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It was just another world meeting, which meant that it was pure chaos. It was loud, and everyone seemed to have something to say (or rather, shout).

Except for two nations that were occupying their own silent little corner. They were speaking in hushed tones, using a mixture of every Slavic and every Romance language that there was, and then further speaking in code words.

These two nations were Italy and Poland, and if anyone had been paying attention, they would have realised that it was odd and suspicious.

"It's almost time," Italy said.

"Just a few more days until Judgement Day," Poland said. "Will the others know what the signal is?"

"Of course. We've been planning this for centuries. They're ready."

"And none of them would have second thoughts?"

"They wouldn't be able to betray us if they wanted to."

"Then it's set. In a few days, we can finally be ourselves again."


So, this is the prologue. Italy and Poland will be way OOC, along with a few other characters. If you're going to be plotting to take over the world, make sure that you have a few allies on your side that wouldn't be able to betray you.

There will also be a few OCs, but each will have an important part to play, some as allies to Italy and Poland, and others as nations they conquer.

Everyone who is part of their plan will be revealed as time goes by. And I guarantee, some of them might be really surprising.