Hermione's Family Reunion

Lucy and Callie Granger were waiting for their cousin Hermione to get the Aquarius hotel in London; which was coincidently owned by Draco Malfoy.

"So Callie did you hear that our dear know-it-all of a cousin was the one who was able to book the rooms for us; even after they to my father that they were booked?"

"Yeah I did how was she able to do it I mean you would have to be real close to the owners or manger right?

"Well from what I heard I guess she knows the owners and his son real well I guess the son and her went to school together when she was going to that really private school."

"Huh who would have thought that Miss. Bookworm would have so many connections?"

"Yeah would have thought."

Hermione pulls up in a Ferrari 360 Spider F1 and parks in a reserved spot. She walks in to Aquarius' lobby wearing a dark blue mini dress paired with a pair of Jimmy Choo heel was. Her hair was down in elegant waves that went past her shoulders. When her family sees her they can't believe that this is the same know it all bookworm that they all knew.

"Hello Aunt Beth and Aunt Kate. Uncle Mike and Eric how are you?"

Hermione walks up to the front to get the room keys. Hermione smirks when she see Hannah Abbott sitting there at the cheek in.

"Hey Hannah. How are you?"

"Hey Mya I am good. Okay so Draco gave you seven room for your family and of course your private penthouse for you."

"Thank you Hannah Oh how's Neville I was talking to Minerva last week she said she was looking for her deputy headmaster or headmistress I know she was thinking about naming Neville it has she said yet?"

"Yeah he was named the Deputy Headmaster"

"That's wonderful we'll have to get the Whole DA together and celebrate."

"Yeah definitely. Call me and we set it up and get everyone together. Bye"

"Bye Hannah."

Hermione walks over to her family and starts to hand out the key cards

"Okay so each parent has their own room and the girls & boy break up into four groups of five."

Hermione walks back over to the desk.

"Hannah I just wanted to tell you Oliver and baby spencer will be here in like an hour so just give them the key card and send them up and don't say anything to my family only my parents know I'm married."


Hermione walks over to the elevator and goes up to her room to change and get ready for the pool party.