Sparked into existence by the conflict over the true heir to the French throne, a bitter was England and France that ravaged the French countryside. As the two mighty rivals contested power, it soon became evident that there would be no simple resolution to this conflict. And with no discernable end to the fighting, the war drained the spirits of the troops on both sides.

The result... Each side sought support for their cause.

They sought out mercenaries.

And now, another adventurous soul takes up arms and resolves to enter the merciless chaos of battle.

However, only time would tell if he could survive this change of lifestyle.

For most, the first thing on people's minds before starting something would be 'How long will it take?', 'Are there any risks?', 'What will I be required to do?' and so on and so forth. I am not one of those people. I tend to take my time to know what I'm getting into, how they want it done and what I'll be coming across in my assignment. So the first thing on my mind before I start would be 'How much?'

That was who I was, a man who would perform his services to those who would pay the highest dollar. I was a man who would do his job no matter the challenge, so long as I have no problem doing it, which hardly happened. Most other things I could and would do no problem.

That is my life as a mercenary.

In this day and age, the use of my kind isn't something everyone is aware of. The only ones who were aware of what we do were those who would hire our services or were affected by them. Those who hire us were those who were desperate to get something done. Those kinds of people were warlords who needed rivals taken care of, billionaires who were afraid of attacks on their products by extremists, war torn countries needing a little help handling the opposition and even some major government agencies, however they would deny ever doing so.

I've been called to several different places across the world. Most of those times I was needed in third world countries where things like this would hardly be noticed and would be easy to handle. It was uncommon, but sometimes someone would pay me plenty to go into more dangerous second world countries but the price would be increased. It was very rarely that I would be called in so a well paying but extremely dangerous assignment in first world countries such as the U.S.A, Europe and such. I would demand more money for more dangerous places, times 1.5 more for second world countries and 1.9 more for first world countries.

I was also required to acquire my own gear for whenever I was needed. That was the care for most of my common missions by billionaires who want something done and are willing to pay only for the job. However I would be given some gear to use if the mission is something of a special and unusual request. What counted was normal assignments would be handling some rebellious groups who threaten a dictator's regime, protecting high value targets against everyone who would even take a step towards it, taking out high value targets for whatever reason the client wants and such like that. There are some missions where I would force a small town to pack up and move or to sabotage their product and make them suffer slightly. That was as far as I was willing to go when handling civilians. I would never accept a mission where I would be ordered to murder everyone in a village and leave signs that it was a different group.

As for special requests from contacts, they were hard to predict. Sometimes it was a billion dollar company who wanted to damage their rival and weren't having any success doing it legally, while other times it was launching a well armed attack against a small army to send a message or to distract them from the bigger picture. There would even be a request from the U.S government agency to engage with a highly defended opposition or infiltrate a secure complex 'for the safety and security of the country' as they would try to justify. And sometime that would be the case, as I had come across several maters that would greatly affect the future of nations. And they know I wouldn't dare try and talk about the things I do for them. I'd lose a rich customer and that would make me a wanted man. Plus they would lose someone as resourceful as me.

I was currently sitting the back of the truck, accompanied by those who had also accept the task given by our contact, who insisted that this mission have plenty of manpower. My mind was thinking hard about this whole assignment. We were to infiltrate a base which was currently being occupied by a local PMC. There was a recent spike of energy that had originated from there and the only information given to the world about it was that it was an independent scientific company trying to come up with new sources of energy. While the public had believed this story, my client, the CIA, believed otherwise. There was a form of energy down there but it was unlike anything the scanners had ever come across before. So they sent us to go in, act as ore armed help defending the location and learn what exactly was happening.

After three hours of driving, we finally made it to our destination. After the driver verified us through their security we started coming out the back of the truck. I, Andrew, Johnson, Jackson, Annabel and Dickson were all dressed in the same combat gear most of the other PMC's were wearing. The idea was to let Andrew do all the talking for us until we were inside. With luck, all we had to do was observe the facility and show our forged identification when needed. As soon as we were all out we were led inside the facility to where we would be stationed.

We were let to the main building and escorted to an elevator that lead us down into the actually facility. While most of our group was left stationed around several labs and storage areas, Jackson and I were tasked to stand guard by the main lab. As we passed several rooms and labs I could already tell that whatever they were doing here, it wasn't simply for new energy sources. There were testing labs and observation rooms that were reinforced. For whatever reason, I do not know.

When we reached the main lab, all I could see were many monitors, more armed guards, a large amount of cables and wires. But that's not what caught my attention the most in the room. Dead centre of the room, where all the wires and guards and many different people in lab coats were looking, stood a strange sword. From what I could tell, there was almost nothing interesting about it other than its strange glow that it was creating. However there may have been more to it than that, from how I was seeing all the attention of the guards was on it.

However, I take a second to have another look around the room and begin to realize something. The lab looked like it had been attacked recently, with scorch marks and cuts through the walls around the place, and all the blood that hadn't been cleaned off. After noticing all of that, I can't help but wonder what exactly we had signed up for. For now, I have to stand guard, so I'll stand in this position by the door and wait until something happens or when I get relieved.

After several hours of standing guard, shifting around in my spot, did something finally begin to happen. The lab coats had announced that they were going to try and access the sword and that all personal were to be ready. More armed guards entered the room and took position around the item in question and the lab coats take their positions at terminals, monitors and observation stations.

With all the people standing in the way, it became too hard to see what exactly was going to happen. I took a quick look around, seeing if anyone was paying attention to me to notice if I move to get a closer look. After conforming that no one was looking, I begin to take a couple steps forward, passing some of the guards to see what was happening.

When the scientists have started up the system and began their attempt to access the sword, it begins to act up strangely. First it begins to emit a faint whining noise that steadily grows louder and small purple sparks start to generate from it. By now some of my instincts are telling me to begin my walk backwards, fearing what could happen when... whatever was happening finished.

As I wonder what would happen, my question is answered in the form or a blast that knocks most in the room back. My sight if faded slightly and my hearing is nothing but a loud ringing so I can't hear what's going on in the room. However I can still feel, and what is strange is that I can feel something pulling me... without touching me. And it was pulling me towards what I thought was where the sword was.

As my sight and hearing comes back to me, I look around me to see all the lab coats and most of the coats had begun to leave the room. When my sight lands on the sword I realize why they're all leaving. In place of the sword there saw some kind of purple vortex, swirling clockwise and seems to be growing bigger. When I hear metal being pulled against metal I look to see most of the equipment set up was slowly approaching the vortex and most of the small equipment was being sucked into it.

Remembering that I feel like something pulling at me, I realize what that meant. I began trying to get as far away from the vortex as fast and far as possible before I end up in god knows where. However with the time I spent lying on the floor the force puling me has gotten a lot stronger and has begun to make it harder for me to back away. I would try and stand up but I fear that it I do I'll end up getting pulled into the vortex even easier.

Knowing that, I grab onto anything that can withstand the force of whatever it was behind me. However there isn't much for me to grab onto that isn't bolted down and the tables are not an option as the force pulling me continues to grow. So I continue to crawl on my stomach to reach the end of the room.

As I reach the door, I attempt to stand up and reach for the handle. My hand was only centre meters from the handle and my escape could be achieved. I was almost there when my footing was finally lost and I ended up flying back towards the vortex. In a desperate attempt to avoid whatever awaited me through it, I began reaching for anything I can grab. My hands land on a nearby table, but the force of me being pulled in ended up pulling it from its spot and brought me closer to my fate.

Knowing that there was now little I could do, I finally gave up and waited to see what will happen to me. Not knowing what'll happen to me or if I'll be able to do anything after entering, I utter possible my final words to the world.

"Well shit"

And with that, I enter the vortex, leaving my plain of existence...

...and entering another.

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