This idea has been nagging my mind and I figured why not write it, it probably won't turn into anything interesting anyway.

A less technological world but still pretty advanced somewhere between Bloodborne and Dark Souls. I hope the intro covers everything needed to introduce readers to the lore.

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Dust. Over the countless millenia of our history only two things remain constant. The void beasts and dust.

There are many different types of dust but they are usually separated into two categories.

Spectrum and Shade, they are similar in effect but differ vastly the deeper you analyse them.

Shade shares similarity with ores and ceramics in physical properties and therefore it is preffered in the construction of tools and forging of weapons, creating a fascinating balance between hardness, elasticity and weight. Carrying the unique properties of the type used combined with the master craftsmanship of its maker. A one of kind item reserved solely for the best of best.

Spectrum dust, in theory, could be used in weapon making, however to produce something like a sword or shield would require shaving off exes material.

Before we delve deeper there some things I need to explain regarding the two categories. Let's start with colour: Depending from which point you look at it white and black can be considered as colours. A painter would say that black is a colour because it can be made by mixing every shade together, but white would be an empty canvas because it can only be made by erasing everything else.

If you ask a physics teacher however he would say that light is a colour since it's the combination of every specter of light. Black is the absence of light and therefore it isn't a colour. To simplify things spectrum white and black dust are dubbed light and dark to avoid confusion.

Spectrum white has similar properties to shade black and vice versa.

Another difference, while shades tend to be related to the more weighted aspects of the world, example, blue shade dust creates ice.

Spectrum dust tends to posses less solid forms, example spectrum blue dust conjures lighting.

That should about cover the basics.

Now the reason spectrum dust, or sp for short, isn't used in craft working is because of its more crystal structure. Incredible hardness, but brittle. Instead it's more commonly used by the espers as a catalyst for their spells. Mounted on the tops of their staves they unleash tremendous force of soul infused elemental might upon the enemy, they also emit light, making them valuable accessories for the rich and welthy.

Bla bla bla… BLA!

"Miss Rose! Are you listening? "

"Wh-wha? Yes! Handcrafts and painting."

Ruby Rose, age fifteen, silver eyes, red and black goth themed combat skirt and youngest graduate of Heaven academy for hunters had just fallen asleep during her parting lecture. Because of the fact that she was accepted into Beacon academy two years earlier than anyone else she was forced to listen to her teachers lectures every day for three weeks in order to catch up with the other graduates.

"Miss Rose, this is a serious matter. We have three more lectures and only two days to cover them. If you don't learn this you are not going to be able to keep up with your classmates. "

Most of the lessons would usually be covered over a generous time frame of three hundred days, give or take national holidays and unforeseen circumstances. But now in order to keep the young girl at the minimum level thousands of text book pages had to be compressed and crammed into her head.

"I know, I know, but there's just soo much stuff: history of dust, cultural relations, faunus revolutions, a bunch of other historical events, the holy blades-"

"I was led to believe that you loved that subject. "

"I dooo. It's my favourite. "

"Alright then. Let's have a little quizz. If you fare properly I will a knowledge you as capable enough to take care of yourself in your new school. Is that to your liking? " As if waiting for the opportunity Ruby, renewed with vigor, accepted the challenge.

"Bring it on teach!" Giggling with self confidence the young girl swore to herself to pass this trial.

"Well let's start with your favorite. Give me a brief summary of the holy weapons and their history. "

"Easy! The holy weapons are named such because in lore they have been bathed in the blood of gods. The most well known of them is Excalibur, which, along with the scabbard Avalon, were forged from the pieces of Caliburne, also known as Colabrane which was shattered when king Arthur broke the vows of chivalry. When the scabbard and the sword are together the true power of Colabrane is recreated. "

"Name the gods whose blood bathed the blades and their creator. "

"For both weapons it the blood came from the dragon god Mo'Ra'Ell, who died at the hands of the king when wielding Excalibur, although it's said that the wound that killed him was caused by Caliburne in their previous battle. Caliburne was said to never have been forged, but appeared naturally in nature, it's shape and function as a sword was a complete coincidence. Excalibur however was made when the pieces of its predecessor feel within a lake of fire, and Avalon was created when the rest of the pieces were hammered into the still read hot Excalibur. The scabbard was lost after being stolen, but the blade still remains as a heirloom in the Mystrilian royal family. " A complete and brief summary of the two swords history earned her full marks

"Perfect. Continue Miss Rose."

"Oh Oh next is Crcea Mors. The sword is older than our history, but it has been mentioned in almost every major literature both of our nation and the ones before it, as far as we know it's referenced in epics as the indestructible blade. In fact that's the sword which apparently broke Caliburne in the first place as writt-."

"That's enough miss Rose, I'm sure if I asked you you'd recite the poem itself. " The idea was correct, as Ruby took a deep breath and began speaking.

"And ye cometh the king D'Mistral full o' pride and arrogance and denser than a rock. Entered he in house o' Arc and prased 'is blade as if et were 'is cock."

"Oh my god it's the uncensored version too. " The poets of old were famous for their mastery of vulgarity, it was the only reason any of the children actually red their works willingly. But Ruby chose not to answer and instead continued to indulge in her poetic spree.

"Yelled did he as if it were a tavern 'Arc before cometh I shall put you to the test. An bring yer blade o' fables, and see which one's is the best!'

Arc arrive the jeweled of named, the blade of old in han', his 'hole body had been garbed. And yelled did he with lungs so full 'Arth thaw crazy man?'" Ruby giggled at the poorly made ancient humour.

"But Arthur did not waste 'is time and raised kingmaker 'bove 'is head. 'Lift yer sword lad less ya lose yer neck.' The blades then met for just a second, but a scene for eternity they left. Caliburne was turned to pieces, rivaling in number the pride of king Arthur who had lost his bet."

Taking a breath Ruby calmed herself down awaiting further questions.

"Very impressive, with that kind of interest to the holy weapons I don't think you'll have any problems regarding them. Two more questions name the organisations responsible for protecting the piece of the world and their respective fields. "

"Ok the most obvious are the hunters, they have the highest level of authority within the three major factions, their responsibilities include, but not limited to:

Hunting the creatures of grim, protecting and escorting exploration camps and a number of civil law enforcement duties should they choose to accept those missions. Next are the dust weavers, who further our technological advances, forge tools for the warriors of Remnant, and maintain political stability. Finally we have the templar knights, whose sole responsibility lies in the preservation of our species, history and culture in the event of disaster. "

"So you have been paying attention, very well final question, explain dust. " This was the subject of today's lecture, in other circumstances she would have asked for definition of semblances bur considering Ruby's infatuation with combat that was probably unnecessary.

"*Groan*. Dust is the manifestation of the soul of the universe within the physical plane, it's naturally occurring in any conceivable location, from the veins beneath the earth to the air we breath, both shade and spectrum dust have clusters which which can and have been harvested for use by the weavers, it's also the reason for as to why they can control the elements in the form of magic. Both spectrum and shade can serve similar roles with shade being preffered for weapons by both hunters and templar, while spectrum is used almost exclusively by weavers. Is that enough?"

"Quite enough for a passing grade at least. " With the information she provided the aged teacher was confident enough to release the young girl from the remaining lectures

"So does that mean I'm free?"

"As a bird miss Rose. I wish you the best of luck on the journey that lies ahead of you. "

"ALRIGHT! If I pack up quickly I might be able to join my sister on the zeppelin. Thank you Mrs Amber. For all you've done for me." It was almost painful for the old teacher to watch someone so young head out into that frightening place they called a world worth saving.

"I remember when you first came into my classroom, so shy and awkward, you were too scared to speak to anyone for a week and your combat capabilities were nothing short of terrable. "

"Yea lucky for me uncle Qrow was there to help me, I never would have gotten to Beacon without him."

"Both your semblance and your attitude were just like your father when I was teaching him, once he got used to talking with people however he became simply unbearable. Accelerating himself to ludicrous speeds just to pull childish pranks and don't get me started on the puns." A deaf chuckle escaped her lips while recalling the memory.

"You only had to deal with one of him at a time, I live with him and my sister. They STILL pull stupid pranks." Ruby herself had a good deal of stories she did not wish to remember.

"Now that's a scary thought, two Taiyangs. If you've managed to survive this long Beacon might as well seem like a vacation in comparison. " She laughed again.

"I know right! Kehehe- I'll miss you missis Amber, I'll miss everyone here."

"We will miss you too miss Rose, but enough sap I thought you had a ship to catch. "

"Oh! Right, gotta go, see ya when I see ya! " And just like that she was gone, all that remained of her presence were a few rose petals that soon dissipated into thin air.

That should about cover everything you should expect to see in this so you aren't completely confused in the future about the story. Next chapter will probably talk a little more about Jaune and Weiss as well as some other notable figures within the new lore I'm making.

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