio reasoned.

"So, what are we gonna do when we get to Jasper, Nevada," Sonata asked, being her normal self.

"Well, I say we rent a room in a hotel. We don't have enough money to buy a house." Aria stated.

Sunset turned her graze from Aria and Sonata to Adagio.

"Adagio, you have the money in your bag. How much do we have?"

Adagio unbuckled herself, got up, and got her bag from the cockpit above her. Sitting down, Adagio opened her bag and pulled out the money, counting it. After about a minute or two, she looked up at them.

"Well, we have 67 dollars each for having the same job in Equestria, so that makes 616 dollars altogether," Adagio states.

"So, here's the plan. When we land, we take a look around, look for a hotel is where they take money under 616 dollars, put our stuff away, go for a run, and get back to the hotel to sleep. Who knows. Maybe we will make friends with someone or some people," Sunset told her friends

They nodded their heads as a male voice over the speakers was heard then.

"Attention all passengers. Attention all Passengers. We are above Jasper, Nevada. Please return to your seats. I repeat, return to your seats."

When the voice stopped talking, Adagio put her bag back in the cockpit and sat down, buckling up again. Aria and Sonata turned around in their seats the correct way so the landing wouldn't hurt them.

It was a little bumpy, but soon they landed. The male voice came over the speakers again.

"Everyone, welcome to Jasper, Nevada. Please exit calmly and no pushing."

The girls buckled, got their bags, and walked down the aisle to the exit. They looked at each other and smiled. They all exited the plane, ready for the new life that awaits them.

Little did they know, their lives were gonna changed in a way they never imagined.

Outside The Airport

The girls found the exit of the airport despite the crowd. They were walking quickly to get away from the building in case of another crowd, which they did not want to go through again. It was like trying to escape a room with only one exit.

The girls took a break, sighing as they rested next to a bus sign.

"Finally, we are out that crowd," Sonata said sitting on her bag.

"Who knew that getting out of crowds was hard when you're going one way and when the crowd is going the other," Adagio stated.

"Even large crowds like Airport crowds," Aria said slumping.

Sunset laughed and leaned against the pole.

"Hey, since we're stopping for a little break, we can come up with a name for our band," Sunset offered.

Adagio, Aria, and Sonata nodded, quickly thinking of some names.

"The Dazzlings," Aria says.

"Siren Dazzling," Sonata stated.

"Dazzling Four," Adagio said.

"Dazzling Sunsets," Sunset added.

The girls stopped and smiled, looking at each other as they thought the last name over.

"'The Dazzling Sunsets', I like it," Adagio said with a smile.

"Me too," Sonata exclaimed, bouncing up, clapping.

"Not a bad name," Aria just put on a small smile and nodded.

"So it's settled. From now on we are the Dazzling Sunsets," Sunset grinned.

As one, the four girls yelled out, testing their new band name, "Dazzling Sunsets!"

Laughing, the girls went on their way, but trying to find a hotel was harder then it looked. Since in the human version of Equestria, everyone had normal type skin, but a chemical spill changed everyone's color to that of their pony version. Sunset called that a funny ad weird coincidence. The chemical wasn't harmful, just changed their skin color. Everyone is used to it now.

But still, they come across some people who go ga-ga and ask all sort of questions. The only one who didn't ask questions was a woman named June who had black hair with blue eyes and was a nurse at a hospital. Thanks to June, the girls were able to find a hotel and rent a room, The Shilo Inn.


"Finally, I thought we will never be able to get to our rooms. Having to explain to every single person about our colored skin. Like, I know a chemical changed everyone's color but do they really need to ask all these questions," Aria said as she was putting her clothes away.

"Yeah. Like, every time. About 13 times," Sonata stated in a matter-of-fact way, laying down on her bed.

"Well, it cost 308 dollars for this room so that leaves us with 308 dollars left. Let's choose wisely," Adagio stated in a normal way.

"Well, that's it," Sunset looked around the room and saw that the others were done with putting away their clothes.

All expect their running clothes. Sunset smiled.

"Okay, girls. Let's go explore and see the town," Sunset exclaimed.

"Yeah, let's go!" Sonata yelled, jumping off her bed and running towards the door.

The girls explored the town, looking at every building and talking to people. Soon, their stomachs were growling and looked for the nearest place where they could eat. They place they found was KO Burger.

They went inside, not knowing a certain group was talking to each other within.

The Autobots and their human allies, minis Agent Fowler and Ratchet were talking inside. This was so their bonds with each other could strengthen. Optimus thought it was a good idea when the kids suggested it to him and agreed.

June was sitting there, listening to them talk when she decided to just say something thing that was on her mind and had been for a while.

"I was approached today," June said, watching their reactions.

In an instant, all attention was on her.

"By who? M.E.C.H. or the 'cons'?" Arcee asked, getting ready to protect her human friend.

The others did too, remembering when Jack told them when June was captured by M.E.C.H. June smiled, shaking her head.

"Neither. Four girls," June stated.

"Four girls," Optimus asked.

June proceeds to tell them about the girls from Equestria and the problem they had. The Autobots were shocked since they didn't know this previously until now.

"So, they asked you where a hotel is that has under 616 dollars in cash," Raf said.

June nodded, "Yeah. I didn't learn their names, though. They left before I could ask."

June looks at the window and smiled, "But it looks like I will find out now."

They gave her confused looks. She pointed to the window. There were the girls that June was talking about. They were walking and they were walking to the doos of KO Burger here.

The Dazzling Sunsets opened the door and walked in.

"Okay girls, find a place to sit while I will order the food," Sunset said.

"K," the former Sirens said.

Adagio, Aria, and Sonata took a seat in the table next to the Autobots and their charges. Sunset walked up to the counter and leaned against since no one was there and had to wait. When Sunset turned around, she noticed the Autobots and humans staring at her and her friends. It was then she saw the nurse from before.

"Hey, I know you. Your the nurse who gave us directions to the Shilo Inn," Sunset pointed out.

The other three turned their heads and looked at June, who smiled at Sunset and nodded. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata looked over at June.

"Thanks for that, really," Adagio found herself saying.

"We were getting tired of walking and not getting anything," Aria said as she leaned back.

"Yeah, thanks," Sonata said as she kept moving around in her seat.

June chuckled, "Your welcome. It was my pleasure. You needed the help."

"HI! I'm Miko Nakadai! What are your names? Was your skin like that when you were born? Are you girls a band? Do you-," Miko exclaimed.

"Miko! Stop bombarding them with questions," Jack scolded.

"I just wanted to know all about them," Miko huffed.

"Well, I don't think you can learn all about us in the first meeting," Aria stated.

Someone walked right up to Sunset from behind.

"Hello. May I take your order please."

Optimus watched as Sunset order her and her friend's food. When the food was done and handed to her, she walked to the table her friends were sitting at and placed the tray down before sitting down with them.

"Since Miko asked, I'm Sunset Shimmer and these are my friends Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk," Sunset said as she gestured to her each of them.

"Nice to meet you, I'm June Darby. That' my son Jack and his friends Miko and Rafael Esquivel," June gestured to the kids.

"But you can call me Raf," Raf said, fixing his glasses which slipped down his face.

"Nice to you meet you. But what about the rest of you," Sonata asked before taking a bit of her Burger.

"I'm Orion Pax, these are my friends who I call family. Amy," Optimus pointed to Acree, "Mike," Optimus pointed to Bulkhead, "and Brian," Optimus pointed to Bumblebee.

"Nice to all of you and yes. Our skin was like this when we were born, we're from Equestria. Our band is called the Dazzling Sunsets," Adagio said.

"So why would you four move here? It's pretty boring," Miko asked.

The Dazzling Sunsets tensed up suddenly, looking at each other, the look in their eyes showing the same expression of fear before they schooled their features.

"We...had a bad past there. We couldn't take that and decided to move," Aria said.

"Oh," Miko said, seeing that her question bothered them.

Optimus looked at Sunset Shimmer. Sunset saw Optimus looking at her when she glanced at him, so she turned her head and looked at him better.

What are you and your friends hiding Sunset Shimmer Optimus thought.

After talking for a bit, the Autobots and their charges said good-bye and left. Taking their example, the Dazzle Sunsets took their leave. walking back to their hotel.

"That was close. Nice white lie Sunset," Aria spoke.

"Yeah. We don't want to tell them what we did just yet. If ever," Adagio adds.

"Yep. Well, it's getting late. We should head back to the hotel and get some sleep," Sonata said, yawning into her hand.

"Right. Okay girls, let's get back to our hotel room," Sunset said, looking at the setting sun.

Getting back to their hotel room, the girls didn't even bother getting changed before they got into bed, falling asleep. Little did they know, a force of good was watching them. And it has chosen them for a great choice that only they could make.

Dream World

Sunset walked around in a dark place. She remembered falling asleep, but she didn't know how she got here, it was strange and different. Plus the fact she still felt like she was awake. Seeing nothing around her, Sunset raised her hands to her mouth and called out.

"Hello?! HELLO," she yelled.

The cries were just echoes. She thought she was alone until a voice answered her.

"Sunset Shimmer."

Sunset shivered. The voice had a ghostly and metallic edge to it. Who was speaking to her and what did it want?

Soft laughter filled Sunset's ears.

"Don't worry young one."

"Who are you and where are you," Sunset asked, looking around.

"Right behind you."

Sunset gasped and turned around and gasped again.

Standing right behind her, was a robot her size, glowing brightly in the darkness all around. Sunset wanted to step back, but she kept her ground to look strong. The robot laughed softly and warmly.

"Calm yourself young one."

The robot lifted his hand and gently touched her cheek. Sunset glanced down at the hand, holding back a flinch at the metal touch.

"I won't hurt you Sunset Shimmer."

"How do you know my name," Sunset asked calming down.

The robot smirked, "I know many things. I'm a cybertronian god. My name is Primus."

Sunset's eye's widened. She was standing in front of a god! A real god! Primus laughed at her reaction before removing his hand from her cheek.

"There's a reason why I came to you, Sunset Shimmer."

"Please, just call me Sunset and what's the reason you came to me?"

"That will be explained to you when your friends get here. They are part of this as well."

The sentry changed from black to a light blue.

"I will be right back, Sunset," Primus smiled then disappeared, leaving Sunset in awe at just happen, what was happening, was this all a dream, and if it wasn't, what did Primus need them for.

Meanwhile, Adagio walked around in the dark place, trying to find something through the darkness.

"Hey! Can anyone hear me or is anyone even there," Adagio yelled out.

It was a silent couple seconds so Adagio thought she was alone until a ghostly yet metallic voice answered her.

"I am, young one."

Adagio gasped and froze. That voice sounded like it was right behind her and the metallic hand on her shoulder wasn't helping. Turning around, the shoulder removing itself from her shoulder, she couldn't stop the gasp that escaping her mouth. There was a robot her size glowing right behind her!

The robot smirked at her reaction and laughed. Adagio snapped out of her daze and put on a blank face, trying to act tough. The robot shook his head with a smile on his face.

"You have nothing to worry about Adagio Dazzle."

Adagio's blank face shattered at the mention of her name.

"How do you know my name," Adagio asked with fear.

The robot smiled kindly and lifted a hand and gently touched Adagio's chin. Adagio didn't move, but she did look down at the hand touching her chin.

"I won't harm you, Adagio Dazzle. It's completely against my nature. And I'm the cybertronian god Primus."

Adagio started to calm down after hearing that. "What do you want from me?"

Primus smiled and took his hand away from Adagio's chin.

"Like I told Sunset, you have to wait for the rest of your friends cause all of you is apart of this."

The sentry changed from black to a light blue.

"I'll be right back. Talk to your friend, Adagio," Primus smiled before disappearing, leaving Adagio staring in awe.


Adagio turned around looked at Sunset, "Sunset, what's going on?"

"I don't know, but we will soon."

During this, Aria walked around in the dark place she was in. She did not like the place cause it was creepy.

Huffing she crossed her arms, "Is anyone their or not or is just not going to answer me?"

"Why would I not answer?"

Aria turned her body right and saw a robot her size glowing appear from the shadows. Aria got in a fighting stance. The robot chuckled with the ghostly and metallic edge to it.

"You don't have to worry, Aria Blaze. No harm will come to you."

Aria calmed down and got in a normal stance, "Who are you?"

The robot reached out his left hand and touched Aria on her left arm.

"My name is Primus and I'm a cybertronian god."

"A god? That would explain how you knew my name."

"Indeed young one."

"What do you want from me?"

Primus took his hand off of Aria's arm.

"You'll find out when you and the rest of your friends are together cause they are part of this."

The sentry changed from black to light blue.

"In the meantime, talk to your friends, Aria,"

Primus disappeared, leaving an awestruck Aria behind.


Aria turned around and saw Sunset and Adagio.

"Sunset? Adagio? What's going on?"

"We don't know," Adagio said, "But we'll find out later."

Meanwhile, Sonata looked around in fear. It was dark. She hated the dark. She couldn't see. She hated not seeing. She made a whine of pure terror and crouch down covering her face.

"Don't be scared. Don't be scared. Don't be scared. Don't be scared."

"You're scared of the dark, young one."

Sonata gasped at the metallic and ghostly voice and said, "Who's there?"

It was quiet for a couple seconds before a metallic hand touched the side of Sonata's head, making her freeze.

"It's okay, Sonata Dusk, nothing will hurt you."

"You know my name," Sonata asked and looked up, gasping as she a robot glowing in front of her.

The bot smirked, "I'm a cybertronian god. I know many things. My name is Primus."

The bot stood up and held his hand out, "Come Sonata."


Primus smiled kindly, "To your friends."

Sonata looked at metallic hand before grabbing it and getting pulled up by Primus. The sentry changed from black to light blue.


Sonata gasped and turned around, "Girls!"

Primus watched as Sonata ran up to her friends before disappearing.

Aria looked around, "Hey, where's Primus?"

The other girls looked around.

"Where did he go," Adagio asked.

"He was just right there," Sonata said.

"Hey, Primus! Where are you," Sunset called out.

"Right Here."

The girls turned around and looked up.

"Wow!" was all they could say.

Primus was no longer human size, but a giant robot. Gaint as in well over thousands of feet high, looking around, they realized they were now standing in Primus's hand.

"Primus," Adagio asked.

"Yes Adagio, it is me."

"You're huge," Sonata exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm huge, Sonata," Primus chuckled.

"Why did you bring us here," Aria asked.

"You will find out when I tell you why you are meeting me, Aria ."

"Why are we meeting you," Sunset asked.

"For a reason, Sunset."

"Then do please tell us."

Primus smiled, "Of course."

So, Primus told them about the Autobot and Decepticon war. They were shocked to hear that the Orion and his friends were Autobots. But a question came to Sunset Shimmer.

"Primus, I understand what you're saying and that you want us to help, but how are going to help the Autobots?"

Primus smiled kindly before answering, "I'm going to offer you a choice. Stay who you are and help the Autobots that way or I can turn all four of you into techno-organic pretenders."

"What's a techno-organic pretender," Sonata asked.

"A techno-organic is half cybertronian and half human. A pretender is a cybertronian that can take on any aspects of life. In this case, humans."

"Wait, now wait a minute. You want to turn us into your kind with our permission so we can help your kind," Adagio stated, taking a step forward.

"There's more to it but you will find out."

The girls looked at each other and smiled, but before they could answer, Primus spoke again.

"But, there is one drawback that will happen if you decided to take the second choice."

"And what is that," Aria asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Your pony and dragon forms. They will disappear if you become techno-organic pretenders. In other words, you won't have them anymore. You'll still have some power like you would have when you transformed into them."

The Dazzling Sunsets were shocked. It was a hard choice to make. Stay the way they were now or lose their pony forms to get tuned into techno-organic pretenders.

Sonata was doped. She wanted to get turned into a cybertronian techno-organic pretender. Primus said they will lose their dragon forms, but she doesn't care. She did a lot of evil with her dragon form, so she wants to make her past right.

She stepped up and said, "Yes. I'll become a techno-organic pretender."

Aria was shocked that Sonata would agree, but the more she thought, the more she was being to agree with her. She didn't care if losing her dragon form, because she made up her mind.

Stepping up next to Sonata, Aria nodded her head, "I will as well."

Adagio watched as Sonata and Aria both agreed on something, which was both rare and not rare. She thought about the pros and cons of the choice. Pro: They can help others. Con: They will lose their dragon forms. Pro: They did a lot of evil things in those dragon forms. Con: Once they make the choice, there's no going back.

Making up her mind, she stepped up next to Aria and said, "I agree with them."

Seeing that her friends wanted to become techno-organic pretender, Sunset decided to ask Primus a question. Stepping up next to Adagio, Sunset asks, "Why did you pick us out of anyone you could have chosen?"

Primus smiled before saying, "Cause out of all of them, you four were the ones who caught my optics the most."

Sunset went quiet and thought about want he just said. He picked them cause they caught his attention more than others.

Having her mind made up, she looked at Primus, "I agree with my friends to become techno-organic pretenders."

Primus smile grew after hearing what Sunset said.

"You made the right choice."

Primus lifted his right hand and a light flashed out of it, hitting the Dazzling Sunsets.

"A change your going to notice is that your eyes are electric blue. The rest will be up to you to find out."

The girls nodded their heads and looked at each other. Their eyes were electric blue.

"Now your ranks."

The girls looked at Primus.

"Sonata, you will be the scout and spy of the group. Aria, you will be the medic and weapons specialist of the group. Adagio, you will be the commander and hacker of the group. Sunset, you will be the leader and translator from the group."

The girls nodded.

"You are all sirens again, but this time with good magic."

"Wait. All. Even me," Sunset asked.

"Yes, Sunset. You are a siren just like your friends."

"Sweet girl. Now we all can sing well. Not that we sang badly besides singing off-key sometimes," Sonata quipped.

"When you sing, you can do anything as long has it isn't evil."

"We got that loud and clear," Aria said.

"Your names are next. Sonata, you will be known as Dusk in your Autobot mode. Aria, you will be known as Blaze in your Autobot mode. Adagio, you be will be known as Dazzle in your Autobot mode. Sunset, you be will be known as Shimmer Prime, the only female, femme in our terms, prime left.

"The only female, oops, femme prime left. That's quite a thing for me, but I will try," Sunset commented.

"Your Alt modes, however, are your human forms."

"OK. Got it, Primus," Adagio said.

Primus then started to fade out.

"You are waking up. Go and help the Autobots win this war."

"You can count on us Primus," Aria said.

"We won't let you down," Sonata said.

"We will help the Autobots," Adagio said.

"We'll make you proud," Sunset said.

Primus smiled once more, "I'm already am."

A white light appeared and the Dazzling Sunsets woke up.

In The Hotel Room

The Dazzling Sunsets woke up, got up, and looked at each other. They looked down at each other and themselves. They smiled when they saw their electric blue eyes. But that wasn't the only thing they saw. Blue pendants were around their necks. They looked like the red ones but were blue.

"Primus did say we will find out the rest," Aria stated.

Sunset lifted her head and said," All right girls. Let's get our stuff packed. We have a mission to do."


The girls got changed, packed their stuff and left, knowing that their life had taken a big turn. But for once, they weren't scared. They instead waited for the Decepticons or Autobots to find them. Or the other way around.

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