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Edd was in his third class, which was math. He couldn't wait until lunch to see Ed and Eddy, ever since the start of high school, they've sort of drifted apart. This was the first time in a long time that they could sit down and eat lunch together as friends. Edd looked up at the clock on the wall. It was 11:45, almost lunchtime. Edd focused back on his classwork, it was adding fractions then turning them into decimals and writing them in expanded form. He whizzed through all twelve problems in less than fifteen minutes. When he was done, it was time for lunch. Edd shuffled out of the door and headed to his locker to put his things away. On the way there, Edd noticed a ginger haired nerd heading to his locker. Edd smiled. "Greetings Kevin," he said. The ginger looked over with a smile. "Oh, hey Edd," Kevin said, walking over. Edd smiled. "How are you, Kevin?" asked Edd. Kevin shrugged. "The classes are tough, but I'm fine, and you?" said the ginger. Edd shrugged as well. "I'm fine, I am just heading to my locker to put my things away," said the raven. Kevin smiled. "Cool, me too," Kevin said. Edd chuckled. "Okay, do you want to come over and do homework at my house?" Edd asked. Kevin smiled. "Sure, I'd love to," said the ginger. Edd smiled. "Great, does after school work?" asked Edd. Kevin nodded. "That's okay with me, anyway, see ya later Edd," said the ginger. Edd smiled and waved. "Goodbye Kevin," he said. Edd headed to his locker and put his things away, then he headed to the lunchroom. Edd looked around for Ed and Eddy. He didn't see them anywhere. 'Where are Ed and Eddy?' Edd asked himself. Edd sighed, realizing his friends hadn't come to school today. Edd looked around for somewhere else to sit. Edd noticed Kevin siting alone, eating his lunch, and walked over. Kevin looked up and raised his eyebrow. "Edd, what are you doing here, don't you sit somewhere else?" He asked. Edd sighed and shook his head. "No, I guess Ed and Eddy didn't come to school today," said the raven. "May I sit with you?" Kevin looked at Edd. "Uh, sure, why not?" said the ginger. Edd smiled and sat down across from his friend. "So, how's your family?" he asked Kevin. Kevin shrugged. "They're still my family," Kevin sighed. Edd frowned. "Oh, my apologizes Kevin, I just-" Edd was cut off by Kevin. "No, it's fine," said the ginger, obviously not wanting to talk about it. There was an awkward silence between the two before Edd looked at Kevin. He had freckles, green eyes, glasses, and his trademark hat. Kevin looked like he was twelve, when really, he was fifteen. That's because Kevin was short, like Edd. Kevin looked at Edd. "What… are you doing?" he asked, raising his eyebrow. Edd snapped out of his thoughts and blushed slightly. "Ah, my apologizes Kevin, I just got lost in thought is all," said the raven. Kevin chuckled. "So we're friends right?" he asked. Edd nodded. "Yes, of course," said the raven. Kevin smiled. "Then tell me, who do you like?" asked the ginger. Before Edd could answer, the bell rang for the end of lunch and he ended up having to leave. Edd let the question swim around in his mind the whole rest of the day. Who did he like? That was a trick question. He thought that he had a crush on his friend Christine, but she told him that she was gay, and he accepted her. But Edd had zero clue who he liked. He would have to think more on that question.

When school was over, Edd headed outside to wait for Kevin. He missed the days spent with Ed and Eddy, but he missed Kevin more. The ginger had been friends with Edd for almost twelve years, and they had been through everything together. Whether it was when Kevin got sick, or when Edd broke his leg and had to spend a night in the hospital, they always stood by each other's side. Eventually, Kevin came outside and walked over to Edd. "Hey Edd," the ginger smiled. Edd smiled. "Greetings Kevin, are you ready to go?" asked the raven. Kevin nodded and the two started walking. "So, why haven't you been sitting with Ed and Eddy?" Kevin asked. Edd shrugged. "They haven't been at school," said the raven. Kevin raised an eyebrow. "For how long Edd?" he asked. Edd sighed. "For over three months," said the raven. Kevin's eyes widened. "Wha? Three months, why?" asked the ginger. Edd shrugged. "I don't know Kevin," Edd sighed. Kevin put his arm around Edd. "Hey, cheer up, I'm sure they're fine," said the ginger. "Besides, you still have me." Edd smiled. "You're right Kevin," said the boy. "I'm sure they're fine, plus, you're a great friend." Kevin smiled and hugged Edd. Edd hugged back and the two kept walking until they got to Edd's house. Edd opened the door and the boys walked inside. "So, what do you have for homework Kevin?" Edd asked. Kevin shrugged. "I don't have any homework," said the ginger. "Oh, I don't either," Edd said. "Would you like to watch a movie instead?" Kevin smiled. "Sure," he smiled. Edd put on 'The fault in our stars' as Kevin sat down on the couch. Edd turned off the lights so the two could see the screen better, and sat next to Kevin. Kevin smiled and pulled a blanket over himself and Edd. Edd smiled as Kevin lay his head on his shoulder. He longed for days like this. Edd couldn't remember the last time he and Kevin spent time together. Edd had stayed mostly with Ed and Eddy throughout middle school and junior high, always pushing Kevin to the side and ditching him for Ed and Eddy. Edd frowned. He felt bad for abandoning his one true friend, and he was actually happy that the two Eds weren't at school, since he could spend time with Kevin. Edd looked at Kevin. The ginger looked happy, sitting there with his head on Edd's shoulder. Edd couldn't help but smile and put his arm around Kevin. Kevin looked up, blushing slightly. "Kevin, remember when you told me you wanted to change the way you are?" Edd asked. Kevin thought for a minute then nodded. "Yeah, I think so," Kevin said. Edd smiled at the ginger. "Kevin, don't change anything, you're perfect," said the raven. "To me at least." Kevin smiled and hugged Edd. "Thank you, Edd," the ginger said quietly, blushing. Edd smiled and hugged back. "You're quite welcome," he said. "Would you like to spend the night?" Kevin looked up at Edd. "I'd be glad to," said the ginger, smiling.

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