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Shimmer and Optimus were successful in getting into the Nemesis, looking for Megatron. They lost their element of surprise when they happened open some Decepticons, which sounded an alarm and had every Decepticon in the vessel looking for them.

Optimus and Shimmer had their battle mask on, blades out and their blasters, slashing and firing away. Growling, Shimmer looked around and saw that they didn't have a choice of staying. They had to leave or they would be overwhelmed, no matter how skilled they were. Looking at Optimus, Shimmer saw he had the same thoughts about getting out of this battle zone and to Megatron.

"Optimus, let's get out of here! We're wasting time," Shimmer exclaimed.

"I agree. Let's find Megatron," Optimus stated.

Both of them used their blasters to shoot and path through the wave of Decepticons. Once free of the swarm, the two ran off, the Decepticons chasing them. Optimus spotted some Energon block up ahead and when they ran past it, he twisted and fired at the block, provoking an explosion that made the ceiling and wall collapse.

The Decepticons were forced to stop as their path was blocked. Optimus and Shimmer shared a look and slowed down, sped walking instead. With the threat of being swarmed taken care of, for now, they went on their business of finding Megatron.


Lita looked at the charging Autobots and Decepticons. While many others are attacking other places that are loyal to Megatron. However, she felt the one place that one Decetipcon who was loyal to Megatron to matter what was left to her and her alone.


Looking up, Lita spotted Shockwave looking down from where he was on the balcony and glaring at him. Shockwave watched as Autobots and Decepticons fought against Megatron's'. Looking down further, Shockwave saw Lita looking up at him. Shockwave glared, Lita had all this power and skill that was formally Mega Power's, but now that she was an Autobot again, she was a deadly force that had to be removed.

Lita looked to her right, Soundwave was standing next to her. Looking to her left, Ultra Magus and Wheeljack. Lita nodded and the three of them ran into battle, hopefully for the last time. Lita looked back up at Shockwave.

Smiling, she decided to sing a song from a movie she sped watched while she was on Earth.

"Game over. There are no rules in this game except win at any costs," Lita spoke, closing her eyes.

The time has come once and for all.

You've met your match, you will fall.

Opening her eyes, Lita looked up at Shockwave. She raised a hand pointed at Shockwave, giving him a glare.

This little game we play is gonna break us down.
Only one of us can wear the crown.

Shockwave huffed, his red eye staring Lita in an unimpressed matter. Lita took out her blades, staring at a big scarp metal that led to where Shockwave was.

It's not as easy as you thought it'd be.
When it's down to you vs me.

Lita ran over and jumped on it. She ran down the length of the scrap metal running towards Shockwave.

I play ya rough, I don't need to try.
You'd like to play mean, but the score never lies.

Seeing her coming, Shockwave aimed his blaster at her and fired. Lita jumped over the blast, swinging her sword down, which Shockwave blocked.

Game Over!
Game Over!
Game Over!
For now...

Time seemed to slow down. Lita looked Shockwave in the eye and in turn, he looked at her. Lita pushed herself away by kicking Shockwaves chest, backflipping a couple of feet away and landed on the rail. She lifted her head as she watched Shockwave get into a battle stance.

Winning the games the only rule allowed.
No more good luck or cheers from the crowd.

Lita glared at Shockwave, not moving from her stance. Lita gestured with her head to the battle.

When the game began you never thought you'd lose.
But your time is up, I play to bruise.

Lita jumped off the railings and charged at Shockwave. She dodged another blast and reached out with her blade to hit Shockwave's shoulder.

Ya look around and find you've lost your team.
You tried your best but you ran out of steam.

Shockwave growled, backing up and looked at his leaking shoulder. He glared at Lita Prime, wanting nothing more to remove her head from her shoulders.

I play ya rough, I don't need to try.
You'd like to play mean, but the score never lies.

Lita gave Shockwave a wicked wink, giving a mock salute. She shook her head as Shockwave blasted the rail she was on, but she grabbed the flooring and flipped herself back on, dodging another blast and jumped at Decepticon.

You're all out of wishes, kiss your dreams goodbye!
The ends the same!
It's not whether you win or lose its how you play the game. (Yeah.)

With all her strength, Lita cut off Shockwave's cannon from his arm. Shockwave looked down in shock at his now weaponless arm, allowing Lita to knock him down, placing a foot on his chest.

Game Over!
Game Over!
Game Over!
For now...

Lita smirked down at Shockwave. Shockwave pulled himself out of his shock and knocked Lita off him. Lita backed away as Shockwave stood up and brought out his blade, one he barely used. Shockwave glared at Lita and prepared to strike.


Lita smirked, Mega Power's memories showing her that Shockwave used a cannon better than a blade and that was proved when the Con charged at her, missing her as she dodged out of the way, leaving his blade stuck in the wall the was behind her.

"Is that all you got," Lita taunted, waving her hand at Shockwave, "Come on."

Shockwave pulled his blade free and swung at her. Lita jumped away and smiled.

"Uh-huh," Lita waved her finger before getting into a fighting stance, "Bring it on!"

Game Over!
Game Over!
Game Over!
For now...

Shockwave jumped at Lita, clashing blades with her. Lita smirked, Grabbing Shockwave and pulling him off the opening he made in the railing. Free-falling, the two traded punches and kicks, before Lita finally punched Shockwave hard enough in the face. Lita raised her blade before shoving it clean in Shockwaves chest, making Shockwave look at Lita in shock.

Game Over.

Lita gave Shockwave a sharp nodded as she uses his body to shield herself from the fall.

An echoing crash sounded throughout the battlefield, making everyone stop and look at the crater with dust covering it. Soundwave, Ultra Magnus, and Wheeljack all had the same thought and rushed to the crater, seeing the Shockwave and Lita were no longer on the balcony.

When they got there, a figure was climbing out of the hole, making them stop and wait tensely. The dust cleared, revealing Lita, covered in dust but smiling. The three looked at the young Prime.

Lita looked around at the silent battlefield. Chuckling became laugher as Lita raised her blade into the air.

"SHOCKWAVE IS NO MORE," Lita screamed at the top of her lungs, as humans would say.

Lita's side cheered and Shockwave's side surrendered, putting their weapons away. Lita sighed happy, embracing Soundwave in a hug, high-fiving Wheeljack, and shaking hands with her Uncle.

"Great job," Wheeljack said.

"You did a good job in taking care of Shockwave," Ultra Magus added.

"I knew you could do it," Soundwave stated.

Lita chuckled, sighing in relief.

Cybertron was safe. Now, it was up to the battle on Earth to decide the fate of both worlds.


In three different locations, three teams were bust trying to fight off the Decepticons and protect the humans. Things were going good, the three teams managed to get the humans to safety while kicking some Con butt.

Dusk looks at her struggling teammates, seeing them as humans would say, out of breath. Blaze saw her teammates couldn't keep up with the adding numbers. Dazzle saw that her teammates were struggling with fighting the Decepticons and protecting people.

Then, Dusk saw Dreadwing appear from out of nowhere behind Bumblebee, raising his blaster to attack.

"Bee, watch out" Dusk screamed.

Bumblebee turned around at the scream, seeing that Dreadwing was about to attack him. Bumblebee raised his arms and hands to protect himself when someone shoved Dreadwing to the side with a cry.

"NO," the being cried out, shoving Dreading into some Decepticons.

Bumblebee gaped as saw his he saw his older brother turn and look at him. Barricade looked at his younger brother with an unsure expression, not knowing what to say. However, he was saved when Bumblebee held up a hand.

"Stop. We'll talk later, so you better survive this fight. Alright," Bumblebee said.

Barricade was stunned, seeing that his brother was speaking again, only nodding. Bumblebee smiled and returned to the fight. Barricade watched him for a few seconds before joining in, attacking his former fraction.

Dusk smiled at this but saw Dreadwing getting back up. Knowing that Dreadwing was calling the shots in this battle, she knew that with him out of the way, this battle would be theirs.

Somewhere else, Blaze, Acree, and Bulkhead saw Starscream fly in, transforming and landing. The same goes for Dazzle, Smokescreen, and Tima saw Knock Out appear out of the crowd of Decepticons. Dusk looked at Bumblebee, Ratchet, and Barricade, a thought coming to her mind just like Dazzle and Blaze.

The Decepticons were pouring in more and more, making it more difficult for the Autobots and Auto Sirens. So, the Auto Sirens decided it was time to spice everything up by adding a little flair to their side.

I can see when you stay low nothing happens.
Does it feel right?

Looking at her friends and new Decepticon ally, Dusk used her music to give them strength and energy then they had before so they could fight the Decepticons better. Nodding at the thankful smiles she was getting, Dusk glared at Dreadwing, stalking slowly over to him.

Late at night things, I thought I put behind me.
Haunt my mind.

Powering and energizing her friends, Blaze saluted when they smiled at her. Blaze looked at Starscream, waving her hand at him, silently telling him that he should come to her if he wanted to battle.

I just know there's no escape now once it sets its eyes on you.
But I won't run, have to stare it in the eye.

Giving her friends power and energy to continue fighting, Dazzle gave them a nod. Dazzle looked at Knockout, who pointed at her, telling the Decepticons at his side to attack her.

Dazzle, Blaze, Dusk-
Stand my ground, I won't give in!
No more denying, I've got to face it!
Won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside!
If I don't make it, someone else will stand my ground!

Dusk launched herself at Dreadwing, swinging her blade at him. Blaze dodged missiles Starscream sent at her, using her own blaster to fire back as she ran at the Seeker. Dazzle defeated the Decepticons easily, aiming her blade at Knockout, missing but scratching his paint job, making him angry. Dusk manages to grab Dreadwing's wing, slicing it off while Blaze hit Starscream several times on the chest.

It's all around, getting stronger, coming closer.
Into my world. (My world).

Dreadwing glared Dusk, swinging his arms and hitting her on the chest, sending her flying into a building. Dusk only had a few seconds before Dreadwing grabbed her ankle, pulling her out.

I can feel that it's time for me to face it.
Can I take it?

Starscream dusked a swung from Blaze, placing his fist on her chest and fired his missiles. Blaze sent back into a concrete pillar, groaning as she looked up at Starscream, who was walking towards her.

Though this might just be the ending of the life I held so dear.
But I won't run, there's no turning back from here.

Dazzle aimed at Knockout again, hitting him, but was grabbed by two Decepticons she didn't see and held in place. Knockout smirked, ignoring his open wound and brought out his buzz saw.

Dazzle, Blaze, Dusk-
Stand my ground, I won't give in!
No more denying, I've got to face it!
Won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside!
If I don't make it, someone else will stand my ground!

Dusk was thrown into the air and Dreadwing fired at her, hitting her chest and knocking off her battle mask before she hit the ground again. Blaze's chest was stepped on and a smirking Starscream was looking down at her. Dazzle managed to knock the two Decepticons off and kill them, more four more took their place and held her still. Dusk, Blaze, and Dazzle look up at the Decepticons they were facing.

All I know for sure is I'm trying.
I will always stand my ground.

Smirking, the three of them closed their eyes even as Dreadwing, Starscream, and Knockout aimed for the kill shot. The three Auto Sirens gather their power and energy into a blast and opened their eyes, which were now glowing brightly.

Stand my ground, I won't give in! (I won't give in!)
I won't give up! (I won't give up!)
No more denying, I got to face it!
Won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside!
If I don't make it, someone else will!

Using the blast, Dusk healed herself and jumped up, grabbing Dreadwing's arm and twisting it so his arm pointed to his own chest as it fired. Dreadwing gasped, looking down at his chest in shock. Healing herself with the blast, Blaze took Starscream off his feet, plunging her blade into his chest, making him gasp and grab and claw her wrist. Dazzle used the blast to knock the Decepticons away, using her blaster to shoot each of them. Dazzle looks at Knockout, grabbing his arm when he tried to attack, flipping him over her and to the ground.

Stand my ground, I won't give in!
No more denying, I got to face it!
Won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside!
If I don't make it, someone else will stand my ground!

Dusk backed away from Dreadwing as he fell to the ground, eyes darkening and unmoving. Blaze removed her blade from Starscream's chest, backing up as he fell to the ground in a dead heap. Dazzle twisted around, pointing her blade at Knockout, but not taking the final move to finish him. Dusk, Blaze, and Dazzle glace over at their teammates seeing them take over of the last Decepticons and let the glow die down, but not before healing their teammates.

Dusk looked over at her teammates and gave them a big thumbs up, "We did it!"

"Yes," Bumblebee exclaimed, running over to hug her.

Ratchet looked over at Barricade, "Welcome to the group. Thanks for your help."

Barricade nodded, "I did it for my brother. Plus, I shouldn't have joined the Decepticons."

Elsewhere, Blaze looked over at her teammates, "This fight is over."

"Good. With Starscream gone, this world and ours is a whole lot safer," Acree said.

"Not to mention, we got him good," Bulkhead added, making Acree grin since she had her revenge for her partner Cliffjumper, who Starscream killed.

Someplace else, Dazzle looked at her teammates, cheering with them. She looked over at Knockout, who was still out the ground with her blade to his neck. He hasn't tried to move since he got in this position.

"So, what would you rather, death by Megatron and his insanity or survival with us," Dazzle said.

"Not that hard to pick," Tima said.

"Don't be an idiot," Smokescreen, getting hit on the head by Tima for that remark.

Knock Out thought about it and looked at the Auto Siren holding her blade at him, "I want to live, thank you very much. My looks shall not die today."

Dazzle rolled her eyes at the vain former Con and helped him to his feet.

Now it was up to Optimus and Shimmer to take out the leader Megatron and end his reign once and for all.

Autobot Base

Raf leaned back looking at his friends, "Okay, we done all we can. The attacks stopped."

Faith added in her own findings, "Also, our friends and guardians have most of them surrendering."

"What now, " June asked, looking around.

Fowler came up and placed his hand own her shoulder, making her look at him, "We done all we can."

"But there has to be more that we can do," Miko cried out, not knowing what to do next.

"No. We did everything that we could from here. Lita defeated the Decepticon Shockwave, Dusk defeated Dreadwing, Blaze defeated Starscream, and Dazzle convinced Knockout to defect if he wanted to survive Megatron's insanity. Now, everything lays on Shimmer and Optimus on defeating Megatron once and for all," Jack said.

Raf, Faith, June, Folwer, and Miko nodded, knowing Jack was right. They hated sitting here, but there was nothing else they could do but wait for Optimus and Shimmer to do what they set out to do.

If Optimus and Shimmer don't win, everything they did will be no good and shall be nothing at all.


Shimmer let out a shout as she hit the wall, sliding down and landing on her front. Optimus wanted to go to her, but he was locked in hand-to-hand combat with Megatron. Everything happened so fast.

Megatron didn't waste any time when they got to a hanger. Instead of speaking, he went right ahead and attacked them. Taken by surprise, the two Primes took on a defensive approach as Megatron fought with the power he had gained. It had given him more power then he had before, but it took all Optimus and Shimmer had not to fall under one of his hits.

But even with how careful they were, Megatron swatted Shimmer into the wall like he was some bug. Optimus reacted out of anger and attacked Megatron, managing to land a couple of hits and force Megatron to the ground. However, Megatron raised his hand when Optimus went to attack again, a red mist coming forth and hitting Optimus on the chest.

Optimus went flying and when he hit the ground, went sliding off the edge of the hanger, grabbing onto a hanging piece of metal to keep himself from falling the rest of the way.

"No," Shimmer screamed, getting up and running at Megatron. Hearing her come at him, Megatron turned and tried blasting her with the red mist, but Shimmer dodges at the last second moving so she stood only a couple feet from Megatron.

Megatron laughed.

"You care so much for Optimus you are willing to ignore your own safety? Defeating you will be an easy, almost too easy. With this power, the power of the Shadow Specter, I can do so many things and I don't need an army to do anything! I can do everything myself and no one can stop me! Not humans! Not the Autobots! Not the traitors! Not Optimus Prime! And not you," Megatron gleeful said, also mocking Shimmer.

Shimmer growled, shaking her head.

"I care for Optimus because that's what I do. I care for my friends, my family. I am willing to do whatever I need to do to make sure that they stay safe and out of harm from you. You destroyed their lives and you tried taking Earth down the same path. I will not allow you to succeed! I will protect my friends as they had protected me! I will protect my family from you," Shimmer exclaimed.

Megatron laughed again, shaking his head this time.

"Friends? Family? Where? I don't see anyone. Only you," Megatron said, trailing off as he took a more sinister smile. Opening his mouth, Megatron's eyes took on a red glow as he began to sing.

You've always had a friend or two, someone to lend a hand!
When times are tough you look to them, to get out of a jam!
But now, no matter where you turn there's no one here but you!
You're all alone, your greatest fear has finally come true!

Megatron used the red mist to create images of Shimmer's allies. He then showed her friends helping her in battle. Megatron used his hand to gesture over to where Optimus fell. With a wave of his hand, the red mist faded as Megatron grinned at Shimmer.

Just because I'm by myself does not mean I will fold!
I don't need help to battle you!
I just need to be bold!

Shimmer pointed to herself, shaking her head at the Decepticon Warlord. She pointed to at Megatron, glaring at him with all her might. She knew that blindly attacking while he was watching her was not a good idea, but she just had to be patient.

Spare me your heroic speech!
We both know you are wrong!

Megatron shook his head at Shimmer. He took a step closer to the female prime.

I'm not afraid to stand alone!

Shimmer backed up, hunching down a little, wary of Megatron coming close to her.

My dear, you won't be standing long!

Megatron summoned som red mist and shot it at Shimmer.

You're on your own, can't run away!
You've met your match this very day!

Shimmer grunted as she was hit with the red mist, knocked back and hit the floor. Megatron grinned at Shimmer, glad to see her in a weakened state, knowing that she was no much for him.

I'm on my own but won't give in!
I'll get back up to fight again!

Shimmer glared at Megatron, healing herself from the damage the red mist caused and seeing Optimus trying to climb up, heals him as well. Shimmer slowly got to her knees got into a kneeling position before pushing herself to her feet.

The good in you is fading fast!
And when it's gone you're mine at last!

Megatron made a couple steps closer to Shimmer, pointing at her with his right hand. He made his right hand into a fist, bringing it into himself.

But like the sun, I'll rise once more!

Shimmer rushed at Megatron, aiming for his chest and head with her blades.

Until night falls and wins the war!

Megatron dodges every one, placing his head on Shimmer's chest and sending her flying way back into the wall again.

Shimmer groaned, shaking her head. She raises a hand to her head and looks up at Megatron, seeing slowly walk towards her, believing he already won. For a second, Shimmer was afraid to use her full power to defeat Megatron, fearing that she would be to better, but that was when she saw it: She saw Optimus climb up from the edge he was sent over and nodded his head at her.

Understanding, Shimmer looked away from Optimus to look at Megatron.

There's a bond you'll never know, a power you can't feel!
The love you give comes back to you and makes you strong as steel!

Healing herself again while she stood up, Shimmer stalked towards Megatron, making him frown at the change in character. Optimus started walking towards the two, intent on reaching the other Prime to stand by her side.

If I remember those I love and I keep them close to heart!
My love will shine from deep within and chase away the dark!

Shimmer glanced at Optimus for a second but looked back Megatron, placing a hand on her chest. Shimmer started to glow a cyan color, the glow coming from her heart before spreading throughout her body.

My darkness cannot be denied!
Your little light won't last!
I'll show you where real power lies!
One final wicked blast!

Megatron backed up, away from Shimmer. He shook his head, angered that Shimmer was using her magic against him. He raised his hand again, red mist appearing around it. He fires a full-on blast at Shimmer, who raises her hands to create her own cyan full-on blast.

You tried your worst to keep me down!
But I'm still standing tall!

Shimmer smirked, shaking her head as the force from Megatron's blast drew her back a bit, but she pushed back. She started walking towards Megatron, her blast becoming stronger as he thought of her friends, her family.

How can this be happening?

Megatron panics, using both hands now to try and force his winning hand.

Because I stand for one and all!

Shimmer turns her head and smiles as Optimus joins her, talking her free right hand into his.

I'm on my own, I've found the light!
To see me through the darkest night!

Clutching Optimus's hand tight, a soft blue light started coming from Optimus chest, the Matrix of Leadership reacting to Shimmer's magic, and joining the cyan blast. The combined power started weakening Megatron's blast, allowing it to get closer to the Decepticon Leader.

You're just a girl!
This cannot be!

Megatron shook his head, letting red mist surround him. He tried pushing back, but it was futile.

I'm more than that, but you can't see!
I may be small and on my own!
But I can feel how much I've grown!
My will is strong, my heart is true!

Shimmer shook her head at Megatron, knowing that he is beyond reasoning with. But even though she wasn't the best in the past, she'll protect everyone she has come to care about. She has grown ever since she was defeated, and she would never make the same mistake she did that led her down that dark path in the first place. She loves her friends, loves her family, and she won't let anyone hurt them!

My love will be...

Shimmer looked at Optimus, lowering her battle mask as Optimus did the same.

The end...

The cyan and soft blue blast pierced Megatron's chest and the red mist.


Shimmer and Optimus smiled at each other before they looked at Megatron.


Megatron gasped as Shimmer's and Optimus blast filled him.

In a bright flash of light, Megatron screamed. Shimmer and Optimus covered each other and shield their eyes from the brightness from everything. Holding each other was all the two Primes could do.

They felt weak and tried, at the bright mixed light of soft blue and cyan wasn't helping at all. The blast seemed like it was draining their energy. Optimus and Shimmer felt like they could stay awake for much longer and did the one thing they thought of.

They kissed.

Then, as that seemed to be the one thing it was waiting for, the soft blue and cyan light burst up and out of the roof of Nemesis, appearing in the cities and repairing the damage. It even appeared on Cybertron, repairing the damage there from the war. Everyone watched in awe as the mixed lights repaired the damage done from battles and the war.

Meanwhile, Optimus and Shimmer both fell to the ground, holding each other hand tightly. They swore they heard their names being called by their family and running footsteps.

After that, Optimus and Shimmer fell asleep.

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Lita sang 'Game Over' by Alexa Vega. Dusk/Sonata, Blaze/Aria, and Dazzle/Adagio sung 'Stand My Ground' by Within Temptation. Shimmer/Sunset and Megatron sang 'On My/Your Own' from Sofia the First.

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