Chapter 2 - A Violent Arrival

The important thing to know about lyrium, is that despite its fairly common usage, the exact properties of it were not known. There had been many experiments regarding the qualities of the lyrium, but the majority of these were conducted by the dwarves, who usually kept such knowledge to themselves. The reason for the dwarves being the best scholars on the subject, links directly to their inability to use lyrium. There have been attempts by mages to try and find out the properties of lyrium for themselves. However, if any had been successful, none had reported it. Those who had failed, were usually found dead. As such, the survival of our group should have been impossible. Yet, they managed to survive.

When the light receded from the group, they found themselves in a completely different room. If Alyanna was to be honest, she wasn't sure if they were in the same building. It was certainly possible, that they were just in an area she hadn't seen yet, But, that meant she must have completely bypassed it in her two years as a full mage, and she didn't think that was feasible. So, they were somewhere unknown, with an unknown amount of danger. She looked around to observe the rest. At least they appeared to have everyone. "Is everyone alright?"

"Everyone who was alright before is alright now. But there are some still in need of healing." Aiden said to her, picking himself up. "Where are we?"

"No idea, but I have no intention of letting the others know that. We don't need another panic." Alyanna said, and Aiden nodded. "Get everyone up, we'll head through that door there." She pointed to a small door, the only one leading from the small room they had found themselves in. Aiden started moving around, getting everyone up who could walk. Aiden and four other templars managed to carry the four people who were the worse off amongst them. Alyanna looked down at the remains of her own staff, broken in her fall, or transportation, or whatever happened. "Alright everyone, let's move." She said, and headed towards the small door.

Albus Dumbledore was not in the greatest of moods. This was mainly because of the actions of that imbecilic minister Cornelius Fudge. He had never heard of a worse idea than placing dementors around a school. They were too uncontrollable in his view, and he had tried to have them removed from all human contact, but nobody wanted to use actual people to defend Azkaban. He was currently looking pensively at the Gryffindor table, and especially at one Harry Potter. He had two good friends in Granger and the young Weasley boy, but he had hoped that Granger would get him to raise his grades more. Nevertheless, he was doing well. He was everything that he hoped he would be, even if his relatives had treated him less than ideally. He had to remember to pay them a visit about how they had looked after him. He also wanted to protect him from Sirius Black. He didn't know how Black could have turned on James and Lily, but he had his money on Regulus being involved in some way. He had a slight shiver, and that annoyed him. Something had just travelled through the wards. He had a lot of that, as the dementors kept entering the grounds, instead of being at the entrances. He was slowly managing to ignore the warnings though. He couldn't allow it to distract from his duties. He stood to give the welcome announcements. "To our first years, welcome to Hogwarts. To the rest of you, welcome back. Please be aware, that the Forbidden..." That was as far as he got, when the door to the antechamber opened, and he spun around to see who had opened the door. He could not quite believe what he saw.

To say the large audience was a surprise to Alyanna was an understatement. She had not expected to see, what appeared to be a large dining room, possibly a school from what she could discern from the ages of most of those. The elder man standing at the small lectern however was what drew the most attention, simply because he had been talking as she had opened the door. Suddenly, a light came out of nowhere. "Draw weapons." She shouted, and raised her hands. A shield raised in front of them, and absorbed the spell.

"Swords, swords." She heard Aiden command, and the templars drew their weapons. Alyanna shield was absorbing a lot of these lights coming towards them. But the shield was wavering. When it suddenly fell, she threw forth some lightning, and it struck a man, who had been casting at her, and he was thrown backwards. She was preparing to raise another shield, and the templars were getting ready to charge when the elder spoke with authority.

"Stop this now!"

Dumbledore shouted and the spell stopped. One individual seemed to be in command of this small group. He looked around to Severus, who had been hit by her spell. He couldn't believe that he had decided to attack, especially when the group did not appear to be hostile. He would have to have a talk with him later. For now, he wanted to know who these people were, and what their intentions were. "I apologise for my teacher's attack. He has acted only in the interests of his students." He motioned to the children. "We mean you no harm." The woman looked at him, seeming surprised for the moment. She dropped the shield, and Dumbledore saw some injured people amongst them, and only now spotted the children. "Do any of you require aid?" He asked, and Pomfrey stood, and started to bustle over.

"If you can provide it." The woman said, looking at Pomfrey with suspicion.

"Pomfrey is our resident healer, and will be happy to accommodate you." He said, trying to reassure her. She seemed to agree, before turning to a man in armour.

"Aiden, I want you to take the injured, and five of your best templars, and make sure everyone is okay. We need any help provided, but do not hesitate to attack if provoked." The man, who Dumbledore now knew was Aiden, nodded, and ushered some of the others to follow him. Soon, they were leaving with Pomfrey, as was the unconscious figure of Severus Snape, levitating behind them.

"We will offer accommodation for you and your group. But if you will come down here in the morning madam, we shall start to discuss things. For now, please sit and eat." At his offer, a small round table appeared in the corner near the Hufflepuff table.

"Thank you elder, we accept your generous offer." The woman said formally, before leading her group to the table. Dumbledore headed back to the lectern.

"This evening has already been exciting enough, and dinner has been delayed to long. Eat." With this, the food appeared, and Dumbledore sat back down. This was shaping up to be a very interesting year.

At the Gryffindor table, Harry, Ron and Hermione were talking about what had just happened. Well, two were talking, and one was trying to be part of the conversation whilst eating and staring at the newcomers. "I want to know how they managed to get through the wards." Hermione said to Harry.

"Well, I don't think they know where they are themselves. They were surprised to see us here after all." Harry said, turning to Ron. "What about you Ron?"

"Who cares, they took down Snape. That's good enough for me." Harry chuckled with his friend, and Hermione shook her head in exasperation.