I am really sorry for not writing more chapters on my stories. It's just with the stress of finding a full-time job, the class I was taking at the time when I was writing, and that I'm a little bit "blocked," really bummed things for me. Along with the fact that Polyvore was bought out (which still pissed me and a bunch of other people who used it as a way to create our character's personalities through fashion). Lucifer getting canceled on FOX (then getting saved by Netflix, so YAY!), and trying to figure out how to tie everything neatly and accurately, is making my stories take a bit more time than usual. Let me assure you, I am - in no way - canceling writing this or any of my fanfics on my profile page; you can be sure of that. But, I will try to get something out for all of you readers. Anyway, I hope you can forgive me and here's a brand new chapter...so enjoy!

Barbara Gordon stares at the flowers she made appear with the flick of her hand. It was both freaky and incredible to have these newfound powers, now that the shock has passed and gathered her collective composure.

"Okay, so I got covered in a toxic sludge meant to mutate plants, passed out, got carried here, and woke up to find that I - now - have green skin and control over plants," she said. "And here I thought, 'Mystery Meat Monday' at school was scary," Barbara uttered to herself. Shakily, Barbara stands up but starts to fall again until a branch from a nearby tree holds her steady.

"Thank you," she said. She didn't know if this was a bonus to her powers, but she 'heard' the plant saying 'welcome' put a smile on her face. "Well, now that I've woken up from my - um - transmutation, I'd figure it's probably a good time to explore. She begins walking around the entirety of where she is, slowly walking and observing everything. Still unsteady from her disorienting metamorphosis into an eco-friendly metahuman, the ground felt that she needed a bit of help walking around, so out of nowhere, a staff made of cedar wood appeared out of nowhere. She stared at it with apprehension but accepted the practical gift nevertheless.

The plants moved where she moved; followed her as dogs with a bone. She observed her surroundings with rapt attention, and childlike wonder and curiosity. Plants on every corner of the place (wherever it was), flowers categorically arranged by type and environment, as well as the glass ceiling above her head with the moon shining among the dark, Gotham sky. As she walks around, on the far right side of the room, a plaque stood out to her. Deciding against her better judgment, she wanted to know where she was and how the hell she's going to tell her father. That singular thought stopped her where she stood: her father. Commissioner Gordon's last image of his beautiful daughter was being wheeled on a stretcher, heading to the hospital because that toxic crap that fell on her during Batman's fight with Temblor.

"Oh, man," she groaned out. "What's Dad gonna say about this? 'Hi, Dad. No, everything's fine, I'm just trying to feed the ficus in the living room because you've been neglecting watering it. How do I know this? Oh, I'm a walking, talking, teenage Mother Nature incarnate. That outta help with your new job as Commissioner of GCPD.'" The sarcasm rolled off her tongue, almost losing her temper on the subject. Barbara shakes her head to get rid of the angry thoughts. "No. Stop thinking that, Babs. Maybe Dad'll accept it...I hope." She continued heading toward the right wall of the building until her fingers felt the plaque. She felt the cold, metal letters while slowly figuring out the place, one letter at a time. She finished the first part of the sign when she felt the letters 'G'; 'O'; 'T'; 'H'; 'A'; 'M.'

"So, the first part of the sign is 'Gotham,'" she said to herself. "I'm still in town, so that's good news." A smile appeared on her face, happy for the knowledge she hasn't left the country. She ran her fingers over the next line of the sign. The letters, 'G'; 'R'; 'E'; 'E'; 'H'; 'O'; 'U'; 'S'; 'E' gave Barbara all she needed to figure out where the hell she is. "Hmm...Gotham Greenhouse. How fitting." As she kept looking around, she became unaware of the pair of eyes watching her every move. The same eyes that watched her as if she were something intriguing.

At the crash site, the paramedics and the driver were being questioned by GCPD as well as Commissioner Gordon on the disappearance of his daughter. The truck was overturned; doors were pushed open, and the Commissioner's daughter was nowhere in sight.

"Well, no one was hurt. We don't know what happened," the paramedic who was inside with Miss Gordon told the police.

As GCPD were interviewing the driver and paramedic, he looked around the truck itself for clues. He saw the same thing as everyone else saw: overturned vehicle, doors forced open, and Barbara Gordon disappeared without a trace. Then, something spots his eye; a small, leaf particle that could be the Rosetta Stone that solves the entire mystery. He places it inside a test tube to bring back to the Batcave for examination. Suddenly, Bruce's head snaps up to hear footsteps coming towards him, so he did the logical thing in that instance: jumped up into a tree and hid until the officer left. Jim Gordon wandered around the destroyed vehicle until a small rustle alerted him of Batman's presence. He waited until the officers were far enough of a distance before heading closer to the tree.

"Batman, I know you're there," the voice of Jim Gordon called out to the Dark Knight of Gotham City.

Batman jumped down from his perch and landed behind Gordon. Said man turned around to face him, worry lined his eyes. His daughter is missing and completely drugged from the incident in Chlorogene HQ.


"Temblor is already in Arkham, and yet someone completely decimated an ambulance, left behind the driver and nurses, but had taken my daughter. Now, she's gone without a trace. Even more so, since Barbara's still drugged from the incident at Chlorogene HQ."

"Something about that slime is bugging me, though. Pamela Isley hired Temblor to attack there for a reason, and I'd like to know what made that company dangerous. It could be because of that, Commissioner."

"What're you talking about?"

"What if whoever took your daughter was because of the mulch that incapacitated your daughter?"

"The only one who knows more about it is Pamela, but she's in custody right now."

"She's your daughter's best friend. Talk to her, and maybe she'll cooperate as to why she targeted Chlorogene." Jim hummed in agreement. Batman turned around to leave, but Jim's voice called him back.

"I know I have no right to ask this of you, Batman, but I was wondering if you can help me find my daughter? All this is making me worried about Barbara. Who did this, and why did they take her? Is she alright?" he asked. Rubbing a hand across his forehead, Batman saw the man get older at that moment. Seeing his daughter get dumped with the Chlorogene slime, someone kidnapping her, and leaving no trace, is concerning.

"I'll see what I can do, Commissioner, but it will take time. When I find her, I'll let you know," he promised. Jim nodded his gratitude for his help. With Gordon's back turned, Batman left the crime scene, silently as he came. When he arrived at Wayne Manor, Alfred was already there, waiting for Bruce to answer what happened.

"Welcome home, Master Bruce," greeted Alfred. "I trust your investigation was a promising one?"

"Maybe, maybe not." Alfred quirked an eyebrow at Bruce's statement. "Barbara Gordon was dumped with a product in Chlorogene HQ, who is now in critical condition. Before she was taken to the hospital, someone or something knocked down the ambulance and stole her."

Alfred was taken aback with the news of the Commissioner's daughter being kidnapped the same time she was heading to the hospital for the tox screen.

"My word," he said. "That poor girl."

"At the crime scene, I found a plant particle near the ambulance. It might give us a lead on who took Barbara Gordon," he points out. As he places the leaf in the microscopic scanner, Batman couldn't help but feel guilty about what he'd done. If he weren't so careless, then maybe Barbara would still be okay. For now, he had to find her, not just to clear his conscience, but for the Commissioner who is worried about his only daughter.

Barbara was looking around the greenhouse, staring at all the plants, when she found a room with a TV, computer, desk, etc. All of the things you would find in an office. She looks around with idle curiosity about what happened, so she turned on the TV, closed the door, and put the volume on low; enough that no one would hear her, but she'd be able to listen to the news surrounding Gorham right now after the fight with Temblor and the attack on Chlorogene HQ.

"Good evening, Gotham City. I'm Tatiana Oshlvik, and this is Channel 9 GC News. Our top story tonight, our favorite hero, the Dark Knight himself - Batman - stopped a terrorist-for-hire metahuman by the name of Temblor in destroying the surrounding areas of Chlorogene Labs HQ. Recently, they were talking about a new product that could revolutionize the entire agricultural industry around the world as well as the eco-friendly people that enjoy gardening. Temblor is now in GCPD custody and is, now, sentenced to life in Arkham. But, unfortunately, it didn't come without casualties. There were reports of two children in Chlorogene Labs tonight, with one in critical condition. The child's name has not been identified but continues to be unconscious. We will have more updates for you as the GCPD continues their investigation. Now, I go over to my co-anchor, Bob Dallas. Bob?" The co-anchor continues detailing the news in Gotham as well as internationally, but Barbara didn't even listen to the mindless chatter.

She mutes the news as she continues to stare at the screen. The police were investigating why Temblor attacked Chlorogene, and it'll be a matter of time before the entire city finds out that Pamela Isley was the one who paid Temblor to destroy it. She heads out of the office to return to the garden. She felt a breeze behind her as she stiffened, and grew spikes from her hands, ready to attack if necessary. She turns around with a fierce expression on her face, only to find no one there. Placing her arms out on either side, she was cautious on every single noise that happened. She became hyper-aware that someone was here, but couldn't find this person. Turning around to face the front, she headed out of the building, almost running to her safe place, which is the tree that she woke up in.

Meanwhile, back in Wayne Manor, Bruce was in the Batcave with his dependable butler-slash-father figure, Alfred Pennyworth, trying to figure out what that plant sample was and where it came from. To get a call from the 'Bat Signal,' by Commissioner Gordon, says a lot about their recent partnership on how to handle catching criminals from Arkham and any other kooks, freaks, sociopaths, and weirdos Gotham seems to attract. However, the tone he had to say, paused Bruce in his tracks. Finding out that the ambulance that was carrying his daughter, Barbara, has been overturned and abandoned, sends a couple of red flags in his head. Even stranger, no one got hurt; just the doors were forced open, stopped the truck, and took Barbara Gordon without a trace, which was the big robot saying, 'Danger, Will Robinson!' in his brain.

"Problem, sir?" he asked.

"I'm trying to analyze this sample from the crime scene to see where they took Barbara Gordon. But, so far, nothing's popped up yet," Bruce told Alfred aggravatedly.

"Well, sir, might I suggest expanding your search? Like mutant gophers?" snarked Alfred. Bruce cracked a smile at Alfred's joke. They continued trying to find traces of the plant until the Batwave finds a match. Things are about to get a little bit interesting for the Masked Crusader.