"I can't do this!"

"Hm? Korra, what are you talking about? We agreed to this weeks ago." Asami said, trying to keep her wife rational.

"Well, I change my mind! I'm not ready for this!" Korra said, worryingly.

Asami rolled her eyes, "Korra, come on. We discussed this already, and you said that you would be ready for when the time comes."

"No, I said. 'I might need some more time when the time comes'!" Korra said, grasping at straws.

"Korra, how about this," Asami began as Korra perked up, "We use our free appetizer card at Narook's, and I'll buy you three of anything on the menu if you want." she bargained.

"... I don't think you're being considerate of how I feel about this, Asami." Korra said, clearly getting defeated more and more.

"Korra, we had our friends agree to help us out, do you really want to bum them out?" Asami asked,

"Well, no but-"

"But nothing Korra. We kind have to do this, and we already told everyone that we would." Asami interrupted.

"But…" Korra's eyes became watery. I DON'T WANNA GIVE UP MY BABIES!" she cried out, clinging onto the young polar bear dog.

"Korra, we did extensive research on the new families we're giving these pups to, they've grown enough to not need Naga's milk anymore, and Bolin's grandma Yin already adopted one from us. Do you really want to deny such an elderly woman a chance to have an animal companion?" Asami rebuttled.

"Okay, fine…" Korra relented sadly, "But, can I at least… Spend the rest of the day with them?"

Sigh… "Okay, fine." Asami conceded, "But Bolin is also going to spend time with them too. And to make sure you don't run off with them."

Korra reluctantly nodded. She wasn't planning to run off with the pups… What? She didn't!

At least until Asami brought it up, anyways.

What? You thought I was writing Korra at an orphanage? I may have only published eight stories so far, but ive me some credit here.