Dearest Readers,

I regret to say that I have grown bored with this story and the most recent chapter was something I struggled to get through. After more than a little bit of thought, I've decided to discontinue this story until further notice. To speak in L terms, my reason for writing is around 25% for the you all, 70% for myself, and 5% to say I actually do something mildly productive and interesting every once and awhile. I won't forget this story and there is a chance (however minimal) that I will continue this story… eventually.

If any of you wish to continue this story on your own or write a story similar to it, I don't mind it at all and will only take it as a complement. I may start a new story soon, and I'm going to try a bit of a different style to see if it works for me better.

Goodbye and thanks for reading!