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(Palace's Dining Hall)

"Heh heh, I see. I see." Honest said with a chuckle, before stabbing his fork into a large cut of meat and taking a ravenous bite. "So you're brewing up some schemes with that little alchemist. That being said, your team is down three members. With low forces like that, taking out Night Raid will be tough."

"We didn't need those losers..." Shula said nonchalantly as he pulled out a chair and sat on the other end of the table. Crossing his arms over his chest, Shula kicked his feet up onto the table. "As long as we have Izou...we can make a comeback anytime we want."

"Oh, don't be like that. Maybe this will cheer you up. Daddy has a special gift for his little boy." Honest said with a teasing smirk, wiping his lips and clapping his hands. Shula quirked an eyebrow when heard heels clacking in the hall outside the dining room. "I'm sure you'll love this."

"You called?" Suzuka asked as she sauntered into the room, resting her hands on her hips. With a small smile, Suzuka locked eyes with Shula and bowed slightly. "It's a pleasure to me you, Shula."

"This fine young lady is Suzuka, the only surviving member of the four Rakshasas." Honest said, gesturing towards the dark-haired woman. "She's all yours, Shula. Do with her as you please."

"Tch, four demons my ass. She's the only one left and she came back humiliated, right?" Shula scoffed as he turned his head away from Suzuka, dismissing her completely. "I don't need some temple guarding weakling."

"AH! He's insulting me already!" Suzuka thought, fidgeting slightly as a faint blush spread across her face. "He'll be an excellent commander!"

"You do have a point. There's no way I could forgive her for such a dismal failure. So I had her sent to the torture chamber." Honest explained in an amused tone as he rested his head on his palm, staring directly at Suzuka. "But it would seem that only made her happier."

"Let's just kill this pervert." Shula suggested, causing Suzuka to squeal in delight. Face contorting in disgust, Shula grabbed a knife off the table. "God lord, I'll do it myself."

"Hold up! Before you do anything too rash, she did come back with some interesting information." Honest said as he motioned for Suzuka to approach the table. Reaching into her kimono top, Suzuka pulled out a photo and placed it onto the table in front of Shula. Giving his father a skeptical look, Shula eventually glanced down at the photo. His eyes widened in shock when he recognized the person in the picture. A smirk spread across Honest's face when he saw Shula's surprised look. "There's a reason I let her live."

"This man is Tatsumi, one of Night Raid's members..." Suzuka said, leaning forward and tapping the picture. "And he doesn't have a wanted poster yet."

"This little brat again!?" Shula thought as he grit his teeth in frustration, clenching his fists underneath the table. "He's in Night Raid!? I knew there was something off about him! Why else would Esdeath have been interested in him?! I'll fucking kill him for what he did to me!"

"His teigu is Incursio, which has a stealth ability...along with a small arsenal of deadly weapons. From what I could gather he's skilled in both hand-to-hand and the use of firearms." Suzuka continued, a faint blush spreading across her face as she gently traced her finger along Tatsumi's photo. "There's a strong possibility he's investigating the capital right now, completely unaware that we now know who he is."

"I haven't told anyone else this information..." Honest said as he locked eyes with Shula, roughly stabbing his fork into another piece of meat. "Can I trust you to handle this, Shula?"

"Of course pops." Shula said with a smirk, before getting out of his seat. "I'll definitely kill this Tatsumi guy."

"I'll lend you troops and anything else you need. Use them and make a name for yourself." Honest said which caused an excited look to spread across Shula's face. However, Shula stopped when he saw the menacing look in Honest's eyes. "This's is your father's love. I have gone to great lengths to give you all of this. I will be quite angry if end up wasting it, Shula."

"O-Of course..." Shula stuttered out, taking a deep breath to calm himself. "I'll get it done!"

"If I may make a request..." Suzuka said as she raised her hand to get Honest and Shula's attention. "I know that I failed on my previous mission...but I wish to redeem yourself. Shula, if you discover Tatsumi's whereabouts, I ask that you allow me to join you when he is to be captured.

"Sure, whatever..." Shula said, waving dismissively as he walked out of the room. Once Shula was out in the hall, his nonchalant demeanor fell and his face twisted in anger. "No way that bitch is coming with me! The only one to kill Tatsumi will be me!"

(Same Time: Wave's Room)

"There's only Kurome and I left..." Wave thought, sitting alone at the table in his room, listening to the steady clicking of the clock on the wall. "We're the only surviving members of the original Jaeger group...what are we going to do? We just keep suffering one loss after another. Maybe we should-" Wave was pulled from his thoughts when he heard his door open. Turning around in his seat, he saw Kurome smiling at him. "Oh, hey Kurome."

"Hi, Wave!" Kurome said in a sweet tone as she stepped into the room, holding up a small box. "I picked up some cake. Do you want some?"

"Sure thing." Wave said, gesturing towards the seat next to him. "This is odd. You've never shared your sweets before."

"Well, this doesn't have any drugs in it." Kurome said as she unwrapped the cake's packaging, handing Wave a plate and fork. Reaching down, Kurome grabbed ahold of Yatsufusa. "Let's have Run join us as well. It's a rule that Jaegers eat together."

"No! You don't need to do that!" Wave exclaimed, lunging forward and grabbing Kurome by the shoulders. Giving her arms a soft squeeze, Wave locked eyes with Kurome. "Please don't use your powers for something like this."

"O-Okay...I understand..." Kurome muttered as she averted her eyes away from Wave's intense gaze, a faint blush dusting across her cheeks. Gently freeing herself from Wave's grasp, Kurome darted towards the small kitchenette in his room. "I-I'll make us some tea! You just wait here!"

"Kurome..." Wave thought, tightly balling his fists as he remembered the previous night. When Kurome and Run had returned to the palace in the dead of night. "Why would you do something like that?"

(One Day Earlier: Palace Courtyard)

"No...Run..." Wave said barely above a whisper, gazing into Run's vacant and lifeless eyes. A steady rain poured down as Wave slowly approached Kurome and Run. "W-What the hell happened?"

"You know...Run was worried about you even as we was dying, Wave..." Kurome said as she stared down at her feet. "He really is a great friend."

"You have to be joking..." Wave said, tightly balling his fists as he felt anger well up inside him. "This is the first thing I find out after I wake up? Run...why damn it?!"

"Wave...don't feel sad..." Kurome said as she raised her head, a small smile spreading across her face. Reaching up, Kurome tugged on Run's sleeve. "Since I have Yatsufusa's power, Run is still with us!"

"What the hell are you saying!?" Run suddenly yelled, startling Kurome and causing her to step away from him. When Kurome locked eyes with Wave, she couldn't tell if it was tears or rain streaming down his cheeks. "Just let him rest in peace! Are you really going to use Run like some weapon!? How could you do something like that!?"

"You're the one who doesn't know what he's saying!" Kurome lashed out as she clutched a hand over her racing heart. "Wave! Don't you still want to be together with Run!?"

"Not like this..." Wave said, shutting his eyes and taking a deep breath to calm himself. "I...I don't want to see my friend...turned into a puppet!"

"I...that's not..." Kurome struggled to say as she started to get chocked up. Unable to hold back any longer, Kurome collapsed onto her knees, coughing and sobbing uncontrollably.

"H-Hey!" Wave exclaimed, before dashing towards Kurome. "Are you alright-" However, Wave was stopped in his tracks when Run suddenly stepped into his path. "Run?" When Wave glanced at Kurome, he saw that looked as surprised as he was. "Did you make him do this, Kurome?"

"No...I had nothing to do with this..." Kurome replied as she slowly shook her head. "But Yatsufusa's puppets still retain their habits and strong desires."

"Heh, even after dying you still bother caring about us..." Run said, sniffling several times as he used his sleeve to wipe his eyes. "You really were a great-" Wave stopped when he heard Kurome start coughing once again. His eyes widened in worry when he saw blood in her palm. "Oi! Kurome are you sure you're okay!?"

"Yeah..." Kurome said with a weak smile as she stared at the blood dripping out of her hand. "This has been happening every now and then recently. You don't have to worry about me." Clenching her fist, Kurome washed the blood off her palm. "Putting our emotions aside, Run is an excellent battle asset to us. Especially in our current situation, Wave. It's definitely better to have him fighting alongside us against Night Raid and the others. We all have a duty to fulfill."

(Back in the Present)

"What do you want to drink?" Kurome asked in a sweet tone, pulling out several different types of type. "We've got a lot to choose from."

"Oh, I'll have seaweed tea." Wave replied as he turned in his seat to face Kurome. "Thanks for making some."

"More sea stuff?" Kurome teased, chuckling to herself as she grabbed the tea Wave wanted. "I don't get why you're so obsessed with the ocean."

"You do look happier now, Kurome...that's good." Wave thought as a small smile spread across his face, watching as Kurome hummed to herself while she prepared the tea. "Even if we get into a battle, I'll do my best to not let any burdens fall onto you. That way you won't have to use Run, either. If Kurome finds out that I'm thinking like this, she'll definitely get mad at me. She'll say that I'm treating her like she's a nuisance." Looking down at his lap, Wave tightly balled his fists. "But this is what I want to do."

"Oh, are you two enjoying a tea party?" A gruff voice suddenly spoke up from the doorway. Turning around, both Kurome and Wave were surprised to see Budo entering the room. "Make sure to save me a piece of cake." Approaching the table, Budo quirked an eyebrow when he saw that only Kurome and Wave were in the room. "Where's Run? It's odd for him to not be with you two."

"About that, sir..." Wave tried to explain, doing his best to break the news to their commander. "Run...Run he..."

"Run is dead, sir." Kurome spoke up as she set down a cup of tea in front of Wave. "He was killed by a member of Wild Hunt the other night."

"God damn it..." Budo said, releasing a heavy sigh and making his wave over towards the table. Pulling out a chair, Budo sat down next to Wave, angrily drumming his fingers. "I can't believe that he's gone. Wild Hunt has severely underestimated us."

"Well, they must be in shock after losing half their team." Wave said before he took a sip of his tea, relishing in the seaweed's unique taste. "It's strange, they've actually been behaving themselves the last few days."

"I don't think it's odd..." Kurome said, sitting across from Budo and cutting herself a piece of cake. "I think they're planning something dangerous. I heard they've got some creepy lab underneath the palace."

"Now that I have some free time..." Budo said in a menacing tone as he tightly clenched his fists on top of the table. "I won't allow them to go on anymore rampages, or else they will taste my wrath."

"What's the situation with the barbarians to the west?" Kurome asked, hoping to change the subject before Budo got even more upset. "Last I heard, things weren't looking great."

"Those savages are intent on fighting until they're completely wiped out. I sent several units to the west to back up our forces there." Budo explained as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I don't think we'll be able to hold the western front much longer. We simply do not have the manpower to hold off a prolonged assault."

"If that's the case, shouldn't we be focusing on having a majority of our forces protecting the capital?" Kurome said, stroking her chin as she pondered the strange strategic move. "Why would we send even more forces to the west if it's a lost cause?"

"You're quite sharp Kurome, I voiced similar concerns to Minister Honest..." Budo growled as his eyes narrowed in frustration. "But that stubborn bastard was insistent that I send reinforcements to the west. He ignored all my complaints, wanting to keep morale high in the capital. In his eyes, if the people see all our forces reinforcing the capital, they'll believe we're losing the fight against the rebels."

"And are we losing the fight against the rebels?" Wave asked, earning him a kick in the shin, courtesy of Kurome. Hissing in pain, Wave rubbed his throbbing leg. "Hey! I'm just asking!"

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Budo shot back which caused Wave to quickly shake his head. Releasing another sigh, Budo clasped his hands on top of the table. "We have rebel forces pressing us from the south...barbarians assaulting us from the west...and with the death of General Esdeath...things aren't looking great. We'll be forced to mobilize the imperial guard to help in our battles, but that will also leave the palace's defense severely compromised." Leaning forward a bit, Budo lowered his voice to a hushed tone. "With our defenses lowered, we'll see if Night Raid will be tempted to attack."

(Four Days Later: Just Outside the Capital)

"Good lord, could they have picked a worse disguise?" Tatsumi grumbled, tugging on his tight leather jacket. Reaching up Tatsumi ran a hand through his slicked-back silver-dyed hair. Finishing off Tatsumi's disguise was a pair of black sunglasses. "I feel like an idiot wearing all this junk."

"Oh, you feel like an idiot?" Lubbock said as a growled rumbled in his throat, punching Tatsumi in the arm. Turning to face his teammate, Tatsumi couldn't help but chuckle when he saw Lubbock's disguise. The green-haired assassin had the misfortune of disguising himself as a woman, sporting a dress, long-haired wig, and fake breasts. "I can't believe Mine and Chelsea would do this to me!"

"Dude, you have to admit this is payback for you constantly trying to peek on them in the bath. You're lucky they haven't broken your fingers." Tatsumi teased, patting Lubbock on the back, which caused his face to tint red in embarrassment. "And hey, it was nice to see Chelsea and Mine working together for once."

"Ah, whatever! Let's just focus on our mission!" Lubbock exclaimed as he threw his hands up into the air, not wanting to discuss his situation anymore. "How are things in the capital?"

"There's been no news on Wild Hunt." Tatsumi replied, taking off his sunglasses and releasing a light sigh. "And I didn't see any wanted posters for you Lubbock...although ones for me have started to pop up, so I need to be extra cautious now. How about you? Did anything happen on your end?"

"Nothing noteworthy..." Lubbock answered as he slowly shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest. "The surrounding villages have been fairly quiet the last few days. Wild Hunt has been hiding in the palace day and night, not even attempting to sneak out under the cover of darkness. What about Chelsea's report? Have you hear back from her yet?"

"No, but she should be here soon." Tatsumi explained, briefly turning around to glance at the capital's outer walls. "I spoke with her two days ago and it seemed like things were pretty uneventful on her side of the capital. But who knows, maybe she found something out in the time since we last talked."

"If she ends up not finding anything either, what's our next move?" Lubbock asked as rested his hands on his hips. "This mission may end up being a bust."

"I hate to say it, but we may have to give up on Wild Hunt for now." Tatsumi said, rubbing the back of his head. "We should probably-" Tatsumi stopped mid-sentence when he felt a sudden chill run down his spine. Hearing a crackling sound above his head, Tatsumi immediately looked up and spotted someone rapidly descending towards him and Lubbock. It didn't take long for Tatsumi to recognize that it was Wild Hunt's leader, Shula. "What the hell!?"

"Shambala!" Shula exclaimed as he landed in between Tatsumi and Lubbock, slamming his teigu into the ground. Instantly, a large circle, with a ying-yang symbol underneath Shula, spread out and enclosed both assassins. Then in a blinding flash of light, all three of them disappeared.

"Hey! Tatsumi! Lubbock! What was all that light?!" Chelsea called out, suddenly appearing from the treeline, brushing some hair out of her eyes. "I think that Shula creep might be-" Chelsea paused when she saw that neither of her teammates was at their designated meeting point. "Tatsumi!? Lubbock?! Where are you guys!?" Beginning to worry, Chelsea slowly walked around the small clearing, looking for any signs of where her fellow assassins might be. Stopping in her tracks, Chelsea gasped when she spotted a large circle burned into the ground, smoke faintly wafting around it. Her eyes widened in shock when she noticed the ying-yang symbol in the center of the circle. "I recognize that symbol...that means..." Without any hesitation, Chelsea sprinted out of the clearing, back towards the capital. "Tatsumi and Lubbock are in trouble!"

(Same Time: Imperial Palace)

"Gah! What the fuck just happened!?" Lubbock yelled as the light surrounding him began to die down. Frantically looking around, Lubbock saw that they appeared to be in a small courtyard. "Where are we?!"

"Oh no..." Tatsumi muttered, memories of his time being Esdeath's captive flashing through his mind. "I know this place! We're in-"

"This is the palace!" Shula exclaimed as he rushed towards Lubbock. "You idiots fell right into my trap!"

"Oh fuck me!" Lubbock grunted, dodging a series of punches from Shula, before quickly flipping away from him. With a dull thud, Lubbock landed several feet away, throwing off his disguise in one motion. "You have to be kidding me?! How bad can our luck be?!" Gritting his teeth in frustration, Lubbock glared fiercely at Shula. "How the hell did he find us out!? No, I don't have time to be thinking about that!" Reaching into his pockets, Lubbock hastily put on his gloves and readied Crawstail. "There's only one thing we can do now!"

"Sorry for striking you in the back, I know it's not honorable." An unfamiliar voice suddenly spoke up from behind Lubbock. Before he could even turn around, Lubbock felt something slam into the back of his head and everything around him went dark. Sighing softly, Izou stood over Lubbock's unconscious form. "And I'm sorry you won't taste his blood, Kousetsu."

"Lubbock!" Tatsumi exclaimed in a mixture of rage and worry as he reached down and gripped Incursio's hilt. "You bastards! Get away from-" Tatsumi was cut off when someone suddenly sprang up behind him, wrapping themselves around his back. "Get off me!"

"I've been waiting so long to see you again!" A familiar voice whispered into Tatsumi's ear, causing a chill to run down his spine. Turning his head, Tatsumi's eyes widened when he saw Suzuka smiling at him. "I can still feel the pain from our battle."

"W-What!? How are you still alive?!" Tatsumi exclaimed as he struggled to free himself from Suzuka's grasp. "I dropped a fucking building on you!"

"Don't think the Four Rakshasas will fall so easily." Suzuka said with a faint blush, leaning forward and biting Tatsumi's ear. Reaching up, Suzuka tugged on her kimono top, revealing dozens of small scars on her chest. "Each scar I received from our battle, I treasure the pain they gave me."

"Good lord, you really are a pervert." Dorothea said in an annoyed tone as she sprinted towards Tatsumi, seeing that he saw still thrashing in Suzuka's arms. "But my you are a lively one! That'll change once I suck you dry!" Tatsumi screamed out in pain as Dorothea sank her teeth into his neck, feeling her sucking out his blood. Almost instantly, Dorothea's eyes widened in surprise when she tasted Tatsumi's blood. "This is...delicious! I've never had such rich, hot blood!"

"Partner, you need to get these two off you. Her drinking your blood is dangerous."

"I said..." Tatsumi said, finally managing to pull out Incursio's blade. Letting out a mighty roar, Tatsumi slammed the blade into the ground. "GET OFF ME!" Instantly, a shockwave burst out, sending both Suzuka and Dorothea flying back. "INCURSIO!"

"There it is..." Suzuka muttered to herself as she performed a quick flip and landed on her feet, licking her lips. "I can already feel the delicious pain."

"Damn it..." Dorothea grunted, digging her feet into the ground and coming to a skidding stop. With an annoyed growl, she wiped the remaining blood from her mouth. "His blood was so tasty, I lost focus."

"Shit...I need to get Lubbock out of here..." Tatsumi thought as he frantically scanned the area for any possible exit. "They have me surrounded on all sides and I'm in the center of the palace...how am I going to get out of this?"

"Oh, I thought that I sensed blood-lust..." A deep and menacing voice spoke up from the edge of the courtyard. Whipping around, Tatsumi's eyes widened in shock when he spotted General Budo glaring fiercely at him. "You brats dare cause a commotion on palace grounds!?"

"Partner you need to tread very carefully here. This is situation is entirely different from the future I came from."

"I'm so glad you could join us Budo, this is a Wild Hunt ambush!" Shula exclaimed with a sadistic smile as he outstretched his arms. "I knew that if we caused a big enough ruckus, we'd have backup rushing to our side!" Whipping around, Shula pointed at Tatsumi. "This is checkmate bitch! And a resounding victory for me, the great Shula!" Now turning to face Budo, a maniacal chuckle rumbled in Shula's throat. "Hey Budo, this guy is with Night Raid! We'll capture him alive, that way he'll give us intel on his friends! Then we'll kill him!"

"Fuck..." Tatsumi thought, panting slightly as he pressed a hand to his neck, feeling blood steadily trickling down his chest and back. "That girl from earlier sucked more of my blood than I thought and the wound is still leaking...I'm starting to get a bit woozy." Glancing back at Lubbock's unmoving form, Tatsumi came up with a plan. Knowing that he couldn't fight five opponents alone, Tatsumi knew that his only option was to escape. In one swift motion, Tatsumi pulled out four flash grenades, while also simultaneously pulling all their pins. Tatsumi quickly tossed out the grenades, using his cape to shield his eyes. A split second later, the courtyard was filled with blinding light and ear-ringing bangs. Scanning the area, Tatsumi saw that all five of his opponents were at least somewhat disoriented by the grenades. Tatsumi immediately took advantage of this opening and dashed towards Lubbock. "I need to get us out of here now!"

"RAGH! MY FUCKING EYES!" Shula screamed in pain as he hunched over, his vision completely white and his hearing shot. "I'll fucking kill-"

"Out of my way!" Tatsumi roared, sprinting towards Shula at full speed and hitting him in the stomach with a devastating kick. All the air was knocked from Shula's lungs as he was sent flying backward, blood flying out of his mouth. "I'm leaving this damn place!"

"Oh, the pounding in my ears! The pulsing pain in my eyes! These sensations are utterly exquisite!" Suzuka exclaimed as she hugged herself, a masochistic blush spreading across her face as she experienced a new form of pleasurable pain. "You truly are the best, Tatsu-" Suzuka was cut off when Shula suddenly slammed into her, sending them both tumbling backward.

"You bastard!" Dorothea yelled, fiercely rubbing her eyes in a vain attempt to clear her vision faster. "I'm going to suck you dry! Better yet, I'll turn you-" Dorothea's ranting was replaced by pained grunts when both Suzuka and Shula slammed into her as well. All three of them collapsing into a pile on top of each other.

"Come on, Lubbock..." Tatsumi said with a grunt as he lifted Lubbock up, placing him into a fireman's carry. Seeing that his opponents were slowly starting to recover, Tatsumi quickly bolted towards the nearest exit in the courtyard. "We need to get the fuck out of here, now!"

"Where do you think you're going?" Budo asked in a menacing tone, stepping directly into Tatsumi's path. "Those who cause trouble within his highness' palace will suffer by my teigu." Cocking his arm back, electricity began to crackle around Budo's gauntlet. "Adramelech."

Before Tatsumi even had a chance to reach, Budo burst forward. Then the most intense pain Tatsumi had ever experienced exploded through his body, as Budo's fist dug into his stomach. Even with Incursio's armor, Tatsumi felt the full force of the impact. But the pain wasn't over for Tatsumi, suddenly a piston-like attachment on Budo's gauntlet shot forward. When the piston struck Tatsumi, he roared in pain as electricity coursed through every inch of his body. Dropping Lubbock to the ground, Tatsumi fell onto his knees, Incursio's armor fading away. The last thing Tatsumi saw before he lost consciousness, was Budo's menacing eyes glaring at him.

"Ow, that son of a bitch..." Shula grumbled as he slowly approached Tatumi, clutching his aching stomach and rapidly blinking his eyes. "I can't believe he tried to run away." With a growl rumbling in his throat, Shula spat on Tatsumi's chest. "That'll teach you, prick. Now, the great Shula has regained his honor."

"Oi..." Budo growled, tightly balling his fists as he turned to face Shula. Storming over, Budo grabbed Shula's shirt and pulled him close. "I don't give a shit what your 'strategy' was. Don't you EVER bring enemies into the palace walls again. If something had happened to his highness, I'd have your fucking head."

"That's why we have the imperial guard." Shula said in a snide tone as he slapped away Budo's hand. "Besides, I had faith you'd get here quickly."

"That's it..." Budo snarled, cocking his fist back and hitting Shula in the face with a devastating punch. Shula was sent flying back, crashing to the ground several feet away. With a flourish of his cape, Budo turned his back to Shula and began to walk out of the courtyard. "You pull a stupid stunt like this again, I'll personally execute you myself."

"Hey, you still alive, Shula?" Dorothea asked as she crouched down next to Shula and poked his shoulder. "Cause you just got decked pretty hard."

"T-That old bastard, he doesn't know who he's messing with..." Shula said, slowly sitting up and wiping the blood from his mouth. Glancing over at Tatsumi and Lubbock, a twisted smile spread across Shula's face. "But it doesn't matter, I have Night Raid! But I won't stop until I capture the rest of them!"

(Several Hours Later: Night Raid's Hidden Base)

"Tatsumi, Lubbock, and Chelsea...they should have been back by now..." Akame said in a worried tone as she clutched Murasame against her chest, ready to rush out at a moment's notice. "What if something happened to them."

"You can't think like that, Akame..." Mine said, doing her best to keep her mind occupied as she cleaned Pumpkin. Despite her attempts to act cool, Mine was doing the same as Akame, preparing her teigu in case they needed to spring into action."

"Do you think they ran into Wild Hunt and ended up fighting them?" Leone suggested as she crossed her arms underneath her chest, leaning against the wall behind Akame. "Lubbock isn't weak, but Tatsumi is their only real heavy hitter if they get into combat."

"I wouldn't be too worried." Cosmina said, leaning back in her chair as she playfully balanced her microphone on her palm. "Izou is the only strong fighter left in Wild Hunt. Dorothea is only dangerous if she catches you off guard and Shula is all bark and no bite."

"You don't seem too fond of your former teammates." Sayo commented as she loaded her quiver full of arrows, filling with the tip of an explosive bolt. "Did you guys not get along well?"

"Eh, I wouldn't say that. We got along well enough." Cosmina replied, shrugging her shoulders as she sat back forward. "Most of them were real creeps though, especially that monster Champ." Placing her microphone onto the table, Cosmina smiled brightly at Sayo. "I like you guys much better! You're all super nice and fun to be around!" Eyes suddenly widening, Cosmina slapped a hand onto the table. "Oh Akame, I've been meaning to ask you something! Tatsumi mentioned a fifth girl in this little harem of his! I've been dying to know who it is!"

"The fifth girl? That would be-"

"Alright, that's enough chit-chat!" Najenda exclaimed as she stormed into the room, a crumpled piece of paper in her hand. "We have an emergency!"

"What's going on boss?" Cosmina asked with a smile, leaning her head back enough so that she was looking at Najenda. "We got a mission or something?"

"No, this relates to our team." Najenda replied as she slammed the piece of paper onto the table, a concerned look in her eye. "I just received word from Chelsea...Tatsumi and Lubbock have been captured."

(Same Time: Palace Dungeon)

"Damn it...my entire body is still numb..." Tatsumi thought, staring up at the bare concrete ceiling as he desperately attempted to move any of his limbs. "Lubbock...I don't think he's down here with me...I hope to God he's okay..."

"Oh, look who's awake..." An excited voice spoke up from the cell's entrance. Grunting in exertion, Tatsumi managed to lift his head enough to see who was speaking. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw Suzuka and Dorothea smiling at him. "You've been unconscious for quite a while."

"Now that you're up that'll make things easier." Dorothea said, opening the door to the cell and stepping inside. "I've been waiting patiently."

"What the hell are you two doing here?" Tatsumi growled through grit teeth as he glared at both girls. "What do you want with me?"

"Captives are inevitably either interrogated or played with." Dorothea explained, flashing her large canine teeth as she licked her lips. "And I've been working up quite the appetite."

"I just came down here to have some fun with you." Suzuka said with a faint blush as she placed a hand over her heart. Following Dorothea into the cell, Suzuka gently picked Tatsumi up and leaned him against a nearby wall. Once Tatsumi was sitting up, Suzuka sat down next to him and rested her head on his shoulder. "The things you do to me, Tatsumi...just make my heart flutter."

"This chick is nuts!" Tatsumi thought, recoiling slightly when he felt Suzuka sensually rub her hand along his chest. "Why are so many crazy women attracted to me!?"

"Hey, don't hog him Suzuka!" Dorothea whined as she kneeled down on Tatsumi's other side. Leaning in close, Dorothea began to lick and nibble on Tatsumi's neck. "I can get the taste of your blood out of my mind...it was simply delictable."

"Heh heh...this is so odd for me..." Suzuka said, panting slightly as she whispered hotly into Tatsumi's ear. "I'm not used to being the aggressor."

"In all my years of life, I've never experienced lust before..." Dorothea said as she placed several kisses along Tatsumi's chin and face. "But sucking your blood seriously turned me on."

"Partner! You mustn't let that vampire drink any more of your blood! I felt our connection weakened slightly when she did it!"

"S-Stop it!" Tatsumi exclaimed, his eyes widening in shock as he started to panic. Attempting to move at all, Tatsumi felt that his body still wasn't responding. "Get the hell off me!"

"Aw, your cries are so cute..." Suzuka said as she cupped Tatsumi's face, her lips inching closer to his. "I can't hold back any longer...it's time to partake."

"That's. Enough." A rumbling voice growled from the cell's doorway. Both Suzuka and Dorothea froze in place when they saw that General Budo was now standing in the cell, arms crossed over his massive chest as he glared at them. The towering man loomed over the three of them, his head nearly scraping against the ceiling. In two quick strides, Budo now stood directly over Tatsumi. Reaching down, he grabbed both Suzuka and Dorothea by the backs of their shirts, roughly tossing them out of the cell. Both girls looked like they were about to protest, but they were stopped when they saw the menacing look on Budo's face. "Both of you, tell everyone that Tatsumi is off-limits. He is to be interrogated, then executed. Until then, no one is allowed to lay a finger on him."

"Y-Yes sir, I understand! We were just messing around, I really don't want a fight!" Dorothea exclaimed in a scared tone, awkwardly saluting Budo before she dashed out of the dungeon. "There was no one that scary in my old kingdom...what a frightening man!"

"Okay, I will retreat for now..." Suzuka grumbled as she pulled her face off the wall she had been thrown into. Dusting herself off, Suzuka stood back up and cracked her back. With a wink, Suzuka blew Tatsumi a kiss before she began to make her way out of the dungeon. "But don't think this is over, Tatsumi!"

"Thanks for that..." Tatsumi said, staring up at Budo as he struggled to sit up a bit straighter. "Those girls would have eaten me alive...literally."

"Don't thank me." Budo said as he turned his back to Tatsumi, before hunching down and stepping out of the cell. "You're still going to be interrogated and executed...but I remember our fight in Kyoroku. You're a fierce and powerful warrior, Tatsumi...and you've earned my respect." Closing the cell's door, Budo spared Tatsumi one final look. "I'll make sure you at least die with some dignity."

(Same Time: Shula's Torture Chamber)

"Come on! You better start talking, you bastard!" Shula exclaimed with a twisted smile, before hitting Lubbock in the face with another series of punches. Lubbock remained silent, only grunt in pain as Shula punched him several times in the gut. "Punching people to death is my favorite!" Cocking his arm back, Shula hit Lubbock with another punch to the stomach, causing the green-haired assassin to cough up a mouthful of blood. Shula yanked on the chains holding Lubbock up, making sure they weren't slacking at all. Pausing for a moment, Shula sighed lightly and pulled out a chair, sitting directly in front of Lubbock. "Come on, man. Just spill it already. Where's Night Raid's hideout and who are your members? What teigu are they hiding from us!?"

"Never heard of Night Raid before..." Lubbock said with a defiant smile as he spat out some blood. "You must have the wrong guy."

"HA! You're a funny guy!" Shula laughed, standing up and roughly kicking the chair away. "You're still holding out, even with your life on the line..." Walking towards a table lined with torture instruments, Shula grabbed a pair of pliers. "What if we took your man parts...and crushed one of your balls!? I think that might make you a bit more cooperative!"

"NO! NO! NO!" Lubbock thought in a panic as he began to trash against his restraints, trying anything he could to loosen or break them. "Leone only ever joked about that! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

"Hold him still!" Shula ordered, motioning for the guard in the room to come over. Soon Lubbock found his legs spread open, his mouth gagged, and his body completely immobile. With an evil smile, Shula inched the pliers closer, mockingly opening and closing them. Lubbock whimpered as he felt the pliers wrap around one of his testicles. "Okay...last chance..." Lubbock took several rapid breaths, attempting to prepare himself for what was about to happen. Despite the immeasurable pain he was about to experience, Lubbock knew that he couldn't give up his comrades. He knew that if any of Night Raid's other members were in a similar position, none of them would divulge any information. "Bing bong! Time's up! Looks like you've made your decision! So, let's not delay any longer!" Then with one snip, Lubbock's entire vision went white as the most intense and violent pain he had ever felt coursed through his body. Even with the gag in his mouth, Lubbock's bloodcurdling screams still filled the room. Seeing that Lubbock was on the verge of passing out from the pain, Shula chuckled and motioned for the guard once again. "Aw, the little baby is getting tired! Get me some water, fast!"

"Everyone...Tatsumi...Najenda..." Lubbock thought as he remembered all his loved one's faces, using them to remain strong. However, he was pulled from his thoughts when an entire bucket of water was suddenly thrown into his face. Sputtering and coughing, Lubbock glared fiercely at Shula. "I'll kill him...then I'll get out of here...and see everyone again..."

"Man, this guy is one tough nut to crack." Shula said, chuckling at his own bad pun. Releasing a heavy sigh, Shula rubbed the back of his head. "If you'd just tell me where Night Raid is, I'd spare your life. Hell, I'd even make you one of my followers. You can still live a full life with just one ball."

"Fuck...you..." Lubbock growled as he spat towards Shula. "I already told you...I'm not saying...a fucking word!"

"That's unfortunate...you're getting really getting a raw deal here..." Shula said, walking over and grabbing the chair he had kicked away. Bringing it back over, Shula sat down in front of Lubbock once again. "Tatsumi...was that other guy's name, right? Dorothea and Suzuka are probably showering him with love right now."

"H-Huh..." Lubbock muttered as his eyes widened slightly. "W-What are you talking about?"

"That's what I heard. We managed to capture both of you earlier. Dorothea and Suzuka wanted to spend some 'special' time with that Tatsumi guy." Shula said, shrugging his shoulders and leaning back in his seat. "That's why we're focusing all of our torture on you right now. And here's a juicy little bit of info for you. The only reason you were caught is because we figured out who Tatsumi was. You were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. And here you are, suffering because of it. Don't you see, there's no reason for you to be stubborn anymore."

"Heh...I see what you're doing here..." Lubbock said as he weakly chuckled, another defiant smile spreading across his face. "Tatsumi may be one lucky bastard...who seems to get all the damn girls...and he royally pisses me off sometimes...but I would never betray him! He's my best friend god damn it! We've been through hell and back together! And I know for a fucking fact, that he would never betray me either!"

"I tried..." Shula said, sighing once again as he got out of his seat. "You're a smart guy, I'm sure you'll understand soon enough..." Walking over towards the table filled with torture devices, Shula moved a tray of them closer so that Lubbock could get a good look at each of them. "I hope you're prepared, I'll give you until tomorrow to think things over. But if you still intend on resisting, I'll start by digging out your eyeball. You'll suffer...and suffer...and suffer...until you eventually talk." Turning around, Shula began to walk out of the torture chamber. "Today was just stage one."

"How is the torture going?" Izou asked as leaned against the wall outside in the hallway. "It sounded like it wasn't successful."

"He'll crack eventually. He showed a few moments of weakness in there." Shula said, shoving his hands into his pockets as he walked past Izou. "The moment we learn where Night Raid is, we'll surround them with our army."

(The Following Afternoon: Secret Lab Underneath the Palace)

"How do you like that, dad?" Shula asked in a cocky tone as he tore off a crab leg, quickly slurping out the meat. "I captured two members of Night Raid."

"Well done..." Honest said, piling his plate high full of crab legs. "I'll recognize you as my son a little while longer...or perhaps not..." Shula quirked an eyebrow in confusion as he watched his father suddenly pulled out a manila folder and placed it on the table. "You may have captured some members of Night Raid...but you also made a huge blunder." Opening the folder, Honest spread out several pieces of paper. Quickly scanning them over, Shula's eyes widened when he recognized the humanoid danger beasts that had went on a rampage near the capital. "There have been reports that the humanoid danger beasts that killed dozens of people near the capital...were released by you Shula, Dr. Stylish's best friend. This was uncovered by a young man in the Jaegers named Run, he found irrefutable evidence."

"What!?" Shula exclaimed as he slammed his hands onto the table and bolted out of his seat. "It must've been that pretty-boy bastard who was trying to get all buddy-buddy with us! Son of a bitch! He was just playing us the whole time!"

"This was delivered to me by one of my loyal informants...you have no idea how lucky you are..." Honest said, releasing a heavy sigh and running a hand down his face. "If Budo had caught wind of this, we would have a massive problem on our hands." Shula looked like he was about to protest, but Honest raised his hand and silenced him instantly. "To prevent any future blunders, as of today, Wild Hunt is officially disbanded. I don't care about your little pranks. What's pathetic was that proof of your mistakes was found so easily. I utterly despise incompetent people, Shula."

"B-But...this can't be!" Shula pleaded as he rounded the table to stand at his father's side. "I caught Night Raid! That must mean something!"

"It does. Because of your minor success, I won't have you charged." Honest said in a chastising tone, cocking his head slightly to glared at Shula. "I need you to behave for a while. Can you do that, Shula?"

"Damn it!" Shula yelled as he stormed out of the room, flipping over a table before he threw the door open. "Fuck this!"

"You're a stricter father than I thought." Dorothea said, before eating a chunk of crab meat. "That was pretty intense."

"It's called tough love." Honest said as he grabbed four crap legs, sucking the meat out of all of them. "I can't have him growing up a moron." Glancing at the numerous vats filled with monsters scattered throughout the room, Honest smiled at Dorothea. "But I will commend him for bringing me such an exceptional alchemist."

"Hmmm, and I appreciate your full support." Dorothea said with a smirk, crossing her legs and leaning back in her seat. "Even without Dr. Stylish here, I can still apply his research to my own work.

"Well then, I trust you to carry out my request." Honest said, an evil smile spreading across his face. "I'm sure you won't fail me."

"Just leave everything to me." Dorothea said as she playfully bounced her leg up and down. "I'll fulfill your request perfectly."

(Same Time: Halls of the Palace)

"This isn't over, not even close! I'll turn this mess around! I can still use my authority over Wild Hunt to interrogate the prisoners. I'll make him spill everything he knows and finish Night Raid off before the day is over." Shula thought, angrily stomping through the palace halls as he made his way towards the torture chamber. "Then my dad won't have a damn thing to complain about. And if that bastard doesn't talk, I'll use my last resort. I'll set the entire capital ablaze and force Night Raid to show themselves!" Violently kicking open the door to the torture chamber, Shula rushed over toward Lubbock. "The moment they come to rescue their comrades, I'll kill them all!"

"Oh, you came to see me?" Lubbock asked in a mocking tone as a weak smile spread across his face. "I'm so touched."

"Shut the hell up!" Shula roared, roughly slapping Lubbock's face. "You're going to start talking, Night Raid! If you refuse to talk or stay silent too long, I'll poke both your eyes out! Then I'll slice off both your ears and nose, ending with me cutting off each of your fingers one-by-one! Once I'm done, as your screaming and crying in pain, I'll drag your buddy Tatsumi in here and do the same to him! So you better start talking, now!"

"Okay...okay..." Lubbock muttered in defeat as he hung his head, tears falling from his eyes. "I'll talk so please spare me...and leave Tatsumi alone."

"HAHA! I knew it was a good idea to smash one of your nads! You're a smart kid after all!" Shula laughed, stepping forward and roughly grabbing Lubbock's shoulder. "Now start spilling your secrets, from the top."

"Tatsumi's teigu Incursio...has the ability to turn invisible..." Lubbock explained as he sniffled several times. "It can-"

"I already know all that!" Shula exclaimed in a frustrated tone, waving his hand dismissively. "I've already captured him, so I don't care about Incursio. Tell me about Murasame, what is its secret?"

"It has one...but at the same time, it doesn't..." Lubbock replied as he furrowed his brow a bit, seeing that Shula was about to explode on him again. "Before your freak out, let me explain. It has a secret ability, but apparently, Akame can't use it as she is now. As far as I know, she's never even tried to use it."

"Tch, this is useless!" Shula growled, gritting his teeth in irritation. "Alright, fine! Tell me about your hideout!"

"If you can get me a map of the area around the capital..." Lubbock paused for a moment before he released a heavy sigh. "I'll point out its location for you."

"You heard him! Fetch me a map!" Shula shouted, motioning for one of the guards to hurry up. "Now, let him down!" As Lubbock was lowered to the ground and his restraints released, Shula stood over him. "If you're lying, I'll cut you to pieces, starting with your legs."

"OkURPH!" Lubbock exclaimed as he leaned forward, pretending to gag. Discreetly, Lubbock pulled out a piece of Crawstail's wire that was hidden behind his molars. Once the wire was out, Lubbock panted slightly and raised himself back up. "I just realized, there's something I forgot to tell you. There's one more teigu user on our team...with a secret ability."

"Oh? Now, this is interesting..." Shula said, quirking an eyebrow as he crouched down in from of Lubbock. "And who would that be?" Lubbock began to mutter something quietly, instantly annoying Shula. "HUH!? Speak the hell up!"

"I said...it's me!" Lubbock exclaimed as he flicked both his arms forward, dozens of threads instantly shooting out. Shula's eyes widened in a mix of shock and fear as the wires entered into his mouth and began to snake down his throat. "I had some threads stored in my mouth. You totally fell for my 'scared shitless' act. I told you, I'll never betray my comrades!"

Gagging violently, Shula began to claw at his neck. A split second later, Shula felt the wires wrap themselves around many of the organs in his chest. Then, with a snap of Lubbock's fingers, the wires began to contract and tighten. In the blink of an eye, all of Shula's internal organs were sliced and shredded to pieces. Lubbock clenched his fist and his wires rapidly pulled out of Shula's body. Once the wires were out, Shula collapsed to the ground, blood freely flowing from his mouth.

"Just thinking about Najenda...gave me the strength to endure any pain..." Lubbock thought, slowly standing back up on shaky legs, a determined look in his eyes. Glancing at Shula one last time, Lubbock kicked him in the side. "Rot in hell, you fucking monster!"

"O-Oh shit! He killed the minister of state's son!"

"Get him!"

Whipping around, Lubbock lashed out with his threads once again, completely wrapping them around both guards in the room. Forming an 'X' with his arms, Lubbock forced his wires to tighten around the guards. Screaming out in pain, the guards couldn't do anything as the threads dug into their skin. With one last motion of his arms, Lubbock sliced both guards to pieces.

"Alright, the easy part is over now..." Lubbock said as he walked over to Shula's corpse and dug into his back pocket. The green-haired assassin smirked when he pulled out Shula's teigu, Shambala. "No matter what, I'm going to survive!" Activating the teigu, Lubbock was briefly engulfed in bright light, before he found himself in the palace courtyard once again. "I did it!" Glancing around, dismay spread across Lubbock's face when he saw that he was still in the palace. Raising Shambala, Lubbock attempted to use the teigu once again. "Shit! Literally anywhere else will do! Just get me the hell out of here!" But after a few moments of trying, Lubbock realized that the teigu didn't appear to be working. "God damn it! I can't use it twice in a row?!"

"There he is! The rebel that escaped!"

"Fuck! There's a whole horde of them!" Lubbock exclaimed, spotting a whole group of imperial guards running towards him. The entire group was being led by Izou, his sword Kousetsu ready to strike. Knowing there was no point in fighting, Lubbock took off sprinting towards the nearest exit. "There's no way I can fight them all!" Skidding into the hallway, Lubbock just kept running, with no idea where he was going. Practically leaping around a corner, Lubbock's eyes widened in shock when he nearly slammed into another guard. "Shit! I have to fight this one!"

"Lubbock! I finally found you!" The green-haired assassin stopped dead in his tracks when heard his name. Lubbock felt hope fill his body when the guard took off their helmet, revealing themself to be none other than Chelsea. When Chelsea heard the group of guards chasing Lubbock drawing closer, she quickly grabbed his wrist and pulled him into a nearby room. Pressing her ear against the door, Chelsea listened as the guards ran past the room they were in. Once the coast was clear, Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay, looks like they're gone for now."

"C-Chelsea...what the hell are you doing here?" Lubbock asked, leaning against a wall to keep himself from falling over. "This place is way too dangerous."

"I couldn't just sit by while you two were captured...I had to do something..." Chelsea said as she examined Lubbock, wincing slightly at the severity of his injuries. "Let me patch you up a bit, then we're getting the hell out of here." Dropping her disguise, Chelsea guided Lubbock towards a nearby chair. Hissing in pain, Lubbock slowly sat down. Pulling out Gaia Foundation, Lubbock was surprised to see that Chelsea had filled a small compartment with various medical supplies. "Give me a second, I'll do as much as I can."

"When did you learn first aid?" Lubbock asked, watching Chelsea pulled out some gauze and disinfectant. "Doesn't seem like something you'd be interested in."

"I want to be more useful." Chelsea replied as applied the disinfectant to a clean cloth. "Everyone else on the team has so many things they're good at, but I'm really only useful for assassinations and infiltration. When it comes to fighting, I'm practically useless. So, I figured that if I learned first aid, even if it's a little, I'd be able to help out more." Taking a quick breath, Chelsea locked eyes with Lubbock. "Now, this is going to sting...a lot. But you have to be quiet. If you scream, we're both dead."

"Alright..." Lubbock said, before wading up a ball of gauze and biting down into it. "Do it..." A moment later, Chelsea began to dab the disinfectant onto Lubbock's wounds. Lubbock's eyes widened in shock as intense pain shot through his body. Luckily, the gauze managed to silence most of his screams as he tightly clenched his fists. After only a few minutes, Chelsea was finished and was wrapping bandages around Lubbock's injuries. As Chelsea worked on him, Lubbock stared at her, something weighing on his conscience. "Aren't you going to ask me about Tatsumi? Aren't you mad that I'm the only one who escaped?"

"Oh, shut up Lubbock, I know you didn't abandon Tatsumi." Chelsea said with a huff as she pulled out a needle and thread, preparing to stitch up some of Lubbock's wounds. "If you both could have escaped, I know you would have. I'm fucking worried sick about him, but I know Tatsumi will be fine." A smile spread across Chelsea's face as she began stitching a wound on Lubbock's chest. "I made sure to call for backup before I came here."

"That's reassuring..." Lubbock said, wincing slightly as Chelsea finished her first stitch job. "Once you're finished, what's the plan? How are we gonna get out of here?"

"I don't think we'll have too much trouble..." Chelsea said as she pointed towards something behind Lubbock. Turning in his seat, Lubbock's eyes widened slightly when he saw that they appeared to be in some type of locker room, with several sets of imperial guard armor on the other end of the room. "Looks like we got lucky for once. We'll both be able to slip right out." After a few more minutes, Chelsea finished her stitches and began to put away her medical supplies. "Alright, get changed quick and we'll get you out of here."

"Wait..." Lubbock said, slowly getting out of his seat, using the table to steady himself. "We can't just leave...we have to get Tatsumi."

"No way. Everyone else in Night Raid will be here soon, they'll rescue Tatsumi." Chelsea said in an assertive tone, leaving Lubbock no room to argue. Rapidly walking across the room, Chelsea grabbed a set of armor and placed it on the table in front of Lubbock. Seeing the uneasy look in Lubbock's eyes, Chelsea released a light sigh. "Listen Lubbock, I want nothing more than to storm out there and rescue Tatsumi. But you're in absolutely no condition to fight, and I'm not skilled enough to take people on in a head-on battle. Besides..." Reaching forward, Lubbock yelped in pain when Chelsea poked one of his wounds. "I may have patched you up, but it's only temporary. If we don't get you somewhere you can get proper treatment, you're either going to pass out or die." Picking up the helmet, Chelsea shoved it into Lubbock's chest. "Now. Fucking get changed and let's go, or I'm going to drag you out of this damn palace. You want to see Najenda again, don't you?"

"Alright, you win..." Lubbock said as he reached down and began to put on the guard armor. Once Lubbock was finished, Chelsea quickly used Gaia Foundation to reapply her own disguise. As both assassins stepped back out into the hallway, Lubbock spared one last glance back toward the courtyard he and Tatsumi had arrived in. "God damn it...I'm sorry Tatsumi...you better survive. You need to see how great a couple Najenda and I will be."

(Same Time: Honest's Bedroom)

"I'm sorry to bother you, but I have some bad news." Dorothea said, standing in the doorway to Honest's room. "It would seem that your son, Shula, hand been killed."

"H-Huh..." Honest said as he dropped the slab of meat he was eating in shock. "Shula...is d-dead?"

"He was too eager to succeed and dropped his guard." Dorothea explained, clasping her hands behind her back. "It looks like one of the Night Raid assassins killed him during their escape attempt. We're currently looking for the fugitive right now."

"This can't be...I had such high hopes for Shula!" Honest exclaimed as tears began to pour from his eyes. "NO! My young, foolish son! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Then, almost as if a switch had been flipped, Honest stopped crying, a twisted look in his eyes. "Well...it can't be helped. I'll just make another child from scratch." An evil smile spread across Honest's face as he began to stroke his beard. "This time, I'll choose an even better mother, this way the child won't be a piece of trash. Heh heh heh..."

"I've seen something like this before, years ago..." Dorothea thought, watching as Honest seemed to fall into his delusions. "This country truly is nearing its end."

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