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An owl was perched on the Snape's kitchen windowsill. Eileen Snape took the letter, with her usual frown. As she read the address, however, her frown immediately changed into a small smile. She opened the envelope and was happy, for the first time in a very long time. Her son, Severus Snape, finally had an opportunity. He had the opportunity to get away from this awful house, in this awful town. Severus was now able to make something of himself, to be great. Of course, Eileen's husband, Tobias, would still stand in the way.

Tobias hated Severus. Eileen remembered on one of their first dates, before Tobias…changed…he said that he doesn't tolerate nonsense. Eileen thought nothing of it at the time, and dismissed it to the back of her mind. Eileen never thought it would spiral out of control. Tobias most often resorted to physical violence with Severus, desperate to quite literally knock the magic out of him. There was little Eileen could do about it, for Tobias had his own ways of dealing with her. But now, Severus could get away from all of that - at least for most of the year while school was in session.

What Severus had received in the mail was his Hogwarts letter, and while Eileen hardly had time to let her son see magic now that Tobias was jobless, she had given him enough of a foundation to get by. Knowing the way pureblood society is, she at least hoped he could get by. Eileen finished reading over everything, and called her son. Severus came running down the stairs.

"Yes mother?" Severus asked, and noticed the owl perched on the windowsill.

"You've received your Hogwarts letter, Severus," Eileen said, with the corners of her mouth upturned, in a sort of half smile. Severus had never seen his mother so happy before. "We'll go to Diagon Alley soon."

Severus couldn't sleep that night. It wasn't because his parents were fighting, for once; it was out of pure excitement. Severus kept thinking of all the stories his mother used to tell him over the years. He knew about the castle, Hogsmeade-he couldn't wait until he was a part of it. Severus stared out his window and wondered about what it would be like. Would he make lots of friends? Would people like him? Of course they would, he thought, they'll like me just fine. Severus went back over to his bed, away from the window, and laid back down, staring at the ceiling. He had Lily Evans, of course, his best friend from the nicer town a little ways from his house. He had to tell her immediately about this letter, he decided. He briefly wondered if she had gotten one too. Of course she had, Severus said to himself, rolling onto his side, she was a witch, and Severus knew that. He just hoped they'd be in the same house, at least. There was the potential problem of her sister, Petunia. Severus had worked out that Petunia was older, at least by a little, and she had never received a Hogwarts letter.

After thinking on it for a few minutes, Severus decided that the problem wasn't going to affect him, and he left it alone. He wondered what kind of people would be at Hogwarts, and if they'd mind if he was friends with Lily. His mother used to say that she was shunned by her family for marrying his father, but well, that was his father. If it was any other Muggle, maybe they wouldn't have minded as much. His mother also told him that purebloods didn't like change, and once even made a passing comment that they might not like Lily.

Severus knew his mother wanted him to have chances to get out of this place, and he knew that he had to get connections in order to do that. He knew he was somewhat powerful, or had the potential to be, at least, but he needed a boost. Maybe his new friends at Hogwarts would help him with that.

That night was the first night of waiting, and Severus hoped it would be one of the last.