Experiment 628

(My version.)

Jumba thought this one up during a movie marathon that included a cowboy movie, a modern day action movie and Kangaroo Jack. He designed it a couple weeks later, and went through with making it when 627 was defeated.


Experiment #: 628

Primary function: Heavy-duty suppressive gunfire.

Name: Gunner.

Body colour: Reddish brown.

Height: 5 feet.

Appearance: Cyborg kangaroo.

Gender: Male.


1: Twin arm cannons. These weapons encompass over half of each arm, can transform into several different forms to fire virtually any form of ammunition, and can be upgraded at any time. They are even capable of using the powers of many previous experiments, fired as projectiles.

2: Kangaroo-like body offers high mobility and combat efficiency.

3: Pouch. Many things dropped into this pouch can be turned into anything he needs other than food and drink, such as ammo, upgradable material, maintenance material or fuel.

4: Laser crystals. Gemstones scattered all over his body that can each fire a colourful laser straight out. This ensures that anyone who tries to grab and subdue him can be blasted off.

5: Metal mask & 5 eyes capable of all forms of vision, great depth perception and extreme accuracy.

6: 4 ultra strong, retractable arms, much like previous experiments.

7: 4 concealable hands with retractable cord arms. These hands can change form and are attached to extremely sturdy cords. They can be fully retracted into his body and become impossible to notice. They're used largely for maintenance, but they can have many other uses as well.

8: Trigger happy cowboy bandit attitude.

9: Nearly indestructible body, several times more durable than 626. (Bulletproof, fireproof, shockproof, explosion and impact resistant.)

10: Super intelligence.

11: Super strength capable of moving objects 3000 times his weight. This may sound like his strength is equivalent with that of 626, but because he is far bigger and heavier than 626, he is also that much stronger.

12: Capable of curling up into ball form and rolling around. Combining this with the laser crystals covering his body can ensure wild, unpredictable fire while moving.

13: Superior hunting skills including tracking and locating.

14: Superior fighting skills, specializes in boxing and a barroom brawl style of combat.

15: Ultra sharp hearing with reinforced inner ears to ensure loud noises cannot be used as a weakness.

16: Powerful lust for gold, money, violence, and beautiful women, combined with a lack of fears and inhibitions, as well as simply not caring about laws or the opinions of others, will ensure he causes trouble.

17: Cannot be turned to good.

18: Talent, knowledge & skills at riding vehicles and animals, especially horses and motorcycles.

19: Rocket-like boosters that allow him to achieve a maximum speed of over 500 km/h.

20: Shape-shifting tail. It can become an electrified tail club with retractable spikes capable of paralyzing life forms, disabling electronics, and good for general bashing, or into a propeller/fan that can create a whirlwind or enable him to swiftly travel in water, can be turned into a huge drill strong enough to easily tear through safes, or he can flatten it and create earthquakes by slamming it into the ground, just like Richter. The tail forms are built for raw power, but not for precision.

21: Capable of improving and upgrading himself to meet new challenges.

22: Hand attachments. These artificial hands can attach to the arm cannons, turning them into somewhat normal arms. They also come with boxing gloves.

23: Net Shot. A net that can be fired from the arm cannons to capture targets.

24: Super laser. The laser crystals are normally stationary, but they can move to his chest and fuse together to create a super laser that can destroy whole islands.



1: Has trouble moving backwards. This is not a flaw due to Jumba's designs, but rather a trait of kangaroos that was carried over. However he can turn around quickly.

2: While moving via hopping and jumping is fast, it is also exploitable. However with his intelligence and skills he can easily overcome most attempts to use it against him.

3: He can only use the super laser when at peak performance and afterwards it leaves him completely drained and defenceless. Until he recovers he needs someone else to take care of him. The process is also very painful and unpleasant. Consequently he virtually always refuses to use it and relies on the rest of his arsenal instead.

4: His lust for beautiful women also makes him vulnerable to seduction. However with his lack of inhibitions, as well as not caring about laws or opinions, any woman willing to try this had best be ready and willing to deal with the desires they invoked in him.