It took a good long while, and a hell of a lot of walking to different places around the entirety of Eterna City, but he'd finally completed his list of errands.

He'd signed up for the Meganite Tournament. He'd headed over to the Eterna City Gym, took on Gardenia and beat her in record time to receive the Forest Badge, leaving her a stupefied mess in the process.

And just now, he'd finally collected the last of the supplies he'd needed for the intense training regime he'd devised for his Pokemon. The Medicinal supplies and berries were easily obtained, the shops that sold them were in fact right next to each other.

But the items he needed to obtain, an almost entirely different set for each and everyone of his Pokemon, had taken a while, and a lot of effort. He'd had to visit at least twenty different shops all over the city to find them.

But finally, he was done.

Walking out of the last shop empty handed, he looked down to the Poketch attached to his wrist.


He whistled, he'd been out running his errands for six hours already. Good thing he'd paid a bit extra for all of the items he'd bought today to be delivered to him at the Pokemon Center tomorrow morning or else he'd definitely be late for the beginning of the Meganite Tournament.

Ash looked to Pikachu on his right shoulder, "You ready buddy?" He asked his small yellow furred companion.

Pikachu nodded, sparking his cheeks and pumping a fist, "Pi, pikapi pi, Pika Pi!" The Electric-type Pokemon replied heatedly.

Ash chuckled, his aura so in tune with Pikachu picking up the blazing determination and excitement coursing through his starter Pokemon.

"Alright then, let's head on over to the stadium then and meet up with Dawn." The teen stated in return.

It took him and Pikachu at least another good ten minutes to arrive at the entrance to the stadium. Thankfully, Dawn's aura and life energy being so familiar to him meant that he could pick her out in a crowded area with ease.

And the stadium was incredibly crowded, hundreds, maybe thousands of people were steadily pouring in through the entrance and heading towards the arena to take their seats for the upcoming battles to come.

He found his blue haired girlfriend standing at one of the entrances over to the far right of the stadium.

Walking straight up to her with an ease and gracefulness earned through rigorous training he reached her side and gently slipped his hand into hers and tugged her with him out of the crowd and to a few feet away, which was quite a bit calmer without the crowd stampeding through.

She turned to him and a bright smile overtook her pretty features when she caught sight of him. Leaning up she placed a light kiss on his lips and gripped his hand back with her own, "So how did your Gym Battle go?" The blue haired Coordinator asked curiously.

Ash smirked at her, "It didn't take long at all, Pikachu took both of Gardenia's Grass-types down with ease." He replied to her question.

Dawn blinked at that, "Wow, you are really serious about this tournament." She commented, "I've never even seen you use Pikachu in an actual legit battle."

Ash nodded, "Yeah, it's because of those Meganite Stones that I'm so fired up." He told her, "Even just one of them is worth enough money to pay for a small cruise liner." The raven haired teen continued to comment.

Dawn choked a bit on her own saliva, "Are you serious!?" The blue haired girl questioned in complete shock. The disbelief evident in her tone of voice.

How could she not be? Just one of those stones were enough to allow someone to live comfortably without work for a good twenty years, at least!

It was completely ludicrous to her. Wow, just wow. It seemed that the occupation of being a high level Trainer was where the money was at.

Good thing her boyfriend was such a good teacher then, she supposed.

Ash nodded once again, "Yeah, but never mind that for now." He replied, "Have you got got a seat yet for up in the stands or do you want to watch the matches from down in the contestant waiting room with me?" The amber eyed Pokemon Ranger asked of her.

Dawn shook her head, "Oh, no need Ash." She replied, "I met up with Zoey and Nando earlier at the Pokemon Center and when I told them you were competing here tonight they decided to come watch with me to wish you luck and root for you to win."

Ash processed the given information and nodded. Nando and Zoey were trustworthy. He winced internally at thinking along those lines. Ever since he'd opened up his senses with aura, he'd been able to – for a lack of a better phrase – feel out just what kind of person people were at heart.

He'd been a lot more optimistic about people before then. But after finding out just how truly evil people could really be with just a glance, he had become quite jaded to the humanity of people. And so, he wasn't too keen on letting Dawn sit in the stands surrounded by thousands of people alone.

"That's good." He replied. Still though, best to cover all his bases. "Here." He stated, pulling the necklace that held Mewtwo's Pokeball up over his head and handing to to her, "You keep him for now, lest I be tempted if I come up against an opponent that is to much for me."

Dawn looked at him dubiously for a moment. Hadn't he been resolute in his decision to not use a legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo in a battle? So what had changed? "Well, okay." The blue haired girl answered accepting the necklace and Pokeball combo, before slipping it over her head and down to her neck.

Ash leaned over and pecked her on the lips. Pulling back he flashed her a small smile, disentangling his larger hand from her own as he did so, "I've gotta head on to the contestant waiting room, so you should head to your seat in the stands for now with Nando and Zoey." The amber eyed teen told her.

Dawn beamed at him, nodding towards what he told her, "Yeah, I will." She replied. She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss as well, brushing her soft lips against his before pulling back. "Good Luck!" The blue haired girl chirped before turning on her pink booted heels and walking off into the stadium building.

Ash watched her go, for once his eyes managing not to stray towards her swaying hips and posterior as he did so.

He reached out with his mind towards the Pokeball hanging around his blue haired girlfriends neck, 'Protect her if anything goes wrong?'

'With my life, if need be.' Was the immediate response. Neither truly expected anything to happen with so many people around to act as other targets, but Ash didn't exactly have great luck.

That was all the answer Ash needed though to ease the worry from his mind, he could trust in Mewtwo. And with that, he turned on his own heels and headed towards the contestant waiting room to await the first round of battles. And his first win of the tournament.

Ash, despite himself, was impressed with the competition. But then, how could he not be? When every single competitor in the Meganite Tournament was an Elite-level trainer such as him, or a even higher on the totem pole.

After arriving at the waiting room, he took up his place at the very back of the room in one of the corners. He leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and eyes closed as he awaited the battle portion of the tournament to start.

He'd received his battle selection upon entering the room, and it seemed he would be participating in the sixth match.

It hadn't taken all that long before the battles started, but what interested him the most were the rules.

The rules and type of the battle were decided by the two Trainers. It was the first time he'd heard of in history that a situation such as this had occur in a competitive tournament.

It was interesting to say the least.

The first couple of battles were pretty good, but nothing that impressed him all that much. Finally, though the next two battles to occur really had his intention.

The third battle of the night was Cynthia against a large muscled man in a karate gi who specialized in Fighting-type Pokemon, if his choices were anything to go by.

He hadn't lasted very long at all. He and Cynthia decided on a single Trainer double battle. The muscular man had chosen a Machamp and Hariyama. But they were felled quickly and precisely by Cynthia's own combination of Spiritomb and Gastrodon.

And right after her, surprise surprise, was Paul. And from what Ash saw of him during the battle he really had taken his advice to heart and improved drastically from when he'd last seen him back at the Rock-type Pokemon Gym in Oreburgh City.

He and his opponent decided on a three on three Pokemon battle. And Paul literally blew his competition away by losing not a single Pokemon in the entire battle.

His Magmortar had taken down his opponents Tauros easily, and then the next round was Paul's Electivire against his opponents Aggron. It was touch and go for a few minutes, but in the end Electivire came through for the win by smashing a Cross Chop attack straight into the Aggron's face after absorbing a Thunder attack from it to activate Electivire's Motor Drive ability.

And then finally they came down to the third exchange of the night with Paul's Torterra against his opponent's Gyarados.

The fight didn't last long at all. In fact, it was over in one single blow. Paul had ordered his Torterra to use Frenzy Plant at full power, and the Gyarados didn't stand a chance. It hadn't made it over to the lake yet, so it didn't have the graceful movements needed with it's large body to dodge the gargantuan tree roots that sprung up from the earth and delivered a barrage of extremely heavy and powerful blows.

The poor beast had been out cold before it even hit the ground. But in the end, it wasn't the battling skills that made him believe Paul had taken his advice. No, the other teen was already an extremely powerful Trainer with a ton of experience already.

What had caught his eye was when after each and every win his Pokemon managed, he would congratulate them in some way, be it with a nod, a smirk or something else.

It told him that Paul was on the right track. With a better connection with his Pokemon, his Pokemon in turn would trust him more and therefore work harder in battles for him.

It was a simple concept. What was loved, will love in return. It was so simple, yet so very few people actually understood it.

The fifth battle of the night really wasn't anything special after seeing both Paul and Cynthia battle. It was just two guys having their Alakazam and Absol trade powerful attack one after the other with each other. There was zero strategy at all being displayed throughout the entire battle.

How did these moron's even pass the test needed to become Elite Level trainer's with pathetic skills such as those?

He shook his head, it was probably just a bitch fight between two rich kids that had bribed their way through the test.

In the end, the guy with the Absol managed to outlast the Alakazam, albeit barely. And once again Ash shook his head, according to the tournament bracket that kid would be his opponent in the next round if – no, when he won his first battle of the tournament.

Finally, the familiar voice of the announcer spoke through the speakers to announce the next match, "Alright ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your seats because this next match will be a doozy! Up next we have the Tower Tycoon Palmer from Twinleaf Town here in the Sinnoh Region! And his opponent will be Pokemon Ranger Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town over in the Kanto Region, and get this folks! Rumours say that this teenager is a prodigy and also the youngest member of the Pokemon Ranger association in history!"

The loud roars of the crowd escalated to an all new high after he announcement. Ash kicked off the wall with a smirk that oozed the confidence he felt. He ignored the almost cheesy way the announcer had hyped up his reputation, having long since grown used to it.

Pikachu was steady as a rock on his right shoulder, cheeks sparkling slightly with electricity made out of pure excitement. It had been a while since his little buddy had been in an actual high level battle, and he was no doubt jonesing with excitement, just begging to get out their and battle with a strong opponent once again.

Pikachu may have been lazing around quite a bit since they came to the Sinnoh Region, but just like Charizard the small Electric-type Pokemon was a lot like him in regards to personality, in fact they both influenced each other a great deal over their years of journeying together. And so, Pikachu just loved to leap into the fray of an all out, no holds barred battle.

As he made his way out of the room to begin making his way towards the battlefield, he caught the eyes of both Paul and then Cynthia. And as his eyes swept over them he gave them nods of acknowledgement which they returned in kind.

No doubt they'd be expecting a good show from him. Cynthia to see if he played a good game as well as he talked, and Paul because he probably wanted to see just how powerful a Trainer Ash really was.

Well, he would be sure to not disappoint then. He and his Pokemon were going full throttle tonight, in fact Pikachu had already lifted the limits on his own powers. He used half of his electrical charge to weigh down the other half and keep it from being max power. But tonight, that wouldn't be the case.

He couldn't risk losing out on those Meganite Stones. They were his tickets to defeating a Regional Champion within this year.

"You never told me your damned boyfriend was so famous!" Zoey shouted at Dawn, playfully pushing the girls shoulder.

Nando, on Dawn's other side, nodded, "Yes indeed, I had not known when I met you both that Ash was such a well accomplished Trainer." The handsome poet stated, "You must have learned quite a lot under him, no?"

Dawn was just about to answer, when Zoey beat her to the punch. The orange girl snorted in amusement, "Yeah I'll bet she was under him a lot." She said with a chuckle.

Dawn's face flamed red for a moment and she shoved the other girl playfully right back, "Shut up!" The blue haired girl shouted with her flush of embarrassment deepening in colour, "Don't go blurting things like that out in public!"

Nando chuckled in amusement at the byplay between the two girls, "So Dawn, just how do you believe Ash will fair in this match?" He inquired.

Dawn turned to face him, her face returning to it's normal creamy colour as she answered, "Well to be honest, I don't really know." She replied to his question, "The thing is, I've never even seem him take a battle seriously before and he's won all the ones I've seen him in with ease, yet for this tournament he's supposedly brought in a bunch of his older and more powerful Pokemon, so to give you an answer." The blue haired girl continued, "I really have no clue." Dawn finished with a sigh and a shrug.

Nando frowned thoughtfully. It seemed there was more to his young friend Ash than met the eye, just how powerful a Trainer was he?

Zoey snorted again though, "He better not disappoint, I put a ton of money on him for this." The orange haired Coordinator stated.

'How could I not?' She mused internally. After the thorough defeat he handed to her back at the Jubilife City Contest, she'd had to take a whole new look at herself and her training of Pokemon. She wouldn't state it out loud, but she admired his strength as a Trainer.

She was jealous of Dawn in a way. What a lucky girl to nab a guy like Ash. And to think, from what Dawn had told her about her meeting with Ash. It was like the guy had practically fallen into the slightly younger girls lap, free for the taking.

She shook her head with a rueful sigh. Some girls just got all the luck. Too bad she wasn't the slutty type though and Ash wasn't the type to fall for that kind of thing. With her looks, curves and naturally husky voice she was sure if she was the slutty type she could seduce almost any boy.

Still though, she wasn't that type of girl. She'd congratulate Dawn on her nabbing of Ash and then she'd help her along as was expected of close female friends. But, if Ash and Dawn ever parted from each other and went separate ways. She would definitely take up the task of attempting to get Ash to date her. He would be fair game then.

Just because she had a bit of a crush on him stemming from her admiration of his skills as a Trainer didn't mean she would try to get in the way of the relationship between Ash and his blue haired girlfriend.

Said blue haired girlfriend in question though, was peering intently down at the battlefield. Her sapphire blue eyes locked on the figure of her raven haired boyfriend as he exited the stadium and made his way over to one side of the rocky terrain, opposite of his opponent.

'Am I going to finally see just how you are in a battle when you go all out with your Pokemon?' Dawn wondered to herself. She couldn't explain it, but the battle between Ash and Aaron felt like he was only giving her a taste on the tip of her tongue.

She wanted to see just how deep his skill as a Trainer ran. And with this tournament, she was sure that finally Ash would be forced to reveal the limits of his skills.

If not from any of the normal competitors in the tournament, then from Cynthia herself if they met in the finals. If it came down to it, at least the Champion Master of Sinnoh would be able to force him to reveal the extent of he and his Pokemon's abilities.

Ash met his opponent in the middle of the rocky terrain part of the field. The battlefield was so vast, they Trainers would have to move with their Pokemon to keep in hearing range to issue their orders.

His opponent, Palmer, was a tall, well built man wearing a pair of orange slacks, a white undershirt and a long green trenchcoat. He had a chiselled, tanned face with kind blue eyes and a mop of long messy light blonde hair atop his head.

Upon meeting each other in the middle of the battlefield, he smiled cheerfully at Ash and held out his hand.

Ash smiled right back at him, slipping his own into into the older males and shook firmly, two calloused hands meeting in a friendly shake.

"Hey there." Palmer said, "Let's have a fun battle, eh?" The blonde man asked.

Ash nodded in reply, "Does a standard three on three sound good to you?" The raven haired teen asked in return.

Palmer shook his head, "That sounds fine Ash." He replied with a chuckle. He turned his head to the referee standing a few metres behind them, "Hey, we'll be having a standard three on three okay?" The blonde haired man called over.

The referee wearing an orange shirt and black short uniform nodded. Tapping his ear, he began speaking into an ear piece. And after a few moments he stopped, and then the speakers around the entire stadium blared to life once again.

"Okay folks! After a hearty handshake both Palmer and Ash have decided to have a standard three on three battle, so once again make sure to grab your seats tightly or else I'm sure this battle will blow you away!" The announcer broadcasted, much to the joy of the crowd apparently, as they roared loudly again.

Ash and Palmer gave each other a nod of good luck before separating and moving a good ten feet apart.

"On three?" Palmer called over, holding up one of his Pokeballs.

Ash smirked. "One!" The raven haired teen called back, lifting one of his own Pokeballs into the air.

Palmer chuckled once again at the eager reply, "Two!" He continued the count.

And then together they both finished with a loud dual call of, "Three!" As soon as they called it out, they tossed their Pokeballs high into the air and released the Pokemon from within.

They appeared in two separate blinding burst of silvery white light. In front of Ash, the tall form of his Sceptile, and in front of Palmer a massive and bulky Ryhperior.

Ash whistled at the sight of the beast of a Pokemon. It was actually his first time seeing one so up close and personal. He had to admit the large Pokemon really did look like a formidable opponent.

Rhyperior was the evolved form of Rhydon and held basically the same build as its predecessor, although it was taller, heavier, and had an additional horn. Rhyperior had a club-like tail and its hide was partially covered by thick orange, rocky plates. It had blade-like protrusions on its elbows and had holes in the palms of its hands which looked similar to cannon's. Rhyperior's body was a brownish-gray color as opposed to just regular gray like it's previous evolutionary forms. It also had two thick, rectangular rocks above its eyes, resembling heavy eyebrows.

"There we go folks! It looks like Palmer will be leading off with his Rhyperior and Ash his Sceptile." The commentator continued in the background, but it was mostly background noise to Ash, as both he and Sceptile stared their opponents down.

Palmer made the first move, "Alright Rhyperior, use Flamethrower!" The blonde haired man ordered, thrusting an arm into the air.

Ash made sure to quickly move a few feet the side, just as the Rhyperior lifted both it's arms and launched two large streams of orange-red flames flying towards Sceptile, midway the flames washing into each other and forming a much larger torrent of flames than before.

Ash didn't even bat an eye though, "Into the air above it, and then Bullet Seed!" He countered.

Sceptile was already high up in the air before the extra large stream of flames even flashed through his previous position. The Hoenn native Grass-type Pokemon opened his mouth and fired off a barrage of powerful yellow energy bullets towards his opponent, falling towards the larger Pokemon as he kept firing.

Rhyperior lifted it's bulky arms up and covered its face and barely let out a grunt at all as it took the barrage of super effective hits.

When Sceptile was in range, Ash acted. "Now Leaf Blade!" The raven haired Pokemon Ranger commanded sharply.

The wrist protrusions sticking out of Sceptile's arms erupted into bright green energy and flared out taking the shape of two scythe-like blades of energy.

"Harden!" Palmer shouted at the last moment before the attack hit.

Somehow, Rhyperior managed to perform the technique just before Sceptile's two bladed arms slashed down upon the dual Rock and Ground-type Pokemon's exposed torso. The ground cratered beneath it's feet, but it held strong nonetheless. The Harden technique minimizing the damage by quite a bit.

"Don't let up! Get behind it and use Leaf Storm!" Ash pushed on further. He was not letting up for a moment.

Sceptile smashed his tail onto the ground powerfully, leaving a thick indent in the rocky terrain. His large and thick tail pushed enough momentum into his body to spin gracefully around the bulky body of his opponent and land deftly behind it, the nubs on his back, once yellow, now glowing a bright green as a barrage of razor sharp leaves of energy erupted from them and slammed into Rhyperior's back one by one, in a rapid fire barrage.

Each one exploded powerfully on impact and pushed Rhyperior just a tad forward and away from Sceptile.

When he was done, the back of Rhyperior was chipped quite badly, and some small trickles of blood ran freely down the Pokemon's back. Not to mention it had ended up a good five feet away from it's previous position.

Ash cursed mentally. Even after laying a triple barrage of three powerful Grass-type attacks that were double super effective on a dual Ground and Rock-type Pokemon like Rhyperior, the large bulky Pokemon looked to have taken superficial damage at best. That Solid Rock ability was truly a much more valuable asset in battle than he had given it credit for before, if it could allow this Rhyperior to take all these attacks from Sceptile with little real damage.

Palmer took advantage of the closeness between both his and Ash's Pokemon, "Iron Tail!" He ordered next.

The behemoth of a Pokemon growled audibly and then, with a mighty swing sent it's tail soaring right at Sceptile, the large bulky tail glowing a bright silvery white with power.

Sceptile, thankfully, was both experienced and agile enough to dodge. Jumping, the bipedal Grass-type kicked off the incoming tail and used it to spring backwards into a back flip and land a good ten feet way from Rhyperior.

But by the time he landed, Palmer and Rhyperior were already putting their next attack into play, "Rock Wrecker!" The blonde haired man swiftly shouted.

Rhyperior turned towards Sceptile, small pieces of rock glowing with a red outline of energy shooting from the cannon-like holes on the middle of the large Pokemon's palms, sticking together and forming into a massive boulder outlined with powerful red energy, the enormous boulder almost being as tall and wide as Rhyperior's entire bulky frame.

With a roar, and a powerful heave the dual Ground and Rock-type Pokemon sent the massive boulder hurtling towards Sceptile at breakneck speeds.

"Drop!" Ash shouted immediately. A move as powerful as that Rock Wrecker could quite possibly even put his Sceptile out of commission if it hit head on.

Swiftly, Sceptile dropped right down, his stomach pressing flat against the ground of the battlefield. The Rock Wrecker soared right over Sceptile not a moment later, missing the Grass-type Pokemon by mere inches and soaring off into the distance, crashing harshly into the lake and sending a pillar of water splashing high up into the air.

Ash had a plan though. This wasn't the first time his Sceptile had taken on an extremely bulky Pokemon. Once upon a time his body had been taken over by the spirit of an evil king, and drawing upon his battle experience the evil spirit commanded Sceptile in a battle against Brandon. The evil king of Pokelantis had issued orders for Sceptile to attack Brandon's extremely powerful Regirock at the only weakness he could pinpoint at all on Regirock, the joints between it's legs.

Thankfully, from what Ash could see. Palmer's Rhyperior held a similar weakness in that it's small stubby legs were the least protected of all it's body.

While Sceptile was down on his stomach, he issued his counter attack, "Bullet Seed again, and aim for the knees!" The raven haired teen commanded.

Sceptile obeyed and opened his mouth, firing off another continuous barrage of small, yet powerful yellow energy bullets.

Rhyperior was far too large and bulky to dodge the attack. This type of Pokemon was built to rely on it's defensive properties to take hits and then counter attack.

The barrage of energy bullets collided quickly with both of Rhyperior's knees and began to explode on impact, one after the other.

With each hit, the Rhyperior grunted audibly and was forced to press more and more of it's weight down upon it's legs to keep it's standing position.

"Now Quick Attack!" Ash continued, he as not letting up for a moment here.

Sceptile sprang to his feet and took off like a jet, a blur to the naked eye. Even Ash himself couldn't follow Sceptile's speedy movements, he was his fastest Pokemon after Pikachu after all.

"Flash Cannon!" Palmer tried to counter.

Rhyperior lifted it's cannon-like arms once again and blasted two large silvery beams of energy that, like the Flamethrower attacks before, merged together to form one massive blast of powerful silver coloured energy.

It was for naught though, the blur that was Sceptile ducked right to the side of the blast and continued onwards without a single obstacle in his way.

Finally, it was time. "Leaf Blade the joints behind it's knee's and then use it's head for leverage to jump into the air!" Ash issued forth next. The young Pokemon ranger planned to win this within the next two moves.

Sceptile obeyed and acted out on the commands of his Trainer before the Rhyperior even realized what was going on. With the speed granted to him by Quick Attack, Sceptile got behind Rhyperior in a crouching position in the blink of an eye, two glowing green scythe-like blades of energy once again protruding from his wrists as he arrived, and with two powerful slashes behind the leg joints on Rhyperior, he brought the behemoth to it's knees.

Rhyperior crashed harshly into the rocky terrains. The massive Pokemon's knees having given out beneath it from the two simultaneous Leaf Blade attacks.

But Sceptile wasn't finished there, next he jumped up atop the Rhyperior's small armoured head and pushed off with all the strength in his powerful and well muscled legs.

The force of the push sent Sceptile soaring high into the air above the dual Ground and Rock-type Pokemon, and said dual type Pokemon to crash face first into the rocky terrain face first.

Ash smirked, this was it! "Now Solarbeam!" The amber eyed Pokemon Ranger shouted up to his airborn Pokemon.

Up above in the air, soaring high above Rhyperior's prone form. The yellow sphere's on Sceptile's back began to glow, becoming brighter and brighter with each passing moment.

Finally, his momentum gave out beneath him after a few seconds and Sceptile began to fall back towards the earth. But before the Pokemon even got halfway down, he unleashed a massive beam of pure blinding white energy that shot down like a bolt of lightning and ploughed into Rhyperior's prone form on the ground with a massive explosion.

The explosion so loud and powerful, it drowned it the loud roars of the crowd up in the stands. And kicked up a massive plume of hazy black smoke.

Sceptile used the momentum he got from firing the Solarbeam attack and flipped backwards through the air and landed nimbly in front of Ash in a crouching position. Yellow eyes staring intently at the plume of hazy smoke. Watching for any movement within as he, along with his Trainer, tried to discern if the immensely durable Pokemon they had just battled had finally fallen.

Finally, after nearly a full minute of waiting in baited breath. The plume of smoke drifted away with the wind to reveal Rhyperior.

The large bulky Pokemon's body had been hit so hard by the Solarbeam that were was actually a good sized crater beneath it's body from the impact.

The majority of the armor on it's back had been blasted off, and bruising was in abundance upon it's rocky grey-brown skin, and to add to the Pokemon's already deeply bruised back were a series of gashes that were flowing freely with blood.

Ash caught sight of the referee talking into his ear piece while looking over the Pokemon from afar for any signs of consciousness.

There were none, it seemed the final blast of Solarbeam had been to much for it.

"There you have it folks! After an exciting and fast paced battle, Sceptile has managed to defeat Rhyperior by unleashing a devastating Solarbeam attack upon it!" The commentator announced, much to the roars and cheers of excitement from the crowd.

Palmer lifted his Pokeball and returned his Pokemon in a beam of red energy, "Well Ash, it seems like the rumours of your skill as a Trainer and your Pokemon's power were not exaggerated in the least." The blonde haired man commented, "It was incredibly impressive of you to pinpoint my Rhyperior's point of weakness so quickly, and to take advantage of that weakness within moments takes the sharpened mind of a great Trainer." He continued, exchanging Rhyperior's Pokeball for another.

"But this next Pokemon won't be so easily defeated!" Palmer exclaimed, tossing the Pokeball up into the air off to the far side of the battlefield and releasing the Pokemon within into the deep lake, "Let's go Milotic!"

In a flash it materialized swimming atop the calm blue water of the lake. A large and beautiful Milotic.

Milotic, like Gyarados was a sea-serpent body-type Pokemon. It's body was mostly cream in coloration, with red eyes and three black dots down its neck. The top of its head was long, with a point at the end, and long, thin red 'eyebrows' extending from above its eyes and thicker, also red-colored hair-like fins draping from the sides of it's head. Its lower tail was covered in blue and pink scales, with striations of black, and four large scales, blue with red spots in the middle, overlapping at the tip of the tail to look like a fan.

Where as Gyarados embodied a fierce and powerful like monstrous sea-serpent. Milotic embodied a breathtakingly beautiful counterpart to it.

It was impressive, Ash mused. Milotic were very rare and hard to raise Pokemon, in some cases even more than Gyarados were. It took a lot of love and skill to train a Feebas to evolve into a Milotic. That, or you could pay through the teeth for a prism scale that was worth more than a lot of people made in a year.

What was obvious to Ash though, was that since he chose Milotic he must have had a plan to deal with Grass-type's like Sceptile. Possibly an Ice-type attack?

No matter, he decided. He lifted up the hand the contained Sceptile's Pokeball, "Return, Sceptile." He said, returning the Pokemon back within the confines of his Pokeball.

He didn't show it, but Ash could tell that Sceptile was feeling fatigued. Launching a multitude of high powered attacks within the span of a couple of minutes would even tire out his Pokemon.

"We'll see about that Palmer!" Ash called back over to his blonde haired opponent. The raven haired teen then looked to the Pokemon on his shoulder, "You're up buddy." He told his starter Pokemon.

"Pika!" The small yellow Pokemon cried in excitement, launching straight into the air from his previous position on Ash's shoulder and landing quickly on the battlefield, a small ways away from the start of the lake.

Palmer started things off again, being the first of the two to go on the offensive, "Milotic, Hydro Pump!" The blonde haired man shouted.

His Milotic gave a hauntingly beautiful cry and opened it's mouth, within a split second firing a massive pressurized cannon-like torrent of nonstop water.

Pikachu was off like a bullet before the attack even made it half way towards him. The cannon like blast of water blasting into the ground beneath the small Electric-type and pulverizing the ground it impacted with ease.

"Thunderbolt!" Ash commanded in return.

"Pika!" Pikachu cried as he ran towards the lake, his small body erupting with a bright blue aura of electricity that was unleashed streaking through the air towards Milotic in the blink of an eye.

Milotic managed to submerge itself quickly though, dodging the massive arc of blue coloured electricity by the skin of it's teeth.

Palme decided that now that his Pokemon came back up and Pikachu closed in on the lake, that it was time to make a counter attack of his own.

"Alright Milotic, wash that Pikachu away with Surf!" The Tower Tycoon commanded.

Moments later, the lake pulled back and rose up high in a mssive tidal wave that towered over fifty feet easily. Milotic riding at the very top of the massive wave of water as it sped towards Pikachu.

Palmer was surprised though, when Ash didn't order Pikachu to make a quick escape from the rapidly approaching tidal wave.

No, instead he attacked. "Volt Tackle straight through it!" The raven haired teenager commanded of his starter Pokemon.

Pikachu obeyed, his small body erupting into a massive cyan blue aura of crackling electricity, so intense that Pikachu's body was little more than a black outline in the middle as it charged towards the massive tidal wave.

"Pika! Pika! Pika! Pika! Pika!" The small Electric-type chanted with each step, but after the fifth step, Palmer couldn't believe his eyes.

Pikachu, massive electrical aura of power and all, disappeared completely from his sight. He couldn't believe his eyes, where had it gone? Could it teleport!?

He heard a loud cry of shock from his Milotic and swivelled his head around towards the massive wave, and his jaw dropped as he was just in time to catch sight of the Pikachu, with it's massive cyan blue electrical aura appear in mid-air right in front of the wave created by Milotic's Surf attack and pierce straight through the attack, blowing away the energy that formed the attack with it's own and sending his Milotic careening out of the air to crash land harshly onto the rocky terrain with a powerful crash.

As his Milotic cried out in pain, Palmer could do nothing but stare in complete and utter shock at the Pikachu as it allowed it's electrical aura to drop and landed easily on it's paws, no worse for wear at all.

That couldn't be possible, could it? Surely that Pikachu was not fast enough to travel the distance of a good thirty feet in the blink of an eye? He'd never heard of a Pokemon so fast!

Still though, he better do something fast or he was going to lose here!

"Milotic, Twister!" Palmer commanded his Pokemon.

Milotic let loose it's hauntingly beautiful cry once again as it regained it's full height. The Water-type Pokemon lifted it's scale covered tail and swiped it harshly through the air, conjuring and hurtling forth a truly gargantuan attack.

The Twister attack was made up up a vertically spinning torrential winds that spun into a hurricane like formation a good fifteen feet by fifteen feet, and the attack was sent soaring at Pikachu faster than any lower levelled Pokemon could ever hope to evade.

Ash was calm though. It was time to wrap this one up as well, too bad for Palmer he had picked a very bad choice of Pokemon to battle against Pikachu, "Triple Extreme Iron Tail combo." The amber eyed teen stated calmly, in an almost serene way.

The large twister of powerful winds passed over Pikachu's position within moments, and Palmer held his breath. Had they actually hit?


His eyes widened in panic when Pikachu literally appeared out of mid-air in front of his Milotic, hurtling out of a spin and swinging around with a shining white energy encased tail. With a small twist, Pikachu smashed the tail straight into Milotic's cheek, and the massive sea-serpent Pokemon - almost the same size and weight of a Gyarados – was sent rocketing backwards through the air with another loud pain filled cry.

'Holy Shit...' Palmer thought to himself in disbelief, just how the hell could a Pikachu be this powerful? So much power that it's electricity had turned blue instead of the normal yellow when released. So fast that it could appear is if it was teleporting, and so physically strong that it could launch a Pokemon that should have been a good twenty times it's height and around thirty times it's weight with just a flick of it's tail?

It was unreal! Surreal to be precise! And to make matters even worse, the little devil of an Electric-type wasn't even done there.

No, when Milotic flew a good distance away, the Pikachu disappeared again! And appeared a moment later at the other side of the battlefield ready to receive Milotic with another Iron Tail attack with it used to smash Milotic flying straight up into the air.

Only for it to already be up in the air to meet Milotic and smash another Iron Tail straight into his beloved Water-type Pokemon's face once again and send it smashing into the ground below with enough force the leave a crater a few feet deep beneath it's body!

What the hell kinda shit did this kid train his Pokemon with? And where the hell could he get some!?

Ash smirked as Palmer recalled his Milotic back into it's Pokeball. The Extreme Iron Tail Combo was one of Pikachu's most devastating combo attack's, simple in it's execution, but oh so powerful.

It was really only Pikachu combining Extremespeed and Iron Tail, and then using the speed out of coming out of an Extremspeed charge to bolster Pikachu's momentum and put all that into the Iron Tail attack.

Ash beckoned Pikachu over to him. This last battle was going to be all Charizard's. He'd admit without a second thought that Palmer was a really gifted Trainer, with extremely powerful Pokemon. Had this been an entire year ago, he might have been worried.

The fact of the matter was though, that the two Pokemon he'd fought with so far just had no chance of competing with his Sceptile and Pikachu. They were his two fastest Pokemon. They were trained to hit fast and hard, and then blow shit the fuck up if that didn't get the job done in the first place.

That Rhyperior was so bulky Sceptile could have sleep walked around it and still been faster. And that Milotic was already severely outclassed in speed and power in comparison with Pikachu, when it left the safe confines of the lake waters to use that Surf attack. It was game over.

Hopefully though, Palmer wouldn't disappoint with his next Pokemon. Charizard would want a tough battle for his début in the Sinnoh Region.

Ash wasn't disappointed when Palmer tossed his final Pokeball into the air and released the Pokemon inside. A Dragonite.

Perfect, just the kind of challenge Charizard would like to stretch his wings out a bit with.

Anyway, again, shameless Pa-atreon plug. I've got one, go by the same username on there, easy to find and all that jazz. Support me if you want, it'd be swell, but don't feel pressured lads and ladies, I'll be uploading my stuff outside it regardless and not keeping it all behind a paywall or anything like that.