Chapter One

Movie night at Titan Tower was perhaps Beastboy's favorite time to spend with his best friends, especially after a long day's work of intense crime fighting. It was simply nice to relax with his fellow teammates, all whom were currently seated around the large living room couch debating genres of entertainment to agree upon. The ex-Doom Patrol member waved a thin DVD case for consideration.

"Come on guys, this is the greatest horror classic of all time! We have to watch it."

Cyborg, the mechanical half human genius of the team, shook his head and held up his hand. "Uh uh, you remember what happened the last time we watched a scary movie?"

Two other members nodded in agreement. "Please, Beastboy," Starfire piped up, "I do not wish to go through that again." The beautiful alien visibly shivered at her memory of the tower unintentionally being turned into a real-life house of terrors.

Robin, the leader of the group, ran a hand through his jet black hair before asking, "does it have to be horror this time, Beastboy?"

The changeling frowned, placing both hands on his hips. "Hey, this week is my turn. If we can sit through Starfire's documentary about what happens to poop after its flushed, then we can all sit through a movie about vampires."

"But it looks old, dude." Cyborg whined. Beastboy waved the DVD even harder in their faces. "Of course it's old, man, it's Dracula! The 1931 original film."

Raven, the violet-haired empath, who had up until then been divulged in a book finally chimed in with her usual monotone, "two hours of bad acting in black and white? Sounds terrifying."

"Come on, Raven," Beastboy smirked sliding in next to her ignoring the glare she shot him at his intrusion of her personal space. "I know you like this kind of stuff. Back me up!"

Raven slammed her book shut, obviously not in the mood to argue. "Whatever."

"Man, come on, this movie is older than my grandma, and it's not even scary." Cyborg continued to complain before chugging down a can of soda.

"If it is not the scary," Starfire began, "then why did you call it the 'horror,' Beastboy?"

Beastboy smirked, wagging a finger at her. "Guess you'll just have to see for yourself."

To her left, Robin made a large sigh and crossed his arms appearing bored. "Alright, let's just get this over with."

Unfazed by his teammates' lack of enthusiasm, the green Titan began playing the movie then proceeded to jump in his spot on the couch as a dog.

Sometime after midnight the ancient movie had ended, leaving in its wake three snoring Titans. Raven glanced over to see Cyborg, Beastboy, and Starfire deep asleep in various odd positions complete with drool. She rolled her eyes and the corner of her mouth lifted ever so slightly. Despite their quirks, she loved her surrogate family dearly. After all they've been through together, she now couldn't imagine a world without them.

"Still awake, huh?" A low voice questioned from her right. Raven looked at Robin.

"Surprisingly." She simply answered.

Robin reached for the remote to mute the menu music that had just started its preprogrammed loop, which only made the other Titans' snores much more pronounced.

"You were right, though." Robin tilted his head towards her. "It really was bad."

He chuckled, which made her smile slightly. "Not as bad as Starfire's last choice." Raven reminded.

Robin grimaced and shot her a pleading look. "Please, Raven. She's already ruined hotdogs for me. Now I can't look at a toilet without getting queasy."

It was Raven's turn to laugh. "We live in an enchanting world, don't we?"

"Magical." Robin agreed in a matching sarcastic tone. He enjoyed small talks and the occasional banter with his dark female teammate. They've shared a special relationship ever since she dove into his mind to practically save his life. The bond that was created grew exponentially when Robin, himself, trudged through the depths of hell to rescue Raven when her demon father, Trigon, nearly destroyed the earth and Raven herself. Not many people would go to such lengths for a friend, and the empath was grateful to have someone like him in her life.

"You think we should leave them there?" Raven waved a hand to her right towards the rest of the Titans.

Robin shrugged. "We usually do."

A loud gurgling snort erupted from Beastboy as he flipped onto his back, accidentally knocking over a bowl of left over popcorn.

"He's definitely cleaning that up." Robin murmured to himself while standing up. He finally turned the TV off, plunging the main room into darkness, save for the lights of Jump City twinkling through the massive bay windows. Taking a moment for the serene view to sink in, he silently wished the alarms would stay quiet tonight. Raven watched him curiously.

"Imagine," Robin started, "A world where vampires actually exist. An immortal criminal able to multiply their strength with a single bite, creating chaos across the globe. We'd really be in trouble."

He half turned to look back. Raven had to immediately bite her lip to reign in her emotions when the lights of the city casted a soft glow over his toned outline. Any normal girl could see how attractive he was, in fact, even villains were known to fawn over him which garnered strong reactions from Starfire and herself. However, while the alien princess made her opinions very clear, Raven refused to let her's surface in fear of publicly harboring a weakness. There were too many reasons why it became necessary to hide these feelings from everyone, even though lately it was becoming much more difficult to do so. Distrusting her voice at the moment, and mentally beating herself, she replied to his odd remark with a raised eyebrow.

The Boy Wonder faltered. "Vampires don't exist, right?"

Out of anyone in their group, well out of anyone he knew, Raven was the most knowledgeable in the darker areas of the world. In fact, she was the most knowledgeable member on the team, maybe out of everyone he knew. And, if a real fire-breathing dragon could be cursed inside one of her mysterious books, who is to say that a creature like a vampire couldn't exist?

"I can't say for sure." She answered slowly, straining to keep her pulse steady. "But, it's not impossible."

"The idea of a human obtaining immortality through venom seems very unlikely though." Robin countered, turning fully to face his teammate.

This conversation needed to be cut short. Raven stood and stifled a fake yawn. "Unlikely, yes" She began, "but legends can be based off truth."

Robin crossed his arms and smirked. "You believe it, don't you?"

"As much as I believe in the tooth fairy. Goodnight."

Robin chuckled, "Goodnight, Raven." She threw a small smile over her shoulder and proceeded out of the great room into the darkened hallway. She couldn't wait to melt into bed and thank Nevermore that her powers hadn't surged in a humiliation attempt. Once settled, she prayed for a busy day in order to keep the weeding emotions, growing out of her control over an impossible scenario, from consuming her. That scenario thankfully failed to appear in her dreams, when instead, she saw dark visions of glowing eyes, fangs, and a whole lot of blood.

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