Hello again! Surprising exactly nobody, what I posted was an April Fools prank (sorry, I am considering actually rewriting at least the first couple chapters though). The 'first chapter of the reboot' is the output of a character-by-character recurrent neural network trained on my writing (a little under 2 mb of plaintext). The basic is idea is that the net scans over the text and is taught to predict the next character. Then it is given a seed and told to "predict" what comes next. Whatever it predicts is what you see. While grammar is a bit outside the grasp of a net like this, at least with the amount of data and training resources I had, as you can clearly see, it handles spelling just fine (7 non-words in the first 2000 of that chapter, so roughly 99.5% accuracy).

I'll keep "Rangers Rebooted" up for now (under the new name "Machine Talk") and sometime in the near future, I plan to upload fanfiction written entirely by the network—in other words, I'll feed it the original SAO novels and see what happens.