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Maou POV

I look at the human boy in front of me, "Hello! My name is Sadao Maou, it's a pleasure to meet you!" I said, holding out my hand and smiling with the same smile I use at MgRonalds. "I hope you don't mind that my friends are also going to be living with me, we live on a bit of a tight budget!"

The chocolate-eyed boy looked slightly familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on where I met him before, "Oh, hello, my name is Light Yagami," he told me, but he seemed to be inspecting Ashiya and Urushihara.

Light POV

I look at Maou and his two odd companions, "You know what! My parents live pretty close… so I think I'll just stay with them," I told him, this guy looked like he might end up being trouble, especially that purple-haired kid, who reminded me a bit too much of L.

"Oh, okay! That's cool, more room for me!" Maou answered with a small chuckle, that overly bright smile of his as creeping me out almost as much as Ryuk's smile.

"I'll be going then, see you around school!" I told him with a fake smile. I quickly closed the door and briskly started walking away.

I could have sworn I saw Maou somewhere before, but I can't remember.




Wait, was he that MgRonalds worker I saw that one time?


"Light," Ryuk said, he was flipped upside-down, his face right in front of me.

I ignored him, reaching into a potato chip bag, writing down a name as I grabbed a chip. The muscles in my cheeks were twitching and I was only just holding back from smirking. 'Hah!' I thought, 'Look at me now L! I've outsmarted you, those cameras are just going to work against you!'

"Ligggggghhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttt!" Ryuk groaned, his arm twisting over his head in an unnatural way, "Pleaaaaassseeeee! I need apples!"

I continue to ignore him, finishing my homework.

-Later the next day-

"Ryuk, while those cameras are up, you need to stop disturbing me," I told him as I walked along the sidewalk, "However, since you managed to find all the cameras, I'm going to give you a small reward."

"Apples?" Ryuk asked excitedly.

I sigh, "Yes, apples. I don't have enough time to stray too far from the path to school though, so I'm just going to grab you one of those bags at MgRonalds," I told him, then I turned into the store.

"Hello! Welcome to MgRonalds, how may I help you?" A smiling black-haired employee said, a huge smile on his face.

"Yes, can I have one of those little baggies of sliced apples you have?" I asked, trying not to cringe from the employee's extensive friendliness.

The employee's smile widened, "Great, would you like anything else with that? Perhaps some pepper fries?" he asked.

Ryuk then let out a restrained laugh, he was obviously laughing at something, and he clearly didn't want me to know about it. As the employee in front of me turns to tell someone my order, I incline my head ever so slightly towards Ryuk, as if to ask what was so funny.

"It's…" Ryuk started between giggles, "...Nothing you should worry about," He finished, flying over to a table and sitting.

I was about to snap at him before I remembered where we were. Instantly I straighten ever so slightly, sending the employee a fake grateful smile, "Thank you."

"No, thank you for coming!" He responded cheerfully, waving a hand, was it even possible for a person to be THAT cheery? I banish the thought from my mind, grabbing the apples from the pink-haired girl who was holding them, thanking her as well.

I head over to the table where Ryuk is sitting and carefully hand him the apples. He snatches them out of my hand and hides under the table. He then tosses one in his mouth.

"Aggghhhhh!" Ryuk shouted, causing me to cringe ever so slightly as the shinigami then proceeded to throw the apples back to me, "What foul trick is this Light? I thought we were getting along well!" He cried from underneath the table.

"Guess these kind of apples taste bad even to Gods of Death," I muttered. I carefully folded the top of the apple baggie and put it in my pocket. I was about to get up, but an angry magenta-haired lady stormed into the store.

She then stopped in front of the boy who had helped serve me, "May I, have a moment?" She asked coolly.

The employee gave his creepy-but-friendly smile, "Would you like some food miss?" He asked, his eyes closed.

"I need to speak with you outside," she tried again, I could tell she was starting to lose her patience.

"To-go order then!" He said cheerfully, but I noticed that he seemed somewhat tense, they knew each other then?

I feel a brush of cold air against my shoulder and look to see Ryuk watching the two with curious eyes.

"As soon as you get off work, meet me at the intersection where we first met," She says grumpily, a scowl on her face, "And I'm not taking no for an answer," She added.

The employee somehow managed to keep smiling, "Would you like to make that a meal?" He asked, did he not realize how much he was annoying that girl?

"Come alone or else," She added darkly, her head lowering and eyes narrowing ever so slightly.

"Okay we can do that, just the burger this time," He added smiling, at this point I'm certain that he's doing this for the purpose of annoying her. He turned to his right, putting a hand up to his mouth to amplify the sound, "Can I have one big Mg please? To go!" He called.

"I don't plan on fighting you either," the girl adds, I'm starting to think she's either a really mad ex-girlfriend or they're both in gangs, the former seems more likely than the latter. "So don't chicken out," She tells him.

"Thanks a bunch, step to the side please your food will be right out," He told her, his cheery smile returning with full force, as it seemed to have been morphing into a smirk.

The girl glanced at him before snatching her to-go box and exiting in the same way she came. The employee kept smiling brightly until she left, then his smile faded ever so slightly, turning into a more strained smile.

"Such a pain," the employee said in his semi-cheerful voice.

-End flashback-

I let out a small laugh to myself, who would have thought someone who worked at a place like MgRonalds could get into To-Oh. Shoving my hands in my pockets I continue walking, I wonder what Ryuk's reaction would have been?

Maou POV

Huh, I wonder where I remember that boy from, it's probably nothing important. At least he hadn't tried to live with me, it would probably have been hard to keep the human from finding out about us being demons. Plus Alciel probably would have gotten even more upset with me, he was already mad about me spending a lot of my money to go through college. I had gotten him to admit, albeit grudgingly, that my dorm room was a much more suitable devil's castle, as it was nearly three times the size of our previous abode.

"It is very good that boy chose not to stay here, or else I fear he might have found out about us, sire," Alciel told me sternly, "You didn't tell me it was likely we'd have a roommate, if he found out we wer-"

"Wait!" Lucifer cut in, "There might be cameras or bugs in here!" He told them, "It happens a bunch on TV!" He added.

"There might be insects in our Sire's new castle?" Alciel exclaimed, "This is not acceptable! It would cost a lot to get rid of them too," he muttered to himself, then pointed to Lucifer," That is your new task, get rid of the insects infesting th-"

"Not that kind of bug," Lucifer sighed, "Bugs are like microphones or cellphones, they send sounds different places," He told Alciel.

"Stop interrupting! Our Sire was forgiving enough to forgive you for trying to kill him! Shameful bird!" Alciel shouted, waving his hands around dramatically

"How about we all go to MgRonalds and sort it out there?" I tell them, I have no doubt anyone within a 100 meter radius of us could hear Alciel yelling, although even I could barely make out the words he was saying. "You're being far too loud," I told him, then I turned to Lucifer, "And you, when we get back you can look for these tiny microphones and cameras as much as you like."

Immediately Alciel kneeled on the floor, bowing his head, "I apologize for my behavior my lord, please, I beg for your forgiveness!" Alciel begged.

"Get off the floor Alciel, now," I sigh, rubbing my forehead before walking out the door.


"Hm, this 'Sadao Maou' has a 2% chance of being Kira, and his roommates have a 1% chance, although maybe they are all Kira together?" I pondered aloud, "Either way, we wouldn't want them finding out we listened in, Watari, remove the cameras and bugs we placed in Light Yagami's dorm."

Leaning closer to my screen, I looked at the face of the blonde man, whose name was Shiro Ashiya officially, but had been referred to as Alciel by Maou, if Maou was even that boy's real name. Even if no one in their trio was Kira, they seemed worth looking into. I quickly hack into a few files that could tell me more about the three men.

I scrolled down the page, reading through the information at an almost inhuman rate. It appeared that their identities were likely all fake (93% chance) as they had absolutely no history and seemed to have just appeared out of no-where a little under a year ago (11 months, 13 days). They were acquainted with a woman named Emi Yusa, who had also appeared with no past on the same day they had. Shiro had a clean police record, while Yusa and Maou had a single report about Yusa attacking Maou with a 100 yen knife. This record also stated that she was likely the boy's ex-girlfriend, but since there was no record of their past, there was nothing to prove this.

The last of the three men was a bit more interesting. His description was extremely vague in the police records, but after comparing the drawing and Urushihara's face, I was almost certain. Apparently he was charged for assaulting policemen and apparently knocking them unconscious as well as frightening civilians and destroying property. The details were a bit fuzzy, as some of the men there seemed to believe that Urushihara had wings while others thought he was making purple bullets made of pure energy with just his mind. They also didn't remember the exact moment when he knocked them unconscious, only that they woke up later and he was gone.

Although the details seemed blurred, it was quite clear the Urushihara had committed multiple crimes, injuring countless civilians. Among those injured, it seemed the Maou and Ashiya had been shot repeatedly, but surprisingly neither of them ended up going to the hospital. Now though, I was trying to figure out why Ashiya (Or Alciel?) had referred to Maou as if he was both Ashiya's and Urushihara's leader? Perhaps they were old fashioned? And Ashiya mentioned Maou forgiving Urushihara for trying to kill him, so if Maou hadn't forgiven Urushihara, what would have happened.

All in all, all of this made one question more and more apparent in my mind, who are these people, and what relation do they have to the Kira investigation?

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