Another few short weeks went by as Edd grew more and more muscular, mean, and kind of dangerous. It all started when his old bully, Jaxon, was bothering him. Jaxon had a stronger build than Edd and he was always looking for a bone to pick with him.

Edd was walking down the hallway to leave. He was tired of school and it was the start of his junior year of high school and the raven just wanted to drop out. He was miserable here. Edd heard someone following close behind him. Everyone knew not to cross paths with Edd or they would end up in the nurses office or worse. Edd turned around to see who the person was, when he saw Jaxon. 'Great, this asshole' Edd thought bitterly.

Jaxon smirked and approached the tall raven.

"Hey dorky, whatcha doin', getting ready for your girlfriend?" The blonde remarked.

Edd rolled his eyes.

"I don't have a girlfriend, they're way too obsessive and clingy, like you," The raven shot back.

"What did you just call me?!" Jaxon said angrily.

"You heard me, dorky," Edd said.

Jaxon growled and went to throw a punch, but Edd grabbed his wrist and bent it back. Grabbing the front of Jaxon's shirt, Edd punched him hard in the nose. It went south after that, blood was everywhere, Jaxon fell unconscious, and Edd stood over the bloody mess of the bathroom. He had no regret, the blonde deserved the punishment for years of torment and manipulation. Edd picked up his keys that fell out of his pocket during the fight and left. The blood was barely noticeable with his red shirt, and nobody dared to question Edd without a beating. The raven just walked straight ahead with his head down, he wasn't looking where he was going and he ran right into someone. Edd became angry.

"Hey! Watch where you're going," He hissed. The raven looked up to see a familiar ginger haired boy. He relaxed into a smirk.

Kevin was blushing furiously and hiding his face in his hands.

"S-sorry E-Eddward," The younger boy said, blushing.

Edd smirked at his reaction and got close to Kevin's face.

"Better watch where you're going next time, pumpkin," The raven said, grabbing the front of Kevin's shirt. "Because I won't be so nice about it."

Kevin gulped and nodded. Edd let go of him and stood up, walking away and leaving.

Kevin sat there, thinking about his past with Edd. He missed the friendship they shared once. Kevin sighed and stood up to leave. He headed outside to his bike and rode home.

Once he got home, Kevin rushed inside and didn't even bother to greet his parents. The ginger just went right to his room, slammed the door closed, and flopped onto his bed. Kevin started crying hysterically. He wanted Edd back, their friendship, the secrets they shared, everything. Kevin wished he could just tell Edd how much he missed him without getting beat up in the process. To be honest, Kevin had one secret that he never told Edd, he had a huge crush on him. Even though Edd was a jerk now, it only added to the crush. That drove Kevin insane since, obviously, Edd wasn't gay, he was as straight as a plank of wood. Kevin came out of his thoughts and cried for a long time. He cried himself to sleep that night. Kevin wanted his best friend back, desperately.

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